Sons of Justice 9: Fighting Chance (MFMMMM)

Sons of Justice 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,647
16 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M/M, HEA]
Merica isn't exactly looking for true love, but she finds it in five of the most intimidating, charismatic soldiers in the town of Repose. She tries to resist the attraction but it's too hard, and as the relationship develops so do her problems, and fears of danger, as well as their protectiveness and need to claim guardianship of her. She doesn't want them to out of obligation but out of desire to be her men forever.
Because of her fears, Merica holds back information that nearly gets her killed. She becomes the center of a dangerous under ground fighting match that puts her life at risk as well as her lovers.
All they can hope for is a fighting chance to survive and to be together once again.
Note: This book contains double and triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.


Sons of Justice 9: Fighting Chance (MFMMMM)
16 Ratings (4.6)

Sons of Justice 9: Fighting Chance (MFMMMM)

Sons of Justice 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 58,647
16 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Just finished reading Sons of Justice 9 and absolutely loved it. I especially loved when Hook and Merica had their heart to heart talk about their pasts and their fears. Eagerly anticipating Sons of Justice 10.
Good. A typical Dixie book. I especially liked Hook, as he was the most intriguing and fleshed out of the heroes. I liked Merica but found her just a little bland.




They got into her Charger, and Merica checked her hair and lipstick and headed down the road. She was dressed nicely with a pair of hip-hugger blue jeans, ankle boots, and a waist-length green long-sleeve top that accentuated her breasts. Kerry wore a skirt, heeled boots, and a waist-length sweater in blue that almost matched her eyes exactly. Her men were always running their hands along Kerry’s ass possessively, and Merica couldn’t help but smile. She was a bit envious of the love a lot of her friends had landed in ménage relationships. Merica didn’t think she would ever meet a man she would fall in love with. Maybe there would always be that fear that a man could break her heart, use her, cheat on her, or, worse, abuse her. She didn’t date much at all, but she flirted, maybe even when it wasn’t a good idea.

Rossi, that soldier friend of Farrow, Cole, J.T., and Luke’s popped into her head. Sure wasn’t too smart flirting with a man like him or his buddies Greco, Ricci, and Romano. She felt her cheeks heat up and her belly get all funny inside. She was such an idiot. Plus, Romano, the one who seemed oldest of the four and in charge, he had a way about him that put her on edge. Made her feel like he didn’t trust a soul, was maybe even paranoid. She hadn’t asked any questions about them, and she wanted to, and that was a first for her.

When she’d stood at the kitchen counter in Farrow’s home when visiting Brazille, the last thing she expected was for Rossi to press up against her, place a hand on her hip, and ease his palm along her waist. She’d felt his breath against her neck and shoulder, and her pussy had spasmed. Never had she ever had such a reaction to a man. Well, to men. Because, not soon after that, Ricci and Greco made a similar move, and at one point, while she stood by the back of the couch looking at the television screen and laughing at something Luke said, Greco eased by her and she felt his hand slide along her hip, down her thighs, and then over her ass as he stood next to her.

She completely tightened up. Froze in place like a deer caught in headlights. He was so big, muscular and sexy, plus he smelled really good. It was a combination of a pleasant cologne and cigar smoke. She had noticed the men walked outside to smoke some cigars and bullshit while they drank. Seeing men with such charismatic personalities engage in that activity for some reason aroused her. She found it sexy and macho. But she also felt completely out of their league. Not only because of their killer military capabilities but because of their personalities and ages. They were all late thirties, had seen and experienced the world, the violence and craziness of other cultures and places across the globe. She’d never left Texas. Not even for school. She just went far enough to dorm away to stay clear of her mom’s bad habits and slutty lifestyle. She worked hard to pay her own bills, budgeted things out, and was careful in every decision she made, including who she slept with.

She wasn’t good at that either. Only two lovers and she held back with each of them. She’d been scared out of her mind the first time she had sex in college, but at least she’d dated Billy for months, so it wasn’t some one-night stand and regret. Plus he’d been out of college already, too. Then there was Ross. Oh boy, Ross was hot, and he’d known it, but his charms and commitment to her were real for about two months, but once again, her inability to let down her guard fully had gotten in the way of it going any further, and she was fine with that. Her hardened heart kept her focused and on track.


Besides, it wasn’t like she wanted anyone to meet her mother or to see what type of woman she was. Any man who saw that might think that Merica would turn out the same way. She was never going to be like her mom. Merica decided that before she was old enough to even realize the struggles she would need to overcome. Everything was an obstacle in life. There always seemed to be a feeling like there were burdens, situations that reminded her of her shitty life, of working to achieve everything she had and would ever have, and certain things scared her. Other things she thought of as challenges to her fears, and she was always looking for ways to improve herself and her abilities. Working a lot kind of put a damper on some of those plans, but she knew if she really wanted to do something or achieve something, she just needed to set her mind on it and she would do it. Eventually.




Hook rolled to his back, prepared to take her for the first time with Romano, but she had different plans as she lifted up and began to kiss his chest, suckle his nipple and tug as she lowered down, taking his cock into her mouth. He gripped her hair, and she started bobbing up and down.

“That is so hot.” Greco ran his palm over her ass.

Hook thrust his hips upward slowly, and she grabbed onto him and lowered her legs off the bed to stand as she gilding her palms up Hook’s thighs, spreading him wide as she sucked on his cock. Behind her, Romano fingered her cunt.

“You are so nice and wet for us. I’m going to fuck this pussy first, baby, and then this ass. Hook and I are going to make you come so hard, and to keep that sexy mouth busy, Rossi’s going to let you taste him,” Romano told her.

A moment later Hook felt her tighten up and then moan against his cock.

“Fuck, she is so tight. Goddamn, baby, this pussy is gripping me so hard. Holy God, baby. Rossi needs you.” He thrust into her several times and then pulled out of her cunt.

Rossi helped her climb back up Hook’s body when she released Hook’s cock. Rossi kissed her as Hook gripped his cock and watched her lower her pussy over it.

“Oh, baby. Yes, just like that so fucking tight. Shit,” Hook exclaimed, sliding his cock up into her cunt.

“Rossi,” she exclaimed as Rossi gripped her hair.

“Not too fast. I want to be in your pussy when I come. Understand me?” he asked.

“Yes. Oh!” she cried out.

“Her ass is so slick and tight. Good call on the lube, although I think feasting on our woman is going to be a pastime for all of us,” Romano said as he slid fingers in and out of her ass.

Hook felt the tightness in her cunt as he countered his thrust, and then she moaned. She took Rossi’s cock into her mouth, and he and Rossi began to move.

“Here I come. One happy family,” Romano said and eased his cock into her asshole until they all felt him exhale and then moan.

“Fuck. Holy Fuck,” he said, gripping her, closing his eyes as he rocked into her ass.

Hook couldn’t believe the sensations he felt. The connection, the bond, between all of them and Merica.

“That’s it, baby. Suck my cock and relax those muscles while Hook and Romano mark you their woman, too. Come on now, baby. Suck me, rock those hips, make us moan and beg for mercy,” Rossi teased.

“Holy fuck, too good. So tight. I’m there,” Romano said.

“Me, too. Holy fuck, hold tight,” Hook said, and they all started thrusting faster up and down, and she sucked and moaned louder, and Romano came in her ass, and then Hook followed.

“Let me go. I get her pussy next,” Rossi said.

“I get her ass then Greco,” Ricci stated.

Hook exhaled and then pulled Merica down to his chest and kissed her tenderly as Romano kissed her back and eased out of her ass.

Rossi was on his back, arms stretched toward them.

“Come on over here, baby. I won’t last long. You’re so fucking sexy. Every bit of you is gorgeous,” Rossi said, and Hook lifted her, up and Rossi pulled her into his arms and kissed her and hugged her tight, and then Ricci climbed in behind her.

“Got something thick and hard for this sexy, tight ass,” Ricci said.

“Oh Ricci, please. Please, I can’t take it. I feel so out of control,” she said, head tilted back.

“We’re here, Merica. We’ve got you,” Ricci, said and then she lifted up and slid down over Rossi’s cock and began to ride him. Behind her, Hook watched Ricci caress her ass and back, and then Greco handed him the lube.

“Lube that ass up good. Going last is going to be torture for me.” He climbed up onto the bed.

“Give Greco some attention while he waits his turn to fuck this ass, baby,” Romano ordered, and she eased up and lowered her mouth to Greco’s cock.

“Hot damn, woman, I refuse to come in this very talented, sexy mouth. Refuse.” He grunted and Hook laughed, but then Merica’s body jerked, and she moaned. One glance behind her and Hook saw Ricci’s cock slide into her asshole. He, Rossi, and Greco were taking her together.

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