The Beast Within (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,663
13 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Seventeen year old Sky Taylor, the love of his life Mitch, and brother Ben want nothing more than to land a record contract. When a record exec offers only Sky a contract, he betrays them and ends up losing them.
Seven years later, Sky is the lead singer of the hottest all-gay Glamrock band around. Ghost Heart is the biggest guitarist in the world and has just become available. He is the hottest thing Sky has ever seen, but he’s straight.
The sexual tension between Sky and Ghost ignites, until Sky sees a memorial tattoo on Ghost’s back with the name of his first love, Mitch, on it.
Sky fights to find way past the guilt he feels over what he did to Mitch all those years ago, so that he can move forward and finally find some happiness. He hopes that happiness comes with Ghost. But Ghost doesn’t believe in relationships, or love.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Beast Within (MM)
13 Ratings (4.7)

The Beast Within (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,663
13 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Fantastic!! There is love & heartbreak both from the past & in the present. A great cast of characters that you grow to love (or hate as the case may be for someone in particular). Sky & Mitch are torn apart, but years later Ghost enters Sky’s life & gives him hope that maybe he might deserve to be loved, but Ghost has his own demons. I did guess the twist early on, but it didn’t detract from the story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Loved this book. Could not put it down until I finished it.
Mountain Mist




Ghost Heart was coming in to meet with them. Ghost fucking Heart was considering joining The Beast Within. Son of a bitch. If they could get Ghost Heart, they would be unstoppable. With his vocals and Ghost’s guitar, they could make magic happen. And with Ren on drums, Tom on bass, and Joe on keys, this would be the band he always dreamed of.

“Is he here yet?” Joe asked as he ran into the conference room. He sat in the chair next to Tom.

“Yeah, Lee just went to get him and bring him up,” Tom answered.

“Damn, Ghost Heart. If we pull this off, we’re gonna shoot right to the stars, man,” Joe said with excitement.

“Just be cool, Joe. Let’s not act like the shy wallflower getting a date with the quarterback. Yes, it would be fan-fucking-tastic if we scored Ghost, but it’s okay if we don’t. We’ll find someone and do what we’ve always done,” Sky said.

“They’re coming,” Ren said and moved away from the door he had been peeking out of. He jumped into his chair by Sky and leaned back, trying to act cool. The guys all started laughing at him and the door opened.

Lee walked in and moved to the side, and there in the doorway was the god himself. Damn, the man was even hotter in person. He stood there with a sexy woman on each arm. Sunglasses covered his eyes and his face looked hard, like he was pissed. He turned to the woman on his left on gave her a quick kiss on the lips, then turned and did the same with the one on the right.

“I need to take care of some business now, pretties. Why don’t you have a seat out here? If I’m longer than half an hour, take a walk down to that cafe we passed and get us a table,” he said in that smooth, sexy voice. The women giggled and turned away to find a seat. Ghost turned to watch them go. He lowered his sunglasses slightly to stare at their asses and then covered his eyes again and turned back to the room. Manwhore or overcompensating? Sky thought.

“Ghost Heart, may I introduce The Beast Within,” Lee started, but Ghost cut him off.

“No, man. I got this. Hey, Ren,” he said and met Ren halfway as they shook hands and patted each other on the back.

“It’s good to see you, Ghost. Come on in, have a seat.” Ren motioned to a chair. “These are my boys. Right here is Joe Miller, and next to him is Tom Wilkens, and over here is—”

“Sky Taylor,” Ghost said and stared at Sky. He reached out and offered Sky his hand.

Sky stood and clasped hands, and gasped as a jolt of electricity ran up his arm and through his body. What the fuck was that? “Good to meet ya, Ghost,” Sky said as he quickly composed himself.

“Yeah, you too,” Ghost said coolly and released his hand. He sat in the offered chair and Sky and Ren took their seats. Lee had closed the door during their exchange, but now sat at the head of the table.

“So, Ghost…May I call you Ghost, or is that just a stage name?” Lee asked.

“No, it’s my real name,” he answered with no emotion. “And you can call me Mr. Heart.”

The guys snickered at Ghost’s remark and Lee’s face turned pale. Sky had to admit, it was good seeing Lee get all ruffled. Good for Ghost. Don’t take any shit from Lee.

Lee stuttered for a minute before he caught himself and cleared his throat. “Yes, well, Mr. Heart. Thank you for coming in today to meet with us. I know Ren has spoken to you about possibly joining us.”

“And what do you play?” Ghost asked Lee in a bored tone. Sky looked down to hide the smile that was threatening to appear.

“Excuse me?” Lee asked in surprise.

“What instrument do you play?” Ghost asked again, but slowly, like Lee was a child.

“I don’t play. I’m the band’s manager,” Lee answered.

“Oh,” Ghost answered, and his face seemed to turn to stone. “I thought you were just a studio suit.” The guys all snickered and Lee shot them a look.

“Although I do work for the studio, I am also the band’s manager.”

“Would you mind getting me a mocha latte? Double shot of mocha with a swirl of whipped cream on top, and ask them to shoot a little mint in there, would you? Thanks,” Ghost said, and Lee stared at him in horror.

“Sure,” Lee said and stood up. He hesitated like he was going to change his mind, but Ghost just stared at him, stone-faced. Lee left the room and closed the door. The minute the door closed, Sky could see the side of Ghost’s mouth lift in a smirk. He looked at them with a big smile and removed his sunglasses.

Holy shit! Those green eyes were amazing. And when Ghost smiled, it made Sky’s cock twitch and start to fill.

“I hate studio suits. They’re all fucking vultures,” he said with a laugh. “Sorry about that, guys. That guy really rubs me the wrong way. I’m not usually a dick. Well, not always,” He laughed. And if that sexy laugh didn’t just fill Sky’s cock to the limits.

“It’s okay, man. You had me going for a while there,” Ren said with a laugh.

“I thought he needed to go. You guys are the band and if I’m gonna consider joining you, then I want to talk to you, not the suit. I’m sure you have questions for me and I have some for you, but I got the feeling he was gonna take over this meeting. We need to see if we have chemistry. So let’s get down to it, guys. I think you guys rock and I am very interested in coming onboard,” Ghost said.




Sky pulled off Ghost’s nipple. “I need to taste you,” he said and dropped to his knees before his words even registered to Ghost.

“Holy fuck, you're big,” Sky whispered in awe, and suddenly the head of Ghost’s cock was engulfed by Sky’s hot, wet mouth. He wrapped his lips around the head and speared his tongue into the slit, drawing out Ghost’s pre-cum. Sky hummed and the vibration ran up Ghost’s cock and into his spine. His body shivered and his hips bucked, sliding him deeper into Sky’s mouth. Sky pulled his lips off of him and then flicked his silver ball with his tongue. The sensation almost shattered him.

Sky pulled off his cock long enough to say, “You taste even better than I imagined, and this piercing is sexy as hell.”

Sky opened his mouth and took as much of Ghost down his throat as he could. The tip of his cock hit the back of Sky’s throat and he gagged. “Easy, baby, don’t hurt yourself. Only take what you can,” Ghost said softly as his hand caressed Sky’s cheek tenderly.

Soon, Sky found his rhythm. He wrapped a hand around the base of Ghost’s cock and slid it in time with his mouth. He increased his suction until his cheeks hollowed and Ghost let out a feral groan. God, the man could suck cock. His mouth was made to suck.

“Oh shit, baby, you feel too good. I’m not gonna last,” Ghost groaned.

He felt Sky smile around his dick and then move his hand away and slid his lips down further. Before Ghost knew it, he felt Sky’s nose touch his groin and his balls slap Sky’s chin. Oh fuck, he took all of me. Ghost tapped Sky on the shoulder to warn him that he was about to shoot, but Sky didn’t pull off. He wrapped his hands around Ghost and grabbed onto his ass, pulling him in tighter. Then Sky did something Ghost hadn’t felt in a long time, Sky swallowed around the head of his cock and Ghost saw stars.

He threw his head back and clenched his eyes and teeth closed as he hissed at the incredible sensation. Ghost tightened his grip in Sky’s hair. He wanted to thrust his hips and fuck Sky’s mouth, but he fought the urge. He didn’t want to cause his lover pain. But damn, that throat was heaven. Ghost’s balls tightened against his body. Sky pressed his tongue hard against the underside of his dick, which caused the little ball to pull on the head, just as Sky swallowed again. That was enough to push Ghost over the edge. His fingers tightened in Sky’s hair and his hips bucked, jamming his rod down Sky’s throat as he shot his juice into his mouth. He felt Sky’s throat muscles working to swallow all of his cum. Sky pulled his head back slightly and continued to swallow all that Ghost gave him.

He loosened his grip on his lover’s hair and Sky let his spent cock fall from his lips. He stood up and looked at Ghost. Their eyes met and Ghost saw an uncertainty in Sky’s eyes. He cupped Sky’s cheek and gently kissed his lips. He slid his tongue between Sky’s swollen lips and kissed him softly, loving the taste of himself mixed with the taste of Sky.

He shifted from one foot to the other, kicking his shoes and pants off as he continued to kiss Sky. He pulled back from the kiss and bent down. He picked up his shoes, pants, and their shirts, and then he picked up Sky.

Sky released an unmanly squeal, but Ghost thought it was cute as hell. “What are you doing?” Sky asked as Ghost walked them to the back cabin. He opened the door and stepped in, kicking the door closed behind him. He placed Sky on the bed and pulled off his pants that were still pooled around his ankles. Then he climbed up between Sky’s legs and spread them.

“I’m putting you to bed, and then I’m going to my bed,” he said and then licked a line up Sky’s cock from the base to the tip.

“You’re leaving? Why?” Sky almost whined.

“I don’t think it would be a good idea for the guys to come back and find us in bed together. But you deserve a reward for that fucking amazing blow job.” Ghost lowered his head and took Sky’s smooth sac into his mouth before Sky could reply. Sky’s hips bucked and he moaned.

Ghost rolled the small orbs around in his mouth and played with them with his tongue for a few minutes. He could feel them starting to tighten and he knew Sky wasn’t going to last long. He released Sky’s sac and licked back up his cock, and took it down his throat in one move.

Sky’s hips bucked again and his hands grabbed onto Ghost’s head and held on tight. “Oh fuck, Ghost!” he yelled out. Ghost slid his lips up the silk-covered steel rod and he gently sucked and swirled his tongue around. He sucked on the head for a moment and then began to bob his head up and down the shaft. At the same time, he cupped Sky’s balls in one hand and gently tugged as he pressed a finger against Sky’s tight star with the other hand.

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