[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Menage a Trois Paranormal Sci Fi Romance, M/FM, HEA]
Bryson and Mason chose Randi as their woman when they were sent along with seven other people to start a new space station closer to the outposts on planet Alpha. The only question is will she accept them as hers?
Randi is worried they settled for her instead of choosing her. After all, they were the last ones to speak up. What kind of relationship can they have if she isn’t the one for them?
The guys want to give Randi time to get used to them before taking their relationship to the next level, but maybe they’re waiting too long. Instead of drawing her closer they’re pushing her away with their patience.
Sometimes it takes a near disaster to remind everyone of what’s important or who’s important in their lives. Bryson and Mason find that out when they nearly lose Randi.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.


Their New Home (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Mason opened the side door and jumped down. He reached up and took Randi by the waist and swung her down as if she weighed nothing. She couldn’t help but admire the muscles of his forearms. They were impressive, but then so were Bryson’s. The men helped the other two women out then walked around the back to help with unloading all the supplies.

“You girls decide which of the three houses you want, and we’ll unload yours and our things last,” Rusty said.

She, Jane, and Felicity looked at the three houses arranged in a semicircle around the main building. Felicity shrugged. “I’ll take the far left one.”

“I’ll take the one on the right. That leaves you in the middle, Randi. Is that okay with you?”

“That’s great. Thanks. I’ll feel better sandwiched between you two.” She smiled.

“I’m going to go check out the house. We should meet up tomorrow and talk about what we decide to work on first.” Jane waved and jogged off toward her new home.

“Sounds like a plan,” Felicity said. “You’ll be okay, right?”

“Fine. I’ll be fine. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

She walked over to where the men were unloading and stopped Bryson before he carried the box he had in his arms inside.

“The house to the left is Felicity and her guys. The one to the right is Jane and her guys. We’ve got the one in the middle. I hope that’s okay.”

“Works great for me. I’m sure Mason will be fine, as well. We’ll bring all our stuff over in a little while. Go on and scope out our new home.”

Randi nodded and walked over to the fenced-off yard. She pulled the pin out of the clasp that held the door closed and opened it to walk through. Then she shoved it back into place so that they guys could reach it. She could have left it unlocked for them, but until she got used to their new home, she wasn’t taking any chances.

The structure was a type of brick that had been brought over from Earth. Part of the house looked like stucco. She knew that part had been mined from the planet and used where they left off with bricks. She’d read that it was actually more durable than the bricks. She hoped so since the majority of the house was made up of it. The brick only covered the front part. The roof was a similar substance that was waterproof and could withstand the tough winters on the planet.

She opened the front door and marveled at the spacious entrance hall. She’d have thought it would be a waste in a utilitarian type home where speed and space were important. The floor was faux wood and the walls painted a primary off-white. They’d been told they could requisition paint if they wanted to decorate the walls in a different color.

She wandered off to the right and found a large room with a desk, a communication unit, and a file cabinet. This had to be the office where they’d keep up with each other and information concerning the garden and any livestock they kept.

Randi walked back through the entrance hall to where the staircase was and took them to the second floor. There she found four bedrooms. Three were a nice size for a child, and the fourth was definitely the master. There were two large walk-in closets and a master bath that boasted a large walk-in shower that would accommodate three people as well as a large soaker tub.

She smiled at the comfort of being able to take long, luxurious baths whenever she wanted to. That was a huge plus to her when she thought about the long days working in the garden. She had bath salts and had started learning how to make her own using some of the indigenous plants on Alpha and the ones they grew.

A noise below drew her back down the stairs to find Bryson setting several boxes down in the entrance hall. He grinned up at her as she descended the stairs.

“We’re unloading our things now. Thanks for marking your boxes with your name so it would be easy to figure out where they went. I’ll bring the ones that go to the bedroom upstairs once we have everything in the house. Have you checked the kitchen out yet?”

“Not yet. I was on my way there next.”

Randi followed Bryson through the large living room complete with fireplace and two large recliners as well as a club chair and couch. When she got to the kitchen, she nearly lost her breath. The thing was huge with a table and chairs on one end and the appliances and generous counter space on the other. They’d definitely planned for room to can and put up vegetables. She’d have no reason to fuss about counter space, that was for sure.

There was a large electric stove, a dishwasher, a dehydrator, and a fridge. They’d been told they had a freezer down in the cellar if they needed it. She couldn’t think of a thing they’d missed. Since microwaves didn’t work on Alpha, she would be cooking everything on the stove or in the oven. It was odd that the contraptions didn’t work there, but they’d all gotten used to not having them.

“What do you think?” Bryson asked.

“It’s amazing. I sure didn’t expect the kitchen to be this large. I guess since I’ll spend so much time in it putting up what we grow, it needed to be this big.” Randi opened the fridge and was surprised to find that it had already been stocked.

“They said they’d make sure we had what we needed to get started.” He turned and started to walk away then stopped. “Oh, almost forgot, there are chickens and two dairy cows that the three of you will need to see about. You can work out a schedule that works for you guys. It will be nice to have fresh eggs and milk.”

“Hmm, I hadn’t thought about it. I’ll talk to Felicity and Jane about it later. I’ve tended to chickens, but I’ve never milked a cow. That’s going to be a new experience.” Randi couldn’t help but laugh at the idea of squeezing a poor cow’s teat.

Bryson left the kitchen to return to the transport for more boxes, leaving Randi to check the cabinets to see if they had all the utensils and dishes they might need. As she opened one door after another, she was pleasantly surprised to see that they had everything she could possibly want.

She opened another door to find a large pantry with a door on the floor she knew would lead down to the cellar. She’d save that for another time. Randi didn’t much like small, dark spaces.

I’ll explore it when the guys are home, so I don’t feel like I might get trapped down there.

She heard the front door open again and walked back through the living room to find Mason carrying a box upstairs while Bryson carried another.

“Need any help?” she asked.

“No need for you to try and carry anything. We’ve got it covered, hon,” Mason said.

“I feel kind of useless just watching you guys.”

“Why don’t you fix us something to eat? Haven’t had anything since we ate that bagged lunch on the way here.”

“Good Lord. What was I thinking?”

“You were probably thinking we’d just pop over to the commissary for supper like we did before.” Bryson chuckled.

“You’re right. I’ll have something ready in a jiff.” Randi hurried back into the kitchen and checked the pantry and fridge to decide what to cook.

Once she got going, she realized that she felt better about having moved out to the outer edge of their community now that she was here. It didn’t seem half as scary as she’d frightened herself into believing. Once they got the garden ready to plant, she’d be too busy to worry about what might happen. Of course, that didn’t apply to what was going to happen now that she had two men in her bed. That was something she’d avoided thinking about.




“Are you guys tired?” Randi asked after a few seconds.

“A little. Not as much as we have been the past few nights though,” Mason told her.

“Why? Did you want to talk?” Bryson asked.

Mason really hoped it wasn’t talking that she wanted, but wasn’t going to expect anything more.

“Not really. I was, um, wondering if you’d like to, you know. Have sex.”

“Are you propositioning us, hon?” Bryson asked. His face seemed to be trying to hide a smile.

“I wouldn’t have put it that way,” Randi said, her brows narrowing.

“I didn’t mean anything by it. I just meant that if you’re ready, we’re always ready for you, Randi.”

Mason’s heart swelled along with his dick. “Babe, we don’t have to do anything you’re not ready for.”

“I want you,” she said then turned to Bryson. “Both of you.”

“Let’s start out slow,” he said.

Mason looked over at his friend. “Why don’t you let her suck your cock while I make love to our woman?”

“That okay with you, hon?” Bryson asked.

Her “yes” came out a little breathy as her cheeks darkened to a rosy pink.

Mason rolled over on top of her as she scooted down the bed some. He took her mouth in a kiss that had his shaft stiffening even more if that were possible. She tasted like spicy apple cider from back home. He loved exploring her mouth with his tongue. She rubbed hers alongside his as she returned his kiss. When he pulled back, it was to see an answering desire in her eyes. It was all he needed to know that she was ready for this step.

He kissed his way down her chest to test her readiness with his mouth at her pussy. She was already wet and waiting for his cock. Mason knelt between her legs and pulled them over his arms while fitting his cock at her opening. He rubbed the head of it up and down her juicy pussy until he was wet with her desire. When he pushed inside her, she welcomed him with her hot, wet cunt and smoldering eyes.

Yes! Perfect.

His dick might melt with the heat of her depths. He pulled nearly all the way out before surging inside her once more. She was perfect. He kissed the back of her cunt with the tip of his cockhead with each thrust. She moved with him, settling into his rhythm as if they’d done this a thousand times before.

Mason looked up to see Bryson tugging on his dick with one hand while he fed his thumb inside her mouth. The other man was fucking her mouth with his thumb as she rolled her eyes up to meet Bryson’s.

“God, your beautiful, Randi,” Bryson told her.

“I want your cock, Bryson.”

Mason’s eyes threatened to close at the pure pleasure coursing through his veins, but he didn’t want to miss Randi taking Bryson’s dick into her mouth. She opened for him, and the other man slowly entered her mouth with his thick dick. Randi reached up and squeezed the base of it, taking control from the other man. She pulled back and licked all around the head before sucking it deep once more.

Mason couldn’t watch any more. He was so tied up in fucking their woman. He watched as his hard cock disappeared inside her tight hole. Her juices glistened on the shaft as he thrust inside over and over. His balls felt as if they were on fire as they tightened, readying to explode at any minute.

“I’m almost there, babe. Let me see you play with your clit, Randi. Make yourself come for us.”

She didn’t hesitate even a second. Randi reached down with one hand while keeping the other one on Bryson’s cock and rubbed a finger over her hard little nub. She brushed her fingers over his dick as it tunneled in and out of her hot cunt then rubbed the juices on her clit until she was moaning around Bryson’s cock.

“That’s it, babe. Come for us.” Mason was having trouble holding back his climax for her.

“Scream on my cock, hon. When you come, I want to feel it on my cock.” Mason cupped her cheek in his hand as she sucked on him.

Just when Mason thought he’d come without her, Randi screamed around Bryson’s dick like he’d asked while bucking under him. That’s all it took for him to empty his wad deep inside her cunt. He heaved, trying to catch his breath as Bryson pulled from Randi’s mouth and came all over her chest. The other man slouched forward, catching a hand on the headboard to keep from falling on their woman.

To his surprise, Randi reached down with one finger and scooped up a fingerful of Bryson’s cum and sucked it into her mouth. She smiled at them under hooded eyelids. Randi was perfect for them. If he hadn’t already thought that, this proved it. Mason was sure he was already falling in love with her.

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