Phantom (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 50,570
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Romance, HEA]
The man sees a picture of the woman from his dreams in his friend and employee's home who’d been haunting him, wanting to meet the woman in the flesh.
When the door opened, Chantell turned her back to it and sat staring at the fire. Needing the solace of the burning logs to gather her courage after the news that she had described a man that her own sister knew.
“Ah, I see, at last we meet.” A deep husky baritone spoke from directly behind her. Chantell turned to the source of the voice and was ready to tell this would-be Casanova that she was definitely not interested.
When she turned to the man her voice died inside of her and her complexion lost the little color it had. Him! The man who’d been haunting her dreams stood in front of her now. Everything went black around her, she felt herself slipping, slipping into oblivion.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Phantom (MF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Phantom (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 50,570
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I initially received an arc of this book to read for review and ended up buying it when it was released since I loved the story concept and the characters. I am looking forward to more books in the future.




“Oh, I thought you wanted to be alone, and it was your way of telling me to leave you alone. I had a fight with Anne and just wanted to be alone to think. She’s under the impression that I’m driving you away.”

“No! I just wanted to be you and me alone tonight.”

“How did you get so wet?” she asked, looking down at his soaked clothes dripping in the doorway. He was wet all the way up to his chest, leaving his jeans molded to his masculine bulge, showing how much he had to show. Lustful ideas fanned the flame in her body, making her lick her suddenly dry lips. He looked down at his wet body, just noticing for the first time that he was soaked. Starting to feel a chill, he closed the door behind him with a slam. He kicked off his boots, and with a glint in his eyes he undid the top button on his jeans and slowly pulled down the zipper, stepping closer to her as doing so. Pretending to be unaffected by the sight before her eyes, she turned to the fire and restored the flames in the tiny fireplace. “How did you get here? Are you alone?” She had been turned to him once again.

“I rode that black beast of yours. How else do you think I got here?”

“I think I remember you telling me you didn’t like horses. Or was that just a ruse?” Her eyes grew really big as she noticed he was standing before her in all his glorious male nudity, his engorged shaft saluting her proudly.

The denim shirt he was wearing being taken slowly from his arms. He stalked toward her, his eyes brilliant blue fire, a purely male smile tilting at the corners of his wonderful mouth.

He joined her on her makeshift bed on the floor, pulling her to him he gently kissed her lips.

Ah, heaven, home, ran through his brain when their lips touched. She melted into him and clung to him for dear life. He never wanted to let her go. This feeling, this completeness. This is home! a tiny voice screamed in his heart.

“Miss Elle. Are you there! Just to let you know in case you can hear me, hopefully are fine, your young man is on his way there on the beast. He seemed a fine right mood.” Roland voice crackled over the radio, the sound intruding upon their peacefulness, startling the two of them apart.

“Oh shit! I forgot all about that radio!” he chuckled.

“We’d better let him know that you’re here safely, or he’s liable to send out a search party for you. Tenderfoot that you are, he probably figures you’re lying in the creek.” She giggled.

“I’ll show you tenderfoot, young lady! You’re far too dressed for my liking,” he said as he passed her the radio.

She called Roland to tell him that yes her young man had made it and got soaked in the process. She told Roland they were staying at the cabin for the night.

“Where’s Prize? Did you tie him up?”

“Yes ma’am. He’s tied up outside on the post. But that’s not any concern to worry about now. First it’s you and I have some business to take care. Let’s get you undressed as well.”

“Did you unsaddle him?” she asked, concerned for the horse’s well-being.

“No, because I didn’t know you were here for sure. You had me so worried I didn’t know what I was doing. Never in my life have I felt the way that you made me feel tonight, not knowing for sure where you were, not being able to get ahold of you.”

“I should let you stay there, and since I’m dressed I’ll go unsaddle him. While I’m out there, hang your clothes up so they can dry by the fire,” she ordered as if to a child, as she got up from their warm spot.

“Hurry up, woman! I need you so badly right now!” he moaned.

She hurriedly unsaddled the horse and led him to the small pen behind the cabin before rejoining the man inside.


* * * *


He was lying on his side facing the doorway, waiting for her to return to him. She stood just inside the closed doorway, taking in the magnificent sight before her eyes, tracing his whole body to memory. The flames playing lighted colors against the black shiny hair on his head. The thick mat of hair covering his broad chest, her fingers itched to touch the silkiness. The fine line that trailed from above his navel to where it broadened once again at the nest surrounding his heated male glory elicited a purely female whistle of appreciation.

Kicking her boots off, she stood facing him, undoing her top buttons slowly, tantalizingly. The color of her eyes dark like sapphires glistened against the red fire light. She felt powerful, standing with her dressed and him lying there not. The look on his face made her feel as if she was the only woman in the world for him.




His soft lips nuzzled at her ear, grazing his teeth gently along the outer shell. His fingers moved from her chin to her shoulder tenderly tracing along the veins marking her delicate perfection. His lips tantalized a trail along her neck to the juncture where it met her shoulder as his fingers curled around her biceps gently pushing her down, down onto the softness of the bed. His body moved slowly with hers so that their chests were touching, the soft hair of his chest rubbing along her jaded nipples, causing a pulling in her core, a need to have the man fill her completely, effortlessly, joyously. Owning her, as much as she owned him.

Her heart beat a rhythm that matched the one pounding in Daniel’s chest, the visible thumping matching the tattoo of his cock, beating against her hip, his hips suggesting the tempo they’d be sharing soon. A look of promised pleasure to come filled his face as he stared into her eyes as a silent question passed between them. His lips descended to hers as a breath of air passed her open mouth from his, a slight mint to the air from the pair of them. His mouth touched hers gently at first, his tongue slipping past her lips to tangle with her own, mating as their bodies soon would be. Her hips shifted to relieve some pressure building in her lower abdomen, her core begging for something, something she’d missed out on for such a long time now.

Her pussy wept in readiness of his cock’s penetration. Her clit felt overly sensitive as his thumb teased it with a series of little light circles. Her hips thrust to his fingers as they played a silent mating tune that imitated the need of what would soon come for her. It had been so long in reality since she’d made love with anyone, but this man had fulfilled her completely in her dreams, and what fun those dreams had been. If the dreams were anywhere as good as the act to come, she could die a very happy lady, indeed. The warmth escaped her, dripping down her butt onto the bed below her, making her feel the amount of pleasure he was giving her already though he still hadn’t even gotten his cock into her.

The building pressure in her lower abdomen made her hips move more as the pleasure got to be too much to bear. Her legs tried to squeeze together to hold his hand from taking her further into the overreaching wonder that he was giving her. Screaming as she felt the breach of her pleasure reach its zenith, a flood of gushing cream spilled further from her, his hand keeping up the torturous pleasure as his fingers pumped into her heat harder still, trying to keep her flying into the outer stratosphere.

Her fingers gripped his cock tightening harder as she cried out her pleasure. His thickness was more than her fingers could close completely around, worrying her that he would hurt her as he took her the first time. She felt again like she had the first time she had had sex with James, a complete virgin, only this time she actually knew what she was going to get with Daniel.

The head of his cock was bigger than the rest, soft to the touch, like velvet but at the same time hard as stone, the shape of it reminding her of a mushroom top. He thrust into her hand as his fingers plied her body, his cock head showing a clear fluid that she rubbed with her thumb from her other hand, before bringing her thumb to her mouth to taste his essence. He was salty sweet, a sticky texture in her mouth, which watered for more of him.

She watched as his hand left her body and moved to his mouth. His fingers looked sopping wet with her juices. She watched enthralled as he licked his fingers completely clean of her. He gave a male grunt of satisfaction as he lapped at his fingers much like one would an ice cream treat. A renewed feeling washed through her whole being at the sight of his enjoyment of her taste. His eyes were almost black in their intensity.

The thick length of his hard hot cock pointed directly toward where she needed him to fill her. Her legs widened to make room for his body to settle into her welcome opening.

The fullness of his cock settled into her as her body stretched almost to the point of pain at his slight entry. It made things a little uncomfortable to begin with, but being as gentle as he was, he stopped and waited for her body to slowly accept more of him before he pushed forward a little more, inch by inch, slowly filling and stretching her to accommodate his size and length.

A renewed wash of pleasure snaked its way through her body as she felt him completely within her body, a thrill that flowed from her deepest depths to the outer edges of her body.

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