His Submissive Jewel (MF)

The Martinis and Chocolate Book Club 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,883
19 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Romance, older hero, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Noelle Carter is in Montana to help with her sister’s wedding. She didn’t plan on needing to be rescued from a dangerous storm, nor did she plan on falling for the sexiest man she’s ever met. When she finds out he’s the head of a family of Dominants, she knows she should move slowly, but her feelings are too great. She plunges into a relationship with him, reveling in the passion he can arouse with just a simple touch.

Cam Hunter knows he’s a strict Dom. He never thought he’d find the perfect woman and submissive, but Noelle has stolen his heart. She’s turned him inside out and upside down. One minute he wants to kiss her senseless and the next he wants to spank her bottom bright red.

When Noelle is hurt, he knows it’s no accident. Someone is targeting her, and if Cam wants a lifetime with his woman, he’ll need to find the person responsible.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lara Valentine is a Siren-exclusive author.

His Submissive Jewel (MF)
19 Ratings (4.7)

His Submissive Jewel (MF)

The Martinis and Chocolate Book Club 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,883
19 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very good book liked the characters
Another great book. Loved it.



It was a deluge. She was soaked in an instant, her skin pelted by the pouring rain. She quickly pressed the door lock button for her car and pulled herself up and into the seat of the Land Rover, closing the door. She pushed her long, wet hair back from her face and tried to give her rescuer a thankful smile.

“Thanks. I was getting pretty worried driving in this. We have storms in Florida, but I’m familiar with the roads, and we have streetlights. I was afraid I was going to drive off the road with that wild wind.”

The cab was dark, but she could see her rescuer give her a smile, too. He was a big man and seemed to take up a lot of space in the small interior. He radiated control and strength, even in the dark. Somehow, she knew he could handle the storm or anything else thrown at them. He also seemed to be soaked to the skin. She could smell his yummy masculine scent mixed with the scent of the rain. Did he look as good as he smelled?

“You’re welcome. I would have been happy to help you into the car. Independent little cuss, aren’t you?” She could hear his deep chuckle and blushed, glad it was dark and he couldn’t see the telltale stain on her cheeks. She was independent, but she’d had to be. Starting her own jewelry design business at age twenty-one bred independence. She had learned to stand on her own two feet pretty quickly. She’d been told she was stubborn and impetuous, too. At least that was what her last few boyfriends had told her.

“And by the way, that’s a Montana wind. You never would have made it to the house. The road is flooded out due to the storm. The Land Rover can make it through, but not your sedan. We’ll get your car tomorrow. There’s a towel on the seat behind you. It won’t help much, but it’s better than nothing.”

His voice was warm and sexy, sliding over her already-heightened senses like a rich, mellow whiskey. Noelle felt the shiver of arousal zing up her spine in response. She pushed the feeling away and reached behind her and grabbed the towel gratefully. Now was not the time to be lusting after some cowboy in Montana, no matter how glad she was to not be driving anymore.

She was also shivering, cold, and wet, but determined not to complain. He had to be as uncomfortable as she was, but he wasn’t whining. She might be independent and stubborn, but, dammit, she wasn’t a whiner.

“I tried to call a few minutes ago, but I didn’t have any bars on my cell phone.”

“Cell phone coverage is spotty out here. We use radios around the ranch. I’ll let them know we’re on our way.”

He picked up the handset.

“Hunter 5, this is Hunter 1.”

“Hey, Hunter 1. Did you find Abby’s big sister?”

He flicked a glance her way, before returning his eyes to the road.

“Sure did. And she’s just like Abby described her. Stubborn as a mule. We’ll be there in about half an hour.”

She grimaced at Abby’s description. Abby had always been the serene, biddable sister.

There was some static and then the voice continued.

“—can’t make it back. Too many downed limbs, and the water is rising. Take Noelle to the cabin for the night. By tomorrow, the water will have receded.”

Her rescuer was quiet for a minute before answering.

“Will do. Stay safe at the house.”

He turned to her briefly. “We’re heading to the cabin. We can’t make it back, even in the Rover. You’re not going to get hysterical on me, are you?”

Noelle bristled with indignation. “Of course not. You seem to have the situation under control. I’m not a woman given to hysterics, even if you didn’t. I’d just take control of things.”

His rich, deep laugh filled the cab of the SUV and made her heart speed up. He sounded sexy as hell. Did his looks match his voice?

“No need for that, Noelle. I’m completely in control. At all times.”

He didn’t say much as he navigated the roads. Noelle shuddered as she saw all the downed limbs and high water. There was no way her Honda would have made it this far. Now that she had time to look out the window, she wondered just how she had gotten as far as she had. He pulled off on a side road, and the headlights illuminated a small log house. Noelle could only hope the power wasn’t out in this wind. She was dying for a hot shower or bath.

“Can you make a run for it? I’ll go first and unlock the door, and you follow. As you said, we’re already wet. We can get warm and dry when we’re inside.”

His voice was already making her warm. “You bet. I’ll be right behind you.”

She waited until he had opened the front door of the cabin, before running as fast as she could. She was dripping water by the time she stood in the dark, cool house. It was small, but clean and comfortable with a homey, country-style kitchen and living room combination.

“Um, does anyone live here?”

He started flicking on lights. “No one lives here. This is a cabin we use when we’re working on the ranch and the weather turns on us. Like tonight.”

So we’re alone.

He turned to face her, and it was then she got her first good look. Her knees almost gave way. Dear Lord in heaven, even dripping wet, the man standing before her was gorgeous. He was dressed in a button-down Western-style shirt and faded jeans that molded a physique so perfect, Noelle could only stare. His face was tan and his jaw strong and square. His hair was dark and clung to his well-shaped head, but was curling at the ends. It made her want to plunge her hands into those locks and run her fingers through them. And those eyes…the clearest, lightest blue she had ever seen, almost the blue of a cloudless summer sky. She swallowed hard as she stared at the handsomest man she had ever seen. Her heart sped up, and she started to sweat, despite being chilled to the bone. She felt like she’d been hit by lightning.





“It’s a cock, Sir.”

It was indeed a cock. A short, very fat cock. It was attached at the base to a plastic disc with straps on either side. He wanted to put that cock in her mouth.

“Yes, Noelle. It’s a cock gag. It will keep your voice muffled and give you something to bite on. A ball gag isn’t as comfortable. This also has a hole in the base so you can breathe through your mouth if you need to. Now, sub, don’t make me say ‘Open’ a third time.”

She heard the thread of steel running through his voice. How bad could having a cock in her mouth be? Especially one that was guaranteed not to come down her throat. She opened her lips, and he slipped the gag in, wrapping the straps around the back of her head and fastening the Velcro closure. It stretched her jaws wide and tasted a slightly acrid flavor from the plastic. There was no way to spit it out. It was staying until he decided to remove it or she squeezed the damn toy, one or the other. She panicked for a moment, and he immediately calmed her.

“Breathe, sweetheart. Take a deep breath. You can breathe through your mouth or nose. Everything is okay.”

His voice was soothing, and she took several breaths, realizing what he said was true. She could easily breathe. She relaxed, and he smiled.

“Good girl. It’s common to panic. Try to talk for me.”

“Fmmlahun rheflmunh.”

She sounded ridiculous, and no one would ever be able to make out a word, which was good because she’d called him a “fucking Dom.” Perversely, the gag just made her hornier than ever. There was probably a puddle of cream underneath her pussy by now. He nodded in approval.

“Perfect. I love a gagged sub, honestly. So pretty. One more thing and then we’ll get started.”

He reached back into the box and out came a strip of black fabric. He held it up.

“A blindfold. It will make all your other senses come alive. I don’t want you to panic. You have your safe word. Squeeze it for me, sweetheart.”

She squeezed the toy. The squeak was annoying. He must have chosen this toy on purpose so she wouldn’t just squeeze it for fun.

“Good girl. Let’s get this blindfold on. Go ahead and close your eyes.”

The dark fabric covered her eyes and wrapped around her head, fastening tightly. She was completely in the dark, not a sliver of light coming through anywhere. As he had predicted, her other senses became more acute. She could hear his breathing, and feel the crinkle of the hair on his arms next to hers. His fingers began caressing her breasts, plucking and tweaking the nipples. His mouth followed, and she arched her back, begging his lips and tongue to pleasure her more. Her nipples were hard, tight, and wet, and he blew his breath over the tips. She shivered in response, her entire body tuned to his. He kissed his way down her belly and back up her rib cage, nipping at the taut peaks quivering for his attention.

She was lulled into complacency when the metal clamp closed on her nipple. She had barely caught her breath when the other nipple was also clamped. She tried to twist her body and shake off the clamps, but they were fastened tight.

The pain shot straight to her clit and was now morphing to a dull ache. Each time she moved in the slightest, the clamps tugged at her sensitive nipples. She shouldn’t like it, but she couldn’t help herself. She could feel the dampness on the pillow underneath her. She had gushed even more honey from her needy pussy.

It felt like forever before he spoke.

“Good, sub. I’m going to leave those on for a while. In the meantime, let’s take you right to the top.”

She heard a humming and then felt the vibrator slip into her drenched cunt. She clenched on it, loving the feeling of being filled, finally. He began to fuck her with it very slowly, rubbing her G-spot with each stroke. She twisted and tried to urge him to move faster, but he wouldn’t deviate from the slow, steady rhythm that was inexorably driving her crazy. As he had predicted, he was going to take her to the edge of orgasm but not let her go over. She moaned, but the gag muffled the sound. Her body was pulled taut, every muscle tight as she waited to go over.

The vibrator stopped. She protested, but he paid little heed to her muffled sounds. She felt the cold trickle of lubricant at her back hole, and something cold and plastic pressed against it. She tried to pull away and the clamps on her nipples tugged, sending more frissons of pleasure straight to her swollen clit.

“Do you need to use your safe word, Noelle?”

His hand stilled as he waited for her answer. She shook her head. This was submission, and she loved it. His fingers pressed the plastic into her backside insistently. She felt the stretching and a slight burn as her muscles gave way. She waited, wondering what he would do next. She almost came off the bed when the plug came alive in her ass.



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