Handsome Sex Addict on Planet 9

Handsome Heroes 6

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,815
1 Ratings (5.0)

Great balls of steel!

Bray is a spoiled, rich young man addicted to the Virtual Sex Room and a pleasure enhancing substance that makes him regenerate faster. When he misses his brother's bonding ceremony, the secret of just how far addicted he is, comes out. Of course, he won’t take help because he doesn't need help. All his friends and family are wrong!

Kamden is the sexiest straight guy in the universe and wants nothing more than to see his friend Bray kick the habit. He promises to get help for Bray because they’ve been friends for years. Kamden also believes Bray is the only one who might accept him as he is, part cyborg. Together they fly into the darkness of space determined to reveal secrets and overcome addictions.

However, the plan is interrupted by another aggressive ship. They crash land on a planet known as 9 because it’s not yet suitable for human life. Can Bray overcome his addiction, Kamden’s balls of steel, and find a way off this planet?

Be Warned: m/m sex, spanking

Handsome Sex Addict on Planet 9
1 Ratings (5.0)

Handsome Sex Addict on Planet 9

Handsome Heroes 6

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,815
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
I wish I could give this higher then a 5 star rating! Anyone who can read this and not fall in love with James Cox's writing, should just stop reading altogether! This man is brilliant! I laughed through this book but also had my heartstrings tugged at while Bray battled through his addiction.
OK....so in this installment, Bray is addicted to the drug Lox. His best friend Kamden is mortified when he finds out and resolves to help him kick the addiction. Bray of course, is also addicted to sex. While he loves to flirt and joke with his best friend, he knows Kamden is straight.
When Bray's ship gets attacked, they are shipwrecked on a still forming planet. As Bray suffers from withdrawal, Kamden has some confessions. When he shows his "steel accessories", Bray can't help himself!
In true James Cox fashion, he has given me some favorite lines!
"Well I can honestly say I like your shiny balls"
And Bray talking about his overheated sperm leaving a mark on his man of steel's stomach "Sort of like a hickey above his mickey"
Love this man! Love his books
Shirley W.

An addiction will throw you into a pit of despair, you either die there or climb out stronger.

I couldn’t see anything. My eyelids were closed and it was a huge amount of effort to open them. My body was supine on something hard. I took inventory of what hurt as I lay there. My fingers were stiff, useless things, my wrist achingly sore. My cock was tender too, but not hard, it was soft between my legs. The sensitive skin felt rubbed raw. I opened one lid, groaning. The familiar gray ceiling of my spaceship was above me. I opened my other eye, catching sight of the walls that were covered with shiny panels. I was in my virtual room on board my ship docked at a space station. Offhand I couldn’t recall the name of the station. Didn’t matter anyway. I took a deep breath. My chest felt heavy, like I’d run for miles and miles. But I hadn’t been exercising. I’d managed to get my hands on something better than anything in the universe. Loxide. I grinned, flashes of last night probing my mind.

Loxide was a highly potent gas that would give any being a boost in adrenaline and a hard cock that could recover in mere minutes. It was a fucking miracle drug and I had no idea why they deemed it illegal in the universe. I straightened my legs, wincing. How long had I spent in here? I remembered setting the gas tank in the room and letting that slightly sweet smell overtake me. I spent hours or maybe it was the entire day a sexy virtual orgy, I wasn’t sure which. Nevertheless, I was in a fictional world where I was a king. That was the new scenario in the sex games on the virtual walls. A person could be a king with a whole army of men. Naked, muscular males waiting for my undivided attention. I lost count of how many times I came, but glancing at the tank showed I used up all the Loxide.

All the pain was worth the orgasms I had. I forced myself to sit up, holding back the groan. Everything fucking hurt, including my cock. I stared down at my best friend and saw the skin was red from all the attention. Eh, a shower and a shot of Vitamin XY, and I’d be good to go. Or find more Loxide. I shifted to my knees, then I wobbled to my feet. I had to lean against the wall in order to stay upright. My fingers were too stiff to close. The room was covered with splatters of cum on the floor, the single chair in the center of the room, and the walls. Damn, there was even some jizz on the ceiling. I grinned; it had been an epic one-man party.

I fumbled to the door—it automatically opened—then stumbled my way to my quarters, which were only a few doors away. I was supposed to take a shower, but I was just too damn tired. Naked, I fell onto the cot that served as my bed and let my eyelids close.

It was only a few moments later that a loud beeping noise interrupted my vacuous sleep. I growled, pushing a hand through my red hair that tickled the bottom of my ears. “What? Answer,” I yelled, turning onto my back. My cock flopped onto my thigh.

The artificial intelligence connected to the transmission at my order.

“Answer the fucking comm, Bray,” an angry, deep voice bellowed.

I groaned as I recognized it was Kamden. Of course, it would be him who called. Kamden was one of those guys that gays like me dreamed of. Muscular, tight ass, genuine friendly guy with a dominant streak. A chiseled jaw that was never clean-shaven. Unfortunately, in my case he was straight. “What.” I shouted the word, thinking about the frown he’d have on his handsome face.

“About time you answered. I’ve been trying to call you for five hours!”

Had I been in the virtual room for that long? I answered, “What’s up?” Speaking of up, I glanced down. Yup, Kamden always stirred my cock.

“Tell me you didn’t forget about the ceremony.” He sounded pissed.

“Of course not.” Whose? Oh right, the bonding ceremony was for my brother Ever and his man Rykna. I rolled my eyes.

“You have the rings still?”

“Do I look like an idiot?” No answer. “Stop nagging me like a mate. Unless you want to start something hot, sweaty, and naked.” I grinned.

Kamden remained silent.

“I’ll be there,” I muttered, sitting up in bed. “Glory Gardens, sunset, blah, blah, blah.”

“Don’t fuck up,” Kamden said quietly. His comment seemed to echo throughout the room, the very ship.

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