The Wolf and the Vampire (MM)

Silver Bullet 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,347
25 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, werewolves, HEA]
Holden Turner feels rejected by his best friend, Blair. To hide the hurt, he turns to drinking and dancing, looking for something to fill the void in his heart. One night while partying inside the Silver Bullet, he drinks too much and blacks out.
Jack Hearst is lonely. It’s becoming harder for him to sit back and watch his friends with their mates. Things change when he spots his True Match on the dance floor, surrounded by men. Approaching the group, he flashes his fangs and they quickly take the hint…running away. Left alone with Holden, Jack takes the young man home.
When Holden wakes up in a strange place, he quickly escapes only to find out that someone has marked him…his mate. Unsure of what to do, Holden hides out, hoping that his memory will return. Before he can find the man, tragedy strikes, leaving Holden fighting for his life. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Wolf and the Vampire (MM)
25 Ratings (4.6)

The Wolf and the Vampire (MM)

Silver Bullet 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,347
25 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved loved loved this book!! I was so glad to be able to read it!! I love all the books in this series!! I am looks forward to the next one!! I can't wait for it to come out!! Olivia Black has done it again with such a wonderful book!! You can never put it down till you have read it all!!




Jack sat down at his usual table, swirling his glass of expensive scotch and checking out all the sexy young men dancing around the club. He loved visiting the Silver Bullet. It was the most amazing gay club he’d ever been to and that was saying something, since he’d been to thousands over his long life.

Standing up, Jack strode to the bar and held up his empty glass. The bartender caught his eye and nodded, rushing to fill a new glass. Jack leaned against the counter, waiting. A sweet scent caught his attention and Jack stood up straight. His heart sped up, eyes going wide. His True Match was close. He didn’t have to look too far, three young men, probably in their early twenties, were casually talking. One of those men is my man.

He tried to move closer without being too obvious. He took a deep breath, calculating each scent until he knew which man was his. Muscular, lean, a strong jaw, short, spiky blond hair, and lips to die for. He was everything that Jack had ever fantasized about and more. The young man jumped off the barstool and Jack was momentarily stunned speechless as he pulled his shirt off and marched to the dance floor. The man didn’t look happy though. His eyes were sad.

Jack watched his True Match dance, shaking his ass and getting plenty of attention from other men. A spike of jealousy rushed through his system, his teeth growing. He wanted to yank the young man away, but he didn’t have that right, not yet. The bartender slid Jack’s drink to him and he took a gulp, letting the potent liquid burn his throat.

“He’s taking this real bad.” He didn’t know the guys’ names, but knew they were talking about his True Match. What was he taking really bad? What happened? He wanted to learn more before pulling his man off the dance floor and he would be doing that, very soon.

“What about you?” the other guy asked and he wanted to roll his eyes. No, he wanted to hear about his True Match.

“Me?” guy one asked.

“Ranger?” guy two asked back.

Jack knew who Ranger was. Shifter. He knew that his True Match had some shifter blood, he could scent the earthy smell, but he wasn’t fully wolf.

“He’s not my mate. In this instance, I know how Holden feels. The only difference is that I can keep my feelings locked away.”

He was finally getting somewhere. His True Match’s name was Holden and the man wasn’t good at hiding his emotions.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m tired, I just want to go back to The Castle and go to bed.”

“Why did you come out?”

“Holden. I thought that he might need a friend and a designated driver.”

“It looks like he’s found a few new friends.”

Jack ground his teeth together. His young man wouldn’t be with anyone but him. Soon, he would be pushing all those other guys away. Soon, his sexy little Holden would know him.

“It’s not real. He’s just trying to get over the pain.”

That confirmed it, the young man was hurting. He’d known the moment he saw those sad blue eyes, but now, his friends confirmed it.

“Jeez, Maddox, I feel guilty enough, man. Sean is my mate. I love him. I’ve loved him since I was sixteen.” He wasn’t sure why the young man felt guilty. He was in love with his mate. What did that have to do with Holden? They weren’t meant to be.

“I know. I’m not trying to make you feel bad. I get it. If drinking and dancing would get Ranger out of my head, even temporarily, I’d do it.” What did that mean? Was his True Match in love with his friend? He was young and hurting because his friend found his mate?

“Have you and Ranger…?”

“Yeah, we did, right after graduation, on my eighteenth birthday.”

“Holy shit! How did I not know? Where the hell was I?” Jack grabbed his glass, ready to leave. He didn’t need to hear any of this personal information. It was time to get his True Match off the dance floor. Maybe even take him home and get their lives started.

“Crying about Sean to Holden. He held you when you cried about your mate. Of course he’d fall in love. He took care of you. I’m gonna leave.”

Lifting up his free hand, Jack rubbed his chest. He didn’t know why his heart hurt from just hearing the words. His True Match was in love with another man. It seemed that he had his work cut out for him. He abandoned his glass on the bar and went straight to the dance floor. It didn’t take nearly that long to clear the men away from Holden. He bared his fangs and they scattered.

“Hi.” Holden looked up at him and grinned.

His blue eyes sparkled and he licked his lips. My True Match likes what he sees. Jack was thrilled. Holden just stood there looking up at Jack under those thick blond lashes. With no thought behind the action, Jack cupped Holden’s face, pulling the younger man closer. He slanted his head, laying a soft kiss onto sweet lips. Holden whimpered, fisting Jack’s shirt as he leaned in.

Holden opened his mouth, allowing Jack’s tongue to explore. A cry of protest left Holden’s throat as Jack pulled away.

“I wanted to do that the moment I laid my eyes on you,” Jack whispered against Holden’s lips.

“Again…please, more,” Holden begged, tugging on Jack’s shirt.




His lover’s needy little moans nearly caused Jack to come in his pants. The collar still wrapped around the boy’s neck was doing a fine job as well. Everything about Holden called to Jack, making him want to own, possess, claim, and mark. This was his True Match, the man that would be at his side for the rest of his long life.

“My little wolf,” Jack crooned, kissing down Holden’s neck to his chest.

He licked the strong pulse before moving on. He was hungry, but first he wanted to give his True Match pleasure. It seemed that they had both been waiting for far too long. Leaning back, he pulled the sheet off Holden, exposing his naked flesh. Wrapping his hand around his shaft, Jack admired Holden’s lean, compact body. Jack couldn’t wait to feel Holden’s pert ass clamping down on his cock.

“Roll over, Holden,” he ordered gruffly.

Holden’s eyes widened, but after a second, he scrambled to obey. Jack didn’t bother trying to stop his smile at seeing Holden’s quick response. Eyeing the firm mounds in front of him, he reached out and rested his hand on Holden’s sides. Jack gently stroked his palms down and over his sides, then skimmed them down and up his thighs until he cupped Holden’s ass cheeks. He still couldn’t believe that he was finally going to claim his True Match.

Holden shuddered under his touch. His breath came in pants as his body trembled. Holden dropped to his elbows and arched his back, raising his ass higher, presenting himself. Humming with pleasure at the display, Jack took what was offered. He pulled Holden’s cheeks apart, giving him a better view of his man’s hole. Without wasting a second, Jack leaned down and swiped his tongue over Holden’s entrance.

Gasping, Holden mewled and shook. “Oh, God…that’s-that’s amazing.”

“You like that, huh?” Jack murmured.

He ducked down and bathed Holden’s balls with his tongue, nipping the sack gently, then ran his tongue up, over the man’s clenching muscle again. He sucked and nibbled, loosening his lover’s entrance.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Holden chanted, rocking back against him. “I love…”

Jack thrust his tongue inside Holden, bathing his entrance in saliva, inside and out. Holden’s words turned into a garbled mess. Jack slid a finger in alongside his tongue, stretching his channel. After a few moments, he added a second finger. Lifting his head, he stared down at his digits clamped tight inside his True Match’s silky heat. He pulled them halfway out, and then pushed back in, scissoring. The view of his lover opening to him, rocking back on his fingers, was incredible, beautiful.

“I need more…please…more,” Holden pleaded.

“Lube?” he asked.

“Drawer,” Holden panted and Jack climbed off the bed, retrieving the bottle.

He poured a generous amount of lubricant into his hand, coating his hard shaft. He tossed the container aside, before moving once again behind his lover. He rested one palm on Holden’s back, massaging the man. Using his lubed hand, Jack slowly worked his fingers inside Holden’s body, pumping in and out.

Two fingers quickly became three. Holden rocked against them, raising his ass to meet each thrust. Seeing that his True Match was ready, Jack eased his fingers free. Holden whimpered, lifting his hips, trying to follow his touch. Jack gripped Holden’s hips, stilling him.

“Easy, baby,” he crooned.

Jack lined up his cock against Holden’s ass, the spongy mushroom head kissing Holden’s virgin hole. It was sexy. Holden looked over his shoulder, looking at Jack. The sight filled Jack’s chest with warmth and love. I love you. He did, he loved this little wolf more than his own life.

“Take a deep breath and push out.” Holden nodded and laid his head back down on the pillow.

His muscles relaxed and Jack pressed forward. He sank his dick into his lover, moist warmth constricting his shaft. He groaned at the amazing pressure, the sensation of heat and rippling muscle surrounding him. He didn’t stop until he was buried balls deep in the man underneath him.

“Holden,” he groaned, “baby, so fuckin’ good.”

Jack’s body shook as he froze, waiting for Holden’s internal muscles to relax. After about a minute, he moved his hips.

“Please move…” Holden moaned deep, shaking his sexy ass and Jack gripped his hips, moving in and out.

He started off slow, circling his hips gently. Soon though, Holden was pushing back against him harder and faster, forcing Jack to speed his movements. Jack’s head fell back, the feeling buzzing through his body as he climbed closer to release. He didn’t want this to end yet. His True Match felt too damn good.

“I’m not going to last long. I’m so close.” Holden sat back further, pushing Jack’s cock deeper. “Bite, bite, bite, bite,” he repeated, exposing his neck.

Jack’s fangs elongated, pushing through his gums. He covered Holden’s body with his own and wrapped his arms around the young man’s waist. He licked the pulsing vein that called to him so sweetly. He’d been waiting until his young man was healed before feeding from him and taking his blood. His stomach cramped, reminding him that he’d gone without for way too long.

Letting out a moan, Jack gave in to his body’s needs and sank his fangs into his True Match’s neck. Rich, warm blood flowed from the bite wound, over his tongue, and down his parched throat. He growled at Holden’s exquisite taste and sucked, wanting more, needing more to recharge his body.

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