Kinko de Mayo (MF, MFM, MMF)

Suncoast Society 21

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,142
28 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, M/F/M, M/M/F, with M/M, voyeurism, public exhibition, hitachi, spanking, flogging, caning, cropping, paddling, sex toys, HEA]

The members of the Suncoast Society love throwing a good fetish party, even if it means making up their own kinky take on a vanilla tradition. Kinko de Mayo is no exception, including Max and Sean’s unique spin on the holiday.

But despite the festivities, some members are struggling with making major life decisions and have to lean on their friends for support. Because when all the fun is over and the spankings are done, love and friendship is what truly holds the group together through thick and thin.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

Kinko de Mayo (MF, MFM, MMF)
28 Ratings (4.7)

Kinko de Mayo (MF, MFM, MMF)

Suncoast Society 21

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,142
28 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great to catch up on all the people from prior books. Totally enjoyed the read.
Time for another party and of course everyone is having a ton of fun but they also seem to be doing some soul searching and coming to decisions about different matters. I always love these little peeks at old friends.
Katy Beth
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "KINKO DE MAYO is one fantastic way to celebrate this holiday. Ms. Dalton does it fabulously as the Suncoast Society gathers together for more kinky fun. To avoid too many spoilers, I'm going to just say that this is one of my favourite party gatherings because it highlighted more on Max and Sean from the Crafty Bastards. This duo is the most amusing for me because of how they incorporate their innovative ideas with their equipment. They are excellent at perverting ordinary items. In this one, their idea for a piñata is just too hilarious. Ms. Dalton does a stellar job of creating vivid imagery of a human piñata. So many things to do and say. None of it appropriate and yet my mind goes wild with the possibilities. To have friends like these for the holidays is truly special. This comaraderie never gets old and I love to vicariously experience it through these books. The many ideas which come from this book that I can share and tweak with my own kinky group of friends is priceless. To that, I tip my hat off to Ms. Dalton. Let's just say, the lifestylers I know are more into edgeplay and Sean would not just be a picture or decoration. He'd really be used as a piñata. With all of this kinky fun, Ms. Dalton still manages to add her unique sense of humour. I love it. This one really slayed me and makes this a must read book. I can see the Youtube video playing in my mind's eye as it's described in the book. One Sybian = $1500. One cat from the Human Society = $45 dollars. Cat meets Sybian… priceless. This is what makes Ms. Dalton so attractive. BDSM isn't all serious and formal. She shows the levity to it so that people outside of the lifestyle can relate in some ways. And for those who are in the lifestyles where goof ups happen, it is a way to connect. As long as Ms. Dalton keeps writing about these parties, I'm going to keep reading them as fast as I can get my little hands on them. This kinky erotica is highly recommended to those who love to laugh with lovers and good friends." -- BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

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Max looked pleased with himself. “Well?” he asked. “What do you think?”

Sean also stared at her with inquisitive eyes, even though he wasn’t able to talk, much less move, the way he was trussed.

Cali stared, still trying to formulate a response that wouldn’t hurt her guys’ feelings. She knew they’d put a lot of hard work into this project and wished they hadn’t kept it secret from her for so long.

She would have lowered the boom on it before they even got started if they had.

It also explained why they’d come home from the craft store that morning with an obscene number of packages of colored tissue paper.

And why they’d locked her out of the playroom.

“Did you get the pictures already?” she asked, stalling for time. They’d set up a photo backdrop behind the portable bondage frame that they’d borrowed from Kel that was now taking up most of their playroom, and they’d moved the photo lights in here, but they were currently off.

“Yeah,” Max said. “Want to see?”

Sean mumbled something that sounded like, “Well?”

Baxter, her cat, came strolling in. When he spotted Sean hanging, hog-tied, from the center of the frame and covered in fringed lines of tissue paper, a literal human piñata, he rose up on his back legs and started swatting at some of the tissue paper trailing like a tail from the butt plug up Sean’s ass.

Sean yelled, trying to twist away, since his nuts and cock were exposed and way too close to Baxter’s paw. In the process, the tissue-paper-covered stick propped against Sean’s shoulder fell over and hit the floor, spooking the cat for a moment before he stepped in again to sniff at it.

She bent over and scooped the cat up into her arms, saving Sean’s family jewels.

Only she and Max were allowed to torture Sean like that.

“Thank you,” he mumbled through the ball gag in his mouth.

Even that was covered in fringed tissue paper.

“How long did it take you two to cut all that tissue paper up?”

“A couple of hours.”

“What’d you do, glue it to him?”

“Yeah. It’s just white school glue. It’ll wash off.”

“Not in my shower, it won’t. You’ll clog up the dang drain.”

“No, I’m going to take him outside and hose him off. Then he can jump in the pool or the hot tub. You still haven’t told us what you think.”

She was stalling. Their idea was to post a shot of Sean the human piñata on their Two Crafty Bastards Toys website to help celebrate Kinko de Mayo, a totally made-up and nonsensical excuse for a theme to help run a special and sell more toys.

For St. Patrick’s Day, Sean had been a victim to Baxter’s leprechaun, bound in green rope while her cat stood over him, dressed in full costume. The story being, of course, that Sean had tried to steal Baxter’s gold, represented by the small Halloween cauldron filled with chocolate coins.

She didn’t even want to think about the Easter picture, which they’d overruled her on and posted anyway.

“I really wish you guys would let me, you know, the actual web designer and website admin, clear these ideas first.”

“What’s wrong with it?” Max asked. “You can do like you did before and place text over the image to cover his exposed bits.”

She felt a headache threatening. “I know I can,” she said. “That’s not the point. I have a brand for our shop.”

“Everybody loves Baxter. We’ll take a picture of him in a tiny sombrero and Photoshop it into the scene.”

“That sounds like you’re crossing a line from funny into borderline culturally offensive.”

“What about Easter?” Sean mumbled. “That was funny.”

“I thought you guys promised me you’d never mention that again. Ever.”

She’d found out about that from Tilly’s phone call, where her friend laughed hysterically until she managed to choke out the words that she loved the Easter pic.

Cali had been in the middle of Walmart, shopping, when she’d received the call. She’d immediately ended the call and pulled up their website on her phone.

And let out a shriek.

“You really don’t like this?” Max asked.

“We’ll post it,” she said, giving herself the coward’s out as she turned to leave with Baxter in her arms. “Just…in the future, new rule. You ask me first, before you set up these shots. And I get final say over what goes on the website.”

Baxter twisted in her arms, struggling to get down. She released him and he made a beeline back toward the playroom.

Seconds later, she heard a muffled scream, and Max yelling, “Baxter, no!”

She closed herself into the office and tried not to laugh loudly enough for them to hear her.

Let Baxter torture them both.

Serves them right.




Keith dropped his rope bag next to one of the sets of MMA mats and pointed at it. “Down.”

They both knelt, legs spread, hands clasped behind their backs and looking up to him, awaiting his next command.

He chuckled, rubbing his cock through his shorts. “Hmm. Decisions, decisions. I know my pets are very horny. The question is, what to do about that?”

He unclipped the nipple leashes, taking the time to gently tug on their nipple rings in the process, drawing nearly identical moans of need from them.

“There’s my two sweet pets,” Keith murmured. “Ready for me to take them in hand. You have no idea how hard and horny this makes me.” He grabbed them both by the backs of their heads and pressed their faces against the front of his shorts. Noel and Scott nuzzled the hard outline of his cock through the fabric, trying to mouth it, making him chuckle.

“Yes, two very sweet, needy pets ready to do anything I ask them to do just to get some relief. I’m a very lucky man. Don’t think I don’t know and appreciate that.”

He released his grip on their heads and unzipped his bag. On top lay coils of rope and paracord. He started with Noel first, tying her with her hands behind her back and her legs bent at the knees and forced open. He positioned her on her side with a towel as a pillow to make her a little more comfortable.

Scott received a similar binding, only laid on his other side, facing her, their bodies head to hip with each other.

Keith produced a riding crop from the bag. “Now my pets have to earn their reward.” He started tormenting them, flicking the end of the crop against her clit piercing and Scott’s PA in a way that made them both moan and wince at the same time, firing their need even more.

Then he worked back and forth, a hard swat to Noel’s ass or thighs, then one to Scott’s, back and forth, slowly, patiently, striping both of them. Scott’s stiff cock leaked pre-cum from the slit, while Noel’s juices had flooded her pussy and were leaking down her thighs.

Something Keith noted with glee. He ran his fingers through it, shoving them in Scott’s mouth. “Look at that. She can’t get enough of it.” Scott sucked Keith’s fingers until Keith pulled them free. Then he caught a drop of Scott’s pre-cum on the end of his finger and shoved it into Noel’s mouth. “Wouldn’t want to leave my girl out of the fun, now, would I?”

He swapped out the crop for a carbon-fiber cane, one that wasn’t loud but delivered a wickedly stinging wallop, especially when wielded by a sadist as skilled as Keith. He went after their asses, the insides of their thighs, even mindfucking them by playing—lightly—with their piercings with the end of it, enjoying the way they flinched ahead of a perceived hard swat that was little more than a feather-light tap.

Finally, he unbound their legs so they could both, shakily, kneel face to face on the mats. That’s when he produced another lightweight length of chain, like a heavy stainless steel necklace, and threaded it through all four of their nipple rings before clipping the ends together.

“Guess what happens next?” Keith asked.

“I’m afraid to, Sir,” Noel said despite already having a pretty darn good idea. Both she and Scott had already adjusted their postures to keep as much slack in the chain as they could possibly manage.

Not an easy feat. This was a game Keith had played with them before at home several times. But never after having put the two of them through so much before breaking out the chain.

Another version of the game was that, in addition to the nipple chain, Keith also ran a chain between her clit hood piercing and Scott’s PA piercing on his cock.

Keith dug out their Hitachi vibrator and an extension cord. Once he had it plugged into a wall outlet, he arrange the two of them closer together, with the Hitachi braced on a towel under her legs and pressing against her clit.

Her breathing quickened, pulse racing, as she both eagerly anticipated and dreaded the next step of this game.

Keith unzipped his shorts, stepping out of them and his briefs. He’d already stripped off his shirt before starting, his left upper sleeve tattoo dark shadows in the dim light. He stood in front of them, one foot on the end of the Hitachi to hold it in place.

“Here are the rules. You both use your mouths on my cock and get me off. Lick up every drop that doesn’t go in your mouths. A skills test will be involved, since girl will be struggling to concentrate and not pull hard on the chain. Once I come, and once you have cleaned up any mess you’ve made, then I will let my boy fuck my girl…after he fluffs my cock again so I can fuck his ass at the same time. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” they both said. When Noel looked into Scott’s eyes, she spotted her smile mirrored there, her submissive, subspacy expression.

“Excellent.” He reached over with his other foot and flipped the switch on the Hitachi to high as he reached down with his hands, roughly fisted a handful of hair on the backs of their heads, and drew them in to start working on his cock.

Noel couldn’t help it. She started coming almost instantly, between the extra vibrations feeding through her clit hood piercing and the extreme state of horniness she’d been in all day. This meant a struggle for her to stay upright, not to grind herself down onto the Hitachi and pull on the chain, which was also adding another level of intense feedback to her pleasure system.

Even with the tugging against the chain, she found herself unable to stop rubbing against the vibrator, humping it, rocking her hips against it.

“Oh, look at that,” Keith said, laughing. “Girl is gone. Better get busy, boy, and get me off fast if you want that chain removed between you.”

Keith slid his cock between their mouths, a sexy French cock kiss, their faces slanted so they weren’t smashing noses together, their tongues furiously flicking at his shaft.

“Mmm. Such a delicious feeling,” Keith said. “Two horny pets servicing my cock.”

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