[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M, HEA]
As a cop, Kiernan Langdon knows the price a gay man can pay in True Psy society, so he’s lived his life carefully to avoid the True Psy Council’s wrath, but fate leads him to Doctor Cassiel Mandarin’s office, and he’s instantly taken with the sexy Separatist male.
Cass has always known there was one man out there destined to be his, and he knows he’s found him when his eyes lock with his delicious mate’s. He knows for Kiernan just going on a date with him could bring severe consequences, but he can’t walk away from the hunger Kiernan stirs in him.
Kiernan has always played it safe, but an attempt on his life makes Kiernan realize love is the one thing in his life worth fighting for, but the True Psy Council has one more trick up its sleeve that could cost both Kiernan and Cass their lives.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Courting a Cop (MM)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




“What did you do?” Kiernan asked suspiciously.

“What did I do?” Cassiel demanded softly. “That was your mind, your fantasies—”

Kiernan’s brows drew together in a frown. He studied Cassiel who turned away after a moment. He drew a hand through his hair.

“Sit down, and for Divinity’s sake, don’t think about any part of me.”

“You made that happen?” Kiernan queried. “You took me out of time.”

“That is normally what I do when necessary,” he answered. “I take my patients back in time to their past lives so they can heal the wounds that prevent them from having productive present lives.”

“That’s cool,” Kiernan said in awe. “Damn you are good.”

“Yeah,” Cassiel said with a grimace as he chanced meeting Kiernan’s gaze. “Refrain from comments like that too. We obviously have some kind of past life connection.”

“A delicious one I wouldn’t mind exploring a little further,” Kiernan said in a low tone and shivers raced over Cassiel.

“You are aware that expressing homoerotic thoughts is against the law?” Cassiel said sternly.

“And you’re going to run off to the High Minister and snitch?” Kiernan asked with a shrug. “I don’t think so. Your dick is probably as hard as mine right now.”

“Leave my body out of it,” Cassiel said coolly.

“You were the one who brought both our bodies this deep into it,” he threw back, sitting down and leaning back in the chair. He let his long legs fall open and Cassiel’s gaze went unerringly to the bulge in his pants. “The only way to relieve that right about now is if you finish what you started, little tease.”

Cassiel laughed. The sound was husky and rife with knowledge. “That is so not happening.”

Kiernan leaned forward. “You don’t have to blow me doc,” he said in a sexy tone. “You can—stroke me. A good hand job is even better than a blow job.”

Cassiel groaned and watched Kiernan’s hand move between his legs to adjust his cock. He wanted to do it for him. Hell, he wanted to go over and kneel down in front of him, unzip him then take him out, and lick him up.

“Damn, that feels good.”

Cassiel groaned. “You’re fucking with my shields.”

“Not by much, baby,” he answered giving him an unabashed grin.

Cassiel gave him a dark look. “That is just plain wrong.”

“Yet not altogether against the law,” Kiernan retorted with a grin that quickly faded. “Hell of an icebreaker.”

Cassiel shook his head smiling. “I’ll say, but don’t do it again.”

Kiernan inhaled deeply. “So, you read the file or whatever on me?”

“According to the file Greenly sent me, you witnessed a teenage boy killing himself,” Cassiel confirmed. “The file doesn’t tell the story though. So, why don’t you do that?”

Kiernan repeated the story as he’d told it before. “The kid was talking in two different voices,” he finished. “It was like he was two different people. The other voice seemed like he hated the kid. I think the kid was surprised that whatever he did had caused so many deaths.”

“Would you say that he was surprised as in he didn’t expect that to happen or surprised as in ‘uh-oh look what I did’?”

He frowned. “I—it was more like he didn’t think it was going to be like that,” Kiernan admitted. “Like someone assured him nothing would happen other than an arrest. We can’t talk about part of the case though.”

Cassiel nodded and wrote something down. “Let’s talk about the voices,” he suggested. “When he was talking to you, did he change personas completely?”

Kiernan thought about it, saw it in his mind as it happened. “It was like he was possessed or something,” he said.

“Kiernan—is it okay if I call you Kiernan?” Cassiel asked in a gentle tone.

“I’m not a scared kid, doc,” he answered in a mocking tone and got to his feet to pace across the room to the window. Cassiel’s desk was situated on an angle but the light from the windows flanked it. Kiernan pushed his hands into his pants pockets as he looked out. “I was freaked out a little to see him cut his own throat. Hell, it was like someone inside him was doing it to him.” He rubbed his hand over his forehead.

“How have you been sleeping?” Cassiel asked as he turned his swivel chair to face Kiernan.

“Not worth a damn,” he admitted. “It’s getting better. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“I want to help you,” Cassiel assured him. “Please, have a seat and let me into your head. Let me see what you saw.”

Kiernan slowly turned his head to look at the doctor. “What? Are you serious? You can see what I saw?”

“Yes, and then we can better discuss it.”

Kiernan’s expression was skeptical, but he gave in. “Okay.” He nodded.

“I need you to sit on the couch or one of the chairs,” he said as he opened his desk drawer and removed a small box.

“I don’t know,” Kiernan said and then smiled a teasing smile. “You might just be trying to get in my pants.”

Cassiel grinned. “Stop stalling, Kiernan,” he said gently. “There is nothing to be afraid of.”

Kiernan gave him a sheepish grin. “I’m not afraid.” He crossed the large room to the left side where two chairs sat with a table on each end and one between them. He moved the chair so he was facing the door and then sat down.

Cassiel took the chair that was now opposite Kiernan. “This is an amethyst. I prefer it for past life viewing. If it doesn’t work for you, I’ll try another one, okay?”

Kiernan nodded.

“Relax. Listen to the sound of my voice and look into my eyes, Kiernan,” he said.




Cassiel closed his eyes and whimpered as Kiernan’s tongue pushed deeper into his mouth, taking possession of him with dominant intent. His hands pressed against his chest as the heated taste of the man washed over his senses sending an explosion of pure hunger through him.

Kiernan bent his knees and rubbed the thick length of his jeans-clad erection against the wedge in Cassiel’s pants. Cassiel moaned, the flames leaping higher inside Kiernan’s body. His hands slid over Kiernan’s shoulders, pulling him closer as Kiernan deepened the kiss.

Kiernan felt weak in the knees, butterfly wings beat in his stomach and it stole his breath, and took him over. His blood turned to liquid fire in its course through his veins.

Then, Kiernan’s hands were stroking down Cassiel’s back spanning over his hips and caressing down to cup his ass. He squeezed and drew the younger male up against him, thrusting into him. A little whimper escaped Cassiel’s throat as Kiernan tore his mouth from his. His eyes were more teal green than blue as he looked down at him.

“Damn, you taste good, Cass,” he murmured his voice rough with hunger. “After the day I’ve had I need you.”

“Go as fast or as slow as you want,” Cassiel retorted softly. “You’ve got me here all night.” His eyes were dark and dilated with his hunger.

Kiernan traced Cassiel’s fuller bottom lip and Cassiel shuddered against him. He drank in the younger man’s heightening pleasure as it washed over him and then traced kisses along Cass’s jaw to the side of his neck and then his throat. Warm lips trailed down the length of his throat, lingering at the hollow where his tongue swirled before licking down to the open neck of the button-front shirt.

Sure hands glided up to work the buttons free while sharp teeth nipped and warm lips tasted exposed flesh. Cassiel pushed his fingers into Kiernan’s hair and groaned softly. His body was aching, burning. He was hard, he was sure his dick would explode if he didn’t come soon. He ground the throbbing head  against Kiernan’s hard thigh. He needed to be closer, to be naked against him.

Kiernan pulled the tail of the shirt free of the cute little pants and pushed his hands inside to graze over the cute little cami-like tee beneath. Cassiel arched against him as those big hands stoked the fire inside him, made his dick pulse. He gasped at the feel of the hard thigh pressing between his legs. He sighed roughly as he ground against the hard muscle.

“Fuck,” he said harshly. “Oh, Kiernan.”

Kiernan scraped his nails over Cassiel’s back after shoving his hands beneath the cami. He nipped the younger’s chin as he eased the tee up. “Such pretty little clothes you have,” he murmured as he lowered his head to trace Cassiel’s collarbone, and then he ripped the tee down the middle and pushed it aside so he could nip the skin just above his nipple. His tongue tip swirled around the dark areola. He speared the little tight bead before sucking it hard.

“Ahh,” Cassiel hissed as pleasure lashed at him. The heat inside him was turning into a conflagration that seared straight to his soul. His other hand stroked over Kiernan’s side around to his back where his fingers clenched in the soft T-shirt.

Kiernan’s teeth closed slightly over the taut nipple, scraped it, and then licked over it before he turned his attention to the neglected nipple. He laved it with his tongue and at the same time, one hand glided down the seam of Cassiel’s ass, fingers gripped, jerked him hard against his thigh and stroked back up. Cassiel shuddered as the pleasure increased in him, the fire burned brighter. Then, Kiernan lifted his hand and let it fall heavy on a firm cheek.

Oh, that was good.

So good, pre-cum eased from the tip of his cock. He felt the warm liquid dampening his underwear. This was flat out sensual, and he loved it. The second strike was sharper and Cassiel almost came in his pants.

His last boyfriend would never have hit him. The sweet straight-as-an-arrow man had been such a—his thoughts were abruptly cut off by Kiernan’s sharp nip on his nipple and then he straightened.

“Baby, I want you,” Cassiel assured him softly as their eyes collided. Had Kiernan picked up on his thoughts? “Just you.”

Kiernan’s answer was to capture his mouth. Cassiel’s lips parted on a breath of surprise and that cunning tongue darted inside plundering greedily. Wanting to comfort and enforce his words, Cassiel sent a wave of comforting pink energy to wash over Kiernan as his fingers squeezed at his biceps as he strained closer. Kiernan’s lips were like a brand on his. He moaned beneath the assault, wanting more.

Kiernan lifted his head fixing him with dark intense eyes. Cassiel stroked his hands down Kiernan’s chest to the edge of his T-shirt and yanked it up. Kiernan helped him pull the shirt free then tossed it onto the floor. Cassiel’s eyes licked over his broad chest and dark gold skin before his hands stroked over him.

“Beautiful,” he breathed. There it was. The mark. Kiernan’s axe matched his exactly. His fingers glided over the axe on his right pec then continued down to the waistband of the sweatpants Kiernan wore. He moved into his arms, hands braced against Kiernan’s stomach. He captured his mouth for a rough kiss before nipping his bottom lip and then kissing his chin. He nipped at his collarbone as he kissed a trail to one pec. He nipped it hard before flicking his tongue over one beaded nipple.

“Yeah,” Kiernan whispered. “Touch me, suga, make me feel good.”

“I plan to,” he answered just before swirling his tongue over the nipple and then sucking it.

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