Training Leland (MM)

Hard Hits 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,754
6 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, spanking, flogging, paddling, sex toys, HEA]
Lt. Wittfield “Witt” Falken has just rescued a former classmate who bullied him for being gay. When Witt tries to pull away, he quickly discovers that Leland only wants to hold on. Unable to deny the intense attraction he has for Leland, he stays.
Det. Leland Mathews was a jerk to Witt in high school. At the time, he couldn’t admit the feelings he had for Witt. Now that life has thrown them back together, Leland has no plans on letting go of Witt anytime soon. Will Witt forgive him?
Witt is a Dom who is need of a sub. When Leland begs for forgiveness, Witt takes a chance on the man who made his life hell. Unable to ignore the sexual chemistry heating up between them, Witt wants to take control of Leland. Will Leland say yes and become his sub?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Training Leland (MM)
6 Ratings (4.3)

Training Leland (MM)

Hard Hits 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,754
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Fantastic as always!!!! Loved Witt and leyland
Witt, the hot sexy Dom, but also loving sweet and vulnerable. This was amazing and smoking hot!!
Love this series
donna b buccella




Lt. Witt Falken watched in horror as the officer rescuing the jumper lost his footing and fell from the bridge. He navigated the water rescue boat toward the spot where he went into the water and started emergency rescue procedures. The guys on the boat were already in the water without given an order by the time he stopped the boat. They were underwater for a long time before all three surfaced. The officer wasn’t breathing and was completely knocked out. Witt pulled him up on the boat and started CPR. As he pumped his chest, the boat was flying toward the shore. Witt leaned down, blowing air into his lungs. Water ejected from his mouth, making him cough. Recognition registered late on Witt’s adrenaline-pumped mind. He’d just saved the one man who’d made his high school years a living hell.

The officer’s eyes fluttered open and panic went wildly through his eyes.

“You’re okay. You’re going to be okay.”

He coughed. “The girl?”

“She’s safe.”

The officer clung to Witt’s hands as they docked. SWAT doc Woods was there waiting to take the officer to the ambulance. Witt tried to get his hand free from the officer but he gripped it tighter as though he didn’t want him to let go. Woods’s eyes went wide when he saw what was going on.

“Looks like you’re coming without us,” Woods said.


He glanced back at his team, who had it all under control. Witt rushed with the crew, taking the officer to the waiting ambulance. Despite being awake a moment before, he was in and out as they loaded him inside. Witt looked down at the officer as he sat inside the ambulance. His lips were grayish blue, and his dark black hair was plastered to his pale face. The EMTs went to work cutting off his clothes and started running wires and tubes. It was hard to watch. They put an oxygen mask over his face. Dr. Woods looked over at Witt as he listened to his lungs and breathing. Up front, one of the EMTs was calling the hospital to let them know they were on their way.

“Do you know Detective Mathews?” Woods asked.

Witt shook his head no. “I know him. We went to high school together.”

“That it explains why he won’t let go of you. He recognized you.”

Right then Witt wasn’t so sure Leland had remembered him or even recalled the perfect hell he’d made his life. Witt didn’t leave Leland’s side as they took him into the emergency room. It wasn’t until the emergency room doctor pushed him out of the room that Witt went to the waiting area. It wasn’t long before the waiting area was filled with his brothers in blue from District Four. As the hours bled together, LEOs from District Four came to visit the officer. Witt wasn’t sure why he was hanging around. He didn’t know anyone. He blended into the background with no one taking notice of him. It was the way he wanted it. He just wanted to hear how the officer was doing before he left for the night.

The two guys from the top of the bridge came over to stand in front of Witt, forcing him out of his thoughts of the officer he saved.

“I’m TJ. This is Adam. We wanted to thank you for what you did for Leland.”

“Just doing my job.”

“Well it means a lot to us,” Adam said.

Their words were barely registering. Witt was having a hard time admitting to himself that he would have taken it personally if Leland had died. The moment he’d breathed life back into the man had done something to him. Something deep inside of him had clung possessively to the man, hoping that he would survive.

“We were just in there. He was asking about you,” TJ said.

“He was?”

“Yeah, he wants to thank you.”

Witt stood up, stretching his tight muscles. He wasn’t used to sitting for so long. “I don’t know.”

“Just for a few minutes,” Adam said.


Before Witt could stop it from happening, he was being led through the long hallway of MICU to Leland’s room.

To Witt’s surprise, Leland was sitting up. There was an oxygen tube stuck up his nose. He was still pale but no longer had the grayness about his lips. Leland’s eyes seemed to brighten as Witt stepped into the room. Pure raw sexual heat zipped through his blood as their eyes locked. It was then that Witt knew he had to find out if there was anyone in his life he went home to at night. Better yet, he wanted to know if the man he saved tonight was gay.

“This is Lt. Witt Falken. He’s the man who saved you,” TJ said.

Leland frowned. “I know you. We went to school together,” Leland said.

Yeah, he knew him. Leland had told him that he’d been born with a silver spoon shoved up his ass. “Just doing my job,” Witt said.

Leland shook his head. “Man. I owe you my life.”

Uncomfortable with all the attention, Witt moved toward the windows to look out at the night sky. As he did, Adam gave Leland a pat on top of the head. “We’re heading out but I think we’re leaving you in good hands.”

“See you later.”

When they were alone, Witt looked over at Leland. Emotion played hard through Witt’s heart. For some reason, he couldn’t walk away from the man who had given him shit for being gay. The sadistic part of Witt wanted to know if the man had changed or was still the homophobic asshole who had made his high school years hell. “Do you need anything?”




With his vision out, Leland was under Witt’s complete control. He absolutely loved it. He sensed that Witt was moving away as he waited impatiently for his Dom to touch him again. He heard what sounded like chains knocking together. A cool strap came down over his right wrist and then his left. The chain was drawn up above his lead and locked down somewhere above his head. Witt’s hand smoothed down over his ass, giving it a punishing squeeze. He bounced his ass up and down, making his balls and dick flip up and down. Leland groaned, arching his ass out for more. He heard the sharp intake of his Dom’s breath as he exposed his rim to him.

The cool leather tip of a flogger smoothed over his ass. Leland wrapped his hand around the chains the held him up, arching his ass out in sweet anticipation. Witt brought the leather flogger down over his ass over and over. Heat moved over his ass, making his rim tingle for more. Leland was ready to have his Dom mount him but he knew it wouldn’t be happening soon enough. Witt moved his hand down over his prick, giving it several hard, punishing strokes.

Pre-cum shot from his dick, landing within his Dom’s palm. Witt’s hand tightened down on his prick.

“Do not come until I give you permission.”

There was a dark, dangerous quality to Witt’s voice that sent a shiver of anticipation racing down over Leland’s rim. He wouldn’t be coming any time soon. “I won’t.”


When Wit let go of him, Leland rested his head on his arm. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could take of this sweet torture. He’d always been good at keeping control of his orgasm. There was something about Witt that made him want to let go and go wild. Warm wet heat moved between Leland’s ass cheeks as he felt a butt plug smooth over his rim. He felt the tapered butt plug push up against his rim. Witt pushed the plug deep into his ass, filling him up. He loved the feel of his Dom’s hand pulling the butt plug out and pushing it back inside. Leland groaned as his Dom smacked his dick around with his palm. Pre-cum shot from his dick. He wasn’t certain how much longer he could take.


“Do not come.”

“I’m close!’

“I know, baby. But I’m not finished with you yet.”

Leland moaned when something warm and wet came down over his prick. It took him only a few seconds to realize that it was his Dom’s tongue licking off his pre-cum. It was too much. He’d never had a Dom go down on him before. The moment didn’t last long. Witt let go of his throbbing prick and came in close, kissing him possessively. Witt slid his hand down over his ass cheeks, pulling the butt plug from his ass. Again he pulled away, making Leland shake with need. The chains above his head rattled violently.

Witt came back again. This time something smooth and cool moved across his ass. It took Leland only a moment to realize it was a paddle. He arched his ass out as the paddle moved away from his ass and came back in hard. His balls jerked back and forth. His dick smacked against his abdomen. Leland groaned as Witt increased the intensity of each hit. He definitely wouldn’t be able to sit down tomorrow without feeling it. It was that Leland knew he would wear his bruises like badges of courage. He loved being spanked. It turned him on way too much.

With each hit, Leland’s cock contracted hard. His cock tightened down. He was too close. “Witt!”

Witt’s hand came down over his cockhead, squeezing tight. The hard pinch was the only thing keeping Leland from shooting his spunk across the room. Leland groaned, crying out as Witt slowly let go of his aching cockhead. Again he was left alone. The sound of a lube bottle snapping open and closing nearly made Leland shoot his spunk. He heard the sound of a condom wrapper being ripped open. He imagined Witt rolling the condom down over his thick dick. Witt was bigger than any Dom he’d ever had.

Leland arched his ass out, waiting impatiently for his Dom to take complete control. He groaned when Witt pressed the tip of his thick cockhead up against his rim. He slowly pushed inside, stretching his ass slowly and carefully as he came in for the first time. Witt pushed deep inside his ass, not stopping until his dick bottomed out. Witt hit him with short intense strokes that made Leland’s cock bounce wildly off his abdomen.

“Please! Please! I need you!”

Witt moved his hand up the front of Leland’s neck, holding it tightly like a collar. He kissed Leland’s neck as he fucked him hard. He loved the way Witt took complete control. “Hold on, baby. I got you. I got this.”

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