[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Brock Townsend loves his pack. When a pack member gets shot, he goes hunting for the man responsible. In a moment of anger, he shifts and kills a human. When the F.P.A. shows up in New Orleans, Brock knows he must accept the punishment for his actions.     
Shaw Iza is a federal agent. He’s dedicated his life to following the law, hunting down rogue paranormals and delivering punishment. When the F.P.A. receives a call from the human authorities in New Orleans reporting a death, he’s sent to investigate. With all the false calls the F.P.A. receives, Shaw doesn’t really believe a shifter is involved until he discovers a bit of evidence that changes his life forever. 
Brock has to face the possibility that his crime might keep his mate from him. Shaw has to face the fact that he might have to be the one to punish his mate. The difference between duty and love thins as they both face an uncertain future where truth and justice are a matter of perspective.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.
Brock's Punishment (MM)
27 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Shaw knew there were more pack members. Someone was missing. The guilty party wasn’t inside The Castle.

“Alpha, let’s stop playing games. I know the wolf that killed Paul Darren is a member of your pack. I can respect the fact that you want to protect him, but keeping him away from me is only going to make the situation worse.”

The office door opened and the man in question strode into the Alpha’s office. Shaw knew who he was instantly.

The scent made his mouth water, the same pine from the victim’s dead body with a soft vanilla and cinnamon undertone. The scent had been familiar to him, but he’d been unable to place why until now. He wanted to shout out with glee, but he masked his scent and kept his body language strictly professional.

Turning around slowly, he made eye contact with the wolf. Shaw kept his face carefully blank and expressionless while his wolf came awake and growled in approval.

The man had light brown hair with a military cut, high and tight. His face was unshaven and Shaw’s fingers itched to reach out and rub his palms down the man’s cheeks. The one feature that grasped Shaw’s attention and held it was his bright blue eyes. It was a blue Shaw had never seen before. His lips were full, kissable, and he had a little dimple in his chin.

You’re so beautiful.

Unfortunately, Shaw wasn’t inside Gideon’s office to get to know the wolf before him, even though the man was his mate. Nope, Shaw was in charge of the man’s punishment. He didn’t know why his mate had killed a human, but he knew the wolf did it. Shaw needed a plan and he hoped that Brock would follow his lead without revealing anything to the other men in the room.

Shaw didn’t trust anyone.

“Brock, what are you doing?” Josh, Gideon’s mate, demanded.

“I’m Brock Townsend,” he introduced himself.

“Mr. Townsend, my name is Shaw Iza and I’m a member of the FPA,” Shaw looked Brock right in the eye. He tried to pass a silent message with his eyes and hoped that Brock could figure out what he was really saying. “I have reliable evidence that points to you as the shifter that killed a human named Paul Darren. I’ll need you to come with me.”

Brock nodded, “I understand, sir.”

“Wait,” Ranger hissed, grabbing Shaw’s bicep. “You’re not even going to question him?”

Shaw knew that Ranger was concerned about his friend and pack member, although now Ranger worked with for the Federal Paranormal  Agency. He wasn’t really part of Gideon’s pack while he worked for the agency. He needed to stay strong. Part of him trusted Ranger due to their past in the military, but when it came to Brock’s life, he didn’t trust anyone.

“I’m doing my job,” he said simply, keeping his tone neutral and unfeeling.

“Shouldn’t we at least question the suspect?” Ranger asked, the scent of aggression filling the office space.

“Ranger,” Shaw growled. “I want you to fly back to New York and talk to Abram. I’ll meet you there.”

“Wait…what…” he started, and Shaw automatically silenced him.

“This isn’t a democracy, Ranger. If you want to be a part of the agency, you need to follow orders from your superiors. You will fly back to New York,” he ordered, and Ranger reluctantly nodded.

“Yes, sir.” Ranger marched over to Gideon and shook the man’s hand before exiting the office.

Gideon stood up from the chair behind his large desk, showing off his muscular build. It was an obvious move. The man wanted to intimidate, but Shaw wasn’t concerned.

“Can I pack a bag and grab my pillow?” Brock asked from his position by the front door.

“Yes.” Shaw nodded. “Don’t do anything stupid, Brock, like try to escape.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” he said, and Shaw could see the honesty in those bright beautiful eyes.




They had reached Colorado, but it didn’t seem either one of them was eager to continue the drive. The teasing had pushed him closer to the edge and now Brock didn’t want to wait. He needed to feel Shaw’s hands on his body. The one blowjob he’d given Shaw wouldn’t hold him over, not any longer.

Shaw gave a jerky nod. “Pull off at the next exit.”

Brock sighed in relief as he did just that. He quickly maneuvered the truck into the first available hotel parking lot and cut the engine. Not wasting any time, he jumped out and grabbed his bag, eager to get inside the room. At this point, he knew a simple touch would send him over the edge.

“I’ll get a room,” Shaw called over his shoulder as he ran toward the lobby.

Brock stretched out his back, his legs shaking from the long drive. None of it affected his cock though. His shaft was hard and aching.

Shaw didn’t take long. He rushed out of the lobby and shouted across the parking lot. “Over here!”

Brock couldn’t help but laugh. It seemed they were both desperate. He marched after his mate and watched as Shaw fumbled with the magnetic card key. When the door opened, Brock was pulled inside. The door slammed, the lock clicked into place, and Shaw was on him. The man stripped his clothing off in record time, kissing and touching every inch of skin.

“Should we take a shower first?” Brock asked on a moan.

He felt sweaty and dirty after the long drive. They only stopped for food, fuel, and bathroom breaks. After almost eight hours, he was sure he wasn’t tasting his best, although it didn’t slow Shaw down.

“No,” Shaw growled out.

He placed open-mouthed kisses along Brock’s neck, moving down his body until he reach his hard shaft.


* * * *


“Oh, God.” Brock stiffened as Shaw sucked his cock into his mouth, taking it all the way in until the head hit the back of his throat and he swallowed. “Shaw!” Brock howled, and he moaned.

He couldn’t get enough. Need, want, and desire drove him now. He was more beast than man. Sitting inside the cab of the truck for hours drove him crazy.

Shaw sucked hard, bobbing his head quickly. He swallowed down Brock’s pre-cum and groaned appreciatively as Brock’s flavor filled his mouth. His mate was delicious. As he continued to bob his head, Brock began to shake, his breathing harsh. Shaw knew the man wouldn’t be able to withstand much more, so he took Brock’s cock deep one more time, burying his nose in the short hairs and inhaling deeply, and then pulled off again.

He didn’t want Brock to find his release too soon. He wanted to draw this out for as long as possible, until Brock was begging for release. Gripping Brock’s hips, Shaw pulled off his mate’s beautiful cock.

“No!” Brock shouted, and Shaw chuckled lightly.

Shaw slowly moved his way up Brock’s body. He kissed the man’s flat stomach and beautiful chest, and nibbled on each nipple before taking possession of the man’s mouth in a heated kiss.

“I’m not done with you, baby. Hands and knees,” he ordered, and Brock immediately did as he said.

Shaw worked his way down Brock’s spine. He kissed and licked until Brock was moving sensually beneath him. He kept a close watch on Brock, watching his response and sensing his emotions. His sexy wolf reached out and grabbed ahold of the headboard, clenching his hands into tight fists. His muscles strained and jerked as Shaw moved down toward his prize. He’d been dreaming about Brock’s ass since they’d met inside Gideon’s office.

“You’re so sexy, wolf.” He growled against Brock’s soft skin.

When he reached the top of Brock’s ass, he leaned back and kneaded Brock’s ass cheeks in both his hands. Shaw placed a kiss to first one ass cheek and then the other.

“Please…” Brock panted. “I can’t take any more teasing. Damn it…I need…”

“Would I torment you, Brock?” Shaw teased and Brock growled like a wild animal.

“Fuck! Yes…you are. Right now you’re tormenting the hell out of me.”

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