Halloween Hunk (MM)

Hot Tropica Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 17,385
1 Ratings (4.0)

Donovan Rutherford is starting completely over.

New job. New town. New life.

Marcos has an undeniable attraction for the hunk who just moved in. He’s just getting over a bad break up and a jealous boyfriend, but it’s time to move on and Don has a set of green eyes he could lose himself in. His strawberry blond hair falls to his shoulders and is reminiscent of Conan the Barbarian and he has a body to rival the warrior’s. Marcos wants a piece of it and is looking forward to getting to know his neighborly Halloween Hunk.

The men hit it off well, until Marcos’s ex makes a move on him at the party of the year. Don witnesses them lock lips in a heartbreaking kiss. His heart is instantly shattered, and Marcos has mountains to climb to earn his trust or have a chance to break his wounded heart again.

Halloween Hunk (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Halloween Hunk (MM)

Hot Tropica Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 17,385
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Halloween Hunk
by Mercedes Black
Copyright ©2012 Mercedes Black

Chapter One

Don Rutherford was new to the New Orleans. After a string of loveless relationships, Don was ready for a do over. He started a job at the local television station doing a featured series on physical fitness. It was the big break he had been hoping for years and the opportunity came at exactly the right time. He needed to change his life for the better.

Don had high hopes of finding someone special in his life when he moved to the predominantly gay college neighborhood. It was lively and colorful and he liked the way everyone was so open about their sexuality here. He loved the positive energy from the neighborhood and the quirky people. It was unlike anyplace he ever lived before, and in a word it was paradise. He didn’t have to hide who or what he was here. He would be comfortable about sharing his sexuality as he was about everything else in his life.

The men were mostly young and easy on his eyes, and the few women he came across were really hopeful he wasn’t as gay. He of course, had to disappoint them.

Nobody knew he was a fitness geek here. Don was six foot two and could bench press nearly twice his weight, so the fact was sadly obvious. He still expected most guys to take one look at his body and drool over the imagined nights of sweaty sticky hound dog sex they would undoubtedly find in his bed. Yet, he was missing something in his relationships because of that. He really wanted more than sex at this point of his life. The hot sex was always nice but he wanted more and deserved more than that. Don hoped he would find the guy that he wanted to spend of his life with. He needed someone he could fall in love with and that respected him as much for his brain as his body.

Don still believed in love even after all his bad luck with men.

Don found an awesome flat that was already furnished, so moving in consisted of unpacking his clothes and filling up the fridge.

Don planned on working on that as soon as possible. He spent hours in the local health store and at the farmers market getting some very yummy looking fresh fruits and vegetables.

His arms were full of groceries as he fumbled for his key in his pocket when one of his neighbors stopped him. “Hey, you’re the new guy right?”

Don looked up only to stare down the most dazzling pair of sweet doe brown eyes he ever saw. Short dark hair swept behind his ears and he had a rough beard that made it seem like he forgot to shave that day. He imagined his facial hair was just long enough to be soft and not scratchy, and he had to resist the urge to brush his hand against it to find out. The neighbor cutie had a boy next door thing going on that was hot because of his innocent brown eyes but his deep voice was pleasant and easy to listen to.

Don relaxed when he realized the guy just being nice and probably welcoming him to the building. He wasn’t acting like a rabid fan or obsessive or drooling over Don’s body that usually put his instincts on high alert.

Don noticed the guy before but never close up and the Fall weather encouraged baggy clothing and extra layers to cover up with. Don never saw how damn cute he was before now. His lean body had enough curves to perk his interest but no extra fat. He wasn’t as toned as Donovan was, but not many people were. He smelled clean and just…good.

Don opened the door, but stopped in the doorway with his hands full of groceries. “Yeah, I guess I am.” He was torn between whether he should have a conversation in the hallway or invite him inside. The doorway was kind of an awkward place to talk with anyone but then again maybe he just came over to say hi. The thought disappointed Don slightly for some reason.

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