Fourth of July Destiny (MFM)

Holidays in Destiny 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,626
7 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, consensual BDSM, HEA]
After receiving her PhD, Caitlyn Strange returns to her hometown of Destiny, Colorado to face her old nightmares. A deadly accident changed her life forever, causing her to vow to never love again. She’s back for the Fourth of July festivities only. When the party is over she will leave for her new job in New York, never to return. 
Jim Harris and Hank Kendrick are musicians with Wolfe Mayhem, a local band that has gone on to International stardom. Jim and Hank have tried to get Caitlyn to open up to them during her previous visits home to no avail. When they learn about her plans to move to New York, they know they must do whatever it takes to change her mind and to win her heart. Working together as matchmakers for a couple of their friends, Caitlyn begins to open up to Jim and Hank. She’s torn whether to keep her vow or risk love once again.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Chloe Lang is a Siren-exclusive author.
Fourth of July Destiny (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.3)

Fourth of July Destiny (MFM)

Holidays in Destiny 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,626
7 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A good book
Chloe's books are always amazing!




“My mind was going down memory lane. What were we talking about?”

“Your job offer in New York,” Hank reminded her.

“That’s right. The producers I’ll be working for are young and innovative. They want their troops to be healthy, not just in body but also in mind. A run can be grueling for the actors. They have to deal with getting their egos bruised. Some don’t get the parts they want and the tabloids can rip them to shreds. While there are seasoned performers that star on Broadway, most of the actors are young. For many it will be their first job that will keep them away from home for a long time. There are romances that form and end during a run. Hearts are broken. Feelings are hurt. And I’m sure you’ve heard about the eating disorders that run rampant in both men and women performers. I will be there to help all of them with whatever the actors are dealing with. And not only will they do better, so will the show.”

“Good for you. I’m happy for you.” Something in Hank’s tone told her he really wasn’t that sincere about it.

“Seems promising,” Jim said, sounding just as unenthusiastic as his band mate.

“It is promising. All I want to do is help people. That’s why I got my degree. But look at me.” She ran her fingers through her hair. “Blue with a red streak. I’m not your typical psychologist. I don’t fit in for most practices.”

“But you would fit in perfectly here, Caitlin,” Hank said. “You know better than me and Jim, having grown up in Destiny, that this place is all about independent spirits. You certainly would thrive here.”

She knew he was right if not for all the reminders she would have to face day in and day out if she moved back. Reminders of all she’d lost because of the accident.

“Do your siblings know about the job on Broadway?” Jim asked.

She shook her head. “Only Tad right now. I thought about telling them tonight, but I’m not sure how they’ll take it. Dylan and Cam have made it clear that they want Celeste and me to move closer to home. I don’t know what they’re doing to convince my sister to return, but they set up a meeting for me with Sam while I’m in town this week. I’m sure they have filled his ears with how great I would be to help him with his practice.”

“I’m certain you would be,” Hank said. “Don’t some patients prefer a female psychologist?”

“Absolutely,” she said.

“And I’m sure Sam would love the help.” Jim smiled. “He keeps making threats he’s going to retire.”

“Sam won’t ever give up his practice.” She knew how much the man loved helping people.

“You may be right, but I do think he would like to lighten his load a little,” he explained. “He loves getting out on the lake with a fishing pole in his hand, but hasn’t had much time for it lately.”

Hank added, “It would also make a lot of people happy if you and Celeste moved back to Destiny.”

She wondered if one of those people Hank was referring to might be him. “I just don’t see myself ever moving back to Destiny.”

“Do you have time to think about it?” Jim asked.

“I don’t know when my start date is in New York. We’re still working out the details. I should find out by the end of the week though.”

“Congratulations on landing a job so quickly after graduation,” Jim said. “But Hank is right. There are so many here in town—especially your family—who would like you and Celeste to move home. And everyone knows that you and Sam would work well together.”

She turned and looked him in the eyes. He and Hank seemed to be set on trying to get her to stay. Why? Was it only about making her family happy or was it something more?

Still, she agreed with them about Sam O’Leary. He was a wonderful person and someone she looked up to. He had been her therapist after the accident. She wouldn’t have come as far as she had without his counseling. Maybe she would have come even further if she hadn’t left for college. It was during their sessions together that her passion to pursue a career in psychology had been born.

Hank pulled into the parking lot of the Dream Hotel.

“There’s my Metro Max over there.” She pointed to her car.

Hank parked next to Max.

Jim got out of Little Red and held the door for her. “Very nice ride, Caitlin.”

“He sure is.” She would miss Max, but knew there wasn’t any other option but to sell the car.

“Please come to our rehearsal, Caitlin,” Jim said as Hank moved next to them. “So we can have even more fun before you leave…especially if you decide to take that job in New York.”

Hank stared at her with his green eyes. “We can pick you up and go to breakfast first. Then we’ll all go to practice together. I think we want to find out if Godric shows up or not.”

She giggled. “My money is on not. I think he and Tad are going to make a night of it. What time can I expect you two matchmakers to pick me up?” There isn’t anything wrong with me having some fun with them. It’s just fun. Nothing else.

“Seven-thirty,” they said in unison.

“You’re kidding, right? Seven-thirty in the morning?”

“Our rehearsal is at nine,” Jim told her.

“How about donuts and coffee and you pick me up at eight-thirty.”

“You’ve got a deal,” Hank said.

“Goodnight, fellas. Thanks for the ride.”

“Goodnight, Caitlin,” they said in unison, returning to Little Red.

She got inside her car and started the engine. Before she pulled out of the parking lot, she took another look at the two musicians as they climbed into Hank’s ’57 Chevy.

Just fun. That’s all it is.




Jim took her shoes off and began massaging her feet softly.

As he removed her top and bra, he said, “Are you kidding?” He cupped her breasts with his large hands. “These are gorgeous, sheer perfection.”

“You really think so?” His words had her tingling all over.

He bent down and kissed each of her nipples. “I know so.”

Jim unbuttoned her slacks and pulled them off of her, leaving only her thong. He ran his hands over her legs and curled his fingers over the elastic waistband of her underwear. “Let’s get a good look at her pretty little pussy.” He removed them, tossing them aside. “Wow. My God you are stunning. Every inch of you.” He spread her legs, his stare fixed on her pussy. “Hank, have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your life?”

“Never. I can’t wait to press my lips on her and taste her cream.”

“I’m not waiting another second.” Jim bent down and began kissing her pussy, sending her over the edge.

“Oh God. Yes. Yes.” She writhed on the bed as they took turns licking her into a state of unmitigated hysteria. “Don’t stop. Oh yes. Yes.” Unable to hold back, she came into each of their faces. The pressure they’d built inside her shattered into a million quivering sensations, taking her higher and higher until she finally relaxed in their arms.

She looked into their loving eyes. “Oh my God, you were so wonderful. I never knew it could be so good.”

Jim stood and began stripping. “We’re not done yet, princess.”

“We’re just beginning.” Hank left the bed and took off his clothes.

Hearing their words and seeing their naked, muscled bodies reignited her desires for more. The pressure inside her returned in full, this time palpitating with crushing need for them.

“I want to touch you,” she confessed. “God, you are both so good-looking. Handsome. Masculine. I’ve got to touch you.”

They crawled in next to her, Jim on her left and Hank on her right.

“Go ahead, princess.” Jim kissed her lightly. “I want you to touch me.”

“Me, too, angel.”

She sat up and turned around. They look like Greek gods. In their eyes she could see the love they had for her. They were in awe of her and she was definitely in awe of them. They had helped her find herself again, after long last. She loved them with all her heart.

She ran her fingertips over their muscled chests and down their six-pack abs. Then she wrapped her hands around their hard cocks.

“Who has the best dick, angel?” Hank asked with a wicked grin. “Me or Jim?”

She giggled. “That’s a difficult question to answer. Let me see.” She bent down and lightly kissed the tips of each of their cocks. “Mmm. A tie so far. More testing is necessary.” She ran her tongue up and down their shafts. “Still even. Mmm. Let’s see.” She tapped her forehead with her index finger. “Maybe this will give me the answer.” She swallowed their cocks one at a time, cupping their balls with her hands. The sounds that came out of them, deep rumbling moans, pleased her to no end. “Nope. Still don’t know. I’m afraid this is going to take months of testing to figure out.”

Jim pulled her onto him and kissed her. “Don’t you mean years, baby?”

“The rest of her life,” Hank said, kissing her bottom.

She couldn’t stop smiling. “Yes. Years. The rest of my life.”

The sat up in the bed. Mesmerized by every move they made, she watched them roll condoms down their long, thick cocks. With everything inside her she wanted them, needed them, thirsted for them.

Jim leaned back and pulled her on top of his body. She could feel his cock sliding over her wet pussy’s folds, which drove her wild, while Hank began applying slick lubricant to her anus.

She knew if she wanted to she could climax right here and now. But she desperately wanted to feel both of them inside her, so with extreme effort she willed her body to hold back. “Please hurry. I’m so very close.”

“We can back off for a moment, angel, if you want.” Hank stretched her ass, sending a finger past the tight ring.

“No. Please. No. Just hurry.” Her half-breaths were coming faster and faster. “I just need you both inside me.”

Jim grabbed her hips and shifted her pelvis until the head of his cock was pressing on her pussy. “Here we go, princess.” He thrust his dick into her, stretching her insides and awakening sensations she hadn’t felt in ages.

She felt Hank’s body on her backside and his cock touching her anus. He sent his dick into her ass, and she gasped. When their cocks were all the way inside her body, they began to get into a rhythm. She had never had two men inside her before. It sent her into heights of pleasure she’d never experienced before.

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