Noah & Reagan: Naughty's Nice (MM)

Silver's Studs 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,744
17 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

There was a time when Noah believed his life had no meaning, no value. His family tossed him away because he was gay. Homeless, feeling lost, he used drugs as an escape. After being arrested and hitting rock bottom, Noah was given a chance to start over in a new place. Then he discovered love and a purpose to fulfill his life.

Reagan knew Noah was the man for him as soon as he saw him peeking out of a store’s office, after the place had been robbed. He fell in love as soon as he looked into those suspicious, gray-green eyes, an emotion he had felt only once before. Now he had found new love in a new place, giving him true hope for the first time in years. Noah came with a few issues, but Reagan believed it was nothing they couldn’t handle, as long as they did it together.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Noah & Reagan: Naughty's Nice (MM)
17 Ratings (4.6)

Noah & Reagan: Naughty's Nice (MM)

Silver's Studs 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,744
17 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
What a beautiful sweet loving story. Finding love, comfort, safety, compassion, support system....a second
Loved this
donna b buccella




“He knows the password,” Eddy whispered. “Maybe we should unlock the door.”

“Do you know what this deputy looks like?” Noah asked, moving toward the door. Eddy had lived in Silver all his life. He should know what the deputy looked like.

Eddy shrugged. “He’s new, but I’ve seen him around a few times. Tall, muscular, brown hair, and really, really light blue eyes. They’re weird. They have a dark outline. Very unnerving when he stares at you.”

“Put your hands on the back of the door and get ready to slam it shut. I’m going to peek out.” To the man on the other side of the door, Noah said in a louder voice, “Get ready to show me your badge.”

Opening the door, his heart thundering in his chest, Noah peeked through the crack. The first thing he saw was the badge and as his gaze moved upward and beyond, he was caught by the most incredible eyes he had ever seen. There was a hint of blue, some gray, but it was the ring around the iris that made the man’s eyes truly incredible. They probably were unnerving, if a person caught this man staring at them. At the moment they were filled with patience and amusement.

“Are you convinced yet?”

Noah nodded. “Yeah. You didn’t happen to catch the asshole, did you?” He motioned for Eddy to move away from the door. His friend stepped back, letting out a long breath of relief. The guy was pale, paler than normal, with his creamy skin and freckles to go with his bright copper-red hair.

“Not yet. I need to get a description from you guys. I’ll also need any surveillance you have.”

It didn’t take long to give the deputy what he needed. Noah and Eddy followed him out into the main part of the store. Noah took the opportunity to check out the man’s ass. It was an above average ass, nicely rounded and filling out the dark jeans he was wearing.

A sharp elbow in his ribs brought Noah’s attention back to the matter of the robbery. Another deputy was asking questions. It was difficult to keep his focus, when all he wanted to do was look at Deputy Monroe again. Although he didn’t know if the man was gay or straight, had a wife or partner, Noah knew he didn’t stand a chance with a man he would rate as a ten.

There was a reason why Noah’s boss had told him to wear the Santa suit and not Eddy. Eddy was as thin as a twig. Noah, however, was on the chunky side. He wasn’t exactly fat, but he knew he could stand to lose a few pounds. His body was a lot different now than it had been when he had been hooked on meth. Buying food hadn’t been high on his list of priorities, not when his body craved something else.

Fortunately for Noah he had been busted making a buy, and it had been the first step in his recovery. It had been really rough, suffering through the agony of the craving and the need to end it. A stint in jail had helped. Anything could be smuggled into a jail, but at a price. Drugs were on the list. Freedom was on Noah’s list. He wanted to be free of the drugs. Counseling had been offered, something he continued with after his three months of imprisonment ended. When he had passed every drug test for six months, he had been offered a chance to get away from all the triggers in his life. Noah hadn’t had to think about it for more than five minutes. The chance to get away from the crowded city, the crime, the parents and siblings who hated him, had been too much to resist, possibly more so than any drug Noah had ever tried.

Since the police were turning customers away, Noah’s boss decided to send Noah and Eddy home. When they began to cross the parking lot, headed for the road into Silver, that deep, sexy voice called to them.

“Hey, guys, I’ll give you a ride into town. It’s not safe for you to be walking. Not until we catch the guy who robbed the store.”

Noah and Eddy retraced their steps. He fought off flashbacks as the deputy opened the rear door of the SUV. It was a place he had hoped he would never be again. At least this time he wasn’t wearing cuffs and being read his rights. There was a bright side to everything.

“Where do you want me to take you?” Deputy Monroe asked as he got in, looking back through the barrier.

“I live in the apartment building on Silver River Road,” Noah told him, wondering if the man would be shocked if Noah invited him up to his apartment for some hot chocolate or hot sex.

“I live with my parents on the other side of town.”

It took all of five minutes to get to the building where Noah lived. He thanked the deputy when he was released from the rear of the SUV. It was too bad. He hadn’t minded inhaling the scent of the man, which was rather rich and woodsy, like the forest he had been introduced to last summer.

“Don’t hesitate to call, if anything looks suspicious again while you’re at work. We’d rather come check things out than have someone get hurt.”

“Sure thing.” Noah wanted to make a list of reasons to call.




With his confidence growing slightly, Noah tossed the T-shirt aside and reached for the buckle on his belt. He opened it quickly, followed by the front of his jeans. Tucking his fingers in the waistband, he caught the top of the long underwear and regular underwear, pushing the layers down his legs until he was wearing nothing but thick socks. His cock pointed in Reagan’s direction.

“I guess he likes you,” Noah said, laughing a little before bending to take off his socks. He left them on the floor and headed for the bed. Reagan was now as naked as he was. Noah admired the man and let out a sigh. Reagan’s body was fit. It was perfection, as far as Noah was concerned. He wanted to explore every inch of it with his mouth and hands, until he had discovered the taste and texture of dip, ridge, and plane.

“I’m glad. It’ll make this that much nicer,” Reagan said as he took Noah into his arms to pull him close. Reagan’s cock pushed against Noah’s belly, boldly imprinting itself into his flesh. “Wow, you feel good.”

Noah nodded. “Yeah, you do, too.” Reaching around, he placed his hands on the upper curves of Reagan’s ass. Soft hairs tickled his palms. Feeling bolder with each passing second, he began to explore, his hands sliding downward so he could fill them with the rounded mounds. He hadn’t even seen Reagan’s ass yet and knew it was perfect. Noah gave perfection a firm squeeze, causing Reagan to moan and his eyes to darken to a shadowy crystal blue. “You feel really good.”

Doing a close dance in place, Reagan maneuvered their bodies until Noah’s back was to the bed. Noah sat down on the edge, not giving up his hold on the other man’s ass. The new position had Noah’s face level with Reagan’s groin. He stared at the cock standing proudly in front of him. There was a trickle of pre-cum from the tiny slit in the wide head. Inhaling, Noah drew in Reagan’s musky male scent. Leaning forward, he stuck out his tongue to swipe leisurely at the liquid, fighting a smile as Reagan moaned and his hips jerked in response. Pulling his tongue back into his mouth so he could savor the flavors, Noah moaned. Salty, tangy, with a bit of spice. Reagan was delicious.

Although Noah wanted to feast on the flesh before him, he pulled back and looked up at Reagan instead. “So, this fantasy you were having. Did it involve my lips?”

Reagan nodded, his eyes the gray of storm clouds, circled by black. “Yes, your lips were around the head of my cock. You were sucking on it.”

“That’s all? Just sucking?” Noah loved this game. Heat poured over his body. His cock throbbed. Pre-cum leaked from it. “You don’t have much of an imagination.”

“I only had five minutes.”

“You need to learn to use your time better. Now, pay attention. This is how I would do it.”

Stifling a giggle, Noah wrapped his fingers around the base of Reagan’s cock and was impressed when they didn’t meet. Holding the hot shaft firmly, he lowered his head once again and opened his mouth just enough so that the tip would fit within the tight circle of his lips. He flicked the slit in the head with the tip of his tongue as he pressed forward, his lips stretching over and around the spongy flesh. He continued the sensual attack with his tongue, swirling around the flared rim, flicking quickly against the bundle of nerves beneath, all the while listening to Reagan’s moans and groans. When Noah started the slow slide along the length of Reagan’s cock, strong fingers slid into his hair to hold Noah’s head as Reagan began to gently pump his hips.

Noah moaned when he finally reached the base. It had taken some effort on his part. Reagan had been gifted a large penis. It wasn’t overly large. It just pushed the limits of manageable. The tip of his nose was tickled by the dark brown curls covering Reagan’s groin. The musky male scent filling his nostrils as he inhaled was being committed to memory. Hollowing his cheeks, Noah sucked on the flesh filling his mouth, his tongue stroking as he retreated.

While he kept one hand on Reagan’s ass, Noah used the other to play with the balls hanging between powerful, hair-covered thighs. Reagan’s hips bucked as Noah played. He gently, very carefully, nibbled on the head of the man’s cock, eliciting a series of moans over the course of the next few minutes as Noah sucked and licked his way up and down the length of Reagan’s cock.

“No more,” Reagan said, finally conceding defeat. “You proved my fantasy skills suck. My fantasy didn’t even come close to the real thing.” He chuckled as Noah’s mouth left his cock with a slurping pop of wet lips. “Get back on the bed. I need to be inside of you, when I come.”

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