Guardian's Chance (MM)

Guardians of the Gray Tower 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,582
6 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Historical Fantasy Romance, M/M, voyeurism, HEA]

Guardian Quinlan Sanderling is thrilled to get the chance to travel with King Kelan to join Commander Lorn and his troops for the Emrynian invasion of Angkesh. There is also another reason why Quinlan is so excited. The man he has loved since he was a teenager will be there, and Quinlan has decided the time has come to make Gerritt Lorn see him as a man and not a boy.

Gerritt Lorn is tired of battles and death. After this campaign against Angkesh, he plans to retire from the military life. When he sees a young man hailing him in camp, he is immediately attracted. It is a shocking revelation to him that this is Quinlan Sanderling, the son of one of his oldest friends. But his response to the young man is undeniable.

In the midst of war, can these two men overcome all the obstacles to their love, or will it die on the battlefield?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Guardian's Chance (MM)
6 Ratings (4.3)

Guardian's Chance (MM)

Guardians of the Gray Tower 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 25,582
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Quinlan Sanderling rode into the army camp along with the other Guardians of the Gray Tower who had accompanied King Kelan to this spot several miles inside the Angkeshi border, where the main force of their army was encamped. They had received the news of Queen Kalandra’s death less than a week before, and immediately Kelan had ordered his army to invade. According to reports, the army had slipped stealthily through the passes unobserved, following the plan that had been developed over the weeks since Kelan’s decision to eliminate the Angkeshi queen. Since then the troops had advanced steadily through the countryside, encountering only weak and scattered resistance, demonstrating to the invading Emrynian troops the confusion in the Angkeshi leadership without Kalandra at the helm.

Leaving a handful of Guardians to protect the palace in Winterreach, the king had ridden out to meet Commander Lorn, commander in chief of the Emryn army, to add the Guardian’s strength to the rest of Lorn’s troops. Most of the other three-year Guardians had been left behind in Winterreach, but as Rom’s aide, Quinlan had automatically been one of the men chosen to travel to the front.

He looked around at the tents that had been set up and at the soldiers, some lounging around fires sharing mugs of red tea while others were sharpening swords or playing games of chance. Chance, that was what this was for him, he thought to himself. His chance finally to gain the attention of the one man he’d loved for so long.

When the soldiers realized who had ridden into camp, they stood and cheered the king. Kelan was well loved, and it was obvious from the welcome he and his Guardians received. Kelan smiled and nodded to the soldiers as they passed. Commander Lorn must have heard the commotion, because as they drew up before his large tent, he stepped outside to greet them. The commander was an impressive sight. He had close-cut iron-gray hair and ice-blue eyes that could cut through a man as easily as a blade through butter. Though he wasn’t very tall, about five foot ten, he was trim and muscular, neat and tidy in his uniform, even in this rough camp. He was not a man easily dismissed or ignored.

As Quinlan watched, Kelan and Teris dismounted and entered the tent with Commander Lorn. Rom ordered the rest of the Guardians, Quinlan included, to make camp before he and his bondmate, Javan, followed the king. A soldier came to show them where they could set up their tents, and the next hour or so was spent getting their camp in order. Quinlan was sharing a tent with a fellow Guardian named Archar Patson. He and Quinlan had become good friends over their years in the Guardians. He, more than anyone, knew how much this opportunity meant to Quinlan.

After they’d tended to their horses, they set up their tent and then started a small fire to heat up a pot of red tea, though they didn’t really need it for warmth. Quinlan had been amazed at the temperate weather they’d found after they crossed into Angkesh. Only a half day’s ride from the border, and they’d already had to push back their cloaks and roll up their shirt sleeves.

They’d ridden long that day, not stopping to eat, so they were hungry and greatly in need of sustenance. It was past time for the noon meal. As they sat down, Quinlan contemplated the contents of his pack. He was heartily sick of lanis bread and cheese but drew the wrapped pouch out anyway.

“I sure wish I had some roasted venison, or a nice fresh rabbit to roast over this fire,” Archar commented, dropping down beside Quinlan and pulling his own sack into his lap.

Quinlan smiled. “Me, too. But I guess that’s the price you pay for being out in the field. No soft beds and no hot meals.”

“I guess.” Archar shrugged, pulling off a piece of bread and stuffing it into his mouth. “Doesn’t mean I can’t wish for them, though, does it?” he mumbled around the mouthful of food.

Quinlan just shook his head, all too familiar with Archar’s lack of manners. Though he himself had been raised in an aristocratic household, the Guardians came from all walks of life. It didn’t matter if you were rich or poor, peasant or duke, all were welcome in the ranks. Archar had been raised, along with his five brothers, by his widowed father on a small farm in Averin Province. But while he lacked some of the social skills that came so easily to Quinlan, he was a man of his word and a solid friend. He was glad they were rooming together. Otherwise they wouldn’t see much of one another since their duties kept them both pretty busy. “When do you think we’ll join the battle?” he asked Archar, who shook his head.

“Dunno. Soon, I hope. I can’t wait to take me some Angkeshi heads. It’s about time they paid for what they did to Queen Lyra. I want to see this shape-shifter that killed Kalandra, too. Man, I still can hardly believe it. A farking shape-shifter.”

“I know. Everything has just been crazy, hasn’t it? I wonder what he’s like.” There had been a lot of speculation among the Guardians when Roone and Grayden’s message had arrived in Winterreach about the successful assassination of Queen Kalandra and about the man-creature who had helped them.

“I wonder if there’s more than just him.”

“Bound to be, since Kalandra could shape-shift as well,” Quinlan reminded Archar.

“I guess so.” Archar took another bite of bread before sending Quinlan a mischievous look. “So I guess it was good to see him again.”

“Who?” Quinlan asked, though he knew very well to whom Archar was referring.

“Come on, Quin. You know who. The commander, of course. You couldn’t take your eyes off him when we rode up.”




Quinlan moved closer, and Lorn could feel the other man’s rampant erection pressing against his belly. He was only an inch or so taller than Lorn, and their bodies seemed to match perfectly.

Quinlan broke the kiss, and Lorn felt the man’s lips slide across his face to leave a trail of stinging kisses down his neck and back up to his ear, where he nipped delicately on the lobe of Lorn’s ear before pulling it into his mouth to soothe the small pain with a gentle suckle.

Unable to resist the temptation, Lorn released his hold on Quinlan’s head, dropping his hands to the edge of the other man’s tunic. He pushed beneath the loose-fitting top and was rewarded with the feel of Quinlan’s warm skin, smooth as silk, beneath his roving hands. He felt Quinlan’s shiver as he traced delicate trails across the man’s back. Using his fingernails, he lightly scored a trail up Quinlan’s spine, rewarded by the groan that came from the other man’s mouth where it was buried against his neck.

He felt Quinlan’s hands pushing him back, and he looked up to see the other man’s eyes blazing down at him. Without saying a word, Quinlan reached down and tugged his own shirt off, tossing it carelessly to the floor. For a long moment the two men just stood staring at each other before Quinlan said, “Decide now. I want you so much it’s burning me up inside. If this goes any further, I’m not sure I’ll be able to stop if you change your mind. Do you want me to stay?” The young man’s eyes burned into his, telling Lorn just how much Quinlan wanted him to say yes.

Lorn was silent, unwilling to find the words to tell Quinlan to leave and unable to ask him to stay. Disappointment settled on the young man’s face as Lorn remained silent. He reached down to grab the shirt he had just discarded, moving to pull it back over his head. Lorn couldn’t stand it. He reached out a hand and touched Quinlan’s arm. “Don’t go.” The words were torn from him.

Quinlan’s eyes, so dark and serious, studied Lorn’s for a moment, as if to reassure himself that he really had heard the words. Then a smile blossomed on his face, and Lorn felt a dangerous tug at his heart. Quinlan threw the shirt back down and reached for Lorn’s uniform jacket, attempting to unfasten the buttons with hands that Lorn could see were trembling slightly, whether with excitement or worry, Lorn couldn’t say. Lorn pushed Quinlan’s hands aside and unfastened the buttons himself, quickly stripping off the jacket and the shirt beneath.

Not taking his eyes from Quinlan’s, Lorn sat down to remove his boots, noting the smile that came to Quinlan’s face as he moved to do the same. In short order both men were removing the rest of their clothing, and Lorn found himself captivated by the sight of Quinlan rising after pushing his breeches from his body and kicking them aside.

The young man’s body was nearly hairless, his chest sprinkled with a few dark-blond curls that bisected his belly and pulled Lorn’s gaze lower and lower until he took in the jutting erection that rose nearly to Quinlan’s navel. Lorn’s breathing grew shallow and his lips became dry as he watched Quinlan move his hand to grip his cock and give it a long, slow stroke. Lorn licked his lips.

“I watched you today.” He forced the words out as he lifted his eyes to meet Quinlan’s. He saw the question in the other man’s gaze. “At the pond. I watched you pleasure yourself.”

Quinlan’s eyes widened, and he took a step forward. “Did you like what you saw?”

“Very much,” Lorn confessed.

“Good. I was thinking about you while I touched myself. When I came, I was imagining that it was your hand on my cock.”

Lorn swallowed hard, and his eyes fell back to Quinlan’s erection. Without thinking about it, he took a step forward, sinking to his knees before the younger man. He brushed Quinlan’s hand aside and replaced it with his own. It was a beautiful cock, long and narrow with a slight bend upward. The head was smooth and a deep red color. A small bead of pre-cum glistened on the tip, and Lorn gathered it with his thumb. He brought his hand to his mouth and licked that drop up, closing his eyes and savoring this first taste of Quinlan. It was salty and spicy and so delicious Lorn could hardly stand it. When he opened his eyes, he saw Quinlan staring down at him with a look so intense and so aroused that Lorn had to close his eyes. He bent down and took Quinlan’s cock into his mouth, pulling it deep, as deep as he could take it without gagging. He heard the other man moan and felt Quinlan’s hand move to clasp around his head.

“Farking hells, that feels so good, Gerritt. So good.” Lorn heard Quinlan’s hoarse words of praise as he drew back, almost releasing Quinlan’s cock before sinking down once again, burying his nose in the springy curls that surrounded the base of the other man’s cock.

He set up a steady rhythm, aided by the hand on his head and the gasps and moans of encouragement coming from Quinlan. He’d sucked many cocks before, but he couldn’t ever remember gaining as much pleasure as he was with Quinlan. Just knowing how aroused the other man was had his own cock hard and ready to explode.

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