[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, vampires, M/F/M, HEA]
Rachel Dawson lives under the protection of a Lycan Pack after a vampire, Mortef, abducted and tormented her. A chance meeting with two vampires, who recently betrayed Mortef and formed their own nest, evoke feelings in her she’d never experienced before. Since that erotic encounter, she can’t stop thinking and fantasizing about them, but she has secrets she’s kept buried.
Devon and Kieran know this is the worst time for fate to decide that Rachel is their mate. Devon is just learning the full impact of his uncle’s betrayal, and he is leading his nest on a quest to overthrow him for good. Rachel is irresistible, though, and fate has thrown her hand in, making the desire to cement their bond overpowering.
Rachel doesn’t know she isn’t just another human female, though, and her abilities frighten her. When Devon and Kieran both see the extent of what she is capable of, she runs. The two vampires rush to find her before the evil vampire gets her first and uses her for his own nefarious plans. 
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance


Vampires' Embrace (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

The world's not what it seems. It's a place where humans live their lives totally unaware of the supernatural surrounding them. But Rachel's all too aware of those forces. Quite by chance, she finds herself at the mercy of the Vampire Mortef, true evil incarnate. But Mortef soon realizes the prize he holds in Rachel, what she truly is, something she herself knows nothing about. All she knows is she's been violated in the most horrific ways. She's seen what Mortef's capable of. She believes herself responsible for his heinous acts. Even after she's rescued by the Lycans, she still feels evil deep in her soul. Her only respite from the nightmares and blackness is through her submission at the supernatural BDSM club, The Underground. There she can lose herself for a few short hours and leave the pain and horror behind. Devon and Kieran are Vampires who've broken away from the psychotic malevolence of Devon's uncle Mortef. They've formed their own nest, aligning themselves with the Lycans, to fight Mortef and the Vampire Council. Constantly on guard against infiltration and treachery, they too find solace and brief peace through the dominance and BDSM at The Underground. It's there that Rachel, Devon, and Kiernan first meet. But can the two Vampires, one the nephew of the Vampire who so traumatized Rachel, get close enough to her to tell her they're fated mates? She feels the irresistible draw from Devon and Kieran. But Vampires can control humans, compel them against their will. Despite the overwhelming desire and attraction, can Rachel trust herself? More importantly, can she trust them? Misunderstanding tears the trio apart. Rachel flees, trying to escape what she feels sure is a death sentence. But there's so much she doesn't know. Is she what she believes? Or is there another explanation? And it's not just Mortef she has to worry about. As events unfold, nothing is as it seems. Betrayal surrounds every action. Who can be trusted? Who is the enemy? There are agendas and motives of which no one is aware. Two things are certain. If Rachel, Devon, and Kieran are fated to be together, it will take honesty, communication, and trust for them to pull it off. And if there's any hope of defeating Mortef's sociopathic plans, the Vampires, Lycans, and other supernaturals have to put aside centuries-old prejudices and mistrust to forge an alliance to stop this evil once and for all.

Sara Anderson is another new author for me. I love paranormal erotic romance, and Sara Anderson does it so very well. The characters are so well-crafted. Devon and Kieran are more than friends. They're brothers in all but blood, and I found their connection compelling. The relationship between Rachel, Devon, and Kieran is one of the main themes driving this story. It's riveting! I literally felt the instant attraction, horror, terror, heartbreak, and paralyzing fear, as well as the tenderness, joy, wonder, and love between these three. The battle between good and evil is always present. The premise of this story, while fictional, is entirely believable. Reading this book was like a thrill ride, and I loved every second of it. This story captivated me from the very start! Sara Anderson has become another favorite author. Vampires' Embrace is engaging and enthralling from beginning to end. I give it my highest recommendation. Kudos, Sara Anderson, on an amazing story!

One final note. Please be an informed reader and consumer! This is an ADULT book. It contains explicit language and BDSM sexual scenes. If you don't enjoy this genre, think hard before buying any book you know you won't enjoy. There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites. USE THESE RESOURCES. DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK. It's not fair to the author. She works extremely hard to provide a quality work product. If you know you'll object to the book's subject matter before you buy it, you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disservice.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
Pam S.
I love vampires so this book intrigued me. It was a great ménage with Rachel, Devon and Kieran. Lots of drama and twists and turns. This is the 3rd book in this series but can totally be read as a standalone! Loved it and waiting for the next one!




Three doormen took the invitations from other people who stood in the line of people waiting to get into the club, while bouncers screened the line carefully to make sure the people holding invitations were indeed allowed into a supernatural BDSM club. One of the gentlemen glanced at her, and then her card. His eyes focused on the watermark for a moment, and then he pulled her out of the line. She wondered if they were able to sense the magical energy of the card much like the bar code reader at a store.

“Welcome back to The Underground, Rachel.” His baritone voice was smooth as silk, and she smiled as he walked her to the doors. Several people gave them annoyed looks as they waited for the doormen to take their invitations.

When she got to the front counter and showed Marie her card again, Marie gave her a confused look. “Rachel, you could have come in the side entrance.”

“I know. I would like a stamp this time.”

Surprise lit up Marie’s features. “Okay, come on in and go in through the room on the left. Owen will have to speak to you.”

Nodding, she entered the room Marie indicated and saw Owen sitting at a desk, and he looked up when he heard the door.

“Rachel!” Owen smiled his timeless, perfect smile. His golden eyes held the compassion she still was surprised to see from a Vampire. “What brings you into my office?”

“I want a stamp on my hand.” She forced herself to keep eye contact with him, especially when he raised his dark eyebrows.

“Are you sure? Do you realize that if you get one, the Vampires in the club will pursue you?”

She squirmed slightly in her seat as visions of the scarier Vampires dragging her to a privacy room filled her head. She could see herself screaming red, but everyone ignored her because she had a stamp. You’re being silly, girl. Owen would never allow such a thing. “I can still say no, right.” Her mouth was suddenly dry and her heart beat almost painfully in her chest.

“Of course! I would never allow anyone in my club to ignore a sub’s safe word, but once you give your consent, almost anything goes. There are Vampires here, such as myself, that prefer to save biting for sexual pleasure. Without clear limits set, a Vampire may bite you.” His tone was like a father giving a gentle warning to a beloved child.

She struggled to form words for a moment, but she finally nodded. “I understand. I just want two Vampires though. Can I get the stamp with just two Vampires in mind that I want to explore with?” She lowered her eyes, feeling a little like a teenager having to tell her father about a new crush.

“Devon and Kieran?” His tone held no reproach or even surprise as his mesmerizing gaze held hers.

She raised her gaze and found he had a pleased smile on his face. “Yes.”

“I’d wondered how long it would take before you took this step. I am proud of you, Rachel. Devon and Kieran are honorable Vampires. The sparks flew between the three of you last time.”

“You know about that?” Surprise had her eyes widening. She hadn’t realized anyone was watching. True, they were making out, and she was ready to let them do whatever they pleased with her, but it was a BDSM club. Outright sex happened all over the place. She’d figured a little kissing would pass unnoticed.

Owen smiled at her and she could almost make out his thoughts by the sparkle in his eyes. “My dear, I know most of what happens in this club,” he said, confirming what she thought he’d say.

Owen peered into her eyes as if he was studying her mind. He smiled when he seemed to like what he found. “Very well. You can have the stamp, but if at any time you feel the need for things to end, the club safeword is still red. No supernatural would dare defy me and ignore your safeword.”

“Mortef?” She shook just thinking his name, much less asking if she would run into him.

Owen’s blue eyes turned as cold as a glacier, and his mouth turned down into a wicked frown before he said, “Mortef and most of his coven were banned after they attacked Anna. I only allowed Vampires who openly disavowed Mortef to retain their membership here. I can’t guarantee that everyone with nefarious intent will get filtered out through my screening and vetting, but I work hard to keep all my patrons safe.”

She stood when Owen reached for the stamp and held her hand out. “This will stay good for a week. You can come back anytime during that week. After that, you will come back here and we can talk. You may have new questions or concerns. I am here if you ever need to talk. A relationship with a Vampire can be rather intense, and stir feelings that surprise you. I also need to make sure you are not here requesting a stamp from a Vampire’s compulsion.”




Devon’s hand stroked over her skin lightly. It felt so relaxing, like a massage as his hands ran over her skin and kneaded the muscles in her lower back.

Kieran’s hand slowly stroked her skin until he found her hand. While his grip was firm and reassuring, his forefinger gently made small circles on her wrist. The feeling was a mixture of strength and gentleness. She closed her eyes as her body relaxed even further. The feeling of his smooth thumb stroking her wrist as Devon rubbed her back and ass were almost relaxing enough to lull her into sleep.

“Gorgeous,” Devon murmured. 

Kieran’s hand moved to her breasts and he cupped them. His silky smooth fingers plucked at her nipples until they were firm pebbles and she could feel her arousal coating the soft petals of her core.

She moaned as heat engulfed her with Kieran’s light touch. He rolled and pinched her nipples just enough to bring her arousal to a simmer.

Devon’s hand stroked down her ass and he gently prodded her legs apart. She was laid out over Devon’s muscular thighs as Kieran played with her breast and Devon’s hands spread her legs wide open.

Devon’s hand moved over her heated flesh and she moved her hips as she moaned. She was so close to coming. Just a little more and she’d feel that delicious sensation only Devon and Kieran could give her. His hand came away, and she opened her mouth to cry in protest.

Smack. The crack split the air and she felt her body jerk as heat blazed over her skin. She screamed, only it didn’t hurt as she thought it would. It intensified the arousal and she moaned as her pussy clenched in need. Smack, smack, smack. Again and again, Devon’s hand came down in thundering slaps to her ass, never hitting the same place twice, as Kieran pinched, plucked, and rubbed her nipples. She lifted her head. This was insane that they were causing her pain, but she was about to come.

“I want to taste her.” Kieran’s voice sounded as if he was speaking in a tunnel.

“You better hurry. She is almost there.”

Kieran’s hands dropped, but Rachel’s concentration remained on the slaps against her ass and how she was beginning to feel the first tendrils of an orgasm starting. A little harder, just one more, right there. “Oh god.” Her mouth opened to scream, and just as the first tidal wave of rapture seized her, Kieran’s hot tongue surged into her soaking wet pussy.

“God,” she screamed and tried to buck her hips. Strong hands held her down and another hand spread her pussy lips wide and Kieran’s tongue fucked her deep as her core convulsed with wave after wave of sheer, torturous pleasure.

Kieran’s tongue moved from her core to her clit and swirled around the tight bud and back to fucking deep into her hot, drenched core.

When Kieran finally released her clit, she collapsed against Devon’s muscular legs. She felt the sheen of sweat drying against her overheated flesh and her limbs shook with exhaustion.

Kieran moved back to where her head rested and he stroked her arms, and she started to have a nice floaty feeling. All the cares of the world were disappearing and she felt perfectly safe as one of Devon’s hands steadied her.

“Her ass is a lovely shade of pink,” Devon said from above her. “I can tell she really likes the bite of pain.”

She sighed as Kieran picked her up and she laid her head against his chest. He moved her onto the bed, and stripped off his black leather pants as his eyes stayed focused on hers. She could stare into his electric blue eyes forever. There was so much depth to them, and now aroused, even more so. Her gaze darted to his mouth and she saw his fangs. Any doubt that he was a Vampire vanished with those needle-sharp fangs showing.

Once Kieran kicked off his black shoes and leathers, she glanced down and felt her eyes widen. Kieran was huge. She’d wondered how she’d fit him in her mouth without breaking anything. His cock was long and thick and it had been a while, and her body trembled in anticipation.

Kieran knelt on the bed between her legs, she felt Devon join them. “You are so beautiful. I have fantasized about this moment, and now that I finally have you naked before me, it is better than I imagined.”

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