Triplet Mates for Maia (MFMM)

The Cat Burglars 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,639
5 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, caning, flogging, paddling, sex toys, HEA]
Maia Crawford takes one look at the tall blond panther shape-shifter triplets and knows she wants them. But her older sister, Leah, has just married triplets, and lightning never strikes the same place twice unfortunately. Luckily Chase, Theron, and Draven Reilly are attracted to Maia as well.
The men are in a hurry to get to know Maia because a third set of triplets, the Reed brothers, seem interested in her as well, and no way are the Reillys going to let the Reeds get close to the woman they want.
Maia is sweet and willing and everything three panthers could ever want in a woman, but are things moving much too fast? Should they slow down and back away for a while? Or will the Reeds rush in and claim Maia? Every time they visit or so much as turn around, the Reeds are right there, waiting.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Triplet Mates for Maia (MFMM)
5 Ratings (4.6)

Triplet Mates for Maia (MFMM)

The Cat Burglars 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,639
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very good book
Great book and series




Theron hadn’t really thought much about finding a mate. Well, of course he wanted one. It was more than time they settled down and acted like adults instead of teenagers. Besides, a mate meant regular sex, and he was tired of jacking off alone in the shower night after night without even a mental image of Ms. Right to picture as he stroked himself to completion. And a cunt was ten times better than a hand.

But Leah’s sisters were something special. Sweet, and lush, and genuinely interested in the people around them. He didn’t mind which one his brothers wanted. But having spoken to Maia, and seen her up close, he was highly attracted to her. She was alive and alight with happiness. She wasn’t even the center of attention. It was her sister’s party not hers, but she seemed so happy to be there and share in it. That was the kind of woman he could love. One who cared about others and wasn’t always insisting on being the focus of everyone’s gaze.

Of course in bed she’d be the center of attention. All three of them would make sure she came and came again with the hardest of orgasms. But the rest of the time it would be good if she paid attention to them as well. Although her paying attention to his dick would be nice. Sucking it into that sweet, hot mouth. Putting those pretty pink lips over his shaft. Fuck yes. That would be a hell of a lot better than nice.

How could they get her alone though? There must be a couple of hundred people crammed into this room right now, and tonight the entire pack would be at the mating. Although tonight it’d be dark. Perhaps they could entice her away from the crowd. I wonder if she’d like to see the dungeon. That would get her alone. It’d tell us a lot about her, too. If she shudders at the thought that means she isn’t the one for us. And maybe she’ll ask questions and we can demonstrate a few pieces of equipment for her.

Theron’s dick was harder than a spike at the thought and he knew he’d better stop thinking along those lines or he’d risk half the world seeing his erection. He was wearing a fitted suit, not a baggy sweatshirt right now to hide his cock.

Apart from the fact that Saxon and Hardy said vows as well as Leah and Bram, there wasn’t really much difference between a wedding and a mating ceremony, Theron decided. The wedding party and most of the guests wore the same clothes they’d stayed in from earlier in the day, the atmosphere was serious during the ceremony and then full of joy afterward, and all three men got to kiss Leah. Theron stared at Maia, but she was smiling happily at her sister. Clearly being kissed by three men didn’t bother her.

Even the reverend was beaming at his daughter and that was quite amazing. Surely there must have been quite an adjustment to accepting three sons-in-law in a single marriage.

But it was all good news for him anyway. He spoke softly to Draven. “We need to get her alone. Any ideas?”

Draven shrugged. “We can hardly ask her out for coffee. There’s plenty of coffee here.”

Chase said, “We need to move fast or those Reeds will grab her.”

Theron looked for the Reed brothers but they weren’t anywhere near Maia at the moment. Still, they had been right there with her in the hall. “I thought of asking her if she wanted to see the dungeon.”

Chase nodded definitely. “Let’s do it.”

Draven grabbed their arms. “Are you insane? You’ll frighten her away. We’re supposed to be attracting her to us, not sending her screaming home to mommy.”

“Well you think of something then.” Theron glared at Draven. Let the man put his brains where his mouth was for once.

“We offer to show her around the pack headquarters. Not anywhere private, just the public rooms. Plus the dungeon if she wants to go there,” said Chase.

Theron’s dick stretched again. Fuck. He’d been half hard since he first looked at Maia and there was still no chance he’d be able to do more than give her a PG-rated kiss. Or maybe hold her hand. Well, that would have to be enough for now. As Chase said, they needed to stake their claim on her before the Reed brothers jumped in front of them again.

“Let’s go,” he said, pushing his way forward to the side of the room where Maia and her sister stood. He looked at Maia and then at Zoe. Leah was lovely and he liked her. Zoe was pretty as well. But it was Maia who seemed to hold a string in her hand that was tied to his cock. She smiled and his cock stood up. He could only hope the attraction was mutual.

Suddenly he was scared. What if she was just being polite? What if the thought of panther shape-shifters or three men scared her? What if she refused to come with them or get to know them because she didn’t want to be associated with panthers? What if she didn’t like him?




She held Theron’s cock at her pussy entry and practiced the style of teasing they’d been doing to her all night. She took him inside her the merest inch and then settled back on his hips, watching his face and waiting before gradually taking him a tiny bit deeper and another tiny bit. He was big—wider than the dildo. He touched her walls arousing her and making them stretch to grip him and hold him inside her. See? Even her inner flesh didn’t want to let these men go.

When her cunt was pressed hard against his pelvis and his cock was buried completely inside her she sighed with satisfaction. Damn, he felt good.

Chase’s big hand pressed on her lower back, urging her to lie down on Theron. She didn’t look behind her, but she knew it was Chase. His actions were always more definite, more demanding than the others.

When her body was flat on Theron’s, her breasts were so swollen and hot they were painful. She accepted it and lay still and felt them gradually conform to the demands of being pressed between two bodies. Without the zip ties forcing them to stand out, they squished flatter and her nipples dig into Theron’s chest. That felt good with the hot, tight, sore buds pressing into his skin. Actually right now, her nipples felt happier than they’d been for days. Only someone sucking and biting them would be better, she decided.

Chase held her hips tightly and pressed his cock at her back door. He was a lot bigger than the butt plug, and her body was already full with Theron’s thick cock in her cunt. Chase pushed firmly against the tight muscle ring around her rosette, and Maia heaved a sigh of relief as he entered her and forced his way deeper and deeper.

The pressure was surprising and she was very stretched, but it was damn erotic as well and Maia liked the feeling as Chase ground his balls against her hot, sore ass, his cock completely inside her now.

“Look at me. Open your mouth and take my cock,” said Draven, his hands in her hair, Maia turned her head, which was resting on Theron’s shoulder, and Draven’s cock was level with her ear. He wiggled until it was against her lips and then Chase and Theron moved her a few inches closer toward Draven. Maia wasn’t at all sure that this would work She was lying between two men, not in a position to tip her head back and suck Draven properly, but maybe, like her, he was so aroused it wouldn’t really matter.

She licked the head of Draven’s cock, wetting it thoroughly, and then sucked it into her mouth. As soon as she did, Theron and Chase pulled out of her cunt and her ass, leaving their cocks just at the doorways. She felt so empty, so bereft, that she opened her mouth wider and asked, “What?”

Instead of answering, Draven took the opportunity to push his cock deep into her mouth, as he gripped her hair with his fist, tipping her head back.

“Your neck is straight. Swallow me down, Maia. You can do it.”

Maia wanted to say she couldn’t. She didn’t really know how to, but his cockhead pressed against her throat and she gagged. He pressed harder and she gagged again, and Chase’s big hand pinched her nose.

Shocked, Maia opened her mouth wider around Draven’s cock and dragged air in through her mouth. Draven’s cock slid down the back of her throat, fully inside.

Chase let go of her nostrils and Maia breathed through her nose, stunned at how easy it was. Well, easy when she was guided by men who knew exactly what to do.

Chase and Theron slammed back inside her pussy and her ass and began a fast, steady, in-and-out pace, while Draven gripped her hair and slid his cock out so she could tease the cockhead with her tongue and teeth.

Theron and Chase were pumping into her harder now and cream poured from her cunt. The orgasm that had been begging to be released slammed through her and she sucked Draven deeper into her mouth so he could feel her body shaking as well.

All three of them paused as she went limp in release.

It was a good orgasm, one she’d have thought was excellent if she hadn’t been fucked by these men already and know how good a climax could be.

She was still shivering in release, when Draven pulled her hair and ordered, “Again.”

This time she was able to open her throat with only the most minor of gag reflexes, and swallowed him deep. She remembered one of the men had said something about want her to sing around their cock. She couldn’t remember which one had said it, but she managed to sing, “Because I’m happy”. And she was. Incredibly happy to be with these three men who aroused her so high her body longed for more every time she saw them, but who were also considerate and helpful outside the bedroom—or dungeon—as well.

Draven gripped her head with both hands, working his cock in and out of her mouth, sometimes pushing it right down her throat, and other times leaving just the head in her mouth, for her to lick and play with.

And all the time Chase and Theron pumped fast and hard in and out of her cunt and ass together. In moments a new orgasm was building inside her and her breasts throbbed with the need to be touched. Her chest was raised a bit by Draven holding her head, and her nipples no longer pressed into Theron. She tried to lift one hand to touch her nipples herself, but Theron brushed it away and began massaging her breasts, rolling and pinching her nipples and stroking the stretched hot flesh of her mounds. Damn, that felt good.

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