Knights of the Lonely Road (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,871
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

When truck driver Logan agrees to give young hitchhiker Drew a ride in the cab of his semi, he has no idea he’s opening the door to both love and adventure. Along the way from Seattle to Miami, via a zigzag route dictated by Logan’s various stops, things are anything but calm. Their lives are imperiled in a holdup, and Drew is injured in an accident.

As they ride the highways, the two men fall in love, but it seems they can’t possibly have a future together. Drew is bound for Miami and a future as an audio engineer, while Logan is "married to" his life as a long-haul trucker. The truck is going to feel awfully empty once Logan leaves Drew in Miami, but there doesn’t seem to be any possible solution that will allow them to remain as a couple. Logan is facing a long, lonely future. Is there any hope for a happy ending?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Knights of the Lonely Road (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Knights of the Lonely Road (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,871
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



When the cartons had been signed for and all wheeled in, and then the hand truck was secured in place against the truck wall and the truck closed up again, the men once again got on their way. “Well, that wait set us back a bit,” Logan observed.

“Almost the end of the run,” Drew said.

“Just one more shipment to deliver,” Logan agreed.

“And then one to pick up, and then you’re off to Annapolis.” Drew’s voice sounded as if his Christmas puppy had died.

“Yup!” said Logan, trying to sound cheery, but in truth he was feeling sad, too.

It was around four o’clock when Logan became aware of the noise. He couldn’t identify it, but he knew it wasn’t anything he should be hearing, and as it continued mile after mile, he grew increasingly concerned.

“Maybe one of the cartons in the trailer is shifting around?” Drew suggested.

“Or the hand truck came loose from its mooring on the wall?” Logan said.

“Maybe we have a flat tire?” was Drew’s next thought.

“It doesn’t feel like a flat,” Logan said. “I’m going to pull over and check it out.”

“I’ll jump out and check. I’m restless anyhow.” Indeed, Drew had been tapping his feet and drumming his fingers.

“Okay. I’ll give you the key to the trailer.” Logan checked his side-view mirrors and waited until it was safe to move over a lane, then another, until he was in the rightmost lane. Then he pulled off onto the shoulder. “Be careful,” he warned Drew as he handed him the key.


* * * *


Taking the key, Drew jumped down from the cab and walked the length of the trailer to the door at the rear. He climbed in, checked around, but saw nothing amiss. Both the cartons consigned to Miami and the hand truck seemed firmly anchored in place. Then what’s causing the noise? Exiting the trailer and locking it up again, he raced back to the passenger side of the cab and opened the door to call in to Logan, “Everything’s fine in the trailer. I’m going to check the tires.”

The tires on that side were fine. Cautiously, he made his way around the trailer to the driver’s side, the side nearest the road. Those tires looked all right, too, but then he spotted the apparent cause of the problem. A tree branch was caught between one of the axles and the undercarriage of the trailer. It was going to take some work to get it unwedged.

He walked up to Logan’s window. Logan saw him and rolled the window down. “Yes? Find something?”

“I think I see our problem. There’s a tree branch wedged under the trailer. It’s caught in an axle. I’m going to get it out. Whatever you do, don’t move the truck!

Logan flashed him a thumbs-up and once again shouted, “Be careful.”

Drew crawled underneath the trailer, where he soon found that the branch was wedged in pretty securely. He tugged and tugged and pushed and pulled but could budge it only a tiny bit. He was hampered by the space he was working in, but by dint of pushing and pulling some more, he finally, finally got it almost loose. He was sweaty, dirt-streaked, rumpled, and disheveled, but he was about to succeed. Just one more tug…one more…

Then the darn thing pulled loose at last and lay at his feet on the ground. He didn’t want to leave it there, thinking that if he did the trailer might pick it up again as they rolled back onto the highway. So he backed out of the confined space underneath the trailer, tugging the branch as he went. Cautiously, he backed and backed until at last he was out from under the trailer, though the branch still remained underneath.

Reaching down, he took hold of the branch and tugged it, but now it became caught by a tire and wouldn’t pull free. Drew tugged harder, then harder still, pulling at an angle to try to free it. Suddenly it came loose, and Drew staggered backward to the edge of the roadside.


He was aware of the impact of the car sideswiping him, and then he lost consciousness.




“Come here, you,” Logan said, pulling Drew roughly up against him. Then he bent down, pressed his mouth to Drew’s mouth, and kissed him fiercely, although with his lips closed.

Drew’s body melded into Logan’s, and the two hugged in a tight embrace that was purely sexual. Logan could feel the hardness of Drew’s dick poking into his belly, and from the way it felt, the short fellow had a tall, big cock. Well, that was a pleasant surprise. Kind of a boner bonus. He wondered if Drew was sizing up his cock. It was certainly up hard and eager.

Logan had had a lazy half-hard for Drew ever since first meeting the guy, but now it was in full hardness, rampant and eager, as eager as Logan himself. He itched to bury his dick in Drew’s hole, although he would have happily let Drew fuck him instead. The thought of that massive cock plunging into his back door made his ass twitch happily. But then the thought of that deluxe dick also made his mouth water. What a pleasure it would be to suck on that thing!

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Well, at least he would be happy no matter what the outcome. Unfastening his lips from Drew’s lips, he looked at him and asked, “Hey, man, are you a top or a bottom?”

“I can go either way. I kinda like topping, but I’m sorta large, and not everyone can take it, so I bottom a lot, too. Sucking’s good, too. What about you?”

“Same here. I’m versatile. Like you, I prefer topping, but I bottom happily enough. So long as I get my rocks off. And yes, sucking’s fine in my book—sucking and getting sucked. It’s all good. Sex is good. As long as it’s with another dude.”

“I never had a woman, either,” Drew told him. “I had a girlfriend in high school, back in my sophomore year before I had fully come to terms with who and what I was. But I didn’t even neck with her that much. I certainly didn’t fuck her! I didn’t want to, although I didn’t understand why at the time.”

Logan clapped his right hand firmly over Drew’s tented pants front. Grasping the young man’s erection in his fist, he asked, “When did you realize you were gay?”

“The summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school. I had a job at the pool club, working for the cafeteria concessionaire. He was gay, and he came on to me. I had very mixed emotions. On the one hand, my body responded positively, but on the other hand, I thought there was something wrong with me because of that. Also the dude wasn’t that appealing, and he was, like, way older than I was. Maybe in his thirties, but I was just a teen.”

“So nothing happened between you?” Logan snicked open Drew’s zipper as he asked and tried to fish out his dick, but the thing was so stiff and engorged that it wouldn’t come out of Drew’s fly.

“Naah. I kept reminding him I was underage, and that held him at bay, but my body kept sending me mixed signals. Like, sex with a man, good. Sex with this man, not good. But by the time the summer was over, I realized I was gay and I had better learn to accept it. The fact that I was, like, totally drooling over one of the lifeguards at the pool kinda helped bring the message home, too. The guy was pure beefcake. Muscles up the wazoo, and—hey, that feels good.”

Logan had given up on tugging Drew’s dick out of his unzipped fly and had unbuckled Drew’s belt and unfastened the snap above his zipper. This finally allowed him access to the young man’s dick, which he was now fisting. Drew’s legs sagged, and he staggered back two steps to land on one of the two beds and plunk down heavily onto it. He lay on his back across the middle of the bed, his legs over the edge and hanging down toward the floor, and Logan followed him, sitting on the edge of the bed and resuming fisting Drew’s dick.

Drew at that point returned the favor, reaching for Logan’s crotch and unzipping his fly. Although Logan’s dick was just as hard as Drew’s, it was not as large, but Drew drooled over it as if it were the greatest gift he’d ever been given.

“Is that for me?” he asked in the tone of a person who’s been given an unexpected present. Before Logan could answer, Drew was squeezing his solid hard-on. An involuntary sigh escaped Logan’s lips.

Drew rolled around behind him, pressing his swelling dick into the crease of Logan’s ass, nuzzling the back of his neck with his full lips. As he did, he ground his hard-on insistently into Logan’s ass-crack. Then he reached around front and squeezed Logan’s hard-on. Logan let out a little squeak.

Drew’s finger skated across his pre-cum-lubed crown, then dipped into his welling slit. At the feel of that fingertip on the sensitive nerves that lived there, Logan lost it, gasping, staggering, sagging, but above all, coming. He shot a stream of sticky cum through the air. “What a waste,” Drew sighed, rotating his hips and jamming his pelvis against Logan’s butt-cheeks, driving his rigid cock into Logan’s crack.

Logan wasn’t even aware at the time of Drew taking his clothes off or putting on the rubber. He became aware that Drew had done so when Drew started to tug at Logan’s clothes. That was when he noticed that Drew was naked and rubbered. Though Logan opened his mouth to say something, all that came out was a squeak. “Stand up, bend over, and hold onto the arm of that chair,” Drew instructed, taking charge and giving stage directions.

Trembling with anticipation, Logan followed his guidance.


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