Their Independent Bride (MFM)

The Men of Space Station One 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,898
16 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light bondage, spanking, HEA]

Janet is used to taking care of herself. How will Greg and Steven convince her that they can take care of all her needs? They want to keep her safe, but Janet thinks they just want to boss her around. When she agrees to twenty-four hours of sexual domination to prove she won’t mind submitting to them, they pull out all the stops to make it worth the sacrifice.

When Janet learns that she is pregnant, she is excited and scared. The men struggle to care for her and reassure her that they will keep her and the baby safe.

Then an accident leaves her without her memory of the two men or their devotion to her, and they must prove all over again their love for her as she struggles to remember them.

Will she remember that submitting to them was more pleasurable than being independent?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among cousins.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Their Independent Bride (MFM)
16 Ratings (4.3)

Their Independent Bride (MFM)

The Men of Space Station One 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 63,898
16 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I am so hooked on this series.
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“I’m really worried about how we’re going to keep Janet safe, Steven. She’s too independent for us. What in the hell were they thinking?” Greg moved some forming material over to the shed.

He had nothing to complain about her physically. She was a tiny thing for them, but she had the general body type they both loved. She had rounded hips with curves and a slightly rounded abdomen. Her generous breasts were pleasing as well. He wanted to bury his cock in her ass and his face in her breasts every time he looked at her. Her heart-shaped face and startling green eyes were accented by strawberry-blonde hair that stopped at her shoulders. She couldn’t be more than five feet two inches. She brought out every protective streak in him, which left them in a mess.

“I don’t know, but we’ve got to figure something out. We’re married for life, and this damn planet is a lot more dangerous than they originally told us.”

“We’ll start tonight trying to change her mind about submission.” Greg felt like it was their only chance at staying sane around her.

“When she first talked to us on the shuttle, I would have sworn she was a submissive with the way she looked down and let us lead. The more she got to know us, the more independent she became.”

“I think the independence in her is the learned behavior. I think she’s had to be that way in the past, so she wears it like a shield now.”

“If you’re right, what will it take to break through that shield without damaging her? She’s actually a sweet little thing.”

“I don’t know, Steven, but we’ve got to figure it out for all our sakes, and we’ve got to figure it out fast.”

They worked in silence for a little while longer then started talking about the other family that would be working with them building houses. They were going to meet up with them in a few days for dinner to get to know each other better. They had spent some time together on the shuttle but had been so tied up learning about the plant and how to work the machinery that they hadn’t gotten to know them that well. Greg was looking forward to finding out how the other family was faring with all the dangers.

“Looks like that about does it,” Steven said as he dropped the last pallet against the side of the shed. “Let’s put the transport up in the garage and see about dinner. It should be ready by the time we shower and change.”

“I’m all for that. I’m starved.” Greg followed Steven back to the transport.

Once they had it parked in the garage, they walked into the kitchen to an amazing smell of something he hoped was edible.

“Hey, you’re back. Dinner will be ready in another fifteen minutes.”

“We’re going to go take a shower and change clothes. We’ll be back downstairs about that time.” Steven hurried up the stairs.

Greg smiled at Janet and just looked at her for a few seconds.


“You have the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen.”

“Um, thanks.” She wiped her hands on her pants as if her hands had gone sweaty.

He liked that he could get her flustered. He turned and walked toward the stairs. He needed that shower now. His cock was standing at attention. It had been ever since he had gotten to thinking about her luscious body and what the night would bring.

As soon as he finished in the shower, he dried off and pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt. She had figured out that they wore the same clothes and hadn’t bothered separating them out. Good. He liked that she didn’t question anything about their personal preferences. Only when it came to her had she voiced concerns. They would work through those and teach her all about the joys of submission. They might have to compromise outside of the bedroom, but he was willing to bet they could convince her that sex with them their way involved a lot more pleasure.




“You are perfect, love. Just let us show you how perfect.” Steven reclined his seat back some. “Stand up and remove all of your clothes.”

Janet’s brows furrowed and her mouth dropped open. Then she shut her mouth and stood up and began to remove her clothes, keeping her back to them. When Steven would have said something about it, Greg shook his head. They could allow her some leeway as she got used to them.

“Now turn around and come to me.”

Janet slowly turned around and walked toward Steven. Her lush breasts moved as she walked. Her slightly rounded abdomen would be perfect to rest his head on. Greg envied that Steven would hold her first.

“Climb up in my lap, love.”

She slowly climbed into his lap and sat with her legs off to the side. Steven put his arms under her knees and pulled her farther into his lap so that she was cuddled against his wide chest. He wrapped his arms around her and leaned in to kiss her. Greg watched as Steven ran his lips softly back and forth across hers before licking along the seam in an attempt to get her to open her mouth to his. When she did, Steven plunged his tongue inside.

When they finally pulled apart, Steven laid her back some so that he could look at her. Her body turned a pale shade of pink all over.

“Baby, there’s no need to be embarrassed because we look at you. You’re lovely to look at. We like watching you.” Greg tried to soften the obvious uncomfortable feelings she was having.

Steven sat her back up. “Go on over to Greg and let him see you. He’s right. You’re beautiful.”

Greg watched Janet carefully climb off of Steven’s lap and walk over to his chair. She started to climb up, but he reached over and plucked her off the floor and settled her on his lap. He didn’t want her to end up rubbing all over his rock-hard cock. He wasn’t sure how long he would be able to maintain control if she did.

“Your tits are so pretty. I love pretty, pink nipples. I bet they taste like ripe berries. Have you ever tasted your own nipples, baby? I bet you could.”

She shook her head, but her eyes flared when he mentioned it. He bet if he could spy on her later, she would try it. He almost got her to try right then, but he didn’t want to increase her anxiety level just yet.

“I’m going to touch your pretty breasts, Janet. I want to feel how heavy they are in my hands.”

He reached with both hands and palmed her breasts. They felt like ripe melons. He rubbed them lightly then let go. Then he ran a hand over her shoulders and down her arms, getting her used to his touch. He liked to touch a lot.

He leaned over and whispered in her ear. “I can’t wait to taste that pretty pussy, too. I love licking hot, wet cunts.”

Greg laid his lips against her neck and trailed his tongue down her neck to her shoulder where he nipped a little at it.

He felt her shiver and smiled. It was exactly the kind of reaction he was looking for. When he saw her eyes, he knew they had a submissive just waiting for the right touch. They had gone a dark green and were heavy lidded with desire. He looked over at Steven. His cousin couldn’t see her face.

“She’s ready.”

“Then let’s move this upstairs.”

Greg repositioned the chair and stood up, carrying Janet with him toward the stairs.

“Where are we going?” Janet asked.

“To the bedroom, baby. You’ll be more comfortable there.”

She held onto him lightly, as if she already trusted him to a certain degree. It made him feel good to have that small amount of trust that she was so stingy with. When he made it to the bedroom, he flipped the switch to turn on the lights. He wanted everything to be visible to her so there were no secrets. She needed to know that they would always be honest with her.

Steven walked in right behind them and began pulling off his clothes. He folded everything and placed it on the dresser. Greg sat Janet on the bed and let her watch them remove their clothing. When Steven’s cock came into view, her eyes got big. He was used to that reaction and wasn’t intimidated by it. He was longer than Steven, just not as thick. When they were both totally nude, Greg walked over and ran his hands through her shoulder-length hair before pulling her head back with it. Her eyes rounded and darkened once again. Yes, she was most definitely a submissive, at least in the bedroom.


* * * *


Janet couldn’t believe how good it felt for Greg to pull her head back with her hair. It took her breath away. When he looked down into her eyes and smiled, she found herself smiling back at him.

“You’re beautiful when you’re aroused, Janet. Your skin glows and your eyes grow all dark and heavy. I like seeing you that way. I want to keep you that way.”

Steven walked over and ran his hand from her neck to her breasts and pulled one erect nipple with his thumb and forefinger until the sensation was bordering on pain. When he let it go, he bent down and licked it. His tongue felt so good against the agitated little tip. He repeated the gesture to the other one, and she whimpered when he licked it.

“Janet, crawl over to the middle of the bed and raise your hands over your head for me, baby.” Greg walked over to the chest where she had hidden away their toy collection. He pulled out a length of soft rope and carried it over to the bed where he climbed up and knelt next to the headboard.

“What are you going to do?” She didn’t lower her hands, but she did tense up.

“Relax, baby. I’m going to tie your hands to the headboard. We’ll be redesigning the bed later to fit our needs. But for now, this will work.”

He tied a loose knot around one wrist then wrapped the rope around the headboard in the middle and fastened her other wrist to it. He double-checked the slack to be sure she wouldn’t chafe her wrists on the rope and that there was plenty of room to move her arms.

She couldn’t help testing the rope for any give and to assure that she really was unable to get away. It calmed her to a certain degree, and she realized that all of those meetings on the shuttle had taught her to trust them. She wasn’t afraid of what they might do to her at all. She was more afraid of how her body would react.


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