Apex Lion (MM)

Apex Predators 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,042
14 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Classic ManLove:Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]
In a world where humans are food or playthings, Sam is considered a murderer by his fellow humans. Left in the desert to die, Sam contemplates suicide, only to be taken by slavers. Sam falls into a pit of despair when the Apex Alpha of the Lions, Rex, buys him. Sam’s been taught to fear and kill shifters his entire life. Sam’s petrified of his attraction to Rex. Will the Apex Alpha break him or worse, will Sam yield willingly to the powerful shifter?
No matter how many times Sam runs, Rex will always retrieve his human. Sam is his, bought and paid for. Sam might fear the magnetic pull between them, but Rex knows fate sent this human to him for a reason. Sam is his rightful mate. Rex will stand by Sam, even when surrounded by enemies, when those he trusted are on the cusp of betraying him.


Apex Lion (MM)
14 Ratings (4.4)

Apex Lion (MM)

Apex Predators 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,042
14 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
So disappointing. Sam’s story is almost identical to his brother, Adam’s, from the first installment. It truly made me wonder whether there’s any truth to so many authors using ghostwriters. Even the sex scenes were almost exactly the same. Sigh.
Christy Duke




At the moment, a brown-haired and brown-eyed lean human was being dragged up the steps to the stage with some difficulties by a guard. Rex couldn’t sense any inner animal from the man, and other paranormals, witches, and psychics had different scents compared to plain humans. Yet, he couldn’t stop looking at the human that seemed to possess a strange kind of magnetic pull that captivated his beast. 

He seemed to be clothing least suitable for the desert, so Rex guessed Lawrence’s slavers must have plucked him from the borders between the forested area belonging to the werewolves and the Dunes. 

“Up next we have a little firecracker, folks. This merchandise might not have much in terms of the looks department, rather plain if you asked me, but I bet that physique might appeal to some,” said the announcer.

“More trouble than he’s worth,” Maximo said next to him as the buyers began to make bids.

Unlike other prides, Rex imposed a fair system to everyone who lived in the Claw Biters’ compound. Slaves who worked hard, showed their value, eventually ceased being slaves, and there had been cases of loyal humans who even volunteer to endure the Bite to become one of them. 

Rex didn’t understand, but something about this human drew him closer into the crowd. Maximo let out a curse behind him. He knew his two senior lions, Manuel and Lina, would closely guard their backs. 

He locked gazes with the human, who ceased fighting to stare at him as the guard gripped his wrists and chained them together to the hook on the wall. The human’s mouth opened, then closed. A tempting mouth. He could imagine thrusting his tongue down that human’s throat, imagine his pupils dilating his breaths coming quick as he released him from their kiss. 

Rex wanted to rip off those rags hanging from his frame, unveil sun-kissed skin, have him on his knees and rut him right there, for the entire auction to see.  

The defiant glare this human rewarded him made his dick pulse against his leather pants. His desire didn’t seem one-sided, because even from here, he could see the human sporting a woody. For him. Rex could imagine the thoughts going through the human’s head. He was probably confused by his strange reaction to Rex. All and good, because Rex didn’t want an unwilling partner in his bed. 

As the Apex Alpha of all the lion prides, Rex had no problems choosing his share of lovers. They usually threw themselves at his feet, but it had been a while since he had such a challenge thrown before him. 

Rex scratched at the scars, the old rake marks on his left cheek, and flashed the human a knowing smirk. The human shuddered, lowered his gaze, much to his delight. The turned slightly to the side, to the limits that his bound hands would allow. 


Was he seriously trying to hide his need from Rex? Didn’t he know shifters had a poignant sense of smell? Right now, Rex had shoved all the unsavory scents of blood, despair and sweat emanating from the flesh market and focused solely on the human’s alluring scent. 

What a prize. Mine, the great golden-maned beast inside him roared. He must be emitting too much aggressive energy, because the other buyers near them gave their group space. Maximo, Manuel, and Lina’s beasts rose to the surface, in danger of exploding from their human skin. Rex toned down his metaphysical energy. His lions probably had questions.

Rex could imagine himself having this fighter, this human underneath him, and having his way with him. Would this human fight, buckle, and claw at him at the start, only to yield to him after realizing Rex could make his body sing? 

“Five barrels of bullets for that one,” he said, voice loud and clear. He made sure the auctioneer heard the hidden threat in his tone. The little man making the announcements sweated under the sun and gave Lawrence a nervous glance. 

“Five?” Maximo whispered next to him in an incredulous voice. “For one puny human? We can get twelve laborers for that.”

“Maximo, the Alpha’s made his decision,” Lina said quietly behind him. 

Maximo scowled. In terms of pride hierarchy, Maximo outranked any senior soldier, but his second must have realized he made a mistake because he wisely shut up. Rex ruled his pride and the other prides with an iron claw. Anyone who questioned his orders or decisions met an untimely death. If Maximo hadn’t been his childhood friend, he would have punished him for making them appear divided in front of outsiders.

“My apologies, Alpha,” Maximo said through gritted teeth.

Lawrence nodded to the auctioneer, who banged his little hammer on his table. “Sold, to His Highness, the Apex Lion and the Claw Biters clan.”

Genuine terror seized the human’s face, and he bit his lower lip, as if he finally realized just who it was he dealt with. Rex widened his smile. He was very much looking forward to playing with his new toy.




“Why are you telling me all this? What if I end up betraying you?” Sam gasped when Rex gave him a gentle push to the chest. 

He ended up on the edge of the bed, his towel coming off. Sam was all too aware that they were both naked, that his dick felt like wood between his legs. He ached, wanted to know what it felt like, being claimed by this ruthless and, on occasion, unexpectedly tender lion king.

“No chance of happening,” Rex said, climbing on top of him. He sucked in a breath, not stopping Rex from pinning his arms above his head. For some reason, Sam felt safe, confident in the knowledge Rex would never hurt him. 

“So certain of that?” Sam whispered.

Then Rex lowered his mouth to his, and Sam forgot about everything else except the demanding press of the Alpha’s lips. He yielded, kissed Rex fervently back, opened his mouth slightly only for Rex to thrust his tongue down his throat. Rex pulled away, leaving him panting, wanting more. 

He groaned when Rex left more kisses down the side of his neck. The Alpha bit, too, leaving tiny bites along with those sizzling kisses. The combined yet alluring mix of pain and pleasure only made him dizzy with lust.

“Keep your hands above your head,” Rex ordered.

Needing something to hold on to while Rex seemed to take his time enjoying his body, Sam clutched at the sheets above him. Sex to him had always been quick and dirty, nothing like this. Rex seemed to take his time, exploring the length of him, at the same time leaving his personal marks all over his body. Sam found that incredibly sexy, because these bites and bruises would ache the next morning and remind him of his lion.

Rex closed one hand over his dick, gave it a few pumps. Sam groaned when Rex traced the rim of his ass with his finger, teasing him by rubbing at his puckered entrance back and forth while continuing to play with his prick. 

Sam knew cats could be playful but didn’t realize it also applied to the bigger cats as well. He thought a man like Rex would like it rough and hard, failing to realize that Rex seemed to possess incredible patience, too.

“From tonight onwards, this little hole, these cock and balls, this body of yours, they all belong to me,” Rex stated with such confidence that floored him.

He could only moan in response as Rex gave the tip of his dick a pinch. Sam nearly came then, but he managed to hold back, not wanting to spoil the fun. 

“Good boy. If you come without my permission, I’m going to put you over my lap and spank you.”

Sam blushed harder at those words, shocked by how he was turned on by them. Rex stopped touching his intimate marks, making him moan in frustration.

“Show me how much you want my cock inside your ass,” Rex said, sliding off the bed. Sam got off only to fall on his knees in front of Rex. He licked at his lips at the sight of Rex’s stiff cock, already leaking pre-cum.

Rex threaded fingers into his hair, bringing him close until his lips touched Rex’s cock. He darted his tongue out, swiping at the pre-cum gathered at the head of Rex’s dick. He explored every vein and ridge, pleased by the groans of approval the Alpha emitted. 

Sam hollowed out his cheeks and began giving Rex a blow job. He gagged on his first try, succeeded on his third, and began bobbing his head up and down. 

“Very good, Sam. Give my balls a squeeze.”

Sam reached out, applying slight pressure to Rex’s balls as he continued blowing Rex’s prick. In the past, he never liked being in this position, but now, he didn’t mind it so much. Sam relished the power he had, being able to coax those kinds of happy noises from his lion.

His lion? More like he was Rex’s human, but Sam didn’t mind that label at all. 

Rex gave his hair a tug, making him pause from his task. Sam sat back on his heels.

“Enough. Time to claim that sweet ass of yours.” 

Rex flipped him on his hands and knees, and he tempted the Alpha, wagging his ass at him only to receive a smack on both his ass cheeks. Sam groaned, looking over his shoulder to see Rex taking out what looked like a bottle of lube from one of the bags next to the bed.

Rex got into position behind him. Sam moaned into the lush rugs as Rex worked one slicked finger inside his ass, adding a second one soon enough. 

“Soon,” Rex told him, beginning to widen him for access. Rex’s fingers on his hole felt amazing. Finally the Alpha pulled his digits out and gripped his hips, angling his cock head right into his entrance.

“Please,” Sam uttered, entire body electrified. Until Rex, he hadn’t known sex could feel this good or amazing.

Rex finally pushed in. Sam gasped. He knew Rex was massive, but he could feel Rex working every inch inside his tiny hole. It burned momentarily, but once Rex moved past the thick ring of muscles, the ache eased. Finally, Rex rested his balls against Sam’s ass. He moaned into the floor. 

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