[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]
Kevin McMillian had an awful childhood. His youth was spent as a guinea pig to an abusive father. The man experimented on him, using various drugs. When the old man finally dies, Kevin and his brothers leave their tiger streak and travel to New Orleans. Once safe, the drug starts to leave his system. Kevin becomes very ill and slips into an unconscious state. He’s lost and scared as he yells for help, but nobody can hear him. 
Stephen Pollis is the pack doctor. His Alpha sends him out on a call to help a tiger shifter. He never expected to find an unconscious man lying on a hotel room bed, bloody and pale. Rushing the young male to The Castle, Stephen stays by his side, day and night. After weeks pass, he’s willing to do anything to wake Kevin up.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.
Kevin's Savior (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Great Book! I'm really enjoying this series. The romance is sweet, yet hot. I hope it runs forever.
Gale Stanley




Kevin came back to consciousness inside his own mind, feeling lost, alone, and scared. He wasn’t sure how much time passed. It could have been minutes, days, or months. Hell, he might’ve been stuck in this hell a year. Fire licked up and down his body, forcing him to yell out inside the darkness of his head. Kevin couldn’t differentiate between the hot and cold any longer, it all felt the same.

“Kevin?” Warm breath tickled against his ear and Kevin relaxed, stopping the internal struggle. “Kevin, can you hear me?” He wanted to hold onto that voice, to shout in relief. He wasn’t alone any longer. Someone was with him. “Your vitals are looking better today. The tests are all clean. I really wish you would wake up for me. I want to see your beautiful eyes.” He wanted to do that as well. God, how he wanted to wake up from the nightmare he’d been living in.

Who was this man? His voice did strange things to his insides. It brought him a sense of peace, something that he’d never felt before. He wanted to open his eyes, to force the man to talk more. Kevin focused all his attention on taking a breath. He wanted to scent the air. Ignoring the pain, he inhaled. He tried to categorize each smell, but his head was screwed up. His senses were off. Kevin tried to search for his tiger, but the beast was silent. He wanted to cry and yell at the injustice.

“How is he? Any change?” Kevin let out a mental gasp. He knew that voice. It belonged to his brother, Conner. Conner! I can hear you.

“Everything seems to be normal, his vitals are perfect, but he’s still unconscious.” The first voice replied. “I just don’t get it.”

Kevin yelled out inside his mind. Conner! Please, help me. I can hear you.

“His scent.” Conner’s voice was full of surprise, the men continuing their conversation as if he wasn’t right there.

“I know. It’s the effect of the transfusion. I’m hoping that he’ll start to smell like himself soon,” the other man said, and Kevin assumed that he was a doctor since he was talking about transfusions.

“It’s weird being this close and smelling Sam while I’m looking at Kevin,” Conner murmured. Wait? What? Why do I smell like Sam? There was so much happening around him and he didn’t understand half of it.

“Liam got his transfusion a couple of days ago and he smells a lot like Sam as well. You would know, if you weren’t locked in your room with Montana,” the doctor teased Conner. “His own scent is there though, maybe it’s because he’s been shifting a few times a day. Any internal damage from the drugs is healed because of Sam’s Alpha blood. I’m sure he’ll have his normal scent back soon. As for Kevin, he had a lot more internal damage.”

I had more internal damage? Is that why my body was on fire and I wanted to die? What is happening to me? Please, someone, wake me up. He tried to shake himself, to yell out, but it was pointless. Why can’t I open my eyes? He hated feeling like he was stuck inside his body while everyone else lived on around him. He felt trapped, a shadow stuck inside his body with zero power or control. He wasn’t anything but a shell.

“It’s my turn today.” Conner chuckled. “Things might get a little confusing around here with all these shifters.” What does Conner mean…all these shifters? Where the hell are we? Are we still in New Orleans? That was the last place he remembered and of course, seeing Sam.

“Charles seems to be the only one irritated though,” the doctor said. Who is Charles and why is he irritated?

He tried to pay attention to the conversation playing out around him. It was hard to listen as people talked around him and about him. He wasn’t able to speak up. He tried repeatedly. He wanted to tell them that he could hear them, but nothing came out of his mouth.

The soft hand moved up his arm and Kevin focused on the sensations he was feeling instead of the voices. Warm breath touched his cheek and he internally sighed. “I want you to wake up for me, Kevin. If you open those beautiful eyes, I’ll give you anything you ask for. I promise.”

I would give anything to see you. Kevin struggled to open his eyes. He wanted to. He wanted to see the man that matched the wonderfully sexy voice.

“Come on, you can do it. Show me those gorgeous eyes.” Kevin whimpered inside his mind.

He couldn’t figure out how to open his eyes or move. He wanted to shout, but he didn’t seem to have any control over his body. After about a minute, the doctor sighed and Kevin knew he was disappointed. Long, warm fingers interlaced his own.

“Give me a sign that you can hear me. Squeeze my hand. You can do it.” Again, Kevin tried.

He focused all his energy on that hand. He willed himself to do something as simple as twitch. How could moving his hand be so damn difficult? Frustration overwhelmed him and mental exhaustion pulled him toward darkness, a never-ending abyss. The deep voice faded away and he held onto it as long as he could. Soon, even the touch disappeared and he was once again left alone.




“Do you only top?” Kevin asked. He could guess the answer from Stephen’s body language, but waited patiently to hear what Stephen had to say.

“It’s been a really long time since I’ve been on the receiving end. I’m not opposed to it,” Stephen told him, still leaning against the wall. He didn’t reach out, and Kevin was concerned that the wolf would act differently now that he’d shown his more aggressive side.

Kevin stepped back slightly. He hated the space, especially after all they’d done. He couldn’t remember ever coming so hard in his life when they’d been outside together. Now, he felt awkward. He didn’t get far before a hand reached out and touched his forearm.

“Please,” Stephen whispered before clearing his throat. “I’m not sure what to say. I don’t want to do anything wrong. You’re my mate. I know it’s going to take some time to get to know one another, but please, just talk to me. Tell me what you want. What you need.”

Those words softened Kevin’s heart and he banished the past where it belonged. He had the future standing in front of him and he wouldn’t let it be ruined. Exhaling loudly, he smiled, and Stephen slowly grinned back at him. The uncomfortable moment vanished as he stared into the wolf’s chocolate eyes.

“I don’t care who the top is. As long as we’re face to face, that’s all that matters to me. I want to see you.”

Taking a step toward him, Stephen reached out a hand and gently cupped his cheek. “Whatever makes you happy will make me happy.”

“I want you to make love to me,” Kevin told him, and Stephen took one more step, lining their bodies up once more.

He placed a sweet kiss on Kevin’s lips before holding out his hand. Kevin took it, interlacing their fingers, and this time, they walked side by side to the large California king-size bed.

Kevin climbed onto the bed as Stephen opened a drawer in the side table. He lifted out a tube of lube before joining Kevin. He situated himself in the center and the gorgeous wolf crawled toward him, situating himself in between Kevin’s spread legs. He came down on top of him slowly, as if giving Kevin time to adjust. Once their bodies touched, Kevin inhaled his mate’s unique scent, relaxing with the added weight.

Their lips met in a passionate kiss and Kevin wrapped his arms around Stephen’s neck, feeling safe. He hadn’t felt that way in a really long time. It felt good to let go and to just feel for once. He didn’t have to worry about anything bad happening. He was with his mate. Stephen kissed his lips once more, before placing an open-mouthed kiss on his jaw and neck.

Leaning back, Stephen flicked open the cap on the bottle of lube and drizzled some on his fingers. He stared into Kevin’s eyes as he moved one hand between the crevices of Kevin’s ass. He used only the pad of his finger to spread the lube on his hole in a circular motion. Kevin relaxed as Stephen slowly massaged him before gently pushing one finger past the tight ring of muscle. He paused then and, using his other hand, touched Kevin’s stomach, skimming his hand up his chest before tweaking a nipple.

“You’re so beautiful, Kevin. I’ve been dreaming about you for so long. It’s hard to believe that this is real, that you’re in my bed.” He eased his finger out before pushing it in once more. “Our bed.”

Kevin swallowed the emotion threatening to bubble up with those words. He was finally home. “Add another finger. I want to feel you inside of me.”

Stephen grabbed the bottle of lube, adding more of the silky fluid before sliding a second finger into Kevin’s channel. He could feel everything so clearly, the slight stretch and burn followed quickly by pure pleasure. Groaning, Kevin moved his hips restlessly.

“Easy, we’re taking this slow,” Stephen murmured, easing his fingers out, then back in with gentleness he was coming to expect from the wolf.

Time seemed to slow as Stephen worked his fingers in and out of Kevin’s ass, scissoring them and stretching him. After some time, he added a third finger and pegged Kevin’s gland.

“Oh shit! Do that again,” he babbled. “Again! Right there.”

“You’re almost ready, love. Can you feel me inside of you? Your ass is so perfect, stretching around my fingers. Soon, I’m going to slide my cock right here.” He pressed against Kevin’s prostate.

“Stephen!” he yelled his mate’s name, his climax threatening to explode from his shaft.

He gripped the bedding and panted, trying to hold off. He didn’t want to come until Stephen was buried deep inside of him. He wanted to feel the man’s cock.

Stephen grinned at him. “I think you’re ready for my cock.”

“Yes, make me yours,” Kevin told him.

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