The Tattoo of the Elf (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,629
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Contemporary Paranormal Fantasy Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, mermen, elfs, HEA]

Jefferson Workman, an elf, is instantly attracted to the merman he bumps into outside the public library, but he has no idea how to get in touch. He doesn't even know the merman's name. He won't ever forget those enticing icy blue eyes, though. He's saved from his constant pining when he's tasked to deal with an evil sorcerer who attacks supernatural beings at random.

Baltic Pelagius, a merman, is astounded by his instant attraction to the elf he briefly talks to because he hasn't felt something like that for a century. However, he dares not hope for a happy ending. He's an abomination due to the siren magic within him which urges him to lure men and women to their deaths. He also has to contend with a sorcerer who uses dark magic on him. Then, he crosses path once again with the elf. 
Can Jefferson and Baltic work through their issues together while fighting against the evil sorcerer?
The Tattoo of the Elf (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Tattoo of the Elf (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,629
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Baltic groaned softly as he opened his eyes and adjusted his sight to the lighting. He could tell that it was nighttime, but there were strange, bouncing lights everywhere. He blinked a few more times before he realized that those weird lights were actually fireflies. He glanced around him and noticed the massive trees surrounding him. All of a sudden, Jefferson’s grinning face appeared above him. He stared at Jefferson’s ears. They were elongated. Jefferson was in his original form as an elf.


“Hey, sweetheart. Welcome back to the land of the living.”

He rolled his eyes, but the movement caused the back of his head to pound a little like a mini migraine. “Where…where are we? Why are you in your original form? Are we near a waterfall or something? I can hear the sound loud and clear.”

Jefferson gave him a hand and pulled him up to his feet gently. He took in the trees, flowers, and the clear evening sky. There were millions of stars shining brightly. He gaped in amazement. Then, he noticed the giant body of water, along with a humongous waterfall on the other end. He relaxed instinctively when Jefferson wrapped both arms around his chest.

“I’ve reverted back to being an elf because we’re within the realm of the land of the elves. Welcome to Ofezra, sweetheart.”

His heart thudded in surprise and he turned his head a little to face Jefferson. “This is the land of the elves?”

Jefferson nodded. “One of them. It also happens to be where I was born thousands of years ago. We’re in the forest at the edge of the city where my people reside in. What do you think?”

“It’s…it’s incredible. Some of the insects, animals, flowers, and other plants are unfamiliar to me.”

“They don’t exist in the mortal world. I’m sure there are plenty of things in the ocean I’ve never seen either.”

“True. Why this place?”

“Because I want to give you a glimpse of where I lived before I moved into the mortal realm. Besides, Ofezra is full of pure, natural magic everywhere. Your siren magic can’t cross over in its awakened state, so it has to remain dormant within you as long as you’re here.”

“That’s…that’s amazing.”

The two of them remained like that for a moment longer. Baltic didn’t mind it at all, though. He was more than willing to stay in Jefferson’s embrace for eternity.

“Are you hungry?”

His stomach grumbled in that instant. He gave Jefferson a shy smile before responding. “Starving.”

“Great. I’ve requested for some of my old friends here in Ofezra to prepare some food and drinks for us. Have you ever tasted the wine made by elves before?” Baltic shook his head, and Jefferson grinned widely. “You’re in for a treat then. Come with me.”

He followed Jefferson toward the blanket that was spread on the ground. There were several kinds of breads, grapes, cheeses, meat, sauces, and a bowl of something he was unable to identify, along with the utensils and a few knives. There were also two bottles of wine next to the picnic basket and the two wine glasses. He waited in anticipation as Jefferson picked up the long breads, cheeses, meat, and sauces before combining them all to make sandwiches. Then, Jefferson cut a part of the sandwiches before passing it over to him. His mouth began to fill up with saliva as he smelled the delicious scent coming from the sandwich in his hand. It tasted even better when he bit down on a small portion of it.



He bobbed his head up and down in his excitement. “Out of this world. What are the breads made of?”

“Same ingredients as the ones in the mortal world, but the magic in this land amplifies everything. How do you like the beef?”

“Tender and exquisite. I find it hard to believe it’s beef.”

Jefferson snickered. “It is. The cows here feed on grasses, which grow through the magic in the land. I’m not kidding when I told you magic is everywhere.”

Baltic plucked one of the grapes before popping it into his mouth and moaning in appreciation. “Damn. I wish I could bring these grapes back to my brothers. In fact, I want to take everything here back to Cas and Dray.”

Jefferson laughed. “We can pack some of them. Or we can always bring your brothers here someday, along with Gav and Ed.”

“Okay.” Then, Jefferson poured some wine from the first bottle. Baltic knew it would taste amazing because the scent alone was intoxicating. He was right. “This…this is like nothing I’ve ever had. Not even the wine in the ocean is as wonderful as this.”

“It’s a mixture of dew collected from the leaves early in the morning before the sun rises, honey from the magical bees, and some herbs that only exist here in Ofezra. Among other ingredients, of course.”

Baltic pointed at the other wine bottle. He was curious now. “What about the second bottle?”

“Different ingredients. The sweetness of the wine is more subtle. We can have that with the dessert later.”

“What dessert?”

Jefferson indicated the bowl of food Baltic was unable to identify earlier. “That’s ice cream.”




Jefferson did his best not to squirm as he tried to adjust the erection inside his pants as discreetly as he could. He wanted Baltic really badly. He had been fantasizing about the merman for a while now. He had been imagining what it would feel like to bury his dick deep inside Baltic’s sexy ass. It had been torturous for him to be unable to do that for real, but it was nothing compared to how he felt at the moment. He was lying on his bed inside his cottage in the land of the elves, staring up at the beautiful night sky through the dome-shaped glass roof with Baltic half lying on top of him. He ran his fingers through Baltic’s hair and sighed in contentment. The moment felt so right and incredible.

He inhaled deeply the salty seawater scent of the gorgeous merman as he shifted his body a little to get into a more comfortable position. Baltic whined softly against his chest before glancing toward him with a brilliant smile. He grinned in return. He was glad Baltic seemed to enjoy the quiet moment as much as he did. He certainly didn’t expect Baltic to reach down and grab his hard, throbbing cock. That was when he noticed the fear and hesitancy in Baltic’s eyes, along with the merman’s trembling hand stroking his hard cock through his pants. He wrapped his hand around Baltic’s wrist to stop the merman from continuing.

“Sweetheart, we really don’t have to do anything.”

Baltic bit his lower lip while appearing rather uncertain. “I…I’m sorry. I’ve never touched any…anyone else sexually other than myself. Is it that bad? You can teach me, right? I’ll do better. I promise.”

He tightened his other arm around Baltic and shook his head before reassuring the merman with his surprisingly raspy voice. “My dick is so fucking hard right now that it really hurts. Trust me when I tell you that you’re doing an excellent job at playing with it, but you’re terrified. Look at the tremor in your hand, sweetheart. You’re not ready for sex with me. I don’t mind. I can wait.”

“No!” Baltic exclaimed in a hurry, visibly getting rather agitated now. “I am. I want to do this with you.”

Jefferson stared into Baltic’s eyes. “Are you sure? I promise I’ll be okay if you want to mate some other time.”

Baltic didn’t utter a single word for a moment before finally speaking up. “I…I really like you, Jeff.”

Jeff chuckled a little. “I more than like you, Balt. I’m crazy about you.”

Baltic let out a soft laugh while nodding at the same time. “Me…me, too. I can’t stop thinking about you. I’ve never believed in love at first sight until you.”

“Same for me. So, where do we go from here?”

Baltic didn’t answer verbally. Jefferson observed in anticipation as the merman rose up and straddled his waist before beaming down at him. He never thought he would have any undiscovered kink after thousands of years of experimenting and exploring his options with multiple partners throughout his existence, but the disparity between his and Baltic’s size was turning him on big time. He was almost one foot taller and certainly much bulkier compared to Baltic. He groaned when he felt his dick straining even more and growing impossibly harder inside his pants. A tiny part of his upper brain wondered if his dick might end up exploding from the overflowing amount of blood rushing into it.

His cock pulsed when Baltic proceeded to take his shirt off, one button at a time. He watched with unrestrained eagerness as inch after inch of smooth, milky skin was exposed for his viewing pleasure. He had been sure Baltic couldn’t get any prettier than before, but he was delighted to be proven wrong. Baltic looked so much more delectable when his shirt was finally discarded onto the floor somewhere next to the bed. Jefferson gulped in excitement when Baltic got up on his feet and slowly stripped his pants off. Then, he whimpered when he realized Baltic wasn’t wearing anything under his pants. If he had any blood left anywhere else in his body aside from his throbbing dick, it would definitely dash toward his cock right at that very moment. Life was so fucking unfair. Even Baltic’s dick was beautiful. Jefferson salivated like a dog in heat at the sight of the merman’s pretty cock that was leaking plenty of precum.

“May I take your clothes off, Jeff?”

Jefferson bobbed his head up and down with a lot of enthusiasm. Truth be told, he would agree to anything Baltic wanted from him. He couldn’t think properly, especially since he had no doubt his dick was now in total control of all his senses. He moaned when Baltic succeeded in taking his shirt off for him. He could feel the wetness and stickiness of Baltic’s precum on his stomach. He clenched his abdominal muscles in a vain effort to impress the merman. He was proud of his muscular body. He hoped Baltic would like it just as much.

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