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Petrified World, Determine Your Destiny No. 1: You Are the Hero of This Book!
You will enter a world of magic and light, power and might, darkness and death. You must save the world of Zaar and the other magical worlds from a terrible danger. Armed with courage and amazing skills, your a MORE...
The Serpent's Song
0 ratings
In the previous book, The Celtic Serpent, after a diagnosis of cancer and the death of her grandmother, Angi Talismann found herself on an incredible journey. Shackled to an unstable piece of ancient technology MORE...
All About Earthlings: The Irreverent Musings of an Extraterrestrial Envoy
Aldous Huxley wrote: "If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion." One might infer from this remark that seeing ourselves as othe MORE...
The Magic Pumpkin
The Magic Pumpkin is a story about Jack, a pumpkin brought to life and his Halloween adventure. In this heart warming tale you will read about a little girl named Sara who befriends Jack, the magical pumpkin, a MORE...
Damned Children of Naor
Evil lurks everywhere and only waits for the opportunity to hunt down and devour the souls of its victims. It is all the same to the evil whether those souls belong to slaves, peasants, monks, nobles or kings. MORE...
Rise of the Transgenics
”I told you, don’t call me Miss Kitty.” Harry Goldman, young genius, DNA researcher and still a nerd, is back, and this time he’s working for the law. At the end of Catnip, his girlfriend, Anastasia, devolved i MORE...
Darkness Falling
0 ratings
Sart was never a people person. From a young age, he always had trouble with his peers. He tried to go through the correct channels to change things, but it never worked out. After his attempts to help a young MORE...
Portal 9 Part 1
0 ratings
Refugees from a dying planet discover they must leave a jungle, their current home, before a plant comes out of hibernation and ejects deadly seeds that will kill them.
Brynin the War 1
0 ratings
Jason, an officer in The Council Interstellar Force, fights Harcus’s armies of robots, cloned humanoids, Spacecraft, and other weapons.
Portal 16
0 ratings
Can this small group hike across unfamiliar places, a desert, jungle, swamp, and a sea, in a few weeks?
Robot Prototype FIve
0 ratings
A dying man’s brain is placed inside a robotic body. After the operation, he cannot see, speak coherently or walk.
Leaving Blue 5.1 Part 2
0 ratings
The starship Exp 1 is headed for D36, a planet that none of the crew has been to before.


J.S. Frankel (Published by: eXtasy Books )
0 ratings
Harry Goldman, teenage DNA researcher, genius, and total nerd, is thrown into jail for illegal transgenic research. Freed by the FBI on the condition he works under their aegis, Harry is taken to New York where MORE...
Portal 2901 Part 4
0 ratings
Fiman and his friends reach the planet Osae, then land on an island, hoping to find out who has been sending radio signals.
Dark Ride Dogs
0 ratings
Death prophecies, ghost clowns, homicidal redcaps…this town has really gone to the dogs. Zero Dog mercenary Andrea Walker used to love fortune cookies—until the day she cracked one open to find a death prophec MORE...
Portal 2901 Part 3
0 ratings
Fiman and his friends are being chased by Ro15 spacecraft. Will the Ro15 catch them?
Portal 2901 Part 2
0 ratings
After boarding an alien spacecraft and trying to find a safer world to live on, refugees reach the planet Noqa.
Portal 2901 Part 1
0 ratings
The DNA of cloned humans, inhabitants of a dying planet, was placed aboard a spaceship. The craft landed on a small island, one located on a new world. Now that these refugees are older, they must find a bette MORE...
The Wee Folk: Tales of Pixies, Elves and Drooly Dwarves
The Wee Folk is a book about the Pixies, Elves and Drooly Dwarves who live in the Great North Woods which lies just below the magical kingdom of TooDoggone. This book will also answer a few questions like: How MORE...
Upon This Bank and Shoal: A Novel
Upon This Bank and Shoal, from the author of the much-discussed novel The Haunted Man (1997), deals with the perennial theme of the man-woman relationship in a unique manner. Even in the twenty first century on MORE...
The Thirteen Hour Clock
A girl wakes up in a room where there’s a strange clock, a black owl and a church pew. With no clue on how she got there, she tries to leave but a man on the other side of the door tells her she must stay there MORE...
Cursed Children of Naor
In the beginning, the highest god Onoris established laws governing Naor and gave the order for all to fight against the darkness. However, there are those deceived by the promises of Hodgorn, the lord of darkn MORE...
Midnight of Lanar'ya
For three thousand years, the Knights of Lanar’ya have guarded the Lanarian Empire against dangers both internal and external. For three thousand years, they have fought to push the dreaded Night-Souled back, h MORE...
Brynin 3

Brynin 3

Thadd Evans (Published by: eXtasy Books )
0 ratings
After a long trip through deep space, they need to find a safe planet to live on. Is this one at war?
Twilight Of Lanar'ya
For three thousand years, the Lanarian Empire, guarded and girded by the Knights of Lanar'ya, has stood as a bulwark between the civilized peoples of the southlands and the Night-Souled menace. However, a shado MORE...
Evil Children of Naor
There are many laws in the world of Naor, but all its creatures absolutely have to respect one: never let in, create or help the evil children of Hodgorn, the God of darkness. This is a sin that can never be fo MORE...
Solstice Dagger
0 ratings
When the sacred dagger essential to the solstice rites goes missing, disaster is only hours away. Everyone in the temple turns out to search for the solstice dagger. Can one special boy fight past his inner dis MORE...
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