Doctor's Orders (MF)

The Martinis and Chocolate Book Club 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,115
32 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

What if the man you had a crush on turned out to be a Dom? After an erotic romance book club meeting, divorced single parent Brianne Templeton accidentally finds out that her best friends are living the BDSM lifestyle. Considering their reading material, she isn't very shocked. She is very intrigued. Her buddy and crush, Dr. Nate Hart, has been dominating her fantasies for too long, and now he wants to dominate her for real. Determined to put her fears behind her, she begins a journey into love and submission with Nate as her guide.

But her ex-husband isn't done causing trouble. Used to depending only on herself, Brianne tries to handle everything alone. Nate knows they have no future unless Brianne can learn to trust him not only in the bedroom, but outside of it, too.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lara Valentine is a Siren-exclusive author.

Doctor's Orders (MF)
32 Ratings (4.1)

Doctor's Orders (MF)

The Martinis and Chocolate Book Club 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,115
32 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very hot and sexy read!!!
Good story. I enjoyed it. I only wish it had been longer.
Sara Anderson



“He did, too!”

Brianne was surprised to hear her best friend’s loud voice breaking into her thoughts.

“He did not mean to insult you. He just wasn’t hungry. Apologize to him right now, slave.”

Brianne started in surprise. She had never heard Conor refer to Lisa as his slave. She had heard Lisa call him Master in the weeks since she had found out, but never had he uttered the word “slave.” She wondered if being called slave was the BDSM equivalent of a parent calling a child by their first and middle names. She guessed Lisa was in trouble.

“He was insulting!” Brianne almost laughed when Lisa stomped her foot in anger. Her friend was throwing a real grade-A tantrum. Conor looked unamused with a scowl across his handsome features. She glanced up at Nate, and he appeared relaxed as if this was not an uncommon occurrence. Perhaps it wasn’t.

“I will not tolerate these tantrums, slave. Nate was simply not hungry. He meant no insult by not eating your cooking. You will apologize. Now.”

Brianne had never heard Conor speak with such strength and force. Hell, she almost apologized to Nate, and she didn’t do anything. Apparently, Lisa was used to hearing his voice, as it had little effect on her mood.

“No. I won’t.” Lisa’s mouth was set in a mutinous line. Conor glanced at Nate, at her, then back at Nate. Brianne saw something unspoken pass between the brothers before Conor returned his attention to his wife.

“If you will not apologize to Nate, then you will be punished. Either way, you will apologize to him, whether it is before or after your punishment. This behavior will not continue, slave.”

Brianne saw Lisa’s glare falter a little bit when punishment was mentioned. She glanced at Nate, but his expression gave nothing away. Damn these poker-faced Doms!

“Go into the office and prepare yourself, slave. I will join you in a few minutes. Nate, she insulted you. Would you like to participate?”

She saw Nate shake his head.

“No. I trust you to take care of discipline for your slave. The same as you would trust me, bro.”

Brianne knew her mouth hung open at the exchange, but she couldn’t help it. Lisa was going to be punished? She saw Conor heading up the stairs to the office after Lisa, leaving her and Nate alone in the kitchen.

“I’m not sure what just happened here, Nate.”

Nate pushed himself away from where he was leaning against the counter and gave her a big hug as he brushed his lips softly across her forehead. She shivered at his light touch. It didn’t take much to make her tingle. His briefest touch could send honey gushing from her pussy. Thank God he didn’t realize it.

“It started when I got here. Lisa offered me some of her chicken alfredo, and I said I wasn’t hungry. Things went downhill from there.”

“You love chicken alfredo, Nate.”

“I love your chicken alfredo, Bri. I like Lisa’s.” A smile played on Nate’s lips.

“So you really were insulting her cooking? She’s about to get punished and you really were insulting her. That doesn’t seem quite fair.”

“I was not insulting her. If I had been hungry, I would have eaten it. I was not hungry and said no. She got upset and then didn’t leave it alone when her Master told her to. Now she is being punished for her willful disobedience. He gave her a warning, and she did not heed it.”

“Still, shit. Is he really going to punish her? He asked you to help him? Where are the kids?”

Nate laughed at her rapid-fire questions, and she blushed a little in embarrassment. She didn’t mean to, but it just seemed so surreal.

“The kids are at our parents’, same as my kids. Yes, he is really going to punish her. She was pushing him into it, Bri. This was her way of telling him that he hasn’t been paying enough attention to her. You know how Conor gets all wrapped up in his work. Well, she made sure he is paying attention to her and only her right now. Believe me, she’s happy. She is getting what she wants, and he is, too. As for asking me to help, he invited me to participate since I was the injured party, so to speak. It’s just a formality. I have never accepted the invitation. If I did, it would mean administering physical punishment to Lisa. That’s not something I am interested in doing. Now, you, on the other hand, are a different story.”

Bri’s mind seemed to freeze on Nate’s last sentence. She had to replay it in her mind before she trusted herself to reply.

“Excuse me?”

“I said that I am interested in disciplining you.”

“Say what? Nate, have you lost your fucking mind?” Brianne took a step back and stared into Nate’s serious face. But he couldn’t be serious.

“No, I have not, and don’t swear.” Nate’s strong arms wrapped around her, and he pulled her close to his warm body. He smelled of citrus, man, and something a little spicy. Her nipples peaked in response.

“We both know where this is headed, Bri. I care about you. I want to be in a relationship with you. I think you have feelings for me, too. I have waited a long time for you. I don’t want to wait anymore. You didn’t freak out when you learned about me. Now the question is will you freak out when you start to explore this lifestyle. I am betting, big, that you won’t. I think you want this, us. This isn’t casual for me or for you.”

Brianne took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He was right. She did want him. She was interested in this lifestyle. He was offering her a chance to have both. Did she have the courage to do it?




Strong, warm hands helped her to stand, and she lowered her gaze to the floor, her hands cuffed behind her back, legs spread, waiting for his next command. His hands cupped her chin, tilting her face up for his kiss. His firm lips came down on hers, and his tongue demanded entry. Her knees went weak as he slid his tongue sensuously along hers, sucking it into the cavern of his mouth. He lifted his head and nipped at her bottom lip before soothing it with his tongue.

“I have a gift for you, Brianne. A token of my worship.”

Brianne heard Nate rummage in the bag, and then his feet were back in her line of sight.

“Look up, Brianne.”

Brianne looked at, and her eyes fell on the glittering objects in Nate’s hands. They appeared to be chandelier-style earrings with green and blue beads. He held them up for her to inspect.

“Nipple clamps that I had made just for you. These are emeralds for your eyes and sapphires for mine. They symbolize our bond as Dominant and submissive. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much I will enjoy seeing you wear them.”

Holy shit! They were emeralds and sapphires? What was Nate thinking? She couldn’t even wear these out to dinner. Could she? The thought of wearing them under her clothes in a public place made her blush with excitement.

“What thoughts just went through your head? They must have been good ones from the blush you are sporting. You can tell me later. Let’s see how these look on you.”

He leaned down and took first one then the other nipple in his mouth, sucking and licking until they stood at attention. She bit her lip in anticipation of how these would feel. She had read about them, but she was going to experience them firsthand.

She watched as he placed what looked like tweezers on each side of her nipple and pushed up the gold ring, tightening them until she made a noise of pain. He immediately backed the ring down just a smidge before quickly attaching the other clip to her nipple. She once again groaned at the pain, and he backed off again. The clamps were tight, and she licked her dry lips, unsure how to react to the foreign feeling of her nipples being constantly squeezed.

“Breathe, Brianne.”

She slowly took a breath and then another.

“Tell me how it feels. Do they hurt?” His fingers caressed the delicate undersides of her breasts.

She was about to say yes, but it wasn’t really the truth anymore. The pain was morphing into the most delicious pleasure. His fingers were caressing her breasts, and his hand would brush the beads, causing the clamps to tug slightly on her nipples. The sensation went directly to her clit, and she moaned as he gave the beads another swipe.

“No, Master. They don’t hurt.” Brianne could barely get the words out, the pleasure was so intense.

“I asked you to tell me how they feel, Brianne. You will do this now.” His hard, commanding tone brooked no refusal.

“Tight, Master. Like you are pinching and tugging them.”

“Does this excite you?” He brushed the beads again, sending sparks from her nipples to her clit.

“Yes, Master. It excites me very much. Thank you for the gift.” She almost groaned the answer.

Nate smiled tenderly down at her and continued brushing the beads back and forth.

“I’m glad you like my gift, Brianne. And what a sweet slave you are to thank me for it. My worshipping of you is not complete, of course. Come here, sweetheart.”

Nate led her to the end of the bed and faced her toward the top of the bed. She was standing in front of the footboard of his massive four-poster bed. He unclipped her wrists and massaged her shoulders. Her head lolled back as he kneaded her muscles.

He reached for something at the top of the high finial, raised her right arm, and clipped her wrist to a restraint. He moved to her left side and quickly did the same.

“Spread your legs wide, Brianne.”

She slid her legs far apart, and he restrained her ankles to the bottom of the bedposts. She was left standing in an X position with her arms restrained to the top of each bedpost and her ankles to the bottom, her feet planted firmly on the floor. She tugged on each restraint, but there wasn’t much give. He had restrained her well. His hand glided up her back and tangled in her hair, tugging her head back so she was looking in his eyes.

“You cannot imagine how beautiful you look restrained here for my pleasure. One more thing.”

He reached into his bag and brought out a black strip of fabric. Brianne knew what this was—a blindfold. He wrapped the thick cloth around her eyes, blocking out the subtle candlelit room. Her other senses came alive, and she could smell his scent, feel his breath on her neck, the brush of his hands as he fastened the blindfold snugly.

“Do you need to use your safe word, Brianne?”

Ah, her sweet Nate. She wouldn’t use her safe word for all the money in the world right now.

“No, Master. I don’t need my safe word.”

“Good girl. Let the worship continue.”


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