Happy in the Border Lands (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,487
7 Ratings (4.4)

[Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Cowboys Menage a Trois Romance, MFM, HEA]

Lucille is ready for her own family and hopes Ty and Jeff are the men to make that happen. Ty and Jeff are immediately attracted to her and hope she is the woman for them. When they approach her, she is receptive, and they see their future in her eyes. Can they make a go of it? They certainly plan to try.

Lucille returns to their home with them and quickly jumps in to the daily routine of keeping the place going while they work out on the farm. When someone tries to kidnap her, she realizes that there are other dangers to consider outside of starving or disease.

The men vow to keep her safe and one of them remains near her at all times from then on. Once again the future seems bright for all of them and the promise of a family forms on the horizon as Lucille makes an announcement that gives them all hope.


Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Happy in the Border Lands (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.4)

Happy in the Border Lands (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands 19

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,487
7 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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Lucille twisted her fingers back and forth in her lap as she sat at the kitchen table with the Johnsons and Jeff and Ty Cowell that night. They’d brought her and Amanda back from her other sister, Holly’s place earlier that day. The Johnsons had taken her and her sisters in when their parents had died after falling ill from one of the many diseases that had nearly devastated the human race after the season of catastrophes over twenty years before. Now she sat at the table, unable to force herself to eat while the others ate as if nothing was bothering them.

“Lucille? Aren’t you hungry?” Mrs. Johnson asked.

“Not so much,” she said, picking up her fork and toying with the beans.

“You didn’t eat much for breakfast this morning either. Are you coming down with something?” Amanda asked with a smirk pulling at the corners of her mouth.

“No. Just not hungry,” Lucille snapped at her.

“I hope we didn’t push you girls too hard on the way back,” Ty said.

Lucille looked over at the younger of the two men. Ty was only a year younger than his brother, Jeff, at twenty-eight. He had long dark brown hair he kept tied back and stood at well over six feet tall with broad shoulders and a wide chest. He had chiseled features with a generous mouth and narrow nose. Jeff was twenty-nine with long black hair that he also kept pulled back, but where Ty’s was a little wavy, Jeff’s was straight as a board. He also was muscular and broad-shouldered with similar features. Both men were built for hard work, and it was obvious that they were no stranger to it.

Both men appealed to her, but she wasn’t quite sure how to handle that. She’d never been around men other than Mr. Johnson and now Holly’s men. She didn’t know how to act around two handsome men whom she was attracted to. All she seemed able to do was freeze up around them or snap at them. What would they think of her acting like that? They wouldn’t want someone like that in their lives.

Lucille excused herself from the table, escaped to the room she shared with Amanda, threw herself on the bed, and cried. What was wrong with her? By the time Amanda came upstairs and found her on the bed, Lucille was all cried out and staring up at the ceiling.

“What’s wrong, Lucy?” Amanda asked, sitting next to her.

“I don’t know. I feel so mixed up inside. I like them, but all I can do is stare at them. I can’t seem to think of a thing to say. Then, when they tease me, all I can do is snap at them. What in the world are they going to think of me?”

“Tell them that they confuse you. They’re bound to understand that you’ve never been around men before and don’t know how to act. I’m not attracted to them, so, to me, they’re just two older versions of David and Tom. Like older brothers or something. I imagine I’d be a little mixed up, too, if I liked them.” Amanda squeezed Lucille’s hand. “They’re bedding down in the barn tonight. They’re planning on staying over another night.”

“Really? Why?” Lucille asked.

Amanda shrugged. “Maybe to give you a chance to get used to them? I don’t know.”

Lucille sighed. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to them.”

“Just try to relax around them. The rest will come.” Amanda patted her hand then walked over to the stand that held the pitcher and basin for washing up.

Lucille listened as her sister washed up before getting ready for bed. Once Amanda was in bed, she took her turn and climbed back in bed to think over her options and what her sister had said. Even though Amanda was the youngest, she seemed, in this instance, to be the smartest of the two of them.

Though she was sure she’d never get to sleep with everything on her mind, Lucille fell asleep before she knew it. Dreams of Ty and Jeff plagued her all night, but mostly they were good dreams where she was relaxed and happy, teasing and laughing with them as they ran through the rows of corn and sat in a field of wildflowers. It was no wonder that when she woke up the next morning she was smiling.




There. She’d said it. She’d wanted to say it for the last two days but had chickened out. Talking to her sister had helped. She knew Holly was right and waiting was only going to build up the worry in her head. Besides, if they could make her feel as good actually making love to her as they had when they’d messed around with her the other night then, she was sure it would be amazing, as well. She was all in.

It was time.

“Are you sure, angel,” Ty asked.

“Remember. We aren’t in a hurry, honey,” Jeff reiterated.

“I’m sure. Stop trying to talk me out of it, or I’ll start to think you don’t want me. I mean, what man turns down sex?” she asked.

“Not these men,” Ty said. “We want to be sure everything is perfect for you though.”

“It will be. I want this. I’m ready, and it’s time,” she said, looking into his eyes. “Please?”

“Holy hell. Who can refuse that?” Ty asked.

“We sure as hell can’t,” Jeff said in a husky voice on the other side of her.

Lucille turned her head, focused her gaze on Jeff, and smiled. She wanted both men to know that she wanted each of them equally and that she wasn’t focused on just one of them. The only way this was going to work was if they were in it together and on equal ground. Holly had said she didn’t have to keep a count of how much time she spent with each man—they didn’t keep score or anything—but she didn’t want to take the chance that one felt left out over the other.

“What is going on inside that pretty head of yours, angel? You look like you’re thinking pretty hard,” Ty said.

“Nothing serious. Wondering when you guys are going to get started.” She winked and kicked aside the covers.

When she looked over at Jeff, she could see his eyes shutter and a look of lust color his face. She was still wearing her gown, but he was obviously thinking about her without it. Should she remove it or wait for them to suggest it? Or, better yet, let them take it off her? She had so many questions swirling around in her head she didn’t know what to do.

“Want to suck on your tits, angel. Been thinking about them all day long,” Ty said. “Let’s get this gown off you. No more wearing it to bed. From now on, you sleep naked like we do.”

She felt heat pour over her body, collecting in her face at the thought of sleeping nude between them.

“What about in the winter?” she squeaked out as he started shoving the gown up her body.

“We’ll negotiate that when the time comes,” Jeff said.

Jeff helped Ty drag the gown over her head and off her arms. Jeff tossed it to the floor, and both men gazed at her now naked body with eyes bright with lust. Lucille struggled not to cover herself since she knew they’d just pull her hands away if she did.

“Love your breasts, babe. Going to make a meal of them,” Ty said.

“I’m getting a taste of your pussy this time,” Jeff said. “Ty got your sweet nectar last time.”

“Stop talking and do something,” Lucille said, squirming between them. They were killing her with the promises of their words while they stared at her.

Ty chuckled then rolled over and sucked on one of her breasts until he couldn’t hold any more of it in his mouth. He bit down on the tender flesh then pulled back until she was wild with the erotic pain as he slowly came off it. Just when she thought he would let go of her, he sucked hard on the nipple while tugging on the other nipple with his fingers. The dual sensations had sparks of pleasure shooting to her pussy.

She groaned. Her body felt as if she were on fire inside at the intense pleasure. Then Jeff settled between her legs and spread her pussy lips so that when he licked up her center even more pleasure shot through her body, making her scream out.

“I think she likes that,” Ty said.

“I think you’re right,” Jeff said with a grin.

Both men got down to business, and Lucille soon lost her mind as they licked and sucked on her body to the point she couldn’t think. All she could do was feel and scream wordlessly as they brought her to climax over and over.

With Ty sucking and nipping at her nipples while Jeff sucked on her clit and thrust two fingers deep into her cunt, she didn’t stand a chance of keeping her wits about her. They built the pleasure up to the point of pain then launched her over the edge until she flew, the pleasure so intense she thought she’d die several times. Her ears rang even as her eyes flashed with light.

Finally, they backed off, and Jeff positioned himself between her legs, fisting his cock as he knelt there.

“Are you sure you’re ready, honey?” he asked again.

“Oh, God. If you don’t shut up and take me, I’m going to hurt you already,” she nearly shouted.

Ty chuckled. “Man, I think you better fuck her already.”

Jeff fitted the crown of his cock at her entrance and slowly pushed inward, her overly slick pussy allowing him entrance a little ways before lodging and slowing down so that he had to withdraw and thrust with some effort.

“Try to relax honey. You’re swollen from all the climaxes we gave you. We should have stopped at one, but you were so responsive we just kept going,” Jeff said.

“You’re too big. I don’t think you’ll fit,” Lucille said, squirming beneath him.

Ty held her still, massaging her breasts as Jeff pushed inward again, making some progress inside of her. She moaned at the stretch, which felt odd. A mixture of pleasure and pain. When he pulled back and surged forward again, he made it all the way inside of her and bumped up against her cervix. She gasped and dug her nails into his scalp and Ty’s hand.

“Fuck. You’re tight, honey. So fucking tight.”

“Move. You need to move. I can’t breathe, Jeff.” Lucille felt as if he were lodged in her throat. He was so deep inside of her.

“Need to catch my breath, hon. Don’t want this to be over before I even get started. Give me a minute,” he said.

“Hurry,” she whined.

“I’ve got you, angel,” Ty said. He kneeled next to her head now. “Suck my dick. Make me feel good.”

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