The Men of the Border Lands Collection, Volume 3 (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,946
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Futuristic, Sci-Fi, Cowboy, Menage a Trois, Spanking, MFM, HEA]

Sharing Her with David

When black market raiders try to capture April, only her husband’s friend David’s timely arrival saves her from a life of slavery. Gary decides that he needs help protecting April now that the world has changed for the worse. Can he convince David to join them and April to accept him? David can’t believe that his best friend wants him to join him in protecting April as well as in their bed. As much as that would be a dream come true, David is worried that Gary will come to resent him and April will fear him. She’s always seemed nervous around him. April has fantasized about David ever since she met him, but she loves Gary and would never betray him. How is she going to handle David being around all the time? Then Gary drops the bombshell. He wants her to accept David in their bed as well.

Finding Her Men

Valerie needs someone to take care of her, and she thinks she’s found it in Luke and Grant. But will they take her in, or must she continue looking? Luke and Grant are surprised to find a woman on her own out in the Border Lands. How can they turn her away?

She can’t help but fall in love with them, but Grant needs a little more convincing than Luke, and she struggles to prove to him that she is worthy of his love.

When someone tries to take her away from them, they realize how much she means to them and fight to get her back. Nothing will stand in their way. The others in the area agree that they need to work together to keep their women safe. Grant and Luke are eager to join forces for the protection of the woman they love.

Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Men of the Border Lands Collection, Volume 3 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Men of the Border Lands Collection, Volume 3 (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,946
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Sharing Her with David


“You can’t be serious, Gary.” David stared at his friend, not believing what he was suggesting.

“I’m very serious. I can’t take care of her alone anymore. It’s just too dangerous. I need help. I need you to move in with us.”

“No! Hell no.” David ran a hand through his hair.

“Look, I know you’ve wanted her since day one. You’ve done a good job of trying to hide it, but I’ve always known.”

“Fuck! You’re going to put me under the same roof as your wife, knowing I want her? What kind of game are you playing, Gary?”

“No games, David. I wouldn’t expect you to live with us and not be with her.”

When Gary dropped that bombshell David actually jerked. What was he saying? He expected him to sleep with his wife?

“Have you even discussed this with April? Because I find it hard to believe you’re able to walk, much less stand there and offer your wife to me?” David shook his head.

“I almost lost her the other day, David. If you hadn’t been coming over, I would have. Those men would have killed me and taken my wife. I need you, man.”

David stared at Gary, searching his friend’s face for any sign that might help him understand. What he saw there was desperation, and perhaps resignation. He and Gary had been friends since grade school. They’d double-dated all through high school. When Gary had first started dating April during college, David couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He found himself attracted to her and fought to hide it. He thought he’d done a pretty good job. Until now.

Now with the world turned upside down, most families out there in the Border Lands were made up of two or three men and one woman. The year of catastrophes had changed everything in their lives. Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis had nearly destroyed the United States. And then came the famines, and even more people died. Most of the people he and Gary had known had died. There was very little of the old nation left.

Men began hunting women like wild game. They were scarce and a commodity now, much like food and gas were. If you weren’t careful, someone would steal your wife to sell on the black market or in Barter Town. That had almost happened to April twice now. He could well understand Gary’s fear, but this? This was more than he could comprehend.

“David, at least think about it. I won’t share her with anyone else. I would never be able to trust that anyone else wouldn’t hurt her. I trust you.” Gary sighed and shook his head. “I’m going to go get April. We’ll go home and let you think about it.”

Gary and David had left April in David’s little house while they had gone outside to supposedly look at his tractor. Gary couldn’t leave her alone at the house for fear someone would come and steal her away. David understood why his best friend wanted help, but this was April they were talking about. She would never willingly accept him. She had always been nervous around him.

He walked the other man back up to the house where April waited on him. When they walked inside, she was at the stove cooking something. She always cooked for him when she came over. It was as if she didn’t think he could cook for himself. Well, he wasn’t a good cook, but he managed just fine on his own. Still, he appreciated her fixing whatever she made for him.

“What are you working on over there?” Gary asked as they walked inside.

“Oh, you’re back. That was fast.” She stirred something in the boiler then cut the heat off the gas stove. “I have a meat loaf in the oven and green beans on the stove. You’ll need to take the meat loaf out in about an hour. Don’t forget it, David.”

“I won’t. You always fix me up, April. Thanks.” He looked over at Gary. The other man seemed to be trying to tell him something, but David didn’t have a clue what it was.

“I guess we better go. I need to check on the herd.” Gary held out his hand for April.

David watched as the woman of his dreams took Gary’s hand and walked with him toward the front door where they had parked. They waved good-bye and backed out of the drive to head back to their house only a mile down the gravel road. They had a much larger home, with four bedrooms and fenced-in acreage for the small herd of cattle and horses. David helped them care for them by sharing the duties, and, as a result, the meat.

When they had moved out to the Border Lands nearly two years ago, things were different. Still, Gary had wanted him to live with them in the same house. David had balked, knowing it would never work. There was no way he could live under the same roof as April without touching her. Then there was the fact that she was nervous around him. He didn’t want her to be uncomfortable.

As much as he wanted April, he couldn’t see it working. There had to be another way to keep her safe. Maybe they could build a smaller house next to them and he could live in it. Hell, that wouldn’t be much different than living in the same one. He would still be too tempted to kiss her. No, it wouldn’t work. Gary would come to resent him and April would fear him. He couldn’t stand it if she were to become afraid of him.




“Ride me, baby.” Gary lay back on the couch and held out his hands for her.

April went to him already so turned on that she couldn’t think. She climbed on top of him on the couch and slowly lowered herself over his thick dick. Her pussy slowly swallowed him as she eased down over his erection.

“Fuck, that’s hot!”

April jerked and looked over her shoulder to see David leaning against the doorway from the kitchen. He was unfastening his jeans and pulling out his massive cock. Her eyes widened as he stroked himself.

“It’s all good, baby. Just feel me inside of you.” Gary tilted his pelvis so that her clit pressed against his pubic hair. The roughness sent a thrill down her spine.

She tried to concentrate on Gary and his throbbing dick inside her wet cunt. She needed this, needed to come. Somehow, knowing that David was watching them amped up her arousal to a feverish pitch. She wiggled on Gary’s cock and began to slowly ride him. She twisted her pelvis as she came down each time and was rewarded with a slap on her ass.

“Hell yeah, baby. Ride me. That’s it.” She rotated her pelvis and twisted it with every downstroke until he was straining toward climax.

April looked over her shoulder again to find that David was sitting at the foot of the couch, stroking his cock, watching where her pussy was sucking on Gary’s cock. His eyes met hers and heat built between them.

Gary began to pump her hard as she bucked on top of him. She was close, but not close enough to come when Gary did. She reached between them and began to manipulate her clit, but a hand covered hers and pulled it away. David was there.

“Let me, darling. I want to help.” He easily rubbed his finger over her hooded clit as she fucked her husband. When she came, she screamed out Gary’s name and threw back her head. Gary didn’t stand a chance with her cunt milking his cock. He shot cum deep inside her as she rocked her pelvis over his dick and her clit over David’s finger.

“Fuck, that was so good.” Gary squeezed her waist with his hands. “Take care of David now, baby. He took good care of you.”

“Gary?” She wasn’t sure she could do it.

“It’s okay, April. I’m good.”

She looked back over at David as he started to stuff his obviously hard cock back into his tight jeans.

“Wait.” She climbed off of Gary, moaning when he slipped from her heated pussy. “I–I can’t leave you like that. It’s not fair.”

Gary rolled over and sat up on the couch, watching them. He didn’t say anything else. April was thankful for that. He was pushing her, but she knew he was only trying to get her past the first time. It would be easier after that.

“Darling, I can take care of myself. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“But I want to. I’m just scared.”

“Bend over the arm of the couch, baby.” David gently turned her around to face the couch and Gary.

Gary scooted up closer to the end and kissed her as she relaxed over the couch arm.

“You’re so damn sexy, baby. I love seeing that wild look in your eye when you know you’re about to get fucked.”

David ran a hand from her ass up her spine to the nape of her neck. He squeezed it then placed both his hands on her hips. He lined up his cock with her slit and pushed forward. His cock lodged about halfway inside her before he stopped. He groaned.

“You’re swollen from coming. You’re going to be so tight around my dick, darling.”

April couldn’t believe it. She was letting David fuck her while her husband watched, helped even. He was playing with her bobbing tits as they hung from her body over the edge of the couch. Having his hands on her nipples pinching and tugging sent little sparks to her clit. The little pearl was throbbing behind its hood. She was so aroused her body didn’t even feel like her own anymore.

David began pushing forward again, pulling out then shoving forward until he was balls deep, slapping against her clit. The sensation sent shivers down her spine. She moaned and tightened down around David’s cock.

“You keep doing that and it’s going to be over before I even get inside of you good.” He pulled out and tunneled in once again. This time he bumped against her cervix. She groaned.

“Like that, do you?” He did it again.

April wanted to scream in ecstasy as David thrust in and out of her pussy, hitting her cervix with most every pump and stroking over her hot spot inside with nearly every glide of his dick. Fire began to build inside her cunt. Her clit was alive with electrical crackling as he began to pummel her in earnest now.

“That is so fucking hot to watch, baby.”

She had forgotten about Gary. He was watching them as he stroked his cock. She bent over and licked the head of him then sucked it in. She didn’t want to leave him out. She could suck on him as David fucked her.

April concentrated on running her tongue around the corona. Then she licked up under where he was so sensitive. She sucked him down her throat over and over until David’s thrusts began to get hard enough she was choking herself. She wrapped her hand around as much of Gary’s thick dick as was possible and began to stroke him.

She could feel the urgency in David’s thrusts now. He reached around and began to stimulate her clit once again. Only this time, he pinched it, sending her head over heels into bliss.


Finding Her Men



Valerie had been watching them for two weeks now. They were hard workers and had been nice to the family that had been by earlier in the week looking for a place to live. So far, they were her best chance at making it through the winter alive. She had no idea if they would accept her proposition or not.

Ever since the year of catastrophes, women were looked on more as possessions to be bought and sold than as human beings. There were men who hunted them to sell on the black market and into brothels. Valerie had been living with another family back in what used to be Tennessee until they moved to the Border Lands during the spring. Their garden hadn’t gotten off to a good start because it had been so late when they planted it. Now there wasn’t going to be enough food for all four of them, especially with a baby on the way.

She’d had a long talk with Sam, one of Esther’s husbands, and he agreed where John probably wouldn’t have. She needed men of her own. They would stand a chance at survival through the winter without Valerie better than they would with her. Esther had been a good friend for a long time, but she would have never let her go if she had known about her plan. Sam had drawn up papers for her and signed her over to whomever she chose.

Now all she had to do was find men strong enough and decent enough to take her. She thought she had found them. Luke and Grant were clearing out the garden and plowing it under for the winter. There was the scent of snow in the air, and they appeared to be rushing to beat it. Valerie watched Luke’s strong body as he cleared away the dead and dying plants from one end while Grant handled the plow on the other end of the garden.

Luke stood about six feet three inches with shaggy, ebony-colored hair. There was just enough curl to it to give it a thick, healthy appearance. His face looked more like one of an angel than a strong man intent on his job. She knew from being closer to him that his eyes were dark and sensuous, as was his expressive mouth.

Grant, on the other hand, was a no-nonsense man who took nothing for granted and said what he felt. His startling blue eyes looked almost out of place with his rich black hair that brushed his shoulders. He had a square jaw with a small scar at the corner of his mouth, and a slight crook to his nose. He wasn’t handsome like Luke, but good-looking in a rugged sort of way.

She watched from the trees. She’d climbed one earlier that morning and had been sitting there most of the day now. Her legs were cramped, but not nearly as uncomfortable as she had been before. Why she kept putting off going to the two men, she didn’t know. She’d long since made up her mind on them. She figured a part of her was still worried they wouldn’t want her. Maybe if she waited until the snow came they would take her in out of the kindness of their hearts, and she could win them over to keeping her.

Finally, they finished turning under the garden and put up the tiller before going inside. She climbed out of her perch and hurried to the shed where she’d been holed up at night for safety from the elements and the wolves. It was already colder than it had been the night before, and the sun wasn’t even down yet. She shivered and uncovered the blanket she’d hidden in the back of the shed. If it snowed tonight, she would go to them and ask for help.

Two hours later, she was ready to give in as her teeth began to chatter. She didn’t think she would make it until it snowed. When she looked out of the shed she nearly wept with relief. Snow had begun to fall. She waited as long as she could stand for snow to begin to accumulate on the ground before heading toward the house.

As she approached the back door, she began to worry that she’d waited too long as her feet began to falter. Putting one foot in front of the other became a chore. Finally, she reached the door and all but fell against it. She lifted her hand and knocked on the door. Her hand was so cold it burned. She knocked again, waiting for what seemed an eternity before the door opened and blessed heat seeped out into the cold.




She struggled halfheartedly at first before weaving her hands in Grant’s hair and holding on. She was obviously kissing him back. This was not what he had expected when Grant had thrown her over his shoulder like he had. He wasn’t sure what he expected, but this really wasn’t it.

They pulled apart, panting and staring at each other as if they couldn’t believe what they had just done. Luke wanted to laugh but knew it would be a big mistake. Instead, he began to remove his clothes. He wanted to have a head start because he was sure that they were about to tear each other’s from their bodies any minute now.

Sure enough, Grant grabbed the hem of her shirt and yanked it over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra beneath the heavy material. Luke watched as Grant stared at her beautifully full breasts. His brother reached out and held them in his hands as if weighing them. Then he was suddenly on his knees kneading them while sucking on a nipple.

Luke took the other one in his mouth and hollowed his cheeks, sucking it in. He couldn’t get enough of her as she grabbed each of them by the shoulders to hold on. He took in her moans and mewing noises as they suckled at her breasts.

Grant began untying her sweatpants and pulled them down for her to step out of. She groaned in frustration since she still had her shoes on. Grant cursed when he pulled away from her breasts. He quickly did away with her shoes and helped her out of the offending pants. Then he was tearing her away from Luke, dropping her back on the bed. Luke quickly climbed up to return to her breasts as Grant stripped, throwing clothes in all directions. It was so unlike his brother that Luke nearly choked in amazement.

He grudgingly released her other breast for Grant. The other man quickly resumed sucking and nipping at Valerie’s breast. Luke ran a hand down her abdomen and through her pubic curls to check her pussy to see how aroused she was. To his delight, honey coated his fingers when he got to her pussy lips. It had even leaked over to her thighs. She was with them all the way.

Slowly he made his way down her body, kissing and licking his way until he reached the apex of her. There he settled between her legs, pushing them further apart. Her smell had him closing his eyes in pleasure. She smelled of lust and excitement.

He looked back up to see Grant dividing his time between either breast. He had her top half under control. Luke concentrated on her bottom half. He quickly sucked in her pussy lips and moaned at the exquisite taste of her. It was a mixture of tangy and sweet. He couldn’t get enough of it, and licked her slit before stiffening his tongue to slip into her pussy for more of the delectable stuff.

When he did, she opened her legs even farther for him. He smiled. She was something else indeed. She seemed to enjoy sex as much as they did as she began to pump her hips in time to his thrusting tongue. When he pulled away, she whimpered.

“Don’t worry, honey. I’m going to take real good care of you.”

Luke lapped at her pussy before inserting one finger to test her size. She hissed out a breath. Her cunt quivered around him as he pumped it in and out before adding a second one. He fucked her with his fingers for a while, then searched for her hot spot. Once he found it, he stroked over it until she was writhing on the bed. Her cunt muscles contracted around him over and over. From the way she was moving, he knew she was close. Grant seemed to notice as well, because when Luke looked up, he was twisting and pulling on her breasts. He dove for her clit and sucked it into his mouth to tease with his tongue.

Her orgasm shocked him as she screamed and thrashed around on the bed. Luke placed an arm over her pelvis to keep her in one place as he stimulated her clit over and over while stimulating her sweet spot deep in her cunt. God, she was so responsive.

“Fuck, look at her. She’s a rosy glow all over,” Grant said in obvious awe.

“Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. I’m burning up. Please, do something.”

“You heard her, Luke. Do something.” Grant smiled, shaking his head.

Luke was so mesmerized by the fact that Grant actually smiled that he almost missed what he had said. Without waiting a second longer, he pulled her legs over his arms and positioned his straining cock at her slit and surged forward. He barely got inside of her tight pussy. With a curse, he pulled out again and delved deeper this time. Slowly he pumped in and out of her until he’d fully seated himself against her womb. Her cunt muscles sucked at him as he pulled back out to thrust back in.

“She’s fucking tight.” His strained voice sounded odd even to his own ears.

He’d never been inside anyone as tight as she was. His dick was in heaven. He was in heaven. He tunneled in and out of her several times, then nudged her cervix by accident. She yelled out a resounding yes to this. He marveled that she liked to have it bumped. He did it again and again. She thrashed on the bed, making Luke curse as he tried to ride her bucking form.

“Whatever you’re doing is driving her wild.”

“She likes her cervix bumped. Oh, fuck! I can actually get all the way inside of her.”

He was longer than Grant, where Grant was thicker. He’d never been able to bury himself inside a woman for fear of hitting her cervix. Most women didn’t like that. The fact that Valerie did only proved she was the woman for them. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. He was sure that she would complete them if Grant would just relax and let her in.

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