The Love of Three (MFMM)

Elite Dragons 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,926
21 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]

Alicia Cobden yearns to have a relationship with three members of the Elite Dragons team, Stedman, Ward, and Bronsin Tiltman. They helped rescue her and three other women from certain death to the black market organ donor ring, and they have quickly worked their way into her heart.

She has been living with them for the last three months, but can’t continue to put her life on hold in hopes that they will develop feelings for her. So she begins to search for employment.

The three Tiltman brothers want Alicia in their lives permanently, but first they have to explain about their empathetic and other enhanced abilities, and hope she accepts them for who and what they are.

Evil follows them home from a mission and puts all of them at risk.

Will Alicia accept the three men, empathy and all, or will evil prevail?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Love of Three (MFMM)
21 Ratings (4.1)

The Love of Three (MFMM)

Elite Dragons 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,926
21 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Great story love the whole series .
Love this series



She was conscious that Bronsin’s shooter might even now be making his way into the house through the broken window, but she couldn’t leave Bronsin’s side. In the aftermath of the explosion, she heard gunfire from beyond the broken window. Her heart pounded with fear for Stedman and Ward.

She became aware of Janie crawling across the floor toward her. Another flash of movement from her periphery caught her eye, and she turned back as if in slow motion. Through the shattered window, Alicia saw a large, strange man moving stealthily toward the house.

Alicia pulled the nine-millimeter handgun from Bronsin’s holster and studied it. She’d never held a gun before, but she knew there was a safety button somewhere. On the left side of the gun was a small switch, and when she flicked it with her thumb, it turned with ease. The weight of the weapon in her hand was unexpected, but she didn’t feel afraid this time. Her man needed her. He had been here to protect her and the other women. Because of them, he had been hurt. There was only one way the asshole outside was getting to Bronsin again, and that was through her.

“Janie,” Alicia called in a soft voice. “Go back. Someone’s coming.”

“No,” Janie replied just as quietly. “You can’t tend to your man and protect him at the same time.”

“I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“What about you?” Janie asked. “Do you think I want to sit by and watch you get hurt, too? We’re in this together. So just shut up and let me help.”

“Where’s Brooke?”

“In the living room. She’s sitting on the floor behind the sofa. She wanted to come in here, but Martha and May wouldn’t let her.”

“Thank God. She wouldn’t even hesitate if this was just about her safety. I’m glad she’s thinking of the baby.”

“Me, too.”

“Please, just keep Bronsin safe for me,” Alicia whispered to Janie without looking at her. Tears were running down her cheeks, but she was barely aware of them.

“I will.”

“Janie, tip one of the tables over.” Alicia gave a nod of approval when Janie crawled over to the nearest table. She winced at the shattering and crashing of dishes hitting the floor. But perhaps the noise would draw attention away from the living room.

“I want you to stay there. I’m going to drag Bronsin over to you. Then he will be out of the direct line of fire.”

“Alicia, let me help you. You can’t move that mountain of a man by yourself.”

“Oh yes, I can,” she snapped. “If you move and put yourself in danger, I’ll shoot you myself.” Alicia turned to look at Janie with an apology on her lips. “Sorry, but he’s coming. Please, just stay where you are.”

Alicia moved quickly. Using every ounce of strength and adrenaline she had, she placed her hands beneath Bronsin’s arms and moved him. She had him behind that table moments later.

“Stay here,” Janie whispered and tugged on Alicia’s arm when she started to go back to the window and curtains.

“I can’t. I have to do this,” she replied.

“No, you don’t. All you have to do is stay out of sight.”

“They shot him, Janie.” Alicia heard the pain in her own voice. She took another deep breath and pushed her emotions aside. “The others are still out there. They could be hurt or even dead. I can’t just do nothing.”

“God, I wish I had a gun,” Janie sobbed.

“Would you be able to use it?”

“I don’t know.”

“Check Bronsin and see if you can find any more weapons. You know as well as I do that when on a mission they’re packed full.”

Alicia looked out the window. What she saw made her blood freeze. The large man who had been keeping to the shadows and scanning the house was running off to the east. He had managed to get close to the house without her seeing him and was now leaving, but why?

She had her answer moments later. Another loud explosion rent the air. This time the house was the target. Debris flew through the air, glass exploded, and women screamed. Alicia didn’t care about the flying objects. She was on her feet and running. Her hands shaking as she shielded her eyes, she searched anxiously until her gaze connected with Brooke’s. She was coughing and her face was dirty, but she was unharmed, as were Martha and May. The sofa had saved them.

Her knees nearly buckled with relief. She was just about to move across toward them when the man from the yard came through the big hole in what should have been the side of the house. The gun in his hand was aimed at her. She didn’t hesitate. Lifting her arm, she pointed and pulled the trigger.




“You are so fucking beautiful,” he panted. “I can’t wait to have you, darlin’.”

Again she was lifted from her feet, this time by Stedman, and he carried her to the bed. He placed her in the middle of the mattress, the bottom sheet feeling cool to her overheated skin. Ward moved to her feet and removed first one shoe and then the other. By the time he had finished, both Stedman and Bronsin had shucked their clothes.

They stood at the end of the bed stroking their hands up and down their erections. Ward tore his shirt open, heedless of buttons popping and hitting the walls and floor. She had never seen a man move so fast and knew he was using his enhanced speed to disrobe quickly, and then all three of them stood side by side, masturbating for her.

Never had she imagined that one handsome man would be interested in her, let alone three men who could each give Zeus a run for his money. They were all prime specimens of masculinity, and they were all hers.

Hiding a smile of wanton delight, she slowly reached up and palmed her breasts. The ache intensified as, sighing, she plucked her nipples and then ran one hand down over her torso and belly to her pussy. Spreading her legs wide, she slipped a finger through her slit and gathered some of her cream. She brought her fingers back up and rubbed over her clit, arching her hips. Her eyes were still open, if barely, and the fierce expressions which came over her men’s faces egged her on. With a gasp, she moved back down through her soaked folds and then slowly pushed a finger into her pussy.

She barely saw them move, but in the next moment she was surrounded by them. Ward covered her mouth with his and kissed her hungrily. Bronsin dove between her thighs and ate at her pussy, and Stedman sucked on one nipple while pinching the other.

Alicia whimpered and arched her back. She was so overwhelmed with sensation that she thought she would die from the pleasure. Bronsin was laving her clit with his tongue. Flicking the tip over the sensitive bundle of nerves rapidly, he then pushed a thick finger into her cunt. Her cry was muffled by Ward’s mouth as he swept his tongue around, exploring every part of her. Stedman scraped the edge of his teeth over her blood-engorged nipple and then sucked hard while pinching the other between thumb and finger.

She was close to climaxing, and the walls of her pussy had tightened to nearly unbearable intensity. All of a sudden, the three men stopped and lifted their heads as they removed their hands and mouths from her body. She sobbed with frustration and reached out for them. Her hands wrapped around Ward and Stedman’s cocks, and she began to pump up and down their shafts.

“No,” Stedman rasped and took her hand from his body. Ward did the same, and she nearly cried out.


“We’re too close, baby,” Stedman gasped. “You can do that later. For now keep your little hands to yourself.”

“I need you so much.” She gulped.

“We’ll give you everything you need, darlin’.” Bronsin’s voice was deep and gravelly. He moved to the side of the bed, and Stedman lifted her into his arms and rose to his feet.

“I have to have you now, baby,” Stedman huffed. Shifting his hips forward, he aligned his cock and began to push into her. How he could hold her in his arms while standing, she had no idea, but she loved that her men were so strong. Their strength only enhanced their masculinity, which turned her on even more. Wrapping her arms around his neck, her head tilted back, she mewled as he slid his cock into the depths of her vagina.

“You are so fucking tight and wet. You wrap me good, baby.”

“Oh God,” she panted and wiggled her hips.

A slap landed on her ass, and she squealed. Looking over her shoulder, she met Ward’s heated gaze.

“Stay still, honey.”

Alicia moaned when he began to caress her ass with cool, wet fingers. She breathed out. Staying relaxed for her lover was hard, but she was determined to do it. She whimpered and clenched down when he pushed a finger into her anus. Another slap to her butt had her groaning and rocking her hips.

“Honey, stay still. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t,” she said on an exhale.

Another finger forged its way into her back entrance, and Alicia thought she would fall over the edge. But Ward must have felt her muscles twitching because he stopped until she relaxed once more.

“Okay, she’s lubed up,” Ward rasped.

Alicia clung to Stedman’s shoulders as he moved. He sat on the side of the bed. Her breasts brushed against his chest, tantalizing her nipples with sensation. Warm hands ran up and down her back in smoothing motions, and then they grasped her butt cheeks and spread her open.

“I want you to try and push me out, honey. That will make penetration easier. But if at any time you aren’t comfortable or experience any pain, tell me and I’ll stop. Okay?”

“Yeah,” she breathed, incapable of more words.



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