The Spy and His Vampire (MM)

The Stolen Mysteries 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,019
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves, Shape-shifters, MM, HEA]

Leo is a freelance secret agent. He’s looking for his client’s stolen blue sapphire ring, and ends up at a nightclub. He’s approached by Dorian Lloyd, who shows interest. Their connection is immediate and passionate. But due to his line of work, Leo doesn’t allow himself to grow close to anyone. He’s conflicted. 

Dorian tries to help Leo, but things don’t go well when Leo finds out in the process that he’s a vampire. In fact, Dorian is a vampire elder. Leo comes to terms with the fact that he could come across a vampire in this assignment. Therefore, he needs to learn more about them. He also discovers the existence of werewolves, and in first-hand. 

An entirely different world opens up. With that, the consequences surface. There are vampires who aren’t fond of humans, and one will make sure to act on it. Dorian is forced to go against his own in order to protect Leo from harm.

The Spy and His Vampire (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

The Spy and His Vampire (MM)

The Stolen Mysteries 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,019
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Leo fixed his suit and opened the door. “Good evening, everyone,” he said to the ten bidders. Two couples had joined in. “Let’s go straight to the point, shall we? This painting is called Beyond Press, and it comes with the authenticity documents. It’s by Travis Perez, who passed thirty-eight years ago. As you can see, it depicts a child reading a newspaper with extreme detail. We’ll begin with five hundred thousand.” 

“One million,” someone said among the standing bidders. 

Leo didn’t react at the sight of Shadow, who sipped on a glass of champagne. “One million from the gentleman we all know. Do we have one million and five-hundred thousand?” 

“Two million,” one of the women said, raising her hand. 

“Three million,” a man from across the room said. 

“Three and a half million.” One of the couples raised their hand. 

Leo looked around as the room went quiet. “Four million?” he asked, and the other couple raised their hand. “How about five million?” 

“Five million here,” another man said aloud. 

Once again, the room went quiet. “Five and a half million?” he asked, but no one responded. “Going once. Going twice? And it’s sold. Feel free to approach the painting if you would like. Meanwhile, someone will bring in a diamond necklace.” 

Shadow got to work straight away, casually asking the bidders about the blue sapphire ring. An undercover police officer wheeled in the stand that carried the diamond necklace. It attracted most bidders.

Leo felt his cell phone vibrating in his pocket. It was most likely Dorian, but he didn’t want the bidders to find him suspicious. The call stopped as soon as it began. It seemed Dorian knew he couldn’t pick up. Leo soon felt it vibrate twice instead. It was a text message. 

The auction carried on, and the bidders were more at ease at how smoothly it was going. Another undercover police officer disguised as a waiter walked about. The bidders drank more champagne and ate some hors d’oeuvres. These were the last they would have for a long while. 

Finally, each bidder had bought at least one item. This was enough evidence to arrest them. But they still had to wait for a transaction. 

Leo regarded everyone in the room. “Thank you for coming here tonight. The payments will be handled in the room to the left on your way out,” he said. This was the moment to remain as calm as possible. None of them could suspect the auction. 

The bidders left the room, Shadow among them, and they chatted with each other. Leo took the chance to check his cell phone when the door closed. Only the call had been from Dorian. The text message was from Carmela. She wrote that she’d read the report and that she agreed with his suspicions. Leo replied that he would continue looking into it, then called Dorian. 

“I assume you’re done. Did it go well?” Dorian asked. 

“Almost. I’m calling mostly because I forgot to tell you I’d be busy until late at night,” Leo said. He approached the door and leaned closer. People were still talking from afar. “Are you done with work for the day?” 

Dorian hummed. “Since I did everything I needed to do ahead of time, I was wondering if I could come to you tonight. I’d like to sleep next to you.” 

Leo’s heart pounded with warmth. “Sure, I don’t see why not,” he said quietly. “I’ll let you know when I’m done here.” 

“I’ll wait, then,” Dorian said. 

“Bye,” Leo said awkwardly, and they ended the call. He couldn’t stop his excitement. 

“Police! You’re under arrest,” someone called out from outside the room. “On the ground now!” 

Leo opened the door slightly and peeked out. He scowled when he saw one of the men reaching behind him. The man had his back to the door. Leo reached under the stand for the jewelry pieces and took out a gun in a hurry. “Don’t move,” he shouted with one knee on the floor, aiming the gun. 

The man pressed his back against the wall next to him and aimed his weapon at Leo. He pulled the trigger frantically, emptying half of the gun clip. 

Leo rushed out of the way. Screams filled the hallway ahead, and more shots were fired. Leo’s heart sank at the sound of beastly growls. He got closer and peered out. His eyes widened at the sight of two humanlike beasts covered in thick fur, their heads like a wolf’s. Their tails were long and covered with thick fur as well. 

One of them had their hand-paw over the barrel of the gun. The other bidders were gone, and the officers had spread out to take cover. They must have taken the chance that the man had shot at Leo first. He opened the door farther at the clicking sounds of the empty gun. 

Now that he could see things better, he noticed the werewolves still had their pants on. They were clearly Oscar and Shadow. But Oscar was bleeding from having been shot several times. “So it’s true,” Leo uttered as he approached them, staring blankly. He froze in place when they shifted back into their human forms. 

Oscar moved his hand from the man’s face and shoved him outside of the garage. While the man was tackled by two officers and taken away, Oscar approached Leo. “It is. Why aren’t you surprised?” 

Leo looked away and back at Oscar. “I know a vampire from Parco. He told me about werewolves.” 

“That’s why you asked me those questions earlier?” Oscar asked, and Leo nodded. “Who’s the vampire?” 

“Stay away from him,” someone said from behind Shadow. 

Leo gaped at Dorian standing at the entrance of the garage. “Dorian…” 

Shadow scowled at Dorian and got closer to Oscar. “Who are you?” 

“Dorian Lloyd. I’m the vampire Elder of Parco,” Dorian said.




“I’ll give you a tour of the house later,” Dorian said as he led Leo along the paved driveway. 

Leo took in his surroundings. Dorian’s house was a villa surrounded by lush trees. A pool with a Jacuzzi was on the left side of the pathway that led to the front door. The second floor had a terrace with large vases on each side. Leo barely had time to see everything. He followed Dorian inside. 

Unlike the mansion, this place was modern from top to bottom. Glass separated the second floor, and he saw rooms above. The staircase curved to the next floor, while white couches were on the ground floor. 

Again, there was no time to see much as Dorian pulled Leo along. He picked Leo up and kissed him. Even if Dorian couldn’t see ahead, he still made his way upstairs. “Let me know if you change your mind,” Dorian said. 

“Sure,” Leo uttered. He enjoyed how Dorian’s larger build surrounded him. Their height difference had been a tad much for Leo, but he’d been getting used to it. Always having to look so high up had brought about some inconvenience, yet Dorian hadn’t shown that it bothered him. Moreover, Dorian had told him at the nightclub that Leo was a perfect fit for him. 

They entered a bedroom, and Dorian lay Leo on the large bed. Dorian unbuttoned his dress shirt, gazing at Leo intently. “Take your clothes off for me.” 

Leo shook himself back to reality. He wouldn’t tell Dorian he could simply look at him for a while, but he wanted to. While he removed his clothes, he glanced at Dorian doing the same. He watched in a daze. Dorian revealed his pristine skin and toned body. He’d never been this attracted to anyone, and he was glad Dorian expressed the same sentiment. 

Dorian climbed onto the bed and kissed Leo. “Wait here. I’ll be right back.” 

“Okay,” Leo uttered and followed with his eyes as Dorian went into the room next door. He tilted his head when Dorian returned with a big pillow. Dorian set it at the foot of the bed and joined him on the bed again. “What’s that for?” 

“You’ll see,” Dorian said with a grin. He lay next to Leo on his back and pulled Leo by the wrist to get on all fours on top of him. He opened a condom and put it on, and then opened a small packet of lube. 

Leo glanced between them at Dorian’s cock. Dorian drew his attention when he reached between Leo’s legs. He jolted as Dorian teased his hole with his slicked fingers. He couldn’t help but move his ass against Dorian’s fingers. The way Dorian lay on the pillow lured him in, to the point that he gave Dorian a deep kiss. He moaned against the soft lips underneath him as a finger entered him. 

Dorian pulled Leo to thrust his finger deeper. “Come closer,” Dorian said, and Leo got on his knees next to his shoulders. Dorian took Leo’s hard prick into his mouth while he thrust his finger quicker. 

“Dorian,” Leo moaned out, gripping the top of the headboard. He looked down at Dorian, who bobbed his head swiftly. Dorian’s face came and went over his cock, and that turned him on all the more. His mouth fell open as a second finger thrust into his twitching hole. He slid his hand through Dorian’s soft hair and squeezed a tad. 

After a few minutes of getting Leo ready, Dorian held Leo’s hips and guided him to sit on his engorged cock. “Take your time, all right?” 

Leo nodded and took in Dorian’s prick. He clenched his hands on Dorian’s strong abdomen and moved his hips slowly. As he adjusted, he noticed Dorian’s expression of elation. Dorian’s dark eyes were half lidded with desire, his lips parted. Leo leaned over and kissed him. 

While they shared a kiss, Dorian thrust into Leo. He bent his legs for leverage and picked up the pace. His motions grew passionate and sensual, and Leo moaned louder. Dorian kissed the side of Leo’s neck several times. He nibbled Leo’s neck before he moved both of them over on the bed. 

Before Leo noticed, the pillow was under his lower back. His toes curled as Dorian slid his cock back into his hole. The bouncing of the pillow made Dorian thrust deeper, rubbing his prick deep against the sensitive walls of his hole. Leo drowned in pleasure and looked over. Dorian gazed at his body from head to toe. “Do you want to drink from me?” Leo uttered. 

Dorian hummed, his tone deeper than usual. He nuzzled Leo’s neck, gave it a lick, and bit into it. He growled quietly while he drank and thrust into Leo’s twitching hole harder. In quick motions, he rolled his hips. 

Leo shook underneath Dorian’s larger build as intense lust took over. Dorian continued to increase his pumping to an unnatural speed. Leo cried out in pleasure and buckled under Dorian. The movement caused Dorian to pull away from the two punctures, so Dorian sucked harder. Leo waved his hips against Dorian and came hard, his spunk gushing all over his abdomen. He went still while Dorian continued, riding the orgasm as it took over his shaky body. 

The way Dorian had latched on to Leo’s neck had Leo gripping the bed covers next to him. Dorian’s hips barely smacked against his ass, but the fast pace created a constant stream of pleasure. Dorian showed no signs of getting tired.

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