The Happily Ever After Mating Agency Presents: The Dragon Prince (MMM)

The Happily Ever After Mating Agency 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,058
42 Ratings (4.4)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HEA]
Kai Hayashi, heir to the earth dragon clan, already lost his mother to the rebels threatening to overthrow the council. When his grandfather suggests an arranged mating with not one, but two men, each with certain skills to help protect Kai, the young dragon prince doesn't exactly need persuading.
Retrieval expert and leopard shifter Jace Dashwood has worked for the Hayashi family for a year now, helplessly in love with his employer's grandson. Kai is all the things that Jace could never be, innocent and gentle. He had thought to keep his feelings to himself until the dragon king made him an offer too good to be true.
Having worked as a mercenary for too long, bear shifter Ted Graves finally decided to put down roots. He thought that joining a mating agency meant he was going to get the normal life he thought he had been craving but instead he got an offer he couldn't refuse.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Happily Ever After Mating Agency Presents: The Dragon Prince (MMM)
42 Ratings (4.4)

The Happily Ever After Mating Agency Presents: The Dragon Prince (MMM)

The Happily Ever After Mating Agency 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,058
42 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A very good novella that I enjoyed immensely. I liked the twist at the end, but mostly I liked the romance and love between Kai, Jace, and Ted. They're very sweet together, and oh so hot!
Christy Duke
This book had everything you need. Romance, action, a threesome, family problems and acceptance. I could not put it down. I hope the next installment comes quick




He hadn't even begun playing when he heard the door open and close. He didn't bother looking up from where he was about to brake, not until he got a whiff of shifter. Cat shifter to be precise.

His eyes drifted up, still bent over the table, and locked eyes with a gorgeous blond. The guy was tall and lean, wearing a pair of jeans so tight that they could have been painted on and a preppy looking duck egg blue polo shirt. The golden curls on his head were kept short and styled in a way that made him look like a movie star from the nineteen fifties. He had warm, brown eyes and a wide mouth. He grinned over at Ted and his cheeks dimpled. He was a typical cat shifter, seduction poured out of his every move.

“Are you looking for someone to play with, big guy?” the cat purred in a soft British accent as he stalked over to the pool table. Ted grinned up at him and cocked his head. It was nice when he met another shifter that wasn't afraid of him. He was a big guy and shifters tended to mostly stick with their own kinds due to old prejudices. He had known many different types of shifters while in Iraq so he was used to mixing.

“Grab a stick,” Ted said, pulling back his cue and striking the white ball. He straightened up and watched as three of the balls went flying into pockets.

“Nice break,” the cat said as he moved closer. “I'm Jace.”


Jace snorted, though he somehow managed to make it sound sexy and not at all undignified. “Teddy bear? Really?”

Ted simply rolled his eyes and went to pot another ball. “Theodore Graves. Some of the shifters in my unit actually started calling me Teddy Bear though because... well, because they were assholes. It stuck.”

Jace smirked. “No, I'm betting there's more to it than that.”

Ted loved Jace's accent. His voice was smooth and sexy, he looked and sounded like a young Jude Law. It suited him. “Alright, I might have given some of my rations to a couple of stray dogs now and then.”

Chuckling, Jace leaned over so close that Ted could feel his breath on his ear. “And they decided you were just a cuddly old teddy bear deep down.”

The closeness of the other man made Ted miss his shot, which he suspected was Jace's reason for doing so.

With an easy smile on his lips, Jace bent over the table as Ted stood back. The cat shifter wiggled his ass back and forth as he lined up his shot. It was clear from the way the guy looked back at Ted over his shoulder that he knew exactly what he was doing. Thank god Ted hadn't gone home with those other two. If this was his last night as a single man then he was certainly glad he had found someone like Jace to spend it with. All cat shifters were good in bed from Ted's own personal experience.

“I tell you what,” Jace began as he looked down the cue. “How about we make this a little more interesting.”

Ted smirked, his eyes firmly glued to the firm ass that was right in front of him. “I'm not sure that's possible.”

Jace looked back at Ted over his shoulder again and threw him an easy wink. “How about if I win, you have to take me back to your place and screw me into the mattress.”

Ted was certainly glad he hadn't just taken a mouthful of his beer because if he had then he would have sprayed it all over Jace. “Why on earth would I want to win then?”

“Because if you win you get the best head of your life before you screw me into the mattress.”

Jace's words had Ted getting hard in his jeans. He wanted to just grab the other man, damn the game of pool, and take him right there. Ted discreetly adjusted himself, and took a steadying breath.

“You've got yourself a bet,” he said, pleasantly surprised by how even his voice managed to sound. “Take your shot.”

Ted stood back and watched the slightly shorter man as he calculated his shot, pulled back his cue, and struck the white ball dead in the centre. The ball shot across the table, bouncing off the side, before hitting its intended target and knocking it cleanly into the corner pocket.

It was an impressive shot and Ted couldn't help but smile as Jace moved around the table and potted another two balls with one shot.

“Why do I get the feeling I'm being hustled here?”

“I always play to win, Teddy Bear,” Jace said with a carefree smile. He continued to pot all of his balls bar one. Instead of going for the kill, Jace reached over the table and knocked the black ball into a pocket, purposefully losing the game. “Oops.”

Ted grinned at him and Jace simply shrugged.

“What can I say?” Jace said as he ran his hand down Ted's chest. He leaned in and whispered into Ted's ear, “I guess I really want your cock in my mouth.”




“Maybe you should take it as a challenge,” Jace suggested, his voice dropping to a husky tone.

Ted raised one eyebrow at the suggestion. “Maybe I should. Maybe I shouldn't fuck you anymore until you beg me to.”

Jace smiled up at him wickedly, the idea more than appealing to him. “I should warn you, I've held up under all manner of torture.”

Ted chuckled, clearly thinking that Jace was joking. If only.

“Okay then,” Jace said. “Do you worst, Teddy Bear.”

Ted grinned down at him before slowly lowering his head and licking over his left nipple. Jace had assumed Ted, like a lot of men he had been with, would go straight to the fucking, but it seemed that Ted might actually have it in him to make Jace beg after all.

Jace had sensitive nipples, it was like sparks being sent right down to his dick. While Ted nipped, licked, sucked, and nibbled on one nipple, he idly ran his fingertips up and down Jace's thigh, never once douching his dick but getting close a few times.

When Ted switched over to the other nipple, his fingers questing teasingly close to his balls, Jace's breath hitched and came out as a shudder.

Ted looked up at him, meeting his eyes with a look of smugness.

Jace didn't even care, it all felt too good for him to even want to hold out. His hole, now empty but still loose ached to be filled again. Between his legs his cock twitched constantly, silently begging to be touched.

With an evil but playful gleam in his eye Ted licked and kissed his way slowly down Jace's body until he could nip at the soft skin of his stomach. When he went lower, Jace thought that he was finally going to get some release and that Ted was going to suck his cock again. Rather than take Jace in his mouth though, Ted just licked teasingly over the tip before blowing on it softly.

“Fuck, Ted, come on,” Jace whined, making Ted smirk again.

“Was that you begging?” the bear shifter asked, seemingly unaffected, though his cock was still rock hard and thick between his legs. God, Jace could look at that cock all day, it was a thing of beauty and he desperately wanted it back inside him. He knew he could hold out longer, much longer, but why the hell was he trying to deny himself something that he actually wanted.

“Yes,” Jace shouted. “I'm begging. Fuck me. Please fuck me.”

Ted's eyes were black with raw need and he wasted no time in filling Jace back up. The sensation of Ted pushing into him again was even better than the first time. He was looser and more turned on.

“You feel amazing,” Ted whispered as he pushed in. He didn't still this time. He only paused long enough to kiss Jace again before he started fucking him in earnest.

It had been slow and sensual before but now it was just raw fucking. He pounded into Jace's willing hole with open abandon, his powerful hips, thighs, and ass clenching with every thrust.

In the back of Jace's mind he couldn't help but think about the fact he was going to have this whenever he wanted for the rest of his life. It was a strange thing to commit yourself to a near stranger and if Kai weren't part of the deal Jace wasn't sure he could go through with it. The image of Kai being in his position, laid back and fucked out while Ted pounded into him had him so hard that he felt his fingernails turn to claws.

“Oh shit,” Ted cried out as his back was scratched. It didn't slow Ted down at all, if anything it seemed to spur him on. He growled low in his throat and it was enough to push Jace over the edge.

He dug his claws in as wave after wave of intense pleasure shot through him. He came so hard that his vision darkened for a moment.

“Fuck, Jace,” Ted cried. He arched up, thrusting into Jace's pulsating hole.

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