The Riverbend, Texas Heat Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Riverbend, Texas Heat

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 101,136
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

In Trusting the Cowboys, when Lexie's boyfriend abuses her, Quade and Jared step in to help. They want to take care of her the rest of her life. Lexie isn't so sure that a relationship with two men can work when the one she had didn't. Still, she takes a job as their cook while saving money to leave.

Quade and Jared set out to show her that ménage relationships work and especially in their town where there are others already living there. They have to convince her they love her before she takes the next bus out of town.

When they think they have everything under control, her ex steps in and tries to sabotage their marriage plans. Lexie is convinced the men won't want her after everything he has said. Will Quade and Jared believe his accusations about her scheming to marry them for their money, or will they trust that she really loves them?

In Beth's Little Secret, Beth Hallmark’s secret could get her killed. Mac Tidwell and his brother, Mason, vow to keep her safe from a madman intent on capturing her for himself. They race against time to find and stop him. But sometimes things can be deceiving. Is the stalker who he seems to be?

Her revelation of her secret stuns Mac and Mason. They struggle to accept her for who she is and realize she is perfect for them. They vow to make her theirs, but first they must keep her safe.

Mac and Mason realize that they have fallen for her hard. Sometimes loving someone will hide the facts from you. When she’s kidnapped, they struggle to figure out who her captor is before it’s too late. Will they make it in time to save her from the man’s cruel games? Or will he outmaneuver them?

Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Riverbend, Texas Heat Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Riverbend, Texas Heat Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Riverbend, Texas Heat

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 101,136
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Jared and Quade walked into the diner at a quarter to three, intent on a piece of Mattie’s apple pie and coffee. It wasn’t until they sat down in their usual spot that Jared noticed a new face. It looked like Mattie had finally found a waitress to take the place of Sandra. The other woman had quit to marry Jim and Mike Parham a little over a month ago. Mattie and her husbands had been making do ever since.

Quade, his friend and business partner, glanced his way. Evidently he had seen her, as well. A spark of interest lit up his eyes. Jared hadn’t seen that look in his friend’s face in a long time. Neither of them had been very sociable in the last few months. Keeping up with the ranch took most of their time, but more than that, they just hadn’t met anyone who stirred their blood enough to make the effort.

The pretty waitress had long red hair pulled back in a ponytail. Even from there, he could tell she had the hourglass figure he and Quade preferred on a woman. Neither man liked the model stick figures that women seemed to strive to achieve. They liked to be able to hold on to a woman and not be afraid they were going to break her in half. Both he and Quade were big men, standing well over six feet. Quade, at six feet five, was two inches taller than he was.

He watched the redheaded beauty as she served coffee to Elmer and his missus. She had a heart-shaped face with a perky nose and pale blue eyes. He figured she was somewhere around five feet five inches. Short for them, but she made up for it in beauty. Her shapely body was hidden under a pair of loose-fitting jeans and a baggy T-shirt. Still, it didn’t hide her ample breasts or womanly curves.

“Wonder who she is?” Quade leaned back in his chair and perused the woman up and down.

“She has a name tag on. When she walks over to get our order we can see.”

The shapely woman grabbed another coffeepot and two cups before making her way to their table. As she drew nearer, Jared could see that she had several bruises on her arm, just below the sleeve of her T-shirt. They looked like they had been made by someone’s fingers. Anger immediately rolled through him.

As if sensing his feelings, she took a step back. Then she firmed her shoulders and walked up to the table. She set the cups on the table.

“Would you like coffee?”

Quade read off her name tag. “Sure would, Lexie.”

She nodded and poured their coffee before setting the pot on the table and pulling out her notepad.

“What can I get you?” Her voice sounded like soft music.

“We want a piece of Mattie’s apple pie if there’s any left,” Jared told her.

“You’re just in time to claim the last two pieces.” She smiled as she picked up the coffeepot and turned to go.

“Thanks, darling.” Quade was laying it on thick.

Jared flashed an amused smile at his partner.


“You’re already flirting.”

“Doesn’t hurt to flirt a little bit. At least until we know if she has a boyfriend. She’s not wearing a wedding band.”

Jared shook his head. “You work fast.”

Lexie walked back toward them with two pieces of the apple pie and set them on the table in front of them.

“Anything else?” she asked.

Jared couldn’t stop himself. He reached out and touched just above the bruises with his finger.

“You could tell me how you got these.”

A flicker of unease flashed across her face and then was gone.




The tickling soon turned into something more. Their hands smoothed instead of tickled as they touched her everywhere. Jared’s fingers trailed lightly up her arms as Quade’s moved down her legs. She began to feel warmth seep from her pussy as her juices heated up.

When Quade reached her wet pussy, he hummed his approval and began to lap up the bounty. His tongue rasped over her clit on several passes, ramping up her arousal as it did. Then Jared sucked in her nipple and flattened it to the roof of his mouth in an attempt to take more of her breast in his mouth. His other hand molded the opposite breast.

The two men were driving her crazy with their hands and mouths. She wiggled between them, unable to move far without touching one of them. They teased and tormented her until she thought she would explode in ecstasy.

Just when she was on the verge of begging them to let her come, Quade latched onto her clit and sucked until she was screaming in orgasm. He had never even used his fingers on her. She couldn’t believe how easy they had gotten her to come just by sucking and playing with her breasts and pussy.

They soothed her as she came apart in their arms. Then they helped her relax after she had settled down some from her orgasm.

“Baby, we want you.” Jared ran his hand down the side of her face.

“I want you, too, Jared.” She looked over at Quade, too. “Quade.”

“No, we want you at the same time, Lexie. Both of us in your body at once. We want to feel like we’re all a part of each other.”

Lexie shivered. They had played with her ass several times now. Could she do it? Did she want to do it? She realized she did want to, but she was scared. It had hurt when Lowery did it. But then he hadn’t been careful like they were. She bit her lower lip and nodded.

“Yes, I want that, too.”

Jared pulled her into his arms and hugged her. Then Quade had her, and she realized how good it felt to be held by them together.

“We’ll take good care of you, baby. Let us do all the work,” Jared said. “Quade, go ahead and lie down.”

Quade stretched out on the bed and held out his hand when Jared grabbed a couple of condoms. He took his and, after opening it with his teeth, rolled it over his straining cock. Then he reached for Lexie. She cleared her throat then slowly climbed onto Quade’s body. He pulled her down for a kiss.

“Baby girl, this is going to be so special. Just let us take care of you.”

“I’m scared, Quade.”

“Don’t be afraid. We would never hurt you. If it hurts then tell us to stop and we will. I promise. Do you believe me?” He seemed to hold his breath as Lexie looked at him.

“Yes, I believe you.”

“Okay, baby girl. Let’s get your wet pussy on my dick. It’s about to explode wanting inside you.” Quade helped her position her slit over his cock and lowered her onto it an inch at a time. She moaned as he began to fill her up.

He was so thick, and she was swollen. Even her wetness from coming didn’t completely ease the way. She had to pull off and push back down again two more times before she was completely seated on his cock. She sighed and began to move her pelvis around. Quade hissed and stilled her with his big hands.

“Baby girl, if you keep doing that, I’m going to come. I’m not ready to just yet.” His voice held enormous strain in it.

“Okay, Lexie. Lean over Quade and let me get you ready for my cock.” Jared gently pushed her forward to lie against his chest.

She felt the cold chill of the lube as he dripped it over her asshole. Then he was massaging it in with a finger. He slid easily into her back hole with one finger. It didn’t even pinch. He thrust it in and out several times before pulling it out and adding more lube and a second finger. Two burned as he pressed them past the muscular ring that resisted him. Finally, with her pushing out, he pushed in with them.

She panted as he scissored them open and closed inside of her. It burned some but not real bad. He pumped them in and out of her dark hole several times. Then he pulled them out and added more lube. This time, he returned with three fingers. She couldn’t stop the moan as he pressed them into her ass. They burned and pinched as they finally made it through the resistant ring. He pushed them in then stilled for her to get used to their width.

“Oh, God, it burns.”

“Do I need to stop, Lexie?”

“Nooo,” she moaned.

He began to thrust them slowly in and out of her ass while she panted through it. Finally he said she was ready.

“Just push back against me, baby. Okay?”


He removed his fingers and dribbled more lube on her dark rosette before fitting the head of his sheathed cock against her back hole. He slowly pushed in while she pushed back. The burn was tremendous. She wasn’t sure she could manage it. It pinched, and when his cockhead finally popped through, the pain slowly changed into something darker. He pushed in a little more then pulled out and pushed back in.

“Easy, baby. I’m almost all the way in now.”

Lexie’s entire body began to shiver as he tunneled his cock deeper into her back hole. Finally he was all the way in, and she realized she held both of them inside her at one time. The enormity of the act hit her. She began to rock on them, needing the movement to still the quaking inside her.




When she got out of the shower, her cell phone was ringing. She frowned. Who could it be? She reached for the phone and looked at the caller ID. It was unlisted. She started to not answer it, but then worried that it could be important. Sometimes an editor would call her this late. Still she hesitated. Finally she shrugged and answered it.


“I’ll give you everything.”

“Who is this?”

“Did you like my offerings?”

“What do you want?”

“You, Beth. Always you.”

He hung up. The voice had been mechanical, so she didn’t recognize who it was. What should she do? She thought about calling the sheriff’s department, but didn’t want to talk to one of the deputies about this. Her breathing had turned to near pants now. She pulled on her sleep shirt and a robe. Then she retrieved Mac’s card that he had given her. There were two phone numbers on it besides the sheriff’s office number. Should she call? Looking at the phone and remembering the eerie voice, she swallowed and dialed one of the numbers. It rang twice and Mac’s voice, a little distant, answered.


“Mac? It’s Beth.”

“What’s wrong, Beth?” His voice instantly cleared up.

“I probably should have waited ’til in the morning. I–I’m sorry.”

“Don’t you fucking hang up the phone!”

“I got a phone call from whoever left the basket.”

“What did he say?”

Beth told him and then listened to silence on the other end of the phone.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes. Don’t open the door to anyone but me, Beth. Not anyone else.”

“You don’t have to come over. I’m fine. I just needed to tell someone.”

“I’m on my way.”

Beth heard the click of the phone, letting her know he’d disconnected. She swallowed and thought about putting on regular clothes, but he might get there before she had time to get completely dressed. She wasn’t far from where he lived. Sure enough, not five minutes later, she heard the telltale sound of tires on gravel as he pulled up behind her Nissan.

“Bethany, open the door.” Mac’s loud voice sounded strained.

“She looked out the window and found that both Mac and Mason where standing there in jeans and T-shirts on her front porch. She unlocked the door and opened it for them.

“Has he called back?” Mac asked.

“No. I don’t think he will. He said what he wanted to say.”

“Pack a bag, Bethy.” Mason took her arm and led her toward the back of the house where the bedrooms were. He stopped in the hall and looked from one closed door to the other.

“Why do I need to pack a bag?”

“Because until you have a decent alarm system, you’re staying with us,” he said.

“Let me have your phone, Beth.” Mac held out his hand.

Beth looked from one of them to the other and handed her phone over to Mac. Then she led the way into her bedroom to pack a bag. There was no way she could argue with them in the mood they were in. She grabbed her overnight case and stuffed a change of clothes and her toiletry items in it. Then she walked into her office and grabbed her laptop bag and her jump drives. She hurried out of the office and closed the door behind her. She really didn’t want either man in there. It was her refuge.

“Did you recognize his voice? Did it even sound familiar to you?” Mac asked.

“It was a mechanical voice. I didn’t recognize anything about it.”

“Okay, let’s go,” Mason said.

“Wait, I’m meeting the security guy here in the morning at nine. I need to be sure and be here.”

“We’ll meet him,” Mason said.

Mac took her overnight bag and laptop case while Mason led her to the porch. When she started down the porch, he picked her up and carried her to the truck, scooting her across the front seat to the middle.

“I could have walked.”

“The rocks would have hurt your feet through those thin-soled house slippers.”

Beth really couldn’t say anything to that because he was right. Mason was always right. That was why he was such a good lawyer. His talents were wasted in a little town like Riverbend, but he often worked in Dallas when the occasion arose. She had always wondered why he stuck around, but now that she was older, she knew it was because of the lifestyle. They wanted to live somewhere where how they lived their life didn’t matter as long as no one got hurt. In Riverbend, you could have two or three husbands and no one looked at you twice. You could live a D/s relationship out in the open, and it wasn’t frowned upon.

Mac finished stowing her bags in the backseat and climbed into the truck. He started the engine and backed out, heading for their home about three or four minutes away.

When they pulled into the drive of the pretty, two-story brick house, she felt a sense of claustrophobia descending on her. Everything seemed to be closing in on her once again. She fought it this time. She wasn’t a naïve kid anymore. She knew the lay of the land.

Mason helped her out onto the concrete drive. She followed him in with Mac bringing up the rear, carrying her things. Mason unlocked the door and reset the alarm before they walked inside.

“Did your friends do your security system?” she asked.

“Yeah, they did. We’ll get them started on your place right away.”

Mason led the way to the stairs and up toward the second floor. He looked over at Mac. Mac nodded, and they led her down a long hall to a closed door. Mason opened it, and inside was a very large bedroom. It held a ménage-size bed with a dresser and two chests. There was an armoire on one wall and three doors on the opposite wall.

“This must be the master suite. Don’t you have a smaller room I can bunk in? Or, I can sleep on the couch downstairs. I don’t want to mess up this room.”

“It’s the only room available right now,” Mac said. “No, to the couch.”

“Okay.” She sighed.

Mac set her things on a chair in the room. Then he turned around to walk out. He stopped and spoke from the doorway.

“You did good to call me, Beth. You can always count on either me or Mason to help you if you need us.” Then he and Mason walked out and closed the door behind him.

Beth swallowed around the knot in her throat and walked over to the bed. It was massive. There were hidden hooks in the headboard if you really looked. She wasn’t a bit surprised. They would want those in any relationship they had. She shivered at the thought of all their attention on her. Sleeping in that bed would be next to impossible. She wouldn’t be able to sleep for thinking about what they might do to her in it.




The minute they were safely inside behind closed doors and blinds, she let out a pent-up breath that she’d been holding since they’d left the house. She fully expected the men to pull back and talk about what they had seen or noticed while they’d been out. Instead, Mason pinned her to the wall in the kitchen by the fridge and attacked her mouth. She was so startled that she didn’t put up a fight. By the time she realized what was going on, she was too far gone to back away.

“God, Beth. I want you so badly. I hurt. Let us love you.” Mason licked a long line from her shoulder, where he’d pushed back her sweater, to her ear, where he sucked in the lobe to play with it.

“You’re so fucking sexy, baby. I want to bury my cock in your hot cunt,” Mac whispered in her other ear.

“God, you are driving me crazy.” Beth didn’t know what to do.

Her body was betraying her. She knew they could smell her arousal. She knew it was a bad idea to let them make love to her again, but she couldn’t say no. She wanted them as much as they wanted her.

“Mason, let’s take her upstairs. I want a comfortable bed under us.” Mac didn’t wait for the other man to agree or disagree. He picked her up from Mason’s arms and carried her upstairs in a near run.

Once upstairs, he knelt one knee on the bed and gently laid her down. They both hovered over her as she looked up at them. She wasn’t sure what they were doing until she felt their hands working her clothes from her body. Once she was totally nude, they began removing their clothes, stopping occasionally to kiss her or touch her.

Beth shivered as a warm mouth left her body open to the cooler air in the room. They licked and sucked, bit and soothed her body from her toes to her head and all parts in between. Her pussy leaked her juices as they stimulated her all over. She wasn’t sure where they would strike next, until Mason settled between her legs and began licking her pussy in long, languid strokes.

Mac knelt on the bed next to her head and tapped her lips with his cock. She rolled her eyes to look up at him, and the intense arousal in his heavy-lidded eyes sent her own arousal through the roof. She opened her mouth and let him feed his dick into it.

“Suck my cock, baby. I want to feel your hot mouth on my cock.”

He wound his hand in her hair and held on as she licked all around the cockhead before sucking at the bottom of it. He tugged on her hair as she nipped at the fragile ring of the corona. Then she took him to the back of her throat and swallowed around him. He hissed out a breath. When she sucked hard on his cock on the way back up, he ran his hand lightly over her cheek.

Mason kissed the insides of her thighs before returning to her pussy to suck on her pussy lips while he ran his fingers around her slit. He teased her with them so that she thought he would enter her but then didn’t. When he finally pushed two fingers inside her cunt, she moaned around Mac’s cock. The vibrations caused him to moan and tighten his hold on her hair.

“That feels fucking wonderful, baby. Growl for me. I want to feel that again.”

Beth growled around him in her mouth as she ran her tongue up and down the stalk. He began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her mouth. He took long, easy strokes. She lightly raked her teeth on his dick as he pushed in and sucked hard against him when he pulled out. He slowly picked up the pace and plunged deeper in her mouth.

“Relax your throat and let me in, baby. You can do it.”

She did as he said and he bumped the back of her throat. She swallowed around him.

“Fuck! Do that again, baby. That’s it. Just like that.” He groaned and dug his fingers in her scalp.

Beth squealed around his cock as Mason chose that moment to curl his fingers and begin stroking her sweet spot. It had her pumping her hips into his face. She couldn’t control herself as he rubbed that little spot over and over until she was unable to hold in her scream of climax. He immediately sucked on her clit at the same time and she felt as if her insides were swirling in a blender. Everything tilted as she cried out.

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