[#412 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, sex toys]

Jenna is a soldier. From an early age, she's been told to try harder, work longer, and be stronger, so she can't explain the emotion that draws her to the operating theater where her twin girls died during an emergency Caesarean. But an overheard conversation leads her to believe that her girls are actually alive. She knows she has to find them.

Zane and Rick are special agents for the government. They've been assigned to watch Jason's old apartment just in case Jenna returns. When Jenna actually turns up, she's suffering several bullet wounds. Desperately, they work to save her, unable to explain the instant emotional connection.

When she finally recovers and Zane and Rick are tasked to protect her and her girls, can they convince a woman who has never known love that they want more than just a little fun?

Note: Each book in the Altered Destinies series is a stand-alone and can be read out of sequence.


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author


Soldier (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Potential to be a very good book. Problem is that it hints at action other then relationship, but never goes into it.
I loved this book! Its a must read! I hope there is another.
Barefoot Okie
Professional Reviews

4 FALLEN ANGELS: "All her life, Jenna had been the professor's top soldier and followed his orders without question. Then by accident, Jenna learned that the professor had been lying to her all along. Not only had she been hunting and trying to seize her unknown siblings, but her twin daughters that had supposedly died at birth seven years ago, were very much alive. Well, no more! Jenna was determined to find her missing daughters and she knew the perfect person to ask for assistance - her estranged brother, Jason. Hopefully, he will forgive her for the trick she played on him while trying to recapture him for the professor. Zane and Rick couldn't believe that the Agency wanted them to watch Jason's old apartment just in case Jenna showed up once again. After endless months of being bored out of their minds on the ridiculous stakeout, Zane and Rick were shocked to see not only did Jenna arrive there; but also she was badly injured and asking for help. Even more surprising was their strong, instant response to protect her at all cost and more importantly, their shared desire to claim her as their woman - living collectively as a threesome. Ever since Jenna made her appalling cameo appearance in Stolen - book 4, I was on the fence whether I would like her or not. Conversely, in her featured storyline, Solider, Jenna had been a pawn in the evil's professor's game because she had no idea what the world was like outside of the professor's control. I truly felt remorseful for her and understood her reaction to being snatched outside of her comfort zone. And it didn't hurt matters that Zane and Rick were the prefect heroes to guide Jenna down the right path. The passion shared between the threesome was intensely passionate, wickedly naughty, extremely sensual and oh so right. Overall, I found Soldier to be an exciting story with the right amount of thrilling suspense and romantic mixture. Altered Destinies series admirers and soon-to-be fans are in for a real treat. I sincerely hope that Solider is not the last of Abby Blake's Altered Destinies series. I have very much enjoyed each standalone installment." -- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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4 STARS: "SOLDIER is an awesome new book in the Altered Destinies Series. The great chemistry between the characters, amazing plot, and sizzling sex scenes made it another hit for me! Jenna is one sibling of the "lost children"--those siblings with extrasensory powers that we've gotten to know over the course of the Altered Destinies series--who actually is the on the side of the evil professor guy. She's never questioned him, until the day she found out that he stole her twin girls from her seven years ago. Rick and Zane have been waiting to catch Jenna for months. They think that the chances of finding her in front of her brother Jason's old house is a long shot. So, imagine their surprise when she not only shows up there, but she's so badly injured she's going to die. The two men quickly save her life and don't know why she immediately means so much to them. Just as the three of them are ready to make their relationship permanent, the unthinkable happens, and Rick and Zane have to fight to get the love of their life back. I was waiting for this book because Jenna was so darn dastardly when she made her last appearance. I really wanted to get more of her story. She really had no clue what the world was like. She only knew what the evil professor guy told her, and she was at such a disadvantage. It made me like her a lot more knowing a bit of what she had been through and what she had missed being under the professor's control. Zane and Rick were just yummy. They didn't understand the attraction to Jenna much more than she did, but they knew they wanted their girl and went for it. The intimacy and extreme sensuality between the three of them was off the charts, but the best part was that Jenna never lost that snark! The plot mainly focused on Jenna, Rick and Zane, which was a nice treat. I really felt that they got a chance to develop their relationship nicely. We also got a look at Jenna's daughters who seem to have powers just like the rest of the family. SOLDIER is the fifth book in the Altered Destinies and continues the amazing plot lines, immense sensuality and great characters. I am really hoping that this isn't the end of the series. The story line was left open, but more than anything, I've had such a blast reading this series that I don't want it to end." -- Rho, The Romance Reviews

"Jenna is a solider for the Professor and has always followed orders, even when against people she later learned might have been siblings – or so they say. But today that is over, Jenna just discovered she has been lied to her entire life. Those people were her siblings and worst of all, the Professor lied to her about the death of her twin girls at birth. They are alive and being used as lab rats. No more, Jenna is going to get them and she knows just who to ask for help – her brother, if he will believe her this time. Zane and Rick wonder if they have been given a lame assignment. After all, does the Agency really believe that Jenna will show up at her brother's old apartment after what happened? But unbelievably that is exactly what happened – Jenna arrives, hurt and asking for help. Zane and Rick are surprised by the feelings they have for Jenna – shared feelings. Neither of them has ever experienced anything like this and they aren't really sure they can share. Jenna is desperate and will ask anyone for help in finding her twin girls. Learning that Zane and Rick work for the same Agency that helped her siblings gives them the inside track on her trusting them. When Jenna learns that her girls are safe and who has them, it's now time to meet them and to make sure they are forever safe from the Professor. As Jenna, Zane, and Rick discover the passion between them, they must also learn if they can live as a threesome. This entire personal discovery time is overshadowed with whether or not the Agency can finally bring down the Professor and keep everyone safe. When the smoke clears, will the future be clear for Jenna, Rick, and Zane, or has the Professor taken one last victim for his horrifying project? When a madman has ordered your life for so long, can the soldier find a place for the love of two great men? Jenna learns the answer to this in Soldier. I will say that I was unsure if I could like Jenna after her last appearance but I did come to like her as I discovered her story, and how fast she turned the corner for her children. Rick and Zane made me wonder if they could find a way to share and enjoy the woman they loved together. I quickly saw they were willing to do anything for Jenna. Seeing how all the siblings tried to not only come together, but open up a loving place for Jenna after all that had happened made me smile. I have to admit to saying an out loud “Yeah!” when I saw what was going on with the Professor while at the same time worrying about Jenna, Zane, and Rick. But of course, a way to the future was found in time, and I love that about romances. Soldier is quite a mixture of suspense, passion, and discovery for all the characters involved. A great conclusion for what appears to be the last book of this series. I can't wait to now re-read all the sibling's books in order one after the other." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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As they approached the corner that would take them to Jason’s former apartment, Rick stopped when they both heard a low moan. Zane couldn’t sense anyone, but there was definitely someone there.

Rick stole a glance around the corner and then moved quickly. Zane followed close behind as Rick aimed his gun at the person slouched against the doorway. Another low moan of pain filled the hallway.

The woman struggled to lift her head, her matted hair covering her face as she cried in agony. “Jase, I need your help.”

She seemed to lose consciousness before she managed to see either of them.

“Shit, that’s Jenna,” Rick said as he held his gun pointed at the still form and grabbed his cell phone from his pocket. Zane resisted the urge to step forward and assess her injuries. Jenna had pulled this stunt before, and the outcome could’ve been a lot worse if Jason had trusted the injuries he’d seen.

“Caleb,” Rick said into the phone. “Jenna finally turned up, but by the looks of her, she needs an ambulance.”

Zane only half-listened to the conversation, his own empathic skills straining to determine any information from the woman in front of them. To the naked eye, she certainly seemed severely injured, but if Zane had learned one thing from his years working for The Agency, things were rarely what they seemed.

As Rick ended the phone call, he nodded his agreement to Zane and then stood back so that he could get a good aim at Jenna without needing to shoot through his partner. Zane moved cautiously toward her prone form, but lost all sense of reality when he saw the bullet wounds. Jenna was literally soaked in her own blood. A quick look suggested that she had been shot several times in the back and shoulder, the type of injuries one would get when running away from someone with a gun. Or maybe several someones.

Rick had dialed the phone again even before Zane had thought the words.

“Caleb, send Jason.” He nodded in agitation. “I realize the risk, but without him Jenna is not going to make it. Send him now.”




“I’m going to do this my way, princess. Link your hands,” he said as he grabbed her wrists and pushed them against her lower back. “Now, keep them there.”

She nodded warily and cast a glance around the room. Rick lounged against the doorframe as he watched Zane slowly reveal her creamy skin. Zane pressed a kiss to her soft flesh and unhurriedly undid one button at a time. As he pushed the material apart, he wrapped an arm around her middle, pulled her closer and tilted her breasts toward his mouth. The nipple stood taut against the lace fabric of her bra.

Rick adjusted his cock, the hard rod pressing insistently against the denim of his jeans as he tried to slow his breathing. He’d never thought of himself as a voyeur, but his excitement ramped higher when Zane closed his teeth around her straining nipple and bit down hard. Jenna yelped and tried to move her hands, but Zane held them securely in his.

Desire filled the room as Rick felt her pleasure swell through her. Her knees seemed wobbly, and a look from Zane had him stepping up behind her to hold her steady. Rick quickly removed her shirt and bra and then held her close as Zane licked and suckled her breasts.

She tilted her head back, and Rick couldn’t resist the urge to capture her lips with his own. He feasted on her mouth as Zane lowered to his knees and drove her crazy with teeth and tongue. The rasp of a zipper sounded loud in the quiet room, their heavy breathing the only other noise. Rick’s blood pressure raised another notch as he felt Zane dragging her jeans and panties down her legs. He lifted her feet one at a time, removed the material, and threw it carelessly across the room.

Rick dropped his hands to her hips when he realized that Zane had pressed his mouth to her abdomen and worked his way lower. He caressed the soft skin as Zane pushed her legs wider, and Rick broke the kiss and glanced over her shoulder. Her nipples stood red and proud, her breasts swollen and lush from Zane’s attention.

Zane pushed them both toward the bed and sent Rick telepathic instructions of what he wanted him to do. Smiling, he did as Zane asked, hoping that he wouldn’t end up with a permanent zipper mark against his aching cock.


* * * *


 Jenna couldn’t really believe this was happening. She’d planned on fucking both of them, but not like this. Never like this. Sex was supposed to be a release of tension. Just two bodies scratching a mutual itch, but this was something more, far more.

Rick held her close as Zane worshipped her body. Her nipples ached to be touched, her legs felt like jelly, and Zane was about to do something she’d never imagined before. Rick moved backward, carefully supporting her as her legs wobbled. Slowly, he lowered to the edge of the bed, lifted her onto his lap and arranged her so that her most intimate parts were exposed for Zane’s eyes.

Zane leaned forward and kissed her slowly, sensuously. Her heart rate increased as she felt his hands smooth along the side of her thighs, pushing her legs wider apart. The cool air hit her already moist labia, and she gasped as she felt another pulse of moisture drip from her. Zane’s nostrils flared as he smelled her arousal, and she lowered her eyes in embarrassment.

A gentle hand lifted her chin until she was looking him directly in the eye. “Never hide from us, princess. We want to see and feel and taste every moment with you.”

Wide-eyed, she nodded. How could he make her feel so cherished, so special, when she sat in another man’s lap with her legs spread like some sort of sinful offering? Zane kissed her again and then lowered his head to her thighs. He licked a path up to her clit, flicking the swollen nub with the tip before traveling back down and pressing his tongue inside her.

Rick moved his hands higher, cupping her breasts, squeezing the sensitive flesh as she groaned with the twin sensations. Zane pushed her thighs open even wider as his thumbs caressed her labia and held her open so he could lick her like ice cream.

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