[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/F/M, HEA]
Millionaire undercover agents Roger Masterson and Travis Savage are shape-shifters who work for a secret organization pledged to protect those threatened by evil. Their new assignment in Texas is to catch and arrest the evil shape-shifter who has plagued the towns of Heat Springs and Wolf's Crossing. But their mission becomes dangerous to them and their fellow agent Jen McClain when their hunt heats up.
Jen joined the secret agency while looking for something that would help her forget a college romance that fell apart when her boyfriend left her for a rich woman. An old friend of Roger and Travis, she was put with them by the secret agency to work on cases, some of which have been gut-wrenching.
Although they support each other through their friendship, which has grown to include hot sex-play, Jen is afraid of their relationship becoming more serious. But when they're threatened with deadly harm, Jen realizes how important Roger and Travis are to her.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance


Alpha Defenders: Fury (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Headquarters wants us to protect Jeff and Ry, no matter what.” Roger Masterson leaned against the doorway to the spacious bedroom and gazed at Jennifer McClain and Travis Savage, his fellow agents and good friends. Trav lounged on the bed watching Jen while she stood in front of the dresser looking in the mirror as she finished brushing her long silky hair. Her straight, red-streaked brunette strands glistened in the light. “Someone, probably that demon, Wra, has caused accidents to happen too many times in that big cave in the red rock area.”

Trav glanced from Roger to Jen, doubt in his expression. “When Tom fell and injured himself, it could have been an accident. But the dangerous fall Jeff had in the same area of the cave didn’t appear accidental. Someone had obviously rearranged the path to cause his fall.”

Jen met their determined gazes with her angry-looking blue eyes. “Wra and his gang won’t have another opportunity to hurt any of our agents. We’ll see to that.” Not even her obvious anger at the thought of their agents being hurt by Wra could hide the low, husky sound of her voice.

She flipped her hair over her shoulder, finished with smoothing the brush through that exotic mane, which reached almost to her waist in back. Roger loved the caress of her hair gliding over any part of his body when they enjoyed sex together. Just thinking about it aroused him, but he’d have to wait until later.

With breakfast finished and the dishes in the dishwasher, they were ready to begin their day. They’d had a good night’s sleep in the comfortable, furnished home they were renting from Mike Adams’ family. The small town of Wolf’s Crossing had been quiet last night with most of the late-night revelers at the local restaurant in town on their way home soon after midnight.

The local bar was a different story. When they’d stopped there for a late-night drink to check out the customers, they’d discovered the place still hopping. They’d recognized quite a few couples who had been at the masquerade party Jeff Yates and Ry Garret had held at their home a while back, as suggested by C.P.O., the Citizen Protection Organization. The wild bunch had been dirty dancing just like at the masquerade. The half-naked dancers seemed like a rough bunch of guys. They were probably gang members, dancing with women working as prostitutes, whom they must have found locally.

The masquerade party was a ploy Jeff and Ry had used before with the help of Roger, Trav, and Jen while searching out hoodlums wanted by C.P.O. They’d been successfully working together off and on since they’d met at the country club during the formation of C.P.O.

“From our previous experience, I figure those guys we saw dancing at the bar last night merit investigating. We need to find out what gang, or gangs, they belong to, and if they’re part of Wra’s pack of shape-shifters.” Roger paused and looked from Jen to Trav.

“If they are, they had nerve attending the masquerade party Jeff and Ry set up,” Trav said. “Even so, the masquerade had been planned to draw them out as part of C.P.O.’s investigation into gangs and shifters that aid Wra.”

Roger nodded in agreement. “Right. It was successful with word being spread by agents of C.P.O. through the local bars, hoping to entice some of those miscreants.”

Not only had the lure worked, but when Roger and Trav had danced sensually with Jen to blend in, and more importantly to reveal possible gang members, the three of them had gotten a good look at the guys’ faces. The rough-looking couples, who were obviously used to dancing in an even more sexually provocative manner, had taken the bait, their ill-mannered sides revealed. Following the suggestive dancing of Roger, Jen, and Trav, the rough-looking guys had taken their dancing to a more daring sexual level.

Since that night, they’d been on the lookout for that questionable pack of mongrels, hoping they would lead them to Wra’s hideout.

Roger believed the town of Wolf’s Crossing had become important as a new meeting place for underground shifter gangs.

Jen opened a drawer in the dresser in front of her and took out some silky-looking pieces of clothing. She untied the sash of her plush white bathrobe. The edges of it parted, offering Roger and Trav tantalizing glimpses of her full, luscious breasts, her trim waist and flat abdomen, and the soft folds between her shapely thighs. Just watching her dress made Roger hard and ready to play. He wished they could all three go back to bed for more sex.

Trav left the bed and strode across the room to lean against the opposite side of the bedroom doorway. Obviously aroused, he crossed one ankle in front of the other as he also watched Jen. She slipped into lacy panties, shrugged out of her bathrobe, and tossed it onto the plush armchair nearby. Smoothing her long, tapered fingers along the edges of her bra, she draped it over her breasts and fastened the closing. She opened another drawer and removed a cotton knit top that buttoned in front and a pair of jeans. After sliding on each piece of clothing, she fastened the openings.

Roger wished he could unfasten her clothing and taste her. “It feels like a long time has passed since we first started working with C.P.O.,” he commented.

“Yeah, it does,” Trav agreed.




Roger slipped his arm around Jen’s waist and pulled her back snuggly against his muscular torso. She could feel his hard, aroused cock against her butt cheeks. Trav moved close in front of her and slipped her swimsuit down her hips and off her, holding her legs with one arm as he did so. He tossed the scrap of fabric onto a nearby boulder and lifted her legs around his hips.

“Wrap your legs around me, babe,” Trav said, his voice a soft growl.

Jen did as he asked. She couldn’t help noticing the threesome on the bank as they moved and writhed together. She wondered if it was a ploy to draw out the evil gang leader or if it was real. Were they a serious threesome?

What if Jen’s reaction to Trav and Roger and their reaction to her was more than what the three of them claimed it was? She’d told them she never planned to become serious about anyone ever again after the last guy cheated on her. But the need she felt for Trav and Roger, and the pleasure she enjoyed with their touches, made her wonder if something more than mere pleasure had snuck into their lives.

That thought made her nervous. Trav slipped his thick, hard cock between her folds, surprising her. A deep gasp escaped her, and her hips jerked, her sensitive flesh sliding against him, tantalizing her. “Trav,” she moaned, enjoying the sensations but disappointed at herself for losing control of her reaction.

“What’s the matter, babe?” Trav asked her, his voice sounding soft and concerned.

“Nothing. I’m sorry,” she said quietly.

“No need to be sorry about anything, hon,” Roger said against her ear. “Would you rather not play now?”

“No, I want to. You and Trav have already made me hot and needy.” She reached up to caress Roger’s neck and smooth her fingers through his hair while she spread her thighs wide for Trav. With her other hand on his side, she urged Trav closer.

“We’ll take care of you, babe.” Trav’s voice was soft. He slid his cock from her swollen flesh.

Wanting his caresses, she gasped as he eased a thick finger inside her needy sheath. She held on to his side as he pushed that tantalizing finger deeper and stroked her inner walls. A low moan escaped her with the hot sensations. “Oh, my God. More, Trav, please.”

She panted, her hunger building. He delved deeper inside her channel and gently circled her clit with his thumb. The incredible ache increased, and a whimper escaped her. Her body tightened. Trav lowered his head, his warm breath teasing her breasts. He took one tit into his mouth and squeezed gently. The zing of intense pleasure raced through her body and slammed through her pussy. A moan of extreme ecstasy rose and escaped her as the hard contractions took control of her.

Gradually her body eased, and she relaxed, replete. “That was incredible, guys,” she said softly. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” Trav said, smiling at her.

“Mine as well,” Roger said and pressed his warm lips to the side of her face.

“You haven’t found your releases, though.” She looked from Trav to Roger. “My turn.” She grinned at them, a feeling of fun filling her.

“Not so fast.” Roger chuckled, grinning back at her. “Come here, babe.

Jen complied and went willingly as he pulled her close and turned her so her back was to the front of him. She realized she had a clear view of Valerie wrapped in the arms of Joe and Chris, where they reclined together naked on their towels on the other side of the pool. The three of them seemed perfectly at ease and relaxed, their legs entwined. Chris and Joe caressed the inside of Valerie’s thighs and higher, making her moan and spread her legs wide apart. Jen couldn’t help watching them as Chris covered her mouth with his while he caressed her breasts and squeezed her nipples. Joe shifted closer to her mound as he stretched out between her legs and lifted them with his arms so her knees were bent. He spread her thighs wider with his hands and parted her folds. Sunlight reflected off the moisture along her dark pink slit. Joe caressed the inside of her thighs with one hand, making her spread her legs even wider. He lowered his face to her pussy and made Valerie moan with the caresses of his tongue and lips.

Watching them made Jen’s belly and pussy ache with burning heat again.

Roger turned her to face him. “Wrap your legs around my hips, babe.” Roger’s voice sounded strained.

She knew Roger needed his release. She spread her knees apart and wrapped her legs around him.

Trav moved close behind her and gently parted her butt cheeks. He caressed her crack and her tight hole with his gentle fingers and positioned his thick, hard cock against her rim, tantalizing her. The slide of his huge cock along her sensitive flesh made her shiver. He moved slightly away from her, and she reached back and grabbed hold of his rock-hard cock. She heard his deep, groaning growl as she gripped him with her fingers wrapped securely beneath the bulbous head. As he circled her puckered rim with his fingers, pleasuring her, she jerked, and a whimper of need escaped her.

Roger held one of her knees against his hip and slipped his other hand between her thighs. He found her slick hole with his long, thick fingers. She inhaled sharply with the sweet, hot sensations as he slid one long finger deep inside her needy flesh. A moan escaped her as he caressed and taunted the inner walls of her passage. While Roger continued to stroke her, building her pleasure, Trav slowly slid a thick finger into her tight hole. He teased her gently just as Roger was doing to her pussy. Their fingers caressed the same inner wall, and she bucked and shivered, moaning with their incredible touches.

They never stopped as she lowered her free hand and grasped Roger’s hard cock at the base. She slid her fist up and down the length of him, panting with her own impending climax. She held on to Trav in the same way as hot pleasure increased inside her belly. She moaned with the sweet ache as intense contractions slammed through her. Her orgasm continued as she heard Roger and Trav shout with their climaxes. She felt their huge, hardened cocks pumping their ejaculations in the grip of her hands. Slowly, her body relaxed, and Roger and Trav growled softly as they did the same. She released their cocks, and Roger kissed her lips gently while Trav kissed the nape of her neck, making her shiver. They eased their thick fingers from her openings, causing little contractions to ripple through her pussy. She moaned again with the teasing pleasure.

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