[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
When Alpha Ben Shepherd meets his mate, Kai Stamos, he immediately hires him as a shepherd to keep him close. Kai isn’t too good around people and doesn’t really fit in, which is why Ben thinks people tend to overlook him. 
Kai can’t help but fall hard for the sexy man who claims they're mates. As much as he wants to stay with Ben, he doesn’t know if he can.
He has a secret. Kai, not knowing any other way to live and never having had any one to help him, endures in silence.
Ben however, refuses to let go of his mate and he’ll fight to keep him. It took too long to find Kai and he’s not about to let him slip through his fingers.
What will these two men do for love? Ben and Kai are about to find out.
The only question is, can they survive it?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Ben's Shepherd (MM)
11 Ratings (3.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Need a ride there, buddy?” the handsome driver asked.

The breeze caught the scent of the stranger, pushing it into the truck cab. It wafted passed the big man’s nose, shocking the breath out of his body. “Oh my god,” he thought. “It’s him.”

“Yes, sir. That’d be great. Maybe into the next town?” Kai responded hopefully.

“Well, climb on in.”

When Kai was comfortable and buckled in, the man spoke up.

“My name’s Ben McCormick, and you are…?”

“Kai. Kai Stamos. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the ride, sir.”

“Please, don’t call me sir. Makes me feel old.” Ben laughed.

The man had a great smile. One that lit up his entire face, making his friendly blue eyes crinkle. He had the feel of a man in charge. The vibes oozed out of him, sending waves of raw power toward his rider. Well, that and sex appeal. Ben was hot, making Kai warm around his lower regions like he hadn’t been in a long time. His cock twitched, hardening his length as a sliver of heat rolled through him straight to his groin.

There was also something else about him. True, this man was gorgeous, tall and well-built with lots of muscles, but this was different. Kai was attracted to him in a way he’d never felt toward anyone before. The big man drew him in like a moth to a flame. Even with his now-too-tight jeans torturing his cock, the hiker tried to appear calm, not wanting this delicious hunk of manhood to know what a pervert he was. It would never do for this walking wet dream to know what he was really thinking.

“Sure thing, Ben. You live around here?” he asked, curious and trying to change the subject to get his mind off the throbbing shaft in his pants.

“Sure do. Live a few miles out, on the other side of Burchston. Good land. My people have a large community there,” Ben said vaguely.

“Must be nice living here. I’ve seen a lot of country and this is beautiful.”

The two men rode along, talking about nothing until they came into Burchston.

When Kai had walked up to his truck out on the road, he thought the scent told him what he needed to know. Once the young man climbed into his truck, giving him a chance to inhale his scent up close, Ben knew for sure. Kai was his mate. He could also smell the man’s arousal, making him hard as granite. Thinking fast, he tried to come up with a reason to keep the smaller man around without sounding like a stalker, but came up clueless.

“This is it. I’ll drop you off at Morgan’s Café. They have good food for a fair price,” Ben stated, pulling into a parking spot in front of the place.

Ben’s wolf snarled at the thought of letting their mate go.

“Well, here you are.”

“Thanks again Ben.” Kai looked around as he picked up his backpack and opened the door.

“Take care of yourself,” Ben yelled as he pulled out. Going down the street, he suddenly turned, driving around the block. In desperation, he had come up with an idea.

Kai stood on the sidewalk, thinking about what to do next. He didn’t have enough for a meal and they always looked at him funny when he asked for water.

“Mmm, another blessing. Ben’s good dream material,” Kai thought to himself, when Ben crossed his mind.

Deciding to get out of the heat, he turned to go into the café, when the big green truck pulled back into the parking spot it had just vacated.

“What’s going on?” Kai looked confused.

“Hey, you interested in a job?” Ben inquired as he got out of his truck. “Know anything about sheep?

“I’m always looking for work, sir—ah, Ben.” Kai blushed. “And yes, I know my way around sheep. My uncle had a ranch. Raised sheep in Idaho till he passed. He raised me around them.”

“I’m looking for a couple of hands to fill in, tending the sheep up country this summer. Two of my regular guys didn’t show up, so I have two flocks with no shepherds. We have several herds, so you’d be on your own. Can you handle that?” Ben solicited.

“Yeah, I can do that.” Kai sure hoped Ben would give him a job, for two reasons. One, he was broke, and two, he’d really like a chance to see more of the big guy.

“Interested?” Ben inquired.

Am I interested? Kai thought. And how.

“Sure, thanks Ben. I’ll work hard for you.”

“Let’s have lunch and we’ll talk.”




The hired hand would never know what possessed him to do such a thing, but suddenly, he couldn’t help himself. When his boss started to step out of the cabin, Kai stopped him. Ben looked down at him with desire radiating from his eyes. That was all he needed to see. The small man stood up on his toes, dragging his tongue across Ben’s bottom lip.  Not realizing it was a submissive shifter move, he was asking for permission to continue without even knowing it.

When he was pulled into huge arms, he looked directly into the alpha’s eyes. The human opened his mouth halfway, inviting Ben in.

What started as a gentle, get-acquainted kiss soon became much more. The two men moaned as tongues dueled for dominance.

 Feeding his starving soul, Ben began to explore his man’s mouth, his tongue chasing the smaller man’s as he committed to memory each line and curve. Reaching behind Kai’s neck, Ben drew their heads together as he held his soon-to-be-lover in place. His kiss was all tongue and lips and teeth. He squeezed his man’s ass, making him moan as a leg was pushed between his thighs, giving him something to rub off on.

Holding their mouths an inch apart, he breathed into his mate’s mouth. “Gods, you’re so beautiful. So gorgeous.” Finally breaking apart for air, they stood holding each other.

“You’ll never know how much I wanted to do that. Thank you, baby. I better go before I throw you on the bed and take you,” Ben said as he walked away.

Kai looked confused. “And how is that a bad thing?”

Regaining his senses, Kai went out to the corral, saddled Hatch and brought him out, handing the reins over to Ben.

“Be careful, boss.” Kai looked up at the big man as he climbed on.

“I will. You, too.” Ben rode off.

That night, Kai dreamed of Ben. The big wolf slid up his body, touching him, kissing him senseless.

“Oh yeah, Ben. That feels so good.” He panted, his cock growing painfully hard. Dream Ben held him tight as he spoke.

“Have you had these dreams before?”


“But you do know about me, don’t you?

“About you being a wolf, you mean? Yeah, I know. I don’t care. I just want you.”

“How’d you find out?” Ben pushed, curious. Humans were aware of the paranormal world. However, the alpha wanted to know if something about him personally stood out. Unlike his friend Mason Nichols, who kept the golden eyes of a wolf, he had always thought he passed for human.

“Had a friend who was a shifter.” Kai smiled at his man.

Nodding his head, Ben relaxed. “Baby, your acceptance means everything to me. Thank you.” The alpha smiled as he leaned down, swallowing his mate to the root. Kai’s body arched forward, his eyes widening. He gasped as that hot, wet cavern took him to the stars, wrapping his tongue around the smaller man’s length, working it, licking it. Ben sucked him until his cheeks hollowed out and then he’d back off and start over, driving Kai mad with need.

“Please, Ben, please don’t stop. Oh god, that’s so good.” He practically sobbed.

When his balls tightened and drew up against his body, Ben suddenly stopped, withdrawing from Kai.

“What? What? Don’t stop! Please, man, you’re killing me here. Don’t stop, I’m so close.”

Ben stuck his fingers in Kai’s mouth and after his mate got them good and wet, he slowly stuck them in Kai’s sweet ass.

“I’m gonna love you baby. I’m gonna come in you so hard and so long, you’ll always know who you belong to. You do know we’re mates, right? What that means?” Ben whispered into his neck as he nipped it.

“Yeah, I know. It’s for life, right? That’s what I’ve been told.” Kai panted as he groaned.

When he had three fingers in Kai, he pulled them out, quickly replacing them with the spongy head of his cock. Pushing in and popping through the guardian ring, he heard Kai cry out.

“It’s for life. I won’t claim you yet. Not till we get together for good.” Ben grunted, as Kai’s hole clenched and sucked him in.

The wolf had dark curls on his chest and abs that rubbed against Kai’s body, arousing him in a way he’d never thought possible. He’d always liked his men smooth, what few there had been, but Ben was far from it. He was furry, warm and oh-so-manly. Pushing in slowly, Ben felt Kai flinch then stiffen.

“You’re so big, I don’t know if I can take all of you, Ben. You’re so damn big.” He hissed, starting to panic. “Oh. It hurts.”

Ben stopped for a moment. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt his mate. The strain of control made him grit his teeth. Breaking out in a sweat from the effort,. he waited until finally, Kai signaled that he was ready, moving a bit.” Ben started again, this time slowly. Working his way in, then pulling out until only the crown of his cock remained, he gently thrust back in until Kai was keening in bliss, babbling and hanging onto Ben as if afraid the man would escape his grasp. The alpha could have told him not to worry. He’d never let go. Not on a bet. Not this man. Lifting one leg, Ben raised up changing angles, hitting Kai’s sweet spot as he wiggled and squirmed under him. Chewing on his neck, he nipped and sucked raising marks here and there all along his mate’s neck.

Kai’s cock slapped his belly as Ben pounded into him. It was such a painful delight, he didn’t know if he’d survive, but oh god, was he willing.

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