Future Revealed (MMF)

Embrace the Future 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,564
3 Ratings (3.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

Ruby, Pagan, and Koby are lonely, missing the community they left and the friendship of the people from the valley. As they collect supplies for winter, they decide to get extra and visit the valley, taking them some food and maybe animals to help them.

But first they have to hide from a group of motorcyclists looking to raid settlements for food and women. The trio’s next stop is an abandoned farm, where they find some useful things, including some animals and a truck to transport them back to their warehouse home.

They stay in the warehouse during winter, but once the weather becomes warm again they finish planning their trip to the village, adding a high-sided utility trailer to their vehicles to transport fuel for the people.

Danger is everywhere in this lawless world with food so scarce. Will they even survive the journey?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Future Revealed (MMF)
3 Ratings (3.3)

Future Revealed (MMF)

Embrace the Future 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,564
3 Ratings (3.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Ruby rested on her heels, her hands on her hips, stretching her back, then sank onto her butt and extended her legs out in front of her, lifting her arms to the ceiling and rolling her shoulders. Hell, she was stiff. Deliberately she clenched and released the muscles in her legs, arms, and shoulders, rolling her head from side to side, and curling and stretching her back. Caring for the vegetables was backbreaking work, but if she wanted to eat, she didn’t have any other choice than to do the hard yards.

If we were living in a community, there’d be more people to do the work.

Yeah, smart-ass, but they’d eat the food, too, so we’d have more work to do.

But at least I could talk to them while I was working!

Sure she had Koby and Pagan to talk to, and she loved them both with all her heart, but the truth was, she was lonely. She craved other people the way she craved chocolate. Koby and Pagan were wonderful and caring, but they were only two, and she needed a community around her. Her loneliness was made worse because, for a few brief days, she’d had the group from the village to talk to, and she’d loved talking girl stuff with Adena and Zuri. Also, she knew the men had enjoyed sharing with the village men. The evenings around the fire just chatting about anything and everything had been the highlight of the past month. Hell, the past year! Apart from the awesome orgasms Pagan and Koby gave her night after night. They were spectacular, too. If only she could have the two men and a community, life would be perfect.

But their own community had hated it when the three of them had announced their intention to bond, and the only solution was to leave. The spiteful comments and hateful looks were unending and soul destroying. Especially from people she’d always thought of as her friends, women she’d grown up with. Plus they’d found the huge building and had all their crops under the one roof instead of having to move from apartment to apartment or plant outdoors and wonder if the winds would come again and poison everything. Although Zuri’s people grew all their crops outside in the ground and had no trouble with illness. Zuri had said no one had died from the bad winds in a decade or longer. So could they live with Zuri? After all, she was part of a threesome arrangement with Tau and Udo.

Ruby stood up and shrugged. She’d talk to Koby and Pagan again. They’d discussed the idea in general terms. Likely it was time now to consider it seriously. She really was lonely, and the work was hard. Although the crops there grew very well, and the ones at Zuri’s village weren’t so good, which was why her people were scavenging for food and how they’d come to meet. Dammit, there was always a negative to consider!


* * * *


Koby flicked the switch for the generator to start. He and Pagan had worked on it until it was very nearly silent, but they still only used it for an hour or so at a time and on occasions like then, when they needed to bring their supplies up in the elevator. When possible, they carried everything up the four flights of stairs, but that day they had a big trolley both of them could hardly push, it was so laden with food. Winter was nearly there, and they wanted to have ample stores in case they got snowed in for weeks on end.

Nothing screamed “people” like a neatly shoveled pathway through the snow, so once the snow started in earnest, they stayed inside unless it was absolutely essential to leave. Last winter had been their first winter separated from their community, and they’d had to guess what they’d need. They’d gotten it fairly accurate but had rationed their supplies toward the end, worried the snow may last too long. So this time they’d decided to err in the other direction and risk having too much stored. Besides, bags of grain wouldn’t go off. If they didn’t need it then, they could eat it later, even the next winter.

Pagan swiped his keycard over the elevator’s sensor, opening the door, and together the two men wrestled the overloaded trolley into the elevator. Koby was closest to the buttons, and he swiped his card and pressed four, the top floor of the warehouse and their living quarters.

The bottom two floors were as empty and derelict as Koby could make them, the floors covered with dust and dirt. Koby even kept a pile of leaves near the door, so they could brush over their footprints when they had to go to the engine-room and turn the elevator on, such as then.

The third floor was sealed off with a heavy, metal-reinforced door, and that was where they grew all their vegetables and stored their water in half a dozen brand-new swimming pools. They collected rainwater from the roof of the warehouse and sent it through a number of filters, before it filled each swimming pool in turn. When they were all full, Koby could redirect the water to run onto the ground as if the drainpipes were broken or rusted through.

At first they’d thought of collecting snow, but this was a much less labor-intensive system. It was Ruby who’d seen the factory where the swimming pools were made, and Ruby again who’d suggested they use the company’s own transporter to bring them there. Getting them in the elevator had been tricky. They’d measured the pools and the elevator carefully, choosing a size and shape of pool that would fit in the elevator. But they’d forgotten to allow for the trolley and themselves and had ended up with Pagan climbing inside the pool as the only way to get the door shut.

After they’d made the trip six times, they’d all agreed that would have to be enough water.




Pagan lay on the bed, idly tugging on his cock as he waited for Koby and Ruby to finish undressing and join him. He knew Koby was worrying about something. His mind had been wandering almost all afternoon. Pagan was confident he could get Koby to talk about it after few good orgasms had relaxed them all. Pagan wasn’t concerned. He was sure they’d work out whatever difficulty Koby had discovered—or imagined. Koby was the thinker and worrier in their family. Pagan was much more relaxed about everything. The world had been in a mess all of his life and for a long time before he was even born, and somehow or other, they’d survived, coped, and made their own family and their own happiness. He was certain they’d get over whatever roadblock Koby was agonizing about, too.

Koby was a damn big man. Big everywhere. Six feet two or three, with very broad shoulders, heavily muscled arms and thighs, and a huge cock that brought enormous pleasure to Pagan and Ruby. Koby had blond hair and blue eyes, whereas both he and Ruby had brown hair, and Ruby’s eyes were a hazel that changed colors. Pagan liked watching her eyes when he fucked her. They’d gradually get darker and darker until she climaxed.

Ruby climbed on the bed and settled herself over his hips, opening a new box of condoms. “These are way past their ‘best before’ date. I hope to hell they still work,” she said.

“If it breaks, I’ll pull out of you,” Pagan promised.

“Damn straight you will, and real fast, too.”

“We’ll write a shopping list later and add condoms to it,” said Koby. He checked the date on the bottom of the jar of lube. “And lube, too.”

Ruby rolled the condom over Pagan’s dick, and he could almost see himself growing under the gentle touch of her talented fingers.

Pagan stroked his hands over her sides and then up to her breasts. Damn they were luscious. Full and round with pink nipples poking right out at him, begging him to suck them into his mouth.

He placed his hands on her hips and lifted her up over his cock. “Slide on down, sweet,” he said. Then he groaned as she did. She was as hot as hell and so wet and welcoming his cock damn near burst with joy.

Pagan grit his teeth and pulled her body down over his so her breasts were closer to his mouth and her ass was up in the air for Koby to prepare her for his giant cock. “Yum,” he said, flicking his tongue over first one nipple then the other.

But that wasn’t enough. He needed more, so he sucked the entire nipple and the areola into his mouth. She tasted so good, fresh, and sweet-smelling. She always tasted nice. Even though they all used the same soap and deodorant, somehow on her it was an aphrodisiac.

He released the nipple from his mouth and licked a line between her breasts then nuzzled the valley. Hmm. It’d been a long time since he’d fucked her breasts. He must do that again soon. Maybe even later that night. Then he licked the underside of the other breast, nibbling his way up to heaven, and sucked her nipple. He stretched it and pulled on it, rolled it in his mouth and pressed it against the roof of his mouth, enjoying the little grunts and whimpers Ruby made in response to his actions.

Meanwhile, Koby was lubing her ass, softening her tissues, and teasing her butt and cunt. Because she was lying almost flat on his body, Pagan could feel everything that Koby was doing through her movements. From time to time, Koby deliberately touched him, too, reminding them all that they were a triad of three equal partners and this was about all of them.

Pagan kept Ruby’s breast in his mouth, looked up, and dragged his hand over Koby’s chest, pinching a nipple on the way past, then trying not to laugh at Koby’s raised eyebrows.

“Enough with the foreplay. Let’s get on with the show,” demanded Ruby.

“Bossy much?” said Koby.

“I thought women were supposed to like foreplay. Lots and lots of foreplay,” said Pagan.

“Tomorrow maybe,” said Ruby, forcing his cock deeper inside her by grinding her hips onto his pelvis.

“Fine by me,” said Koby, laying the jar of lube down and rolling a condom over his cock.

“About time.” Ruby pulled up off Pagan a little way and slammed back onto Koby’s cock, causing both men to hiss. The sound she gave was almost a purr, Pagan thought.

His dick was about ready to explode. Her cunt was pure heaven surrounding his cock, bathing him in her hot juices. Her sexy-as-hell breasts were in his face, and her delicious aroma surrounded him. How he’d manage not to come on the first stroke he made inside her was the big question.

Koby wrapped his long arms around Pagan, pulling Ruby tight against them both, then nodded at Pagan. Together both men withdrew until only the head of his cock was still inside her. Ruby made little whimpering noises of complaint. Then simultaneously they pushed back in, making her purr again.


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