Clive has dreamed of working in film for as long as he can remember, and after years of bit parts and minor roles in off-off-Broadway plays, he has finally arrived to star in his first motion picture. Clive’s agent and producer welcomes Clive to live in his home with him while he is shooting his film, and Clive is impressed by the lavish lifestyle of his mentor and cannot wait to be a part of this lifestyle that is enjoyed by the rich and famous. Clive’s agent assures Clive that everything he has ever wanted can be his if he works hard and, more importantly, if he makes the right connections while he is here in Hollywood. When Clive begins to explore the monstrosity of a house that belongs to his agent, he begins to wonder who his agent’s connections really are, and Clive also begins to wonder what exactly is expected of him as an actor in his movie debut.

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“Clive, you made it.” Clive gave his agent, Sebastian, a hug when they met up with each other in the airport. “Damn, Sebastian, I thought you said you were in your fifties.” Sebastian was very quick to correct Clive. “I said mid forties, young blood, and out here I can look as young as I choose.” Sebastian patted his cheeks to show off his latest nip and tuck. “The best plastic surgeons in the world are right here in Los Angeles, California, my friend.” “Well, ready to get a taste of the good life?” “Lead the way,” Clive said.

Sebastian was very likeable, and not at all what Clive had expected. Clive had expected some hotshot producer, but Sebastian seemed like an ordinary guy. I sure hope he knows what he’s doing, Clive thought. He has my career in his hands.

“Here we are,” Sebastian said, opening the door to an awaiting limousine. “Don’t tell me this is yours. It is rented, right?” “No. It is all mine, Clive. My last film was a mega hit. Did you see it?” “I’m afraid I missed ‘Ladies in Waiting’,” Clive said, with a grin. “Well, Clive, what’s your pleasure?” Sebastian asked, opening the bar in his limousine. “Something light. Gotta watch my waist.” “Yes, you do, Clive,” Sebastian agreed, and poured them both a drink.


The den next to the kitchen was where Clive found the bar. Pouring himself a drink, Clive looked at the very large photographs on the walls. There were paintings and portraits of Sebastian all over the room. Obviously taken when Sebastian was quite a bit younger, the portraits were very erotic, with Sebastian almost nude in several of them. At the far end of the wall there were three portraits of Sebastian with three different men. Damn, these are hot. They looked as if they had been part of an adult film. Is that how Sebastian made his money? Is Sebastian a porn star even now?


Clive awoke to the unmistakable sounds of sex. Then he remembered that he hadn’t closed the doors to his suite. There was no mistaking Sebastian’s deep husky voice. Sebastian’s bedroom, or suite, must be at the other end of the hall, Clive thought. Clive lay on his back and listened to the erotic sounds coming from just down the hall.

Sebastian’s husky voice moaned, “Do me good, honey. You will like my plump ass. Lots to hold onto while you slide that hot throbbing cock of yours into my big hairy ass.”

Clive knew that Sebastian was gay, but Clive wasn’t sure if Sebastian knew that he was gay, too. He has probably guessed it by now, Clive thought.

Clive could hear everything that was being said as well as moaned in Sebastian’s suite, and it was making Clive horny. Then Clive noticed the small flat intercom on the wall. “Oh, man,” he said, and got up to make sure that the intercom was turned on. It was on. Clive turned up the volume. Then he noticed the “screen on” button and pressed it. “Damn!” When Sebastian’s room came on the screen, Clive nearly fell over. “Live porn. How hot is this?”


Clive closed his eyes, and when he opened them again Sebastian had turned over and was holding Adam and kissing him passionately.

“Adam’s got a nice ass,” Clive said, watching the two of them suck each other’s tongue. “Mmm, you are a hot one, Adam,” Sebastian crooned, pulling his young lover to him. Sebastian began to explore between Adam’s butt cheeks, and Clive waited to see what was going to happen next. “Nice and tight, Adam.” Sebastian kissed Adam’s cheek. “Have you ever been fucked, really fucked, Adam. Tell me the truth, now.” “No,” he admitted.

“Damn,” Clive said, watching. “I’ll fuck you, Adam,” Clive offered, as he continued to watch the screen.

Sebastian stroked Adam gently between his butt cheeks. Then he fingered him just a little. “You are a prize, Adam, worth a million.” Sebastian wrapped his arms around the young man and held him while he slept.

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