The Suddenly Complete Collections (MFMM)

Siren Box Set 108

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 137,011
2 Ratings (3.5)

In Suddenly Bear, life sucked. Twenty-eight and alone was not in Violet’s life plan, yet there she was. But when her roommate suggests sharing her with his brothers, Violet is intrigued. She’s shocked to learn all three are bear-shifters, but it’s the secret they’re keeping from her that just might destroy everything.

In Suddenly Bear, Too, a hangover, several snakebites, and three black bears headed her way wasn’t how Ruby planned to start her day. Of course, Nickolas, Levi, and Zeek hadn’t planned on finding a famous heiress dying in their forest either. Yet fate plans to bite all four of them on the ass anyway.

In Suddenly Wolf, no. No. And hell no. There was no such thing as fate…or werewolves. Three testosterone-laden, alpha male types claimed she belonged to them? And that they were willing to share? Nope, couldn’t be happening. So why, then, was she dreaming of blazingly hot foursomes?

In Suddenly Wolf, Too, okay, time out! It was not appropriate for the sheriff’s deputy to be dreaming about a ménage a quatre with the two mysterious strangers in town, especially not when she was dating Cal Sanders. Embarrassed Louise tries to avoid all three, but that might prove to be a fatal mistake.


A Siren Erotic Romance
Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Suddenly Complete Collections (MFMM)
2 Ratings (3.5)

The Suddenly Complete Collections (MFMM)

Siren Box Set 108

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 137,011
2 Ratings (3.5)
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“Play with yourself,” Declan said as he tore off his shirt. “Show us what you like.”

Violet shook her head, feeling her cheeks heat with embarrassment. She’d masturbated herself to orgasm before, but never in front of someone.

“Do it,” Brandon said with a broad grin, “or I’ll flip you over and turn that beautiful bottom a lovely shade of pink.” She giggled again. Surely he was joking, but her clit throbbed at just the idea of his large hand spanking her ass. “Baby girl…” he warned as he stepped closer to the bed, his clothes finally gone, his cock so hard and thick she could barely wait to take him inside her.

“He’s not kidding, kitten. He will spank your ass.”

“Is that so?” she asked, trying to hide how breathless that threat made her feel.

“One…” She watched both him and Declan closely, waiting for the smiles that would tell her this was all a joke.

“Two…” Her hand hovered over her stomach, her embarrassment warring with her need. But indecision cost her dearly.

“Three!” She shrieked as Brandon lunged for her, holding her still as Declan tickled her mercilessly. Every inch of her was oversensitized, and she writhed between them, laughing breathlessly as she tried to force out the words that would make them stop.

Finally, they took pity on her and stopped touching all of her ticklish spots, but she somehow found herself facedown over Brandon’s knee. The hands caressing her ass warmed the skin, the caress gentle and quite relaxing.

The first hard smack had her rearing up from the unexpected pain.

“Shhh, baby girl. We’ll take care of you, I promise.”

She wanted to believe him, but the second smack brought tears to her eyes, and the third left her gasping, fighting to hold back the sob that threatened to escape. The feeling of a warm tongue against her abused flesh gave her a moment of reprieve, but it was the finger that pressed into her ass that had her fighting against their hold.

Fuck. That was the strangest sensation. She tightened her muscles against the invasion, instinctively trying to clench her butt cheeks together. “Breathe out, kitten,” Declan whispered as the finger in her ass wiggled ever so slightly. She tried to do as he asked, taking several deep breaths and letting them out slowly. She made an effort to consciously relax her tensed muscles.

“Good girl,” Brandon said as he stroked her back and neck in a soothing, hypnotic motion. “Now push out. Push against Declan’s finger.”

She did as he asked, relaxing the muscles and pushing out against the finger in her ass. Suddenly everything changed. The slow glide of the finger into and out of her ass was no longer painful, no longer a burning sting, but rather a heated stroking of nerve endings already alight with excitement. She groaned, rocking against the invasion, needing more, unable to control her instinctive reactions. She felt a cold drizzle of lube a moment before a second finger pushed into her ass. This time she felt no pain, just need. She whimpered as other fingers pushed into her pussy, plunging and withdrawing in counterpoint, spiraling her arousal so much higher.

“Please,” she whispered, having no idea what she was begging for, but willing to beg for it anyway.

“Shhh, baby girl, almost there.” She cried out as both hands moved away, leaving her empty, bereft, aching. But a moment later she felt Declan’s cock press against her ass. “Push out, baby girl,” Brandon instructed.

Again, she did what he asked, pushing back against the thick rod as Declan worked his cock into her ass. Everything tingled, her body poised on the brink of something incredible. Lightning bolts of pleasure zipped up and down her spine, her hands clenching and unclenching as Declan pushed all the way in and held still.

“Well done, baby girl,” Brandon said quietly, his hand still caressing her spine in long sweeping motions. Declan gripped her hips, holding her steady as he pulled his cock slowly from her ass and slid back in just as unhurriedly. Violet wanted to writhe, needed to move, but they held her in place as Declan slowly fucked her ass.

“You’re beautiful, kitten. You feel incredible wrapped around my cock.” Declan groaned as he pulled out once more, but this time he slid back in faster, took her just a little bit harder, withdrew again, and slammed back in. Holding her hips tight, he started fucking her in earnest, dragging his hard cock out, then stuffing her full once more.

She was shaking, ready to orgasm, poised on the precipice when Declan pulled out completely. She tried to move, the words, “What the fuck?” escaping her mouth before Brandon pushed her head lower, her ass higher and spanked her fast. The blows over and over and over did nothing to cool her need. She screamed as he adjusted her, mashing her swollen clit against the coarse hairs of his thighs.





“That’s right, princess,” Zeek said, stepping into the room, annoyed enough to not really think things through. “We’re terrorists who turn into bears.”

He felt a moment of satisfaction as Ruby’s face showed her confusion. She even shut up long enough to watch him shift into his furry form—tearing a good set of clothes in the process. She looked fascinated, and he was actually starting to feel pretty good about his way of telling her about bear-shifters. If she stayed calm and listened, maybe they’d be able to figure a few things out together without the name-calling and baseless accusations.

But it was the ear-piercing scream that assaulted his sensitive bear hearing, and caused him to back up and knock over the bookshelf behind him, that finally convinced him it probably hadn’t been such a great idea.


* * * *


Ruby couldn’t make her mouth form words.

There was a big fucking black bear less than three feet away from her. In a bedroom. In a cabin. In the middle of nowhere. How the fuck could there be a bear in the room? Shit, the thing was probably hungry. She wanted to run and hide behind one of the three men. Surely a bear would find their big, muscular, taut, sexy bodies very delicious—she certainly did. Except now there were only two of them.

The third brother, Zeek, was no longer in the room. She tried not to look at the shredded clothing. She knew for a fact that she couldn’t have seen what she’d thought she’d seen, so that meant that Zeek had stood in the room, shredded his clothes, dropped them to the ground, and…and…

“Zeek, knock it off. You’re scaring Ruby.”

…and turned into a freaking bear!

As the bear slowly turned back into a sexy, naked man, Ruby did the only thing she could think of—she screamed again.

Hey, there was a method to her madness—sooner or later all this screaming was going to wake her up.

It seemed like a solid plan. She was only dreaming.

Of course, it was more like a bizarre nightmare, but that was the only explanation. Men didn’t turn into bears, and bears didn’t turn into men, and starting first thing tomorrow no more alcohol, ever! She dragged in another deep breath, ready to scream some more.




Excitement flooded every inch of Ruby’s body. She’d spent years masturbating to fantasies of being spanked and dominated by a man she could trust, but never in her wildest dreams had she thought she’d ever meet one, let alone three.

She wriggled her ass, moisture flooding her pussy as Nickolas caressed her through the denim. He swatted her through the thick material, the soft sting merely whetting her appetite for more. He smacked her again and again as she sucked harder on Zeek’s cock and moaned at the delicious but not nearly satisfying sensations.

She got the impression the brothers were conferring silently because Zeek tightened his fists in her hair, stopping her downward motion and holding her in place so that just the tip of his cock was in her mouth. She licked the bulbous head as Nickolas reached under her, undid the buttons on her jeans, and dragged the material down to her knees.

The denim made her feel trapped in place, her pussy pulsing, grasping at nothing as her arousal spun much higher. The first slap on her naked ass took her by surprise. The noise was so loud in the quiet kitchen that it seemed to bounce off the walls, mocking her with the unexpected sting. The next was even worse, tears filling her eyes as she grunted in pain and tried not to break the suction she had on Zeek’s cock. She panted through her nose, trying to hide how much she disliked what Nickolas was doing. Shit, she’d practically begged for this, and now she had no way of calling it off without looking like a completely naïve fool.

She gasped as the next slap landed lower on her thigh at the same time that two fingers thrust roughly into her pussy. Her muscles clenched around the invading digits, her body trembling with unexpected arousal. The next slap was even harder, but instead of the sharp pain she’d felt with the others, this one seemed to merely intensify the shaking.

Again a slap, again the wave of heat, again the shiver of excitement climbing up and down her spine. She cried out as Nickolas added another finger to her pussy, stretching her to the point of pain as he peppered stinging slaps up and down her buttocks and thighs.

Her clit felt swollen, needy. She squeaked a sound of protest when Zeek pulled his cock from her mouth and pressed her face against his hard abdomen. But then the spanking increased, the speed, the strength, her need.

Every muscle in her body was shaking. A low, keening cry escaped her mouth as energy exploded outward and climax overwhelmed her. She shook violently, grateful now that Zeek held her close. Nickolas still thrust his fingers into her pussy, but it was more of a gentle caress as he milked every last sensation from her orgasm.

She practically melted against the hard wood on the table and let Nickolas maneuver her any way he wanted. He continued to lazily stroke in and out of her very wet pussy as he caressed the heated skin of her ass and pressed her down until her bottom rested on her heels.

The gentle, slippery caress against her back passage felt far too nice to protest, but she jolted, trying to squirm away when he pressed the tip of his finger into her ass. He and Zeek held her still, both caressing her spine, shoulders, and ass, gentling her as she adjusted to the unexpected invasion.

She mewled a protest when he added a second finger and gasped as cold lube dribbled onto her skin. Nickolas worked it into her ass, his fingers making a scissoring motion as he stretched her opening and the muscles began to relax.

“That’s it, honey. Let me in. I promise you are going to love this.”

The loss of his fingers felt strange, but they were quickly replaced with the head of his cock. She grunted as he pushed in, her anus gripping the bulbous head, trapping him inside.

“Breathe, princess,” Zeek said as he pressed soft kisses to her face and ran his fingers through her hair. She tried to comply, the uncomfortable pressure in her bottom making her want to clench her teeth instead.

“Push out,” Nickolas said, sounding breathless. “Push against me. Let me inside.”

She forced her muscles to comply, nearly screaming as the motion let Nickolas slide the rest of the way in. He held still, letting her adjust, his hands sweeping up and down her back in long soothing strokes.

“That’s it, princess,” Zeek said in a voice that sounded very much like he was proud of her. “Relax and let Nickolas fuck your ass.”





Xavier got to the door of her apartment just as the argument exploded.

“Now, beautiful—” Daegan began, but she cut him off with a voice angry enough that he could hear the deep growl of her wolf.

“Don’t you ‘beautiful’ me! I’m not marrying two strangers. No way, no how, never, ever, ever, ever going to happen.”

Xavier opened the bedroom door to find Isaac in wolf form sitting in the middle of the bed tracking the woman’s pacing movement. Daegan was quite happily watching the woman rant.

But it was the woman herself that caught his attention. She wasn’t at all like the women Daegan and Isaac usually dated. Even when they dated werewolves, his younger brothers tended to go for the timid, quiet, less confident females. This woman seemed to be the exact opposite and at the moment looked angry enough to remove their testicles and serve them up for lunch.

So intent on pacing, the woman Xavier assumed was Andrea didn’t even see him step into the room. Something must have alerted her to his presence, though, because she stopped dead and turned her eyes on him. Anger gleamed from their brown depths, and his wolf did happy circles in his head.

Oh, hell.

“Who the fuck are you?”

He glanced at his brothers, saw their incredulous stares, and said the words anyway. “I’m your mate, too.”

“Not happening. Absolutely not fucking happening.” Andrea returned to her pacing. At this rate she was going to need new carpet very soon. “Who are you people? Any more ‘mates’ where you come from?”

“I fucking hope not?” Daegan said with an irritated scowl.

“Don’t swear in front of our mate,” Xavier said without really giving it much thought. His mother had always taught him not to swear in front of females—perhaps old-fashioned but something he’d tried to uphold—yet he was fairly certain his mom hadn’t taken into account foul-mouthed females like their mate.

Oh, this was going to make Thanksgiving dinner so damn extra special this year.

Xavier rubbed the headache forming behind his eyes.

As the lady said, this could not be happening.




 “Inside,” Xavier growled as he herded his brothers and Andrea into the house. She barely had a moment to look around before Isaac lifted her against the wall, thrust his tongue into her mouth and his cock against her pussy.

She was panting hard, her body undulating against his, straining to get closer, desperate for him to fulfill the promise he made. She gasped when he moved them away from the wall, still holding her up as Daegan lifted her shirt over her head and unclasped her bra. He kissed the red lines the restrictive garment had left behind.

“No more bras,” he said as he stood behind her, kissed her neck, and massaged her swollen breasts.


“No buts,” he growled as his fingers found her nipples. They were hard and begging for his attention, and he didn’t disappoint. Sharp arousal flared outward as Daegan tugged the sensitive nubs, his rough treatment somehow more incredibly amazing than anything she ever remembered experiencing.

His hands dropped lower, pressing against her mound, pulling her back against his hard cock a moment before he fumbled with the button on her jeans. He slid his fingers inside the material, pushing the denim down to her knees. She tried to step out of the tangled clothing, but she stopped when Daegan growled low in his throat.

“Lean forward,” he said as he pushed her down with a hand between her shoulder blades. She complied, trusting them to keep her safe. With her legs tangled in her jeans, she was off-balance, but Daegan’s strong hands gripped her hips, his fingers caressing her skin as Isaac supported her shoulders.

Isaac already had his jeans undone, his hard cock close to her face. She swiped her tongue over the slightly rough skin, smiling when he groaned and told her to do it again. She could feel her juices pulsing from her pussy as Daegan lowered her underwear and slid his fingers over her slippery flesh.

She tried to lower onto his fingers, desperate to be filled, her need for all three men somehow spiraling out of control. She tried to lift her head to see where Xavier was, but Isaac tangled his fingers in her hair and pushed her down onto his cock. She opened her mouth, suctioning her lips around his hard length, sucking hard against the bulbous head when he wouldn’t let her take him deeper.

Rough fingers thrust into her pussy, stretching her, spreading her juices, making her desperate for their possession.

“Please,” she whimpered inside her head, closing her eyes on the silent plea.

A warm hand touched the side of her face.

“Soon, sugar,” Xavier said quietly. Had he heard her thoughts? Or maybe he’d just read her body language. Hell, she must make a strange sight. Head down, ass up, about to be fucked by two brothers while their older brother watched. Liquid heat sizzled through every nerve ending as Xavier caressed her shoulders and spine and confirmed he’d heard every word. “You look incredible, sugar. Relax and let Isaac and Daegan show you how amazing sex as a werewolf can be.”

Werewolf? Oh, yeah, she’d forgotten about that part.

Isaac pushed her head lower, his cock thrusting to the back of her throat, holding her down, holding her trapped. She began to wriggle as fear tried to take over.

“Shhh, sweetheart,” Isaac whispered reassuringly into her mind. “We won’t hurt you. Now that you’re a werewolf, your body is a lot stronger than you realize.” She sucked in a deep breath through her nose, trying to calm herself, trying to concentrate on the incredible feelings their touches invoked. “Good girl. Now swallow.”

She did, the awkward motion suddenly more appealing when Isaac groaned in appreciation. She did it again, her whole focus on Isaac’s pleasure. He caressed her hair as he slowly began to fuck her face.

“That’s it, sweetheart,” he groaned out loud as he sped up the pace. He was thrusting into her mouth harder than she thought possible, the speed almost unimaginable to her recently human mind. But then Daegan grabbed her hips harder, thrust his cock to the hilt inside her pussy. She practically squealed at the forceful entry, but the word condom screamed through her mind before she could make the sound.

“It’s okay, sugar,” Xavier said as his brothers pounded into her harder and faster. “You’re a werewolf. We don’t have the type of sexually transmitted diseases humans need to fear.”

Only half aware of his words, Andrea sucked harder against Isaac’s cock as he fucked her face, his forceful movements in counterpoint to his brother’s thrusts. She relaxed into their care, her own arousal climbing higher as they took her hard and fast. But then Daegan wrapped his arm under her, his hand finding her clit, the frantic movements of his fingers over her swollen nub matching the desperate beat of her heart.





Aiden wandered around the area surreptitiously sniffing the air, trying to find a scent trail that would lead them to the wolf, but after several minutes of trying it was pretty clear that their quarry was gone.

“What now?” Zeb asked quietly.

“No clue,” he answered honestly. “All the accounts we read suggested that the wolf has been hanging around this area for quite some time now. Maybe it’s got a reason for staying.”

Zeb nodded. “I suppose it’s as solid a theory as any. If we take a room in town we might get lucky.”

“Unlikely,” Aiden said, turning his gaze on the pretty deputy sheriff.

“Not what I meant,” Zeb said irritably. “But you know she’s my mate, right?”

“Your mate?” Aiden asked as shock belted through him. “She’s mine, also.”

“Great. What are the chances of finding a woman who belongs to us both, but is already involved with someone else?” Zeb said with a nod toward Cal Sanders.

“I noticed.” It had taken all of Aiden’s control to be civil to the man currently speaking to his mate. As soon as they’d stepped from the vehicle, Aiden had been able to identify the man by his scent. He was the one sleeping with Louise.

But humans didn’t feel the same mating instinct that Aiden and Zeb felt, so it wasn’t really fair to be upset. She was a beautiful woman and, despite the ornery attitude she’d showed them so far, deserved to be happy.

“So we take a room in town, hope the wolf comes back quickly, and then get the hell out of here.”

Aiden nodded in agreement. He’d often heard stories of failed matings. He’d just never thought his would be one of them.




Louise tried to stifle her moan. A part of her realized that she was dreaming, but it was the same part that never wanted to wake up, so it didn’t really count. She was in Cal’s arms again, and it was exactly where she wanted to stay.

He kissed her with breathtaking, soul-stealing passion, and she whimpered as that clever and oh-so-familiar tongue explored the dark recess of her mouth. Like they do in dreams, her clothes magically disappeared, and a warm comfortable bed materialized underneath them. Cal groaned, rubbing his hand over her face and neck, and then moved lower to cup her breast. He teased the nipple with his thumb, smiling widely as he lifted away and gazed into her eyes.

“You’re going to love this,” he whispered a moment before warm hands pushed her thighs wide. Cal lay beside her, his hard cock trapped against her hip, his hand caressing over her breasts and stomach, as he pressed soft kisses to her collarbone and throat.

She gasped as the head of a hard cock rubbed against her wide-open pussy. Her gaze flew to Cal’s, but he smiled in reassurance as the thick cock pushed slow inch by excruciatingly slow inch into her pussy. She moaned at the incredible sensation, damn near giddy with relief when Aiden leaned over and kissed her lips. Cal ran a callused hand over her stomach, his fingers dipping to her clit as Aiden lifted her hips, sat back on his heels, and drove into her harder.

“Hello, baby girl,” Zeb whispered a moment before he pressed a kiss to her lips, his tongue probing the dark recess as he ran a hand down the side of her abdomen, over her thigh, and grabbed her knee. He pulled her leg higher, opening her wider for Aiden’s fucking. Aiden sped his pace, his forceful entry making her gasp in delight. She could feel her orgasm spinning wildly closer, Cal’s clever fingers dancing over her swollen clit as Zeb leaned down to suck a hard nipple into his mouth.

Over and over, the three of them tormented her, holding her orgasm just out of reach, slowing down so many times she thought she’d go mad with the need. She growled, wrapping her arms around Cal and Zeb, pulling them closer, winding her legs around Aiden’s hips, using the leverage to meet his violent thrusts. Every nerve ending tingled, electric currents streaking through her, her orgasm so close there was no turning back.

“Come for us, babe,” Cal said.

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