Her Dom and His Slave (MMF)

The Tiger's Lair 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,256
9 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Contemporary Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F with M/M elements, HEA]
911 calltaker Savannah Morrison has a highly stressful job. The Tiger’s Lair is where she goes to unwind and de-stress. As years have gone by, she becomes disheartened as Tops are willing to play with her, but she can’t find anyone to have a relationship with.
Anthony Pierce, a high-profile attorney for a social media company, is transferred to Denver. His partner and slave Ethan Timmons isn’t looking forward to the move as he must leave the job he loves. Upon arriving in Denver, they notice  their new neighbor, Savannah, and Ethan doesn’t mind the move now.
As Savannah sits with her friends one evening at the Tiger’s Lair, she announces to them her new decision, which shocks them all. However, she doesn’t get far when she is discovered there by none other than her new neighbors.
Will she be able to walk away from her love for submission? Will Anthony and Ethan convince Savannah to give them a chance?
Note: This book contains double penetration. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Her Dom and His Slave (MMF)
9 Ratings (4.6)

Her Dom and His Slave (MMF)

The Tiger's Lair 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,256
9 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The luscious mane of mahogany-colored hair caught Anthony’s attention. A beautiful green corset was what the woman was wearing as she moved around people toward the woman’s locker room. She looked as if she was in a daze.

Several people spoke to her, especially Dommes and Doms. It was as if they were reaching out to her, probably wanting to see if she would play.

There was no collar around her neck to verify that she was claimed by anyone. She was being disrespectful to not only the people in the club, but to the club itself.

People seemed shocked at Savannah’s behavior, including the two men at his sides. Alex excused himself and made his way over to the lovely woman that Anthony had been dreaming of since they first saw her. He followed Alex.

“Savannah,” Alex said, a bit sternly. When she didn’t respond, Alex put his arm out to stop her.

Anthony’s protectiveness overtook him as he watched Alex touch his woman. “Savannah, kneel!” Anthony barked, surprising himself.

All sound and movement around them halted save Ethan, who moved toward Savannah. She had stopped and dropped to her knees. She was finding her submissive pose as she blindly went through the motions. Beside her, Ethan was finding his.

Knees spread shoulder width apart, her arms behind her back, and her head bowed, Savannah was beautiful as she showed her submissiveness. Ethan complemented her pose with his own.

The two of them side by side was what Anthony had been searching for to complete his family. That he had to come to Denver to find her was amazing. The move was meant to be.

Stepping over to where his slave and his submissive knelt, Anthony gazed down at Savannah. Her body was trembling.

He threaded his hand into her tresses at the crown of her head. Silky soft, just like he had imagined, caressed his fingers. A shudder ran through her.

“Savannah, look at me,” he demanded softly. When she didn’t respond right away, he said her name again.

A glance at Alex when she still hadn’t move told him nothing. Alex only shrugged.

Ethan reached his hand out, going against what he had been trained to do, and he took Savannah’s hand in his. Savannah glanced down between their two bodies and then up at Ethan.

Using a little bit of force, Anthony turned her head up so she could see him. What he saw hurt.

Tears filled her eyes as she still tried not to look at him. Her lips trembled as did the rest of her body. He couldn’t figure out why she would be afraid of him. They had parted decently the other night when they first met.

She had acted strangely, as if she knew that he was Dominant. That could be the reason why she kept diverting her eyes from Anthony. Ethan hadn’t been subjected to the indifference. She had been friendly with him, speaking directly to him and nearly ignoring Anthony sometimes.

“Mr. Pierce,” Alex said from behind Savannah. “I will take Savannah to the aftercare area over there,” he said with a nod of his chin toward a corner. “I think it’s best you talk in private. But understand, she is in my protection, not yours, until she decides what she wants to do.”

Anthony stood. “I understand. Come, Ethan.”

Ethan stood and followed Anthony. The aftercare area was in a corner. It consisted of a black leather sofa that sat kitty-corner in the area. Two large palms stood behind the couch while small tables sat on each end of it. Little baskets sat on the tables filled with white washcloths, tiny bottles of lotions and salves since this was an aftercare zone. Two round ottomans, one black, one white, sat before the couch to be used as additional seating, or to put items on. Next to the end tables were baskets that held soft microfleece blankets to wrap a sub in warmth as they came down off their subspace.

He didn’t look behind him to see if Alex and Savannah were following them, Anthony just had to hope they were. He had wanted the woman from the moment he had seen her. The sense that she was submissive had been strong, but since she seemed more interested in getting rid of them, he had backed off. He was going to give her time to get used to him, and then he would make his move. Now, it seemed that time was here.

Sitting on one of the ottomans, he looked at the couch where he hoped Savannah would be sitting in a few moments. Ethan knelt at Anthony’s feet, the two waiting.

Anthony needed something to ground him, so he placed his hand on Ethan’s head, sliding his fingers through the streaked golden mess.

Time seemed to go slowly as they waited. Activity had picked up again, the sounds of pain, ecstasy, and fun being made, all without them.

Green and brown flashed in his peripheral vision before Savannah passed him and sat on the couch. She drew her feet up and crossed her legs as if she were trying to pull herself together.




Blood coursed through her body as her heart sang its joy at being in Anthony’s arms. His lips were warm and demanding. Hard silk-covered steel pressed against her belly, proving his approval of her body.

He slid his hand from her head, using his fingers to comb through her tresses as he moved his hand down the front of her shoulder to her breast. Her nipple drew up tighter as the heel of his palm passed over the lace-covered nub. Cream leaked from her cunt.

She had been correct when she thought that his kisses would be arousing, but that his touch would command her body. Her soul was something she guarded. However, along with her heart, she already knew it belonged to Anthony and Ethan, even though the latter hadn’t touched her yet.

Anthony grazed his fingers across her taut nipple as his other hand snuck into the back of her panties. She had felt so exposed to him, she had forgotten she still had some barrier against him.

Clearing her throat, she asked, “May I remove the rest of my clothes, Sir?” She was surprised when she heard her gravelly voice. Was that really me? Do I really sound so sexy?

He shook his head as his fingers slipped into the crack between her ass cheeks. A chill ran through her at the touch. So far, no one had ever touched her there, but she wanted that to change.

“No.” His voice was guttural as his eyes stared into hers. “I will do that when I am ready.”

Savannah looked upon his face and saw patience warring with frustration. She figured his desire for her was great, but he was using his Dominant restraint to keep from rushing things.

A finger grazed her hidden hole, causing her to jump slightly, a small squeal escaping her. Nerves lit up under his finger, sparking the fire that was already being fanned by his touch.

Anthony’s thumb and forefinger of the hand at her breast closed over her extended nipple. He pinched the pebble, sending sparks to her lower belly. Trying hard to remain still, tears touched her eyes at the bite of pain he was producing.

Willing herself to be still, she wanted desperately to be good for Anthony. She didn’t want anything to cause him to stop, including herself.

“Your body is so responsive, love,” Anthony whispered. “You were made for me, Savannah Morrison. Has anyone taken you here before?” Indicating where with the push of his finger at her rosette, she moaned but shook her head.

The man before her smiled wickedly. “I will be taking you there, soon. But tonight, I am going to fill your cunt with my cock and fill you with my cum.”

His words shocked her. She had only seen him in business mode or Dom mode in the most gentlemanly sense. That he would speak so plainly and harsh surprised and excited her.

“I’d like that,” she responded, hoping he would take her words as a challenge.

In a flash, Anthony’s hands moved. The hand that had been at her breast stole down to the back of her panties. Both hands gathered up the lacy material and yanked it apart, tearing the garment.

A roguish smile graced his lips as he brought his hands to the front of her panties and proceeded to rip them apart there also. Now, they fell from between her legs and puddled at her feet.

Anthony stepped back, a move that Ethan must have foreseen since he had stepped back also. His eyes shifted down to her bare cunt and flared as did his nostrils. Quicker than she saw his hands move, he pulled the bra down her arms, baring her totally to him.

Willing herself to remain still was difficult. Her first instinct was to cover herself, but she knew he wouldn’t approve of that. She stood patiently, waiting for Anthony to say or do something.

“Boy, turn down the bed. I want to make love to our woman.”

Anthony’s order was choked out, but Ethan did his bidding. Savannah kept her eyes on Anthony’s, fighting the urge to look at Ethan in all his glory.

“Very good,” the man before her praised her.

A bit of flame fanned within her at his words. At that moment, she found she wanted to please Anthony in the worse way. She bowed her head submissively as heat kissed her cheeks.

“Crawl up to the head of the bed,” Anthony demanded. When she began to move to the side of the bed, he stopped her with his smooth baritone voice. “No. Start at the foot of the bed. I want to see that luscious ass move.”

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