Secret Heat (MF)

Men of Iron Horse 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,484
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, M/F, HEA]
The second bartender and free spirit Layton Goldman set eyes on Jaxson Winters, she’s enthralled.  After a few drinks and a friendly wager, she goes home with him—the perfect catch for a one night stand.
A former Marine, Jaxson Winters is new to Dallas and, post service, he landed a great job at Iron Horse Bar & Grill thanks to friends. To celebrate, he joins a few buddies’ at the bar. His gaze wanders to a strawberry blonde who joins him for drinks and a night of passion. The next day when Jaxson is introduced as Layton’s new boss, things get complicated fast.
Layton finds herself in dire straits and Jaxson steps up to render aid—his help, his bed, and his body. But when their affair is discovered, Layton ends her relationship with Jaxson in order to save their jobs, but fate may have other ideas.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Secret Heat (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Secret Heat (MF)

Men of Iron Horse 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,484
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Layton sucked in a deep breath, thinking about the storage closet, the parking lot, or even his place as a post drink destination. She’d love a night where nothing mattered but the heat between the sheets. Anything was better than going to her apartment. If she was lucky, he’d have more to offer than just eye candy.

She noted the type of beer he was drinking and ordered two of them, then headed in his direction. As she approached, his mouthwatering grin teased her in a wickedly delicious kind of way. He was even more scrumptious up close.

“Hi,” she said, handing him a beer. “I thought you might want another.”

“Thanks,” he replied, taking the offered drink. His deep voice rumbled over her, causing a shivering jolt to pulse through every inch of her body. “I was hoping you’d noticed how thirsty I was.”

Her heart skipped as she was caught up in the hypnotic pull of his gaze. The moon must be jealous of those silvery grey eyes. Her mouth dried. He was large, muscular, and broad-shouldered. The navy blue T-shirt he wore outlined the sinew of his chest and arms. A dusting of black hair covered his jaw and wrapped up to his ears. He wore his hair military style—high and tight. The sexiest peach fuzz she’d ever seen.

She quivered everywhere.

“I’m Layton,” she told him, trying her best not to reveal how affected she was by him.

I wonder if his mouth tastes as good as it looks.


He reached for her hand and held it longer than was necessary. She didn’t mind. His touch was warm, and his grip powerful, but gentle. Everything inside her vibrated with need.

They pulled back from their handshake and disappointment flooded her. Touching him, staring at him, brewed an attraction that bubbled up inside her like she’d never experienced before.

“Are you here with friends?”

“Yes, but they brought their husbands,” she replied, slanting a gaze back toward the table she’d come from where several of her Iron Horse friends were hanging out. “What about you. Are you here with friends?”

He quirked a grin. “Yes, but they brought their wives.”

She smiled. “Sounds like I just rescued you then.”

His eyes grew intense. “Yes, you did.”

The heat in her body radiated as thirst gripped her throat. She took a deep swallow of beer.

“Would you like to shoot darts or play pool?”

Layton arched a brow. “I fear you might be at a disadvantage. I’m a natural at both.”

All my long nights at Iron Horse gives me lots of practice.

He curled his lips into a lopsided grin. “I’m willing to take my chances.”

She sipped her beer. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Duly noted.” She eyed his tight, butt-molded blue jeans as he moved to an open pool table and racked the balls up. “Ladies first.”

He stepped back as she headed to the table to break. She arched her back, feeling his eyes on her as if they were his hands. She’d never felt so insatiable in her life.

The crack of the balls sounded and a solid blue slid into the corner pocket. She pursed her lips to keep from smiling. Then she lined up the shot, and again, she dropped a solid into the pocket. Within a few shoots she had most of the balls sunk. Sadly, she missed the last shot that would have her sinking the 8 ball for the win.

“Wow,” he started. “You’re good.”

She shrugged. “I tried to warn you.”

Her eyes were on him like glue. She found pleasure gazing at his hard ass, wanting to squeeze it as he bent over to take the shot. Before she could breathe again, he began sinking every striped ball on the table. Her mouth hung open and her eyes widened.

He paused before sinking the 8 ball, his eyes darting to her. “How about a wager?”

One that clearly has him winning.

“What kind of wager?”

He circled the table to stand in front of her, an inch of space separating them. She arched her chin upward to look at him. “If I sink the last ball, you go home with me tonight.”

His home. Not mine.

Her belly quivered with excitement and her body exploded with desires she hadn’t known existed. He was the vision from her dreams, daring and irresistible. “And if you don’t?”

He leaned closer, his lips only a breath from her ear. “You decide.” He nipped at the lobe of her ear and she melted against him. He held her tight. “But I think you already know what you want.”

She swallowed hard, losing herself in the heat from his body. What did she have to lose if she went home with him?

I’d get a place to stay away from my creepy roomie and have sex with a hot guy that will likely make me walk funny for a week, deal me in.


At the crack sound of the white ball hitting the 8 ball, it dropped into the pocket like a magnet was guiding it along the way. Her fate was set, as if she was always meant to go home with him. There was nothing stopping her, nothing preventing her from enjoying a night of desire with a man she was unmistakably attracted to.




He placed a dabble of syrup on his finger and smeared it on his lips. Then he lowered himself to kiss her. She moaned as she tasted him and the chocolate. “I see the attraction,” she told him, grinning. “Drizzle away.”

She fell back onto the bed and stretched her arms up over her head. Her full round breasts parted slightly—her nipples were hard and arousing. He dripped a few drops on each erect tip and licked and sucked them clean. She rolled her hips as he hungrily devoured her breasts. He drizzled a trail of chocolate from her ribs to her pussy, parting her legs enough to see her swollen clit. When the cool chocolate touched her center, she shivered and his cock went ramrod straight. Like a beast, he hovered over her, dragging his tongue over every inch of her chocolate covered torso and pelvis. When he reached her pussy, he placed his hands on her thighs and shoved them up, opening her wide. He lowered his face to her clit and licked the chocolate from her, dragging his tongue, and teasing over her wet folds. Then he placed a finger into her wet sheath and fucked her deep and slow, watching as she nibbled her lips with his drilling motion. While he plunged his fingers inside her, he clamped his mouth around her clit and suckled gently, stopping only to flick his tongue feverishly, driving her closer to the brink. She grew slick and hot, her body quivering with each lick, each caress of his tongue. Then he smeared her slick juices over her anus and she didn’t object, only moaned. His cock grew harder at the idea of taking her this way. He’d never had the pleasure, but always fantasized about it. As willing and fearless as Layton was, would she allow him the chance to explore her this way?

She arched her head up to look down at him just as he glanced up at her. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

He hadn’t realized he changed what he was doing enough to alarm her. He hadn’t meant to, but thinking about fucking her ass had distracted him. “Nothing,” he said quickly, but she didn’t stop her intense glare from drilling into him. “I was thinking about your ass.”

She arched a brow. “What about it?”

“I—”he swallowed hard—“have you ever let a man fuck your ass?”

She shook her head. “No.” He sighed, swirling his finger around her clit and then shoving it back inside. “I’ve only done it with a dildo.”

His eyes widened. “You have?”

She nodded.

He reached down and stroked his cock. He was on the verge of exploding. “Would you let me?”

After a moment, she nodded. “You have to make me ready. We’ll need lubricant.”

He just happened to have a drawer full of lube. Jerking off had been his only form of release in a long damn time. He opened the drawer and pulled out two condoms and a purple bottle of lubricant.

“I think I can figure this out. Tell me if I do anything you don’t like.”

She nodded. “Okay.”

He resumed his position between her legs, sucking her clit and fucking her pussy with two fingers. Then he grabbed the bottle of lube and put some on his fingers, swirling the jelly over her anus. At first, he used his pinky finger to work into her anus. Once he was sure she was comfortable, he switched fingers, all the while never stopping his assault on her clit. She squirmed delightfully against his mouth and he could taste how close she was to coming.

When he slipped his finger deep inside her anus while devouring her pussy, she gripped the back of his head. She was overly responsive, craving everything he was doing to her. His chest swelled with satisfaction. Even after tonight, he would never stop craving the flavor of her body. She was a gem, and he planned to cherish her for as long as he could.

A second finger inside her ass and she hissed out a breath and then surged right over the edge, her body quivering as she exploded against his mouth. He licked and sucked her until she begged him to stop. Then he placed a well-lubricated condom over his cock and she rocked her hips up as he came into position. Her fingers were on her pussy as he slowly worked his shaft inside her anus.

“Go slow,” she whispered.

As gently as he could, he entered her, sliding down as far as he was able. He groaned, craning his neck back as her tightness enveloped him.

After a moment, she said, “Okay.”

He rocked his hips, driving in and out of her ass. Her fingers swirled over her clit and dove inside her slick pussy. “Oh!” she cried. “Feels so good.”

He filled her, staring down to watch his cock enter her body, relishing the wicked movements of her hand on her pussy. He was on sensory overload and about to explode. Never had a woman pleased him so much, driving him to euphoria the way Layton was.

“Layton!” he cried. “I’m going to come so fucking hard.”

“Yes,” she hissed. “Me, too.”

Then her tempo picked up and her fingers feverishly circled her clit. She screamed out in release and Jaxson rocked his hips harder and faster, joining her in oblivion.

Spent, he held himself over top of her, his cock slipping from her body. He shook, his body overcome with heightened sensitivity. He met her gaze and smiled, then lowered himself to sample her mouth once again. Her cheeks were rose colored and her eyes heavy with exhaustion. She looked gorgeous.

“Shower?” he asked, moving from the bed and offering her his hand.

Rising up, she replied, “Sounds perfect.”

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