[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]
Danielle Hartwell flees Chicago after witnessing her ex-boyfriend murder someone. A handsome cowboy helps her avoid detection when Gavin's men go looking for her.
Heath Brodie is charmed by the curvy blonde, but there's just one problem. Danielle doesn't like his father, Malachi Brodie, a judgmental preacher. Heath leaves out his last name when he introduces himself, hoping that doesn't come back to bite him.
When Danielle arrives home in McKenna Downs, David and Brighton McAlister confess their love for her. They're willing to share her with Heath, but the cowboy is wary of their proposal since he grew up in a traditional home.
Danielle’s ex-boyfriend is still out there hunting her. Can the men protect her from him?
What happens when a biker with an ax to grind decides it's time for Heath to pay for what he did ten years ago?
NOTE! This is book 1 of 4 in The McAlisters of McKenna Downs collection. These books are not stand-alone. Each is a continuation of the previous book and must be read in the numbered order. The final book contains a happily ever after for the heroine and all her men.
Note: This series runs on a parallel timeline to The Huntingtons of McKenna Downs
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cowboy Charade (MFMM)
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A very good book




Heath answered his ringing cell phone. “Hello?”

“Greetings, my good man.”

What the hell?

“Who is this?”

“Who indeed,” the young man on the other end replied. “Would you mind taking a moment to participate in a survey?”

“Not interested.”

“Oh, come on!”

Well, that was quite the professional response. Heath smirked. “Fine, go ahead.”

“What’s your favorite color?”


“Of course it is.”

“Favorite food?”

“I don’t know. Steak. Pizza.”

“That’s nice. Would you consider yourself a kinky man?”

What the fuck?

“Excuse me?”

“Bear with me. This is a survey, damn it.”

Heath almost laughed. “Fine, sure.”

“Excellent. Ever had a threesome or a foursome?”


“Ever wanted one?”

“Is there a point to this?”

“We’re doing studies on human sexuality. It was either that or orangutans, but those guys prefer privacy.”

Yeah, ’cause I don’t.

“Anyway,” the weirdo on the other end continued, “if you were to engage in a foursome, are you the kind of guy who would focus on the woman, or do you find yourself craving cock, too? Nobody’s judging or coming onto you.”

“Excuse me?”

“I need to know, man.”

“I think you need to fuck yourself.”

“Oh, I do, but this is a survey, okay?”

Heath rolled his eyes. “Yes, you’ve established that this is a survey. Get to the point already.”

“Okay then. Are you into BDSM?”

“Is that really a question on there?”

“You wouldn’t believe the questions on here.”


Heath paced while talking. “Look, this conversation has been the thrill of a lifetime, but I’ve got to go, so—”

“Are you a Dom, as in a dominant man who dominates submissive people in a BDSM context?”

He wanted to pound his head against the wall, or better still, this idiot’s. “I know what a Dom is.”

“And are you a Dom?”

“Yeah, I’m a Dom. Are we done now?”

Anything to shut the guy up.

“Excellent. How would you like to share a woman with me and my brother? We’re good-looking guys. I’m the sexiest, of course.”

Heath wrinkled his nose. “You’re disgusting.”

“I’m not hitting on you, but if you happen to grope me during the encounter, I sure won’t complain.”

“What the fuck? Who is this?”

“What do you know about the McAlisters?”

Heath groaned. “Is that who this is? You’re the youngest brat, aren’t you?”

“That’s an interesting theory. Let’s talk about Brighton. He’s a stud, right?”

It had to be him. Stupid fucking prankster. Hadn’t he grown up yet?

Heath decided to mess with him. “I don’t know. He’s kind of scrawny looking, and he has a weird face. Honestly, he’s not my type.”

“What do you mean he’s not your type?” the guy shrieked on the other end. “He’s hot stuff.”

“Give it up, Brighton. I know it’s you. I’m not interested in having sex with you.”

“You would be if I was Heller Enos.”

His pulse skyrocketed.

“What?” Heath growled.

“I think you want to make his babies…if men could do that. Did he come on to you? Did you like it?”

He got dizzy. “How do you know about that?”

“Whoa.” Brighton sounded blown away. “I was just bluffing. I didn’t know you guys made out.”

Damn it! I was outwitted by a moron.

“Hey, cool. What was that like?”

“I’m hanging up,” Heath threatened.

“Fine, David and I will have Danielle Hartwell all to ourselves.”

“What?” The memory of seeing her with that vaguely familiar-looking guy in an alley at twilight flashed in his head, and something clicked. Danielle had said it was Brighton, but he hadn’t really been listening. “You’re the son of a bitch that was eating her out?”

“Don’t be talking about my mama. She was no bitch, and yes, I did eat Danielle out. What are you gonna do about it?”

“I’m gonna go over there and kick your ass.”

Brighton let out a fake, unsteady chuckle. “Hey now, let’s not be hasty. I am willing to share her with you. What say you to that?”

“Your ass is mine.” Heath grabbed his keys.

Brighton sounded entertained on the other end. “Heath, please. I know I’m attractive, but don’t you think we should kiss before starting anything like that so I don’t feel scandalized?”

Heath wanted to pummel him. “I meant your ass is grass.”

“Oh. Um, about what happened, no hard feelings. Danielle’s too much woman for just one man.”

He headed toward his truck. “Well, I hope going down on her was worth it, because I’m coming over there.”

Brighton squeaked. “How hard are you gonna hit me?”

“You’re gonna find out.”

“Wait, wait, wait. I thought we could share her.”

“You thought wrong.”

“Crap. But you can even touch me if you have to. I don’t mind.”

Heath got into his truck. “Yeah, I bet you don’t.”

“But see, there’s this BDSM club in McKenna Downs. You and Danielle could sign up and get freaky there while you train her to be submissive. It’s a great plan. Then you’ll share her with us and hopefully, eventually with Cole, too.”

“What? How many men are you passing her to?”

“Not many. What do you think of joining the club?” Brighton asked. “You don’t have to be in the closet anymore.”

“What?” Heath growled.

“I meant the BDSM closet. I’m sure you hide a lot from your ‘torch them all’ dad. Why, are you in the gay closet, too?”


Brighton made a cat hiss. “I was only asking. What is that sound?”

“That, my good man”—Heath parroted the phrase from earlier—“is the sound of the key going into the ignition.”

“W-Why?” Brighton asked nervously.

“You ate out my woman, and now you have the audacity to suggest sharing her with me? And you think I want to fuck your punk ass?”

“Hey, I can screw yours if it makes you feel better.”




Brighton studied her for a second. “First? You misunderstood. We’re taking you at the same time.”

Her eyes widened. “What?”

He grinned. “You heard me.”

David kissed her on the head, rolling her breasts in thought-crushing circles that turned her will into putty. “Any objection to that, pumpkin?”

Her cunt throbbed with need.

“No. It sounds wonderful.”

It did sound divine, but would they respect her afterward in spite of going to bed with two men at once? If this was merely a fling, the question wouldn’t even matter, but these men wanted to marry her. Would they still consider her wife material after this risqué tryst?

“Kiss me,” Brighton ordered on a whisper.

Danielle met his lips, melting into the molten kiss. Her spine tingled at the prowess of his seductive mouth slowly devouring hers into surrender.

Her nipples prickled and tightened with need beneath David’s tweaking and plucking at them.

She jolted, a whimper of desperation skating from her when Brighton’s hand dipped into her panties. The salmon-pinkish orange color matched her bra, and she liked the little white pineapples flecked all over the cotton.

His palm smoldered against her pussy. She felt cream leak from her channel, and the pulse inside her intensifying.

“I feel you creaming all over me,” Brighton murmured against her lips. “Do you like the way David’s hands feel on your breasts?”

She swallowed and nodded, unable to speak for the rush of sensations.

Brighton grinned. “But not as much as my hand on your pussy?”

He chuckled when David reached up and slapped him upside the head.

“Lift your arms up so he can take your top off,” Brighton gently commanded.

Danielle raised her arms, feeling pretty much naked and powerless at the delicious, freeing sense of David pulling her tank top off her body followed by her bra.

“Damn,” Brighton breathed. “They’re fantastic. Turn around and show him, baby. Show David your amazing breasts.”

“You’re sweet.” She slowly pivoted to display her rack to David.

“Mmm. Beautiful.” David gave her an appreciative smile, brown eyes hungry.

Her head fell back against Brighton when his brother bent down for a taste of her fleshy mounds. He bestowed tender kisses on them before ravaging them with his mouth. His warm nibbles and ravenous sucking left her feverish and shaky.

She heard Brighton’s shirt come off behind her and the sound of him unzipping his jeans. A moment later she felt her panties being tugged aside while she still wore them and the sizzling flesh of Brighton’s hard cock touching her naked pussy. He let her panties snap back into place so they cradled his erection against her bare mons.

“Oh God,” she breathed.

Her cunt wept, the tears oozing onto his rigid length. Feeling his hot flesh baking against hers made her ache for consummation.

David’s horny feasting on her tits made her pussy drip with instinct.

As much as she thoroughly enjoyed his mouth on her bosom, she needed to feel his mouth devouring hers. She fisted his hair and tugged on it gently, encouraging him to get up. He kept right on sampling her breasts and licking her nipples into taut nubs of steel. It aroused the hell out of her that he refused to get up until he was good and ready to.

When David stood, his mouth crashed down on hers like he’d been thirsting to death for that kiss. God knew she had.

His kiss was every bit as sublime as Brighton’s.

David swallowed her pleased moan when Brighton slipped his stiff cock out of her panties and proceeded to take her underwear off, leaving her as naked as he was.

She undid David’s fly to get him heading down the path of nakedness like they were. He broke the kiss on a breathless grin and whipped his shirt off over his head while she took his pants off. He stepped out of his underwear for her.

When all three of them were in the buff, both men led her by the hand over to their long, wide couch.

“Lie down, Danielle,” David softly coaxed her.

Coyly, she did as she was told. She had always envisioned being a bold little minx if she ever bedded them, but oddly, nerves got the better of her. It mattered so much more to her this time than it had any of the times with Cash or Gavin.

Brighton knelt beside her on the floor and laced his fingers through her hair while David got between her legs on the couch. He kissed a warm trail of sin down her belly and finally all over her needy snatch.

“God, that feels so good. Let me do something to one of you. It doesn’t have to just be about me,” she offered.

“Shh,” Brighton lulled. “We’ll get to that. Right now let us pamper our girl.”

“We love doing this to you,” David murmured against her private flesh before pressing a delicate kiss on her there.

Feeling his lips pepper soft, warm kisses on the seam of her pussy made her throb in response down there. It got her so hot and bothered to see David poised between her splayed thighs with his head buried in her mound. She saw his slick pink tongue extend, a heartbeat later felt the slippery heat of it pierce into her wet folds, touching her there, tasting her brazen fluid.

Danielle gasped and clutched Brighton’s hand for refuge. He held her hand, gently talking her through it and being there for her. But she couldn’t escape it. David’s tongue left no part of her slit untouched. He laved her inner lips, causing them to open to him and her channel to emit wetness, proving to him how badly she wanted him.

“That’s it,” Brighton cooed. “You just lie there and let him lick you.”

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