The Bound & Cuffed Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Bound & Cuffed

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,338
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Menage a Trois, Contemporary, Bondage, Whipping, Sex Toys, MFM, HEA]


Maryanne is on a crusade to rid the world of men who would dare to hurt women and children. She doesn’t let anything, not even other bounty hunters, stand in her way even if that means stealing her prey from them.

Jason and Collin are tired of getting played by Maryanne, but things go from bad to worse when Big Bob hires her to lead their team. Things heat up as the lust that has simmered between them for years boils to the surface. Soon, Maryanne will learn just what it means to be Wanted.


Janie is a good girl with a bad problem. She’s being stalked. When things start to get dangerous, she has one thing to do—seek the help of men who specialize in danger.

Tex and Brick are bad boys who are good at solving problems. Danger doesn’t scare them for a moment. Janie, on the other hand, does.

Sweetly innocent and temptingly stubborn, Janie represents a challenge neither man can resist. Tex and Brick represent a temptation Janie can’t help but to give in to. Even as the three of them are consumed by the combustible combination of want and lust churning between them, the danger is closing in.

The Bound & Cuffed Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Bound & Cuffed Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Bound & Cuffed

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,338
0 Ratings (0.0)
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The dim glow of the old gas lantern she’d converted into electric cast just enough glow across the worn and battered floorboards to allow her to find the key and slide it into its lock. She didn’t get a chance to turn it, though, before a dark, dangerous drawl cut through the shadows, sending a thrill down her spine but no fear.

“You owe us money.” Jason Holmes emerged from the darkened corner of the porch, looking more than pissed.

He also looked absolutely delicious. Tall, broad, and rippling with muscles, Jason was a walking wet dream with those chiseled features and bright blue eyes that sparkled even in the dull glow of the overhead bulb. Maryanne had dreamed about him more than once. Not just him.

Turning to find Collin, Jason’s cousin and constant companion, lurking at the other end of the porch, Maryanne felt that wicked tickle racing up her spine grow more intense as she eyed the second Holmes’ boy with a little more than just heated interest. Collin was just her type…physically, but when it came to sex, the rumors of his need to dominate were rampant, and Maryanne didn’t allow any man to tell her what to do.

That was why she’d always kept her interest and her hormones under control whenever Jason and Collin came around. It would have been too dangerous to do anything else. Not that they looked interested in anything else. Not right then. Right then they looked pissed, and for some strange reason, that made Maryanne smile.

“Good evening, boys.” Maryanne batted her lashes up at them, knowing just how much she was irritating them both. “Is there something I can do for you?”

“Yeah,” Jason shot back, stepping up to lord over her and drown Maryanne in his delicious scent. “Pay us back.”

That was never going to happen, but she didn’t bother to tell them that. Instead, Maryanne agitated them by pretending complete ignorance. “For?”

“Don’t play stupid,” Collin all but snarled. “It doesn’t suit you.”

“Back at you,” Maryanne retorted. “Because you know you’re getting nothing from me. So what are you really doing here?”

“We came for our money,” Jason insisted, but she still wasn’t impressed by the growl in his tone.

“And you know you’re not getting it.” That was just that.

Collin, though, still objected. “We are the ones who risked our asses to catch Douggie.”

“And then you were the idiots who decided to make a pit stop before taking him in.” Maryanne shrugged. “That’s not my fault.”

“The car was locked. He was cuffed,” Jason spat. “You stole him!”

“It’s not the first time.” Sadly it wasn’t. They’d been playing this game for a while. Something was different tonight. “You never showed up here before. So what do you really want?”

Both men simmered, heating the air with an exciting sense of tension that left her wondering just what they planned to do next. Maryanne knew what she’d like them to do, but she wasn’t fool enough to make any of those moves. Instead, she simply waited, and sure enough, Jason broke first.

“Big Bob wants to see you.”

“Big Bob?” Now that did shock Maryanne.

Big Bob was the head of the Holmes clan and ran the family’s bonds business along with managing their bounty hunting activities. He was also like his name indicated–big. Big and scary and Maryanne really didn’t want to have to face off the Holmes family patriarch.

“I think I’ll pass.” As if she could get away with that.

“It’s not a request,” Collin informed her.

“Well, that sounds ominous.” Maryanne snorted, still not feeling the least bit threatened. Not by Collin or Jason. Big Bob, on the other hand, did kind of intimidate her.

“Tomorrow morning. Nine o’clock at Grits. Big Bob will be waiting,” Jason stated, his words carrying the weight of a challenge that assured Maryanne would show up.

At least, she was thinking about it.

“And if I don’t show?” Maryanne asked, but neither man answered.

They just smiled and brushed past her as they headed down the stairs and disappeared back into the night. Maryanne watched them go, feeling a strange ache pain her slightly. She stood there wondering just what that was and why she cared at all.

That didn’t change the fact that she kind of did.




Maryanne moaned, arching into the sensation as wondrous flickers of pure, white-hot pleasure spider-webbed through her body. The sensation was addictive, driving the need for more. More is what Jason gave her as his lips broke free of hers and he began to place suckling, nibbling kisses down her throat and toward the aching buds her nipples had pebbled into.

He latched down on one of them, twirling his devilishly soft tongue across her sensitive flesh. Maryanne moaned, her nerve endings electrifying with a frenzy of delight that had her nails digging into Jason’s hips and arching them deeper into hers. She felt the hard length of his erection straining through the fabric of his pants to reach her. She ached for him, her cunt clenching with a desperation to feel his thickness stretching her wide.

That was what she wanted, what she needed, but Jason wasn’t done tormenting her yet. Instead, he licked his way across the valley of her breasts to capture the straining tip of her other one and devour her soft flesh with a hunger that left her gasping for breath. Jason didn’t give her a chance to catch it as he slid down to his knees, nibbling his way across the quivering muscles of her stomach, even as his hands brushed her shorts out of the way.

Maryanne wasn’t wearing any panties. She was swollen and wet, though, and eager to spread her legs as Jason scraped his teeth over the bare skin of her mound. Then he was licking the cream thickening on her pussy lips right off her pink folds, making her whimper at his teasing touch. It was deliciously provocative but not nearly what she wanted right then.

Burying her fingers in his hair, she pressed him closer in a silent demand that Jason immediately responded to, fucking his tongue right past her parted folds and deep into the tight clench of her cunt. Maryanne cried out at the sudden penetration, her body seizing with a sudden starburst of rapture as he fucked her hard and fast, taking her right to the edge and throwing her over it as his tongue licked out to tease her clit with a frantic motion that had her coming in just the same way.

The chaotic whirlwind of ecstasy spiraled through her, leaving Maryanne limp and unable to resist as Jason dragged her down into his lap. He’d settled back on his knees and undone his pants, allowing his cock to spring free and spear deep into the depths of her cunt as he guided her down his length. He was so thick, and he stretched her so wide, that all she could do was moan and shiver as her release collapsed in on itself, morphing into a inferno of need that had her bucking in a blind attempt to gain just a little more pleasure.

Jason had more than a little to offer. He had about twelve inches in total and had enough thickness to make her sheath pulse in ways it never had before, leaving Maryanne all but drooling as she moaned and flexed her hips. She rode him with slow deliberation, savoring every second and dragging each out as long as she could. That wasn’t long because the lust and want boiling in her veins soon became an uncontrollable inferno.

It consumed her, melting away all control and leaving her at the mercy of a primal instinct that had her bouncing in a maddening rush up and down the hard length of Jason’s cock. Still, she couldn’t move fast enough to appease the soul-blinding pleasure trying to bloom within her. She didn’t have that strength, but Jason did.

Holding her by the hips to assure that he didn’t slip free, Jason toppled Maryanne over and began fucking her with a hard, relentless fury as he unleashed all the power his thick muscle had to give. Still, she tried to force him to give more, wrapping her legs around his waist and arching her hips as she screwed herself down his dick in rhythm with his pounding thrusts.

Together they writhed in a frantic beat until the rapture ripping through Maryanne exploded into the most glorious climax she’d ever had. Every nerve ending in her body lit up as her muscles clenched down, her sheath tightening around Jason’s cock until he shouted out with his own release. Maryanne heard his roar at a distance, too lost in the magic of the pleasure flooding through her soul.

It was like touching the sun, and the light seared right through her, leaving Maryanne too weak to do anything but collapse down onto the floor. Jason came with her. They ended up in a sweaty, heaving heap of tangled limbs, still connected by the hard shaft filling her pussy.

They stayed that way for long minutes before Jason muttered a curse under his breath and began to pump his hips once again. Maryanne’s eyes rounded, the shockwaves of her climax making her cunt pulse, leaving the walls of her sheath so sensitive that every thrust was on the verge of painful because it felt so good.

They were lying side by side, face to face, their gazes locked on one another as Maryanne slid her leg up his thigh and arched into his thrusts. This time Jason was the one who took command, keeping them at a steady rhythm that grew in intensity. The moment was fueled by the heat being generated between them, and Maryanne felt hypnotized, spellbound by the look in his eyes.




“Are you sure about this?” Because Janie wasn’t. In fact, she was beginning to have more than a few doubts. Her mother, however, didn’t even pause her knitting or bother to look up as she answered without hesitation.

“Of course, honey.”

“But…bodyguards?” Janie couldn’t even believe she needed them. What had her life become?

“Yes, honey.” Helena placed her knitting back into her basket of yarn as a heavy knock echoed through the house.

Almost instantly Bennie was bouncing around and yapping as he rushed toward the door. His tail wagged in a frantic beat as his little paws began to pelt the door with an excited greeting that would end up with him peeing on the floor if her mother didn’t get the door open fast enough. Helena prevented disaster by scooping Bennie up and reaching for the knob. The tiny little hound squirmed in her arms, desperate to get free and lick the men standing on the other side.

Janie followed her mother as far as the entrance to the parlor and watched as Helena offered the two scary-looking men darkening her doorstep a big smile. Janie couldn’t find one herself. Her stomach was in knots, her heart racing, her palms sweating, and that was before she got a close-up look at her new bodyguards.

They were huge!

Their size was emphasized by the tight fit of their nearly all black attire, though the first one to step forward was a might bit smaller than the man who hung toward the back. Despite the tattoos revealed by the short sleeves of his T-shirt, the man who greeted her mother wore a smile accompanied by a set of dimples that made his chiseled features look less hard and unforgiving.

“Good morning.” Smooth as velvet, his voice purred out like a sensual stroke that had the quivers in stomach churning into full-on tremors. “I’m Tex Holmes, and you must be the lovely Janie Scott. I must say, ma’am, I can see why a man might become infatuated with you.”

It was such a blatant line, but Janie’s mom giggled and blushed as she broke into a wide smile. “Oh, you sweet boy. I’m going to thank you for your compliment, but as I’m sure you know, I’m Helena, Janie’s mom. That’s my daughter.”

Her mother pointed Bennie at Janie, causing the big man’s dark gaze to shift toward her. His eyes narrowed slightly as they swept down her length, leaving a heated trail of awareness in their wake. Janie could feel herself warming under his look and tried desperately to mask her instinctive response to the handsome man by shifting her gaze to his partner.

That didn’t work.

Bigger, meaner, and definitely more dangerous looking, the large man lingering behind Tex was every bit as good looking as his partner. He was also the polar opposite. Where Tex had a head full of chocolate brown hair that glistened in the sun, his backup buddy’s skull gleamed in the light, smooth as baby’s bottom. The only hair growing on his head was the goatee that emphasized the hard line of his wide, square-cut jaw and the broad, masculine features of his face.

He looked like a walking destroyer and scared Janie about as much as he excited her. This was not her kind of man. Neither of them was. No, they were the type of men Janie had only ever read about in the romance novels she devoured in mass quantities. Both men looked like they’d walked off one of the covers, sending Janie’s hormones surging with a wicked, wanton need.

“Well, I can see good looks run in the family,” Tex finally responded. “You’re both very pretty, ladies.”

And he was so full of shit. Janie wasn’t blind to the truth. She owned mirrors and knew that her reflection was anything but beautiful. At best, she could be described as mousy. At worse, she she’d been called plain, which made her current situation all the more deranged.

“Well, aren’t you a charmer.”

Helena smiled as she stepped backward to allow both men to finally enter the hall and fill the small room with their heat and bulk. Instantly, Janie felt overwhelmed by their presence and couldn’t control the urge to retreat back into the parlor. Hidden from view, she took a moment to catch her breath, even as she listened to the deep baritone of Tex’s partner as he introduced himself.

“Mornin’, ma’am, I’m Brick.”


Had his parents really named him that? Janie doubted it, even if it the title did fit his appearance as he sauntered into the room behind her beaming mother. She wasn’t the only one looking excited. Bennie appeared ready to wet himself if her mom didn’t release him soon. He’d do it, too. Her mother knew it, which probably explained why she dropped the miniature mutt onto the floor and allowed him to rush back to greet both Tex and Brick.

“Cute dog,” Tex commented as he smiled down at the small shaggy mess trying to lick his big, black boots clean. “Young?”

“Not nearly,” Helena laughed as she took a seat in her rocker and gestured for both men to claim the couch. “He’s about eight, now, but I’m afraid to tell him that. Bennie still thinks he’s a puppy.”

“Bennie?” Tex lifted a brow at that as he took the offered seat.

Brick, on the other hand, reached down to scoop Bennie up in one massive hand and lift the squirming pooch up to eye level. The small mutt tried desperately to stretch far enough forward to give him a kiss, and damn if the big man didn’t let him. That was a mistake.

Bennie!” Her mom gasped, hopping out of her seat as a stream of urine came running down Brick’s hand. “Oh, my God, I’m so, so sorry.”

For his part, Brick didn’t say a word. He just stood there stoically while Bennie peed on him. It was almost funny, though Janie knew her mother didn’t agree. Janie bowed her head to hide her smile as her mother quickly snatched Bennie back and led Brick out of the room to get cleaned up, leaving Janie alone with Tex.

He shared her smile, making hers fade away as she felt a sudden tension grip her muscles. Tex really did look like a naughty rascal when he grinned, and she could feel her heart begin to race again as the silence stretched out between them. There was something in the air, something that made her ache to fidget, and she gripped her hands tightly together, trying to control that impulse.

“So…” Tex finally broke the awkwardness that seemed to grip the room. “You got yourself a psycho ex, huh?”




Janie didn’t have time to think, to worry, to gather a single thought before her body was flushing hot with the bright bloom of rapture. She came in a rush of glorious pleasure that seared through her with such force her whole body arched upward into the mouth driving her insane. This wasn’t the slow exploration of Brick’s kisses but the ravenous devouring of Tex’s hunger.

There was no stopping him, not that Janie wanted to.

Lost in the moment, she writhed beneath his tongue as he lapped at her clit, driving her straight toward a release that had her crying out. He took no mercy on her and offered her not even a second of respite as his fingers pumped deep into her spasming sheath, fucking her with a rapid motion that had her climax imploding into a seething caldron of delight that threatened to boil over and burn away what little sanity Janie had left.

All Janie knew was that she wanted, needed, more. She was desperate for it, mindless to all other considerations but the lust driving her to beg and plead for something she couldn’t even identify. The words fell in broken gasps from her lips.

“Please…I can’t…oh, oh, oh God! Please!”

It didn’t matter that she didn’t know what she was asking for. Tex knew. He rose up above her, abandoning her molten flesh to gaze down at her with a look so dark and intense it all but stole Janie’s breath. She could feel the thick, bulbous head of his cock come to rest against the weeping entrance of her cunt, but he held back to snarl down at her.

“You’re mine.”

Janie blinked, a fizzle of fear rushing through her at that bold claim, but there was no time to deny him as Tex fisted a hand in her hair and tilted her head back.

“Say it!” Tex snapped, sounding more angry than loving. “You’re mine.”

Janie swallowed, the words quivering on her lips as her mind flashed to Brick in that moment.

Say it!”

“I’m yours,” Janie whispered out but wasn’t able to deny the truth or lie to him in that moment. “And Brick’s.”

Tex grunted at that, accepting her words with a thrust of his hips that buried the full, thick length of his cock deep inside of her. Janie’s eyes widened at the feel of him. He was bigger than any man she’d ever taken before. Bigger and longer, he touched her in ways that ignited a frenzy of delicious delight that had her twisting beneath him.

Tex smiled, a wicked curl of his lips that matched the equally feral glint in his gaze. Janie knew she was in trouble in that moment, but there was nothing she could do. She was bound to the bed and completely at Tex’s mercy. He had none, showed none, as he began to fuck her with a fast-paced rhythm that set every nerve ending in her body on fire.

Janie felt as if she was burning up from the inside out. Every pull and push of Tex’s hard dick ignited a new tremor of pleasure that raced up her spine until the bolts of delight came fast and hard, leaving her awash in a rapture so pure there was nothing that could compare. Nothing but the release that exploded through her as the thick knob of his head pumped against the magical spot buried deep inside of her.

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