Finding Holland (MMF)

Grand Oak Springs 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,777
8 Ratings (4.3)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, voyeurism, spanking, flogging, caning, sex toys, HEA]
A betrayal six years ago sent Holland Mathers’s world spinning. Forcing her to flee the only place she’d ever known and the only men she’d ever loved. Vowing to move on from the past lands her in a local dungeon being manhandled by her date, Mitchel. The men who come to her rescue are none other than the objects of her desire, the men she thought she’d lost forever.
Adrian Reyes and Oliver Edwards have loved Holland ever since the day they found her on the side of the road. Their relationship lasted only six months, but that was enough for them to spend all of their time searching for her when she fled their small town, without an explanation. Knowing that without her they will never be complete, they are determined to show her that their love can overcome whatever she is hiding from them.
A chance encounter leads them to reuniting again, but things aren’t that simple. Can they find a way back into her heart and bed or will they lose her forever?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Finding Holland (MMF)
8 Ratings (4.3)

Finding Holland (MMF)

Grand Oak Springs 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,777
8 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Was a really good book!
Loved the third book in this series the best! It also happens to be about my favorite genres MMF. Six years have past and Holland is trying to move past her heart break. Until one night at a BDSM club her past comes back to find her. Adrian and Oliver have known something was missing from the relationship and that was Holland. They have no idea why she left, but they are not going to let her get away again. All of them suffering through lost love and miscommunication. The boys track her down and don't give up. Amazing scenes, hot enough to melt your ereader. Can't wait for more. Each book is a stand alone and has a HEA.




Centruion was packed to the rim. The upscale eatery was a mix of Spanish and American cuisine served tapas style. Holland had no idea what that meant but she heard nothing but good things about the place. Apparently, a tapas menu was comprised of small appetizerlike food portions served together to form a full meal. It was extremely innovative, especially for a person like Holland who loved to try different foods. Though Holland had never eaten here she had always wanted to try it out. Many of the locals had raved about their cuisine and it was just her luck that Mitchell had been able to get a reservation. Holland had heard that it was next to impossible to get reservation for the place. And the only time they took in nonreserved guest was when they had a cancellation.

She spotted Mitchell at the front of the restaurant, the streets of Phoenix buzzing with pedestrians out for a night on the town, despite the rain. The lights outside the establishment were lit and she could see her date standing there, beneath the awning. Tall transparent glass windows allowed pedestrians a glimpse inside the lavish decor. And from what she could see, it was definitely first class. With a sort of modern rustic design, and tons of low lighting. All white linens and cherrywood tables were adorned with large vases filled with multicolored candles. Huddled beneath her umbrella Holland braved the rain. “Please God, don’t let me fall and embarrass myself.”

Walking up to grab her date’s attention, she took in the man in front of her. Mitchell was eight years her senior, thirty-four to be exact. He was an investment attorney, presumably a good catch or so her friends had told her. Holland wasn’t fazed by the man, though she knew many were. To Holland he was just an ordinary man, one that shared some of the same sexual inclinations as she herself did. But as of late she had been growing bored. She kept telling herself to give it time, so that was what she was doing as she eyed him from afar. And at the moment he was looking down at his watch and like he had sensed her arrival, he looked up, blue eyes meeting hers, and smiled. A tight, forced smile, one that nowhere reached his eyes. He wasn’t overly tall and with the heels she wore, they were probably of equal height. He wore a dark gray suit that screamed money. Knowing the man it was probably Armani or Gucci. A light tan that was more than likely sprayed on and a business-short hairstyle to match his persona of the in-charge business man, he stood there looking nonplussed. His face was devoid of any emotion as if it was just another night out.

But Holland knew better. She had endured the flurry of phone calls, asking where she was. To say Mitchell was impatient was an understatement, when he wanted something he wanted it right then and there. More times than not she figured he got right what he wanted. It wasn’t until the tenth phone call that Holland realized that maybe this wasn’t going to work out between them. Being on time wasn’t the problem and neither was him checking in to make sure she was all right. The problem was that he wanted to control her every moment and though she was submissive, she wouldn’t have him controlling her life. It was unfortunate that he was going to learn that Holland had her own backbone. Already the night was going to hell, and was getting worse by the minute. To most women he would be gorgeous, and handsome in his own right, but what surprised Holland was she didn’t get those feelings when she looked at him. Yeah, he was gorgeous, and they shared great conversations, but something was missing. It was hard to put her finger on it but something didn’t feel right. Holland was beginning to question why she was still dating Mitchell when he evoked no response from her body, her thighs didn’t tighten, and her nipples didn’t react to his touches like she thought they should. They hadn’t had sex, only some heavy petting, but even then she had to fantasize to reach her climax. Holland was starting to think it was she who had the problem.

“Hello, gorgeous.” He grabbed her up and pulled her tight into his embrace, kissing her cheek and inhaling her scent. And even though Holland wanted to feel something, she just didn’t. “I’ve been waiting here for a while now, what took you so long? I called and got your voicemail.” The last of his words had a bite of reprimand and Holland’s spine stiffened.

“Oh you know how women are, we need time to get ready.” She tried to laugh it off and not take offense to his scorn. But her mood was already in a downward spiral and Holland didn’t know how long she could pretend.

“Ah, well let’s not make a habit of that. I hate to be kept waiting. Okay?” He gave her a wolfish smile that just did nothing for her, except make her want to wipe it off his face.

“If it’s such an inconvenience, we can reschedule?” Holland gave him her biggest smile and waited.




God, things couldn’t get any worse. Looking around she saw that Oliver was standing just beside Adrian. Holland couldn’t help but stare at the other man she loved. He was gorgeous and his ocean-blue eyes were still as bright as she remembered them. So blue, that she could drown in them. He, like Adrian, had filled out in the muscle department and holy shit did it look good on him. Back then he had worn his light-brown hair in a Caesar cut, but now it was a bit longer on top with effortless waves. A light dusting of hair on his angular jaw, high cheek bones, and the same kissable lips that had her heart skipping a beat. His chest was bare, hairless, and she could see the sweat that trickled down his golden skin. His nipples were hard brown points and Holland could think nothing but sucking on them. Oliver loved when she worshiped his body with her mouth. Even in this uncertain moment, they could turn her life upside down, make her mind forget and her body take notice of their very male bodies.

As if he had caught her staring, Oliver made his presence known. “Hi, beautiful. Don’t think I didn’t catch you giving me the once-over. Like what you see?” To push the point home, he flexed his muscles and Holland’s mouth gaped open. He was sex on a fucking stick. He winked, moving then from his place at Adrian’s side, and pulled her away from the two Doms who were having a stare down for supremacy. Just as before with Adrian, she had no words, just the turbulent feelings in her mind.

“I–I…” The words would not come, no matter how hard she wished them. All too soon she was swept into Oliver’s warm embrace. She could smell his sweat mixed with the cologne he wore all those years ago. The familiar aroma had her going back in time.

“Beautiful girl, look at me. Watch me, watch as I take your body and make it mine.” Holland’s body was heated thinking about how Oliver would take her body, just as Adrian had not too long ago. It all had happened so fast. One minute they were sitting in the living room of Olly’s house, next they were in the bedroom, tearing at each other’s clothing. Adrian had been everything she wanted in her first lover. He was attentive and made sure she was with him every step of the way. Having Oliver holding her as Adrian took her virginity was a moment in time she would never forget. They took their time, each bringing her closer to the brink of climax and then easing her down slowly. She had been rabid with need for them and even though she just had Adrian and felt the soreness of the previously unused muscles in her pussy, there was no way she wouldn’t have Oliver. Peering at him from under her lashes, she took him in. He was gorgeous. His ocean-blue eyes were slightly darker with his growing lust. Breathing deep, she took in his scent, something she would always remember. Oliver loved to wear Polo sport cologne and it was a distinct smell that was all him. Any time she came across the aroma, she associated it with Oliver and how his eyes smiled at her when they would banter back and forth. Swallowing hard, she looked down her body to where their bodies would soon be connected. His cock was covered in a prophylactic and hard as stone bobbing between them. The lips of her sex glistened with the multiple orgasms they had given her at the start of the night. The sight was beautiful and she was more than ready for him to own her body as Adrian had done.

“Olly, I want you,” she said as she placed a kiss to his sweat-soaked chest. His hand came up and brushed her red wayward hair from her face and then he tilted her chin and kissed her. It wasn’t the savage kisses that they shared earlier, but the slow, relaxed kind, despite the wild beating of her heart. Closing her eyes once again, she took in every sensation, afraid that if she missed one, she would forget this moment.

“You won’t forget this, beautiful.” He said no more as he placed his throbbing cock at her entrance and pushed his way home.

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