[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Cameron Artis is the bastard son of a prominent werewolf family, and as an omega, he's easy to push around. After the death of his father, he's sold into slavery to vampires.
When Cameron hears pained screams, he has to rush to help, even if it means his own death. Strapped to the bed is Aeducan, a fighting werewolf, and the human Cameron finds above him is torturing him before he plans to kill him. Cameron chases the man away and tends to Aeducan's wounds. The large alpha is delirious from fever, but when he opens his eyes, Cameron sees his mate.
But Aeducan believes that it was Cameron who tortured him, and when he's freed, he wants revenge for the damage that was done to him. He's devastated to discover that Cameron is his mate, and now he must struggle against the desire to comfort and believe the omega, or give into the urge for revenge.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Taking Revenge on His Mate (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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The human stared at him, mouth gaping for just a few seconds, and then he took off running like his life depended on it.

Cameron was better than murdering someone. He’d broken the guy’s wrist, and while he doubted that would be enough to make that human think twice about what he’d done, it was all Cameron could do.

He wasn’t a killer.

Cameron turned his attention back to the bed and the alpha who was practically hallucinating and babbling words Cameron could barely understand.

This alpha was clearly in the middle of being put down. Maybe the vampires no longer saw him as worthy to fight, but Cameron was so happy he was able to step in, even if he would just get killed in the end for this as well.

He moved over to the bed, but the alpha yelled and tried to shift away when his eyes landed on the hammer that was still in Cameron’s hand.

“Shit,” Cameron said, and he put the thing on the table beside the bed before he got one knee on the mattress.

He had to at least try to comfort the man. They were likely both going to die after this.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, no one’s going to hurt you.” Not right now, anyway. It was a miracle that the other alphas, the slaves, hadn’t rushed in here yet to drag Cameron away and put this poor alpha out of his misery.

Cameron ran his hands through the man’s sweat-soaked hair, pulling it out of his face and eyes. Eyes that he could barely look into, since the alpha was clearly having trouble keeping them open or focusing them. He was damned handsome though, and that pull inside of Cameron’s gut was back full force.

“I have you. You’re okay now,” Cameron said, and he tried to wipe away as much of the sweat as he could.

He looked down at the alpha’s ruined hands, and he winced. He could see the bone in some places.

Even though it wouldn’t matter because they were both dead at this point, the part of Cameron that was still trained in basic first-aid for humans couldn’t let that stand. Who knew? Maybe Gerard would show some mercy if the alpha showed promise to pull through, and would allow him to live.

The man needed his hands to heal properly if that was going to be an option.

Cameron grabbed onto each finger and got to work setting the broken bones. He’d never winced so much, or even had the sympathy pains he was feeling now, with the animals he’d done this to before.

Maybe it was because this was a person that Cameron was feeling this way. Or maybe it was something else entirely.

Cameron stopped when the screaming stopped. The alpha was now begging slightly, and the only reason Cameron could tell that was because “No, no, no,” were the only words he could understand coming from out of the alpha’s mouth. He still had the second hand to get to.

“It’ll make you better. You’ll see,” Cameron said, and he could hardly look away from that handsome face.

The pulling inside of his chest started again when he touched the alpha’s face, wiping away some of the sweat and blood with the sheets of the bed.

That was a tugging that he felt in, well, he supposed it was his heart, but why would this be happening for someone he didn’t even…

Cameron’s eyes widened when he figured it out. “No…no fucking way,” he said, staring down at the alpha with renewed interest, and all kinds of horror.

His family had always said this wouldn’t happen to him, that he wasn’t worthy, and after hearing it for so long, he’d convinced himself that they were right.

Cameron took stock of himself, that tugging he felt in his body, the slight hint of lust that was kept at bay only because of the seriousness of the situation, and when he breathed deeply through his nose, another scent made itself known just beneath the heavy scent of blood.

Mate. This was his mate. He wasn’t choosing the man, but it was happening for them, and holy mother of God, how was it that he found his mate in here of all places?

The door behind him burst open, and several angry-looking alphas ran into the room.

Cameron didn’t even think. He had to protect this man. He didn’t even know the alpha’s name, but he was sure as hell going to protect him with his life if he had to. He picked up the hammer and charged at them, but his wrists were grabbed before he could make the first swing, and the hammer was dropped.

It was almost the same way that Cameron had grabbed onto that human before, but the difference was that these alphas, for whatever reason, didn’t break Cameron’s wrists.

Instead, a couple of them moved over to the bed and immediately started untying the alpha.

“Don’t fucking touch him!” Cameron screamed, and he struggled and wriggled his body, trying to get to his mate. The man was his mate, and Cameron had to save him.

“Jesus Christ, Mason, look at his hands. Look at what he did to his hands!”

Several of the other alphas came forward to have a look, and they all stared down at the hammer on the floor, right before looking at Cameron with absolute horror on their faces. That horror quickly turned into anger.

Cameron’s eyes widened, and he realized with sick dread that he’d tried to attack these men with the same hammer that had the alpha’s blood on it. These men weren’t alpha slaves. In fact, they just might be his mate’s friends.

“No,” he said, and that was all he could say before one of the alphas stomped forward and punched him so hard in the head that the pain made him pass out.




Cameron leaned in and reached his hand forward, pressing his palm to the warmth between Aeducan’s legs.

Aeducan sucked in a breath, and Cameron started kissing his throat. Aeducan’s cock immediately hardened under Cameron’s touch, and his own dick immediately pulsed to life as he was finally touching and tasting his mate.

Granted, the only part of this touch that was skin to skin was the part where Cameron’s mouth was on Aeducan’s neck, but he was still stroking the larger man’s erection, still taking in his scent of musk and lust and even soap. He must’ve showered recently.

Either way, it was great. “You taste so fucking amazing,” Cameron said, and he meant it, too, as he put his mouth back against Aeducan’s neck and sucked on it.

Aeducan didn’t get up and he didn’t push Cameron away. He groaned instead and leaned into the touch, and Cameron’s heart leapt at that.

That was nothing compared to when Aeducan turned his face and captured Cameron’s lips in a kiss, thrusting his tongue inside of his mouth and holding onto the side of Cameron’s face.

Yes! This was what he wanted. This was exactly what he wanted! He wanted his mate to touch and taste him back, to accept him and make this real.

Then, maybe then, once Cameron got Aeducan to like him enough, to accept the fact that this was not a mistake, he might be able to calmly explain to his mate that he hadn’t been the one hurting him inside of that room.

Cameron didn’t want to give Aeducan a chance to think twice about this. His hands were immediately fumbling with Aeducan’s belt and the button and zipper of his jeans, and then Cameron was thrusting his hand inside of his pants and gripping his cock.

Aeducan wasn’t wearing any underwear of any kind, and he moaned when Cameron’s fingers curled around his cock.

Cameron climbed into his lap, and when they broke their kiss, there was a small trail of saliva between them.

“This isn’t love,” Aeducan said, and he looked angry, but he couldn’t quite get his eyes to turn that angry shade of red that alphas seemed to get.

It still hurt, a lot. Cameron had never slept with anyone who didn’t love him before, but he accepted it. Aeducan had a good reason not to trust him, even if it was the wrong one, and Cameron was going to be patient and wait this out.

Cameron nodded. “I know.”

Aeducan snorted. “Good,” he said, and then he resumed his attack on Cameron’s mouth with his tongue and teeth.

It was the best attack ever.

Aeducan turned out to be incredibly sexual. Not only had Cameron never slept with a man who never loved him before, but he also hadn’t slept with an alpha before. He’d only been with two other humans before this, and the reason for that was because he’d feared getting into a relationship with someone so strong who might want to claim Cameron into his pack.

Human men were different, at least the ones that Cameron had been with. They only saw it as a thrill to be with a werewolf.

Aeducan turned them both around on the bed and pressed Cameron down onto the mattress. They were both still clothed, but Cameron’s cock needed attention and it needed it now. His balls were heavy and aching, and he absolutely had to curl his legs around Aeducan’s hips as they both thrust against each other, bringing much-needed friction and pleasure to their aching dicks.

Cameron moaned and grabbed onto Aeducan’s long, red hair. It was so damned soft. “F–feels better than I thought,” he’d said.

Aeducan grabbed him by the wrists and pulled his hands up and over his head, pinning them to the mattress.

Aeducan didn’t say anything after that, he just continued to kiss and suck on Cameron’s exposed neck and shoulder, their still-clothed cocks pressing against each other and making Cameron moan and groan all sorts of embarrassing noises.

He tried to push his body back against Aeducan’s, but the man was heavy, and he already seemed to be doing a good enough job of getting them both off on his own.

Aeducan moved his mouth away from Cameron’s throat, and he used only one hand this time to hold down Cameron’s wrists so that the other could push his shirt up and pinch and tease at Cameron’s nipples.

Cameron moaned and bucked, but he didn’t want to escape. He wanted this. Then he felt something shaking against his skin.

He opened his eyes as he realized that Aeducan was no longer playing around with him.

The alpha was looking away from him, and down at his hand. He had it clenched into a fist, and it was shaking. The other hand that held down Cameron’s wrists was also shaking.

“Are you in pain?” Cameron asked, and he started to wonder just how much Aeducan’s hands had healed after all.

Aeducan stared at him, and this time his eyes did flash to red, but only briefly. It was still enough to make Cameron’s breath hitch, and to wonder if he’d bitten off more than he could chew by coming in here.

Aeducan didn’t hit him. He didn’t even insult him. Instead, the man leaned down and kissed him on the mouth one more time, but very quickly, before pulling away.

“You’re mine.”

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