Handsome Men Bite Back (MM)

Handsome Heroes 7

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,230
1 Ratings (5.0)

Handcuffed to the horny dragon...

Pretty boy Alyx is sentenced to five years on a prison planet for a crime he didn’t commit. On route, he’s chained to a sexy, pierced man who sure as hell deserves to be incarcerated. When the ship they’re on has a riot, Alyx is stuck fleeing with his forced partner.

Tor has hidden his species from everyone as a dragon from the Dark Planets. That is until he’s cuffed to a timid human. Together they must avoid the law and find the killer among the criminals that are picking them off one by one. He is falling for the smart and shy Alyx. When things get tough, Tor must shift into his larger dragon form to save them but what will the pretty boy think of his beast within?

The world seems to always be nipping at Alyx’s ass. Now it’s time for him to bite back.

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming

Handsome Men Bite Back (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Handsome Men Bite Back (MM)

Handsome Heroes 7

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,230
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
Alyx found the love of his life with Mantel. Or so he thought. The ultimate betrayal leads him to a false accusations which ultimately end in his imprisonment. And if that wasn't bad enough, things go from bad to worse.
The upside, because yes if it's a James Cox book you can bet your sweet behind there is an upside, is he is cell mates with sexy Torquil who he gets handcuffed to.
When a riot breaks out and the prisoners escape, how do you decide who to trust? Alyx and Tor's chemistry is off the charts but there is a murderer among them and everyone is a suspect.

I absolutely adore the King of Outrage, James Cox! His books are my all time favorite. Smoking hot sex scenes and love stories that melt you and make you giggle. Love this man and his books!
Shirley W.

“Well, I for one…like the wings.” I grinned. “Can you spread them out again?” They were beyond fascinating.

Tor watched me, slowly opening his wings to their full width.

I reached out, touching them ever so gently. The middle was soft like the best cotton in the universe. I dragged my fingers to the edge, stunned as the texture slowly changed. Soft to grating against my skin like coarse sand and finally solid. The outer edges of his wings were hard, not erection hard but bone thick. I touched the tip of a spike, finding it as sharp as a blade. “They’re magnificent.” I followed that ridge, shifting to touch his shoulder when I could. Tor’s skin was warm as I leaned over and placed my lips on his neck. I sucked then smiled when I saw the mark I made on his tanned skin. The sun was sending bright rays through the trees around us. One cut across Tor’s face, making his blond hair look lighter. He bent down slightly and I shifted to my toes. I kissed his eyebrow piercing then took a lick at the stud in his lip.

Tor attempted to kiss me, but I backed down.

I placed my hands on his arms, running them down his muscles until I could hold both his hands. Then I leaned closer and took his pierced nipple into my mouth. The combination of tart metal and salty flesh was erotic. I flicked my tongue over it then tugged with my teeth.

Tor groaned.

I ended the affectionate touch with a kiss then moved to his other nipple. My tongue slid beneath his piercing, pulling on it gently. I swirled and lapped at his flesh until another groan echoed atop the deserted mountain peak. Our fingers were twined as I kissed my way along Tor’s chest, following the curve that led to the center. I could feel his fierce heartbeat as I pressed my cheek against him. Only after I listened for several thumps did I face him. We each locked eyes and moved so that our lips met in a slow kiss. It was sensuous. The way our lips leisurely touched, swiping like a whisper taken by the wind. Then our mouths opened. The sun seemed to dull around us. Our hands still joined as his tongue slid into my mouth. It was slow motion, savoring the moment and I felt that passion to the very core of my soul. Tor touched my teeth, sliding along them as my tongue touched his. He pulled back to stare at me. I smiled as I looked around. His wings had curved around us, blocking out a lot of light. It was like a cocoon just for us.

Tor let go of my hands, pulling at the rest of his buttons while staring at me.

I heard the rustle of his clothing. Then Tor placed his hands on my cheeks and went in for another kiss. This one had more heat, more intensity as our tongues fought a silent battle. There was no loser. I stared down at his stunning body. Tor was all muscle and tan flesh. His feet were hip width apart and his balls dangled between his pillar-like legs. I smiled. How could I not? Look at that beauty! Tor’s shaft was hard, curved out from the nest of blond curls, and rising like the sun on a newly formed planet. The slightly pointed tip was smeared with wetness. Okay, now I was really drooling. I swallowed hard and moved to my knees. His wings blocked out the bright rays as I reached out to touch him. His manhood was stiff as I wrapped my hand around him. I squeezed, feeling the thick veins pulsing then slid my hand to his head. The dragon tattoo was still there, pulsing brightly.

“Alyx,” I wasn’t sure if he said my name on a breath or the whisper was taken by the breeze that rushed past us.

Sticking my tongue out, I slowly leaned toward him and finally licked at his wet head. It was delicious, salty pre-cum. “You taste like perfection.” Okay, so I wasn’t too sure what I meant with that one. It just happened to come out before I could really think on it.

Tor chuckled, reaching down and running his hand through my brown hair. He parted his wings to show me a patch of green grass, some strands bright because of the sun striking around us.

I tugged at what was left of my tattered pants. Showing off my own very hard manhood. Then I lay down in the grass, smiling as I looked up Tor’s body to his handsome face. “You’re my hero.” More than once Tor proved he was not like other men, he was better, above.

He moved to his knees. His amazing wings formed a wall on either side of us.

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