The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada Collection, Volume 1 (LoveXtreme)

The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,437
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Cowboy, Menage, MFMMMMM, HEA]

Strong Attraction

Charly Wynn attends her cousin’s wedding in a little Nevada town and learns firsthand from six hot cowboys about the untamed charm of Wilde. Though itching to leave and licking past wounds, she finds it hard to resist the temptation of hunk Drake Strong.

The moment Drake Strong meets Charly, he vows to do whatever necessary to possess the beauty for himself and his brothers Dax and Seth. Keeping her away from his three other lusty brothers, Nate, Heath, and Tobias, is going to be tough. Though the ambitious city girl is itching to pursue her dreams, Drake is determined to convince her there's plenty of action in Wilde. Will Charly let go of old hurts and open herself up to Drake, or will the killer in the shadows destroy their only chance at love?

Strong Desire

Charly Wynn has taken the detour to Wilde, Nevada, and the six hot cowboys she's found there have turned her life upside down. With little money and her car in the shop, she agrees to Heath Strong's offer to transport her to Malibu.

Heath Strong is thrilled to spend time alone with the gorgeous city girl. During the trip, an unquenchable hunger for her ignites inside him. He is determined to possess her for himself, Nate, and Tobias, despite the intentions of his other brothers—Drake, Dax, and Seth.

Though Charly's plan has always been to land a job that will provide what she needs to help her mother, Heath's dominance is reaching her heart and shaking her resolve. While Charly discovers the pleasures provided by him and his brothers, a murderer plots his revenge. Will she choose the path that leads to love or the one that leads…to death?


NOTE! These are Books 1 and 2 of 7 in the The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada collection. These books are not stand alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. Each book may end on a cliffhanger but usually with a happy-for-now for the heroine and one or more men. The final book contains a happily forever after for the heroine and all her men.

The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada Collection, Volume 1 (LoveXtreme)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada Collection, Volume 1 (LoveXtreme)

The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,437
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Strong Attraction


Charly snapped, “Seen enough, cowboy?”

She’d been in the sexy man’s truck cab for only six miles of driving, yet he’d brazenly scanned her body at least twelve times, turning her into a total bundle of nerves.

Drake laughed wickedly. “Hell, no. I’d like to get a peek at even more of you.” His arm came around her back, even though there were at least two feet between their seats in the truck. “The single women in Wilde are going to be green with envy the minute you show up, Charly.”

She spotted a sign that informed Wilde was only eighteen miles up the road. Good thing. He had a confident, possessive intensity that unnerved her. His wicked stares worked to heat her up, and even though a part of her was ready for him to look elsewhere, another part, deeper and more instinctual, enjoyed every lusty leer.

I wonder if he’d back off if I told him that I’m still a virgin? She pushed the thought aside. With all that happened her freshman year of college and the following universal cold shoulder by the male students, she’d forgotten what it felt like to have a man come on to her so strong.

“You’ve got quite the lines, Drake.”

“Every word is the truth, sweetheart. You got a boyfriend back East?”

She shook her head.

“Want one?”

“What? You?” Tingles spread through her body like electricity. “You’re too much.”

“I thought big-city girls all liked cowboys. You don’t?” he asked in a faux-innocent tone.

Her lips curled up. “Never been around one before.”

“Then you’re in for a treat.” He pulled the truck over to the side of the road and stared at her with his big brown eyes. “Get over here.” He patted the middle seat next to him.

“Why?” she asked meekly.

“I want my reward for saving you tonight.”

“What reward?”

“A kiss from those luscious lips of yours.”

She felt her cheeks warm as blood flooded into her face. “How about an IOU?”

His eyebrows shot up, causing her to get dizzy. “Not a chance. Either move over here, or I’ll come over there. Your choice, sweetheart.”

He was only asking for a kiss, and she knew she wanted one, too. The last time she’d been kissed had been in high school. “You did save me.”

“Now you’re talking.”

“And what harm’s a little kiss?”

He smiled and patted the bench seat once again.

Charly unbuckled her seat belt and scooted over slowly.

“Too slow.” In an instant, Drake pulled her next to him and cupped her chin. “God, your eyes are so blue. Gorgeous.”

His words and touch ignited her passion. “Thank you. I mean it. I appreciate you for—”

His kiss left her silent. Everything inside her went kablooey. His lips pressed firmly against hers, then softened. As his tongue demanded entrance, she parted her lips. He tasted warm and sensual. Her toes curled as the kiss went on and on. New sensations fired inside her one after another. Every cell vibrated and heated. Overwhelmed by it all, her mind suddenly grabbed the old standby thought—don’t trust men, any of them.

She put her hands against his chest and pushed.

Drake frowned but didn’t budge. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” she lied. Why am I like this? He wants me. My body is responding. And what do I do? Push. Push. Push.

“Liar. Someone hurt you really bad, didn’t they?” He tilted his head down.

Instinctively, she snapped, “Are you playing psychologist or mind reader?” Breathe, Charly. Use your head.

“Neither, but I can tell you have some pain and invisible scars that some prick inflicted on you.”

His words unhinged her. “Some, but I’m fine. What woman hasn’t been hurt by a guy?” How could a man she just met see so easily into her?

His large hands stroked her hair, easing her nerves and quieting her mind. “Whatever it is, you’ve carried it for a while.” His easy tone and gentle caresses were hypnotic.

“I guess.”

“Some motherfucker, no doubt.” He cupped her chin and fixed his stare on her, causing her to blink. “I’m not him, Charly.”

She closed her eyes, trying to calm herself. “I know that.”

“Tell me what happened.”

He pulled her even closer, and she melted into his body, leaning her head against his chest. It felt so normal, and she was able to quiet her mind’s resistance to a whisper. Why did she want to tell Drake everything? He was a stranger. Maybe that somehow made it okay. No judgment or preconceptions. A true unbiased ear.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she lied.

“Okay.” His tone vibrated low and powerful in his chest. “Another time, sweetheart.”

Normally, Charly was in control. She wondered if her fatigue from the long drive had caused her to lose her mental steadiness, or was it just being with this cowboy, whose honesty and masculinity had tripped her up?

“You want to go to the hotel now?” he asked.

“Can we just sit here for a bit?” She hoped he would say yes.

“All night if you want, sweetheart.”

“Thank you.”

“No, Charly. Thank you. But you have to know, now that I’ve sampled your lips, I’ve got to taste them again.”

Thrilled by being next to Drake, tears rolled down her cheeks. She’d felt so untouchable for so long. Now, an incredibly sexy male desired her—and bad.

His eyebrows shot up. “You’re crying.”

“I’m okay. Just tired, I guess.”

He kissed her forehead, and sparks shot up her spine. “You want me to kiss you again?”

Though against all her rationale, she nodded.

The cowboy who’d rescued her from the side of the road didn’t say another word. Instead he cradled her chin, lifting gently. Then he captured her lips with his. She closed her eyes, losing herself to his mind-blowing kiss.




Drake began unbuttoning her blouse. He kissed the top of her breasts. Then he licked her neck. He slowly undressed her.

“I have a surprise for you, princess,” she heard him say as he continued undressing her.

“What is it?” Charly asked when he cupped her chin.

He smiled. “Impatient little vixen, aren’t you?” He captured her lips again with his.

Overwhelming sensations raced through her body. Every cell inside her seemed to burn as he kissed her into a frenzy of wantonness. He pulled her close, and the feel of his chest pressing hard on her nipples caused her pussy to moisten.

A knock on the door jolted her from the dreaminess he was giving her.

“Who could that be at this hour?” But she had a pretty good idea.

“That’s the surprise, sweetheart.” Drake released her, leaving her bare-chested in the middle of the hotel room. He walked to the door, and she wrapped her arms around her breasts. He opened the door. “Come in."

In walked his twin, Dax, and his other brother, Seth.

Her heart jumped up to her throat. She’d never had that fantasy before, but her body was immediately on board as a little hum rolled through her.

“It’s obvious what you guys have in mind, but I’m not sure about this.”

“Sweetheart, don’t you worry about a thing. You’re going to enjoy what we have in store for you. Did you bring everything, Seth?”

Seth patted the backpack he was carrying. “All here. Hello, Charly.” His tone was throaty and so very sexy.

“Hello.” Dax stood in front of her. “Since seeing you at the chapel tonight, I’ve been looking forward to getting to know you better, honey.”

He looked so much like Drake that she had the urge to wrap her arms around his neck. But she didn’t. Instead, she hugged herself, hoping to hide some of her chest from Dax and Seth.

Drake was behind Charly. He held her by the elbows, forcing her to lower her arms. “Take a look at her tits. They’re the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”

She should’ve been a wreck and screaming for help since she barely knew Dax and Seth. But she wasn’t. Was it because Seth had escorted her to the chapel when she’d been so nervous to walk in the quiet, tiny town? Likely. And Dax? Well, perhaps his looking like a replica of Drake was making it easier to warm up to him so quickly. Probably. The most likely reason she remained excited and compliant, though, was that Drake had told her to stay in the present with the promise of a new pleasurable experience.

Let tomorrow come when it comes. Tonight, I’m going for it.

“You’re right about that, bro.” Dax cupped her breasts.

Charly couldn’t use her hands to push him away, not that she even wanted to, since Drake was holding her arms. Dax’s touch made her nipples ache and throb. Tingles spread up and down her spine.

Obviously these guys had shared women before. With these three growing up in Wilde, it was inevitable.

Dax looked at her. His hand came around the back of her neck. “I’ve just got to taste her lips.” Without another word, he captured her mouth with his.

The torment of his kiss left her weak in the knees. He pressed with a fervor and hunger that thrilled her. The whole time Dax kissed her, Drake was rubbing her back so gently. She peeked at Seth, who was undressing. His fixed stare on her never faltered. Her pussy ached and moistened.

When Dax ended their kiss, she felt wonderfully dizzy.

Seth stood to the side, completely nude. The man had the sexiest chiseled body she’d ever seen anywhere. In person. Magazines. Internet. Film. She bit her lip, unable to look away from his rock-solid muscles.

The twin cowboys finished undressing her, leaving her without a single thread to cover her.

“Fucking A, she’s incredible.” Dax stared at her like she was a large rare steak and he’d been fed only vegetarian meals for months.

Seth’s sexy mouth curled up. “I like what I see, missy.”

“I told you. Charly is more than you can imagine.”

“You guys are too much.” She breathed deeply, hoping to get her bearings.

Without a word, Dax stepped back and disrobed.

“No, princess.” Drake moved in front of her. “We’re not trying to play you.” Then he knelt down like a devotee of some mythological goddess. “You truly are more than I could’ve imagined.” With his fingers, Drake feathered both her legs up and down, just to the edge of tickling her. His touch made her marvelously woozy and warm.

She peered over at Seth. His thick, long cock stood erect. Its size made her tremble some, but what made her tremble even more was his steamy gaze. To her, he seemed about ready to pounce. Seth was a man who took what he wanted, when he wanted it. And right now, she was what he wanted.

Seth moved behind her and pulled on her hair. “You’re quite the morsel, missy.” Then he reached around her and pinched her nipples. Between his thumbs and forefingers, her bits of flesh throbbed and fiery desire detonated through her.

Drake began licking her pussy, causing her to get even wetter. His tongue swept over her sensitive flesh like a possessive soldier. As his hands cupped her ass to pull her in closer to his greedy mouth, her womb clenched.

“Dax, bring me some lube.” Seth licked the center of her back between her shoulder blades then down to the base of her spine. She felt his hands latch on to her thighs, and heat exploded in her face as he spread her ass cheeks apart. The sexual exploration Seth seemed to be pushing her to made her extremely nervous. But being surrounded by such male beauty and experience tamped down some of her fears.

Drake fingered her pussy and stared up at her with his big, dark eyes.

Charly felt floaty and humid. “Guys, did Drake tell you that I’m really new to this?”

Seth bit her left ass cheek, sending pulses through her insides. “New to what, missy?”

“Actually, everything. He was my first.”


Strong Attraction


Holding a calla lily, Charly walked up the aisle with Michael, Jessie’s ex-fiancé. The room was filled to the max, with every seat taken and people standing in all the free spaces of the little chapel. The middle aisle, littered with rose petals, remained empty. The wedding party stood at the front, waiting for the bride to appear. But the ones who captured her attention immediately were the Strong brothers.

Drake smiled broadly at her, making her lips curl up. Tobias and Nate tilted their heads to her in a lusty way. Seth also smiled, as did Dax. Then she saw Heath. He sent her a wicked wink, and her heartbeat sped up. Something about that man unhinged her every time she was near him.

Michael and Heath had similar roles for the service. Odd. With two best men, one for the bride and one for the grooms, this wasn’t like any marriage ceremony Charly had ever attended.

A string trio played soft wedding music. She loved the scent of spring flowers that filled the air.

Charly and Michael took their places with the other attendants, six of which were all the Strong brothers, cousins to the Wilde boys. Though the six cowboys seemed focused on the service, Charly caught all of them glancing her way. Wilde, Nevada, was one crazy town.

The music changed to the familiar bridal entrance tune of “Here Comes the Bride.” The crowd all stood, and Jessie appeared in the back with Jessie’s dad, who was Charly’s uncle, and Lee, Jessie’s recently discovered biological dad. The men looked on her with incredible pride. The three began marching down the aisle slowly, but all eyes were on the most beautiful bride Charly had ever seen.

Jessie’s bridal dress was beaded. Her hair was up. She wore a platinum circlet around her neck that had a single diamond hanging from it. Behind the sheer veil, the new bride was totally aglow and smiling.

“Are those actual tears from you, ‘Tough As Nails’ Charly Wynn?” Michael whispered by her side.

“Behave,” she scolded quietly and then sent him a grin as she wiped her eyes.

The ceremony was pretty basic to Charly, sans the five-grooms-and-one-bride oddity. At the rehearsal she’d learned how that difference was going to be handled. Each groom, one by one, was going to stand by Jessie and give his vow of forever to her.

The first was Jackson. “I, Jackson Wilde, take you, Jessica Greene, to be my...”




“What color are you, sweetheart?” Heath asked, concern evident in his tone.

“Green, Master Heath. I’m green.”

“You’re doing so well. I am proud of you.”

No man, not even her father, had ever told her that before. Life had been difficult for her for some time. A sick mother, a felon for a father. But she’d risen above all of it. She’d earned her degrees and was on track for a great job. But the race to succeed and prove her worthiness to herself and world had taken its toll on her. Something about these men taking charge reached her, releasing a need to just be. Cravings to please them and to be pleasured by them rolled through her.

“Good girl.” Nate’s commanding voice shook her. “Now, about those silly thoughts swirling in you. I want you to surrender to me…to us, tonight. Now, bite the pillow for me.”

She obeyed, bracing for whatever would come next.

Nate rained down some blistering smacks to her ass.

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

These were harder and delivered more pain than Heath’s had. The more he tortured her bottom, the more her mind softened and cleared.

Smack. Smack. Smack.

She was thrashing and sobbing on the bed, but the pain was only a part of the cause. Her pussy was soaked, and her nipples were hard. She was deliriously dizzy and in a kind of warm trance. Finally, all she could do was feel.

“That’s it, kitten. You’re there, aren’t you?” Nate asked.

She sniffled, releasing the pillowcase from her teeth. “Y–Yes, M–Master Nate.”

“Beautiful,” he stated.

The cowboys flipped her around, placing her gently with her back to the mattress.

She looked at them, staring down at her in what seemed like a state of awe and lust. “Thank you, Masters.”

They all three smiled.

Heath stepped back, and Nate and Tobias crawled in on opposite sides of her, each cowboy swallowing one of her breasts.

She fisted the sheets and closed her eyes as need grew inside her. Then she felt Heath move between her thighs, positioning his head directly in line with her pussy. When his tongue hit her folds, she moaned. Nate and Tobias sucked on her nipples until they ached and throbbed. Heath licked her clit, making her crazy with want.

Nate’s teeth nipped at her breast’s tiny bit of flesh. Then he said, “Yep. You’re going to be trouble, pet. That’s obvious.”

She opened her eyes and looked directly at Nate. “I–I…don’t want to be.”

“Sure you do. That’s part of it.” He and Heath switched positions.

Tobias continued to suck on her nipples while Nate bathed her puffy folds with his tongue. She writhed on the bed like a live wire. Heat sprung up out of her, and her juices flowed from her pussy.

Heath covered her mouth with his manly lips once again, causing her heart to race. In that single kiss she sensed his absolute possessive nature. Her lips ached and swelled, mirroring what was going on with her nipples and pussy. These three cowboys were making her utterly delirious. She was on fire with want. The desire to be taken by more than one man had been born in her during her stay in Wilde. Now, that desire was full-grown and running amok inside her. Her body quivered, and her toes curled as three mouths covered every inch of her body.

“You’re so fucking hot!” Tobias exclaimed.

“She’s got the sweetest juices I’ve ever tasted in my life, and her pussy is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen.” Nate’s tone was animallike and intense.

When his tongue circled her clit once again, her ache burned hot like the sun.

“God, yes!” she screamed, pounding the mattress.

Heath kissed her. “That’s my girl.”

She felt Tobias apply lube to her ass.

Nate kissed her mound and then rolled onto his side. He donned a condom, as did Tobias.

Heath cupped her chin, making her look directly into his eyes. “We’re all going to fuck you at the same time—Nate in your pussy, Tobias in your ass, and me in your sweet mouth.”

She bit her lip.

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