[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Shea never wanted to be a wolf shifter. After an attack, he’s turned into one and is forced to live with a wolf inside of him.  Ignoring the wolf leaves him on the verge of losing control.
Viktor, a half-demon, has lived alone for three hundred years, searching for his mates. When he meets Shea, he’s stunned by the numerous insults directed at him. When Viktor takes a step closer, he discovers that the man with the crude tongue is one of his two mates.
Gunner was created in a lab. He’s a hunter that kills nonhumans. A few years ago, he freed a wolf shifter. That wolf shifter awakened a protective need within in. Ever since then, he’s longed to hold him, but Gunner won’t dirty him with his bloodstained hands.
Can these three men find common ground and make their relationship work or will their self-hatred keep them from letting love into their lives?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Learning to Love (MMM)
8 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Shea is trying to come to a understanding with being a wolf, after his brother bit him. Shea thinks that is he ignore his wolf then he will not do crazy things. Shea is on the street selling cell phones to get money to support himself. That is where he meets Viktor, who Shea thinks is a crazy person. Shea doesn't understand why he is having feeling for Viktor when he has already found his mate, Gunner and he doesn't want him. Gunner team is told that they must capture shifters so that the doctor can experiment on them. Shea is capture and Viktor goes after to get him release and finds his second mate. Gunner and Viktor have alot to work on get things to work for them in their mating. Shea doesn't want his brother hurt, but he finds out that he is capture. when they try to free him, he is already gone..... This was a awesome book that everyone had to learn to give in to make things work for them.

OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK: A must read and a great series
virginia lee
This was an extremely interesting read. I am now waiting for the next installment to hopefully find out what happened to Henry. I need more.




There had to be a mistake. This was all wrong. Shea sniffed again, trying to ignore the sweat and grime. Damn. He was too dirty to get a good whiff. He’d have to get closer. Maybe, it was better not knowing. Shea preferred the distance. It kept his fingers from wandering down Viktor’s chest. The wolf howled inside, demanding that he stake a claim. Not going to happen.

Viktor oozed power and he fought the urge to submit. If he’d been a wolf, the animal would’ve been on his back exposing his belly and neck. Yep, the beast was utterly embarrassing.

“You’re awfully quiet,” Viktor said.

Quiet? Maybe he just didn’t want to talk to him. Shea took a deep breath. “Look, I don’t know the game you’re playing, but I’m not interested. So use those combat boots and walk the other way.” He sounded so reasonable. He mentally patted his own back.

“Is that what you really want?” Viktor challenged.

He really wanted to spend the night getting very close. Not going to happen. Butterflies fluttered in his belly as his body anticipated more. He growled. Butterflies were such a feminine reaction. Maybe he should go home and drown his sorrows with an ice cream sundae topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Then maybe he’d paint his toenails red. Actually, he wouldn’t mind red toenails, but right now that wasn’t important.

“You don’t want me to go.” Viktor stepped closer and backed him against the wall, again.

This time he took in a good whiff. He still smelled like mate. Shea’s body tingled, nipples hardened just from being close. He almost gave in right then, but those arrogant ice blue eyes kept the wolf locked in its cage. Once it was free, Shea would demand sex and probably want to be fucked for days. But he could resist those urges as long as he stayed a man. His knees felt weak as if challenging him.

“You’re so full of yourself,” Shea said in a husky, soft tone that belonged in bed not on the streets.

Viktor gave him a knowing smile. “Soon you’ll be full of me, too.”

Oh, he didn’t just say that. Every sign might scream that Viktor was his mate, but Shea wasn’t a slave to some unexplained pull. His heart thumped faster. Adrenaline. Right? He licked his lips as if waiting for a kiss. No. That wasn’t it. The night was cold and his lips were dry. When he opened his mouth, nothing came out. He couldn’t deny the truth. This man was his mate. It wasn’t a trick.

“That’s not wide enough to suck my cock,” Viktor said.

Anger raked through him, but his cock twitched as an image formed of Viktor sitting on a dark leather couch with Shea between his legs sucking on his massive shaft. He shook his head. Shea wasn’t an easy lay. His last boyfriend told him that he was harder to get into than a bank vault after closing. Needless to say, he became an ex-boyfriend less than a minute later.

“Come near me with your cock and I’ll rip off your balls.”

Viktor cupped Shea’s groin. “Playing hard to get. This part wants my touch, mate. Stop playing.”

The word “mate” snapped him back to reality. He pushed Viktor back and to Shea’s surprise the man allowed it. Shea turned and headed down the street, needing the space. Footsteps echoed behind him. He turned. Viktor was following him.

“Stop following me. Go back to your penthouse apartment,” Shea said.

“My mate won’t roam the streets alone carrying stolen phones. Besides, I don’t live in a penthouse. Sorry to disappoint you, but I can buy one if being fucked high above the city means that much to you.”

Shea couldn’t stop shaking. Why was everything about sex? Okay, he felt it too, but he was trying to ignore the growing need. Now, he had all these images of Viktor slamming into him. Like he needed to add one of him holding on to a balcony railing while being screwed.

“I’ll take care of you. Come home with me.”

That did it. No one cared about him. It was an illusion. Mate? What the hell did that really mean? A few nights of sex, before he was tossed back out into the cold like used garbage.

A loud bang forced Shea to look away from Victor. A shadow loamed by the dumpster. He squinted and then froze. The night had turned into a nightmare worse than the ones in the movie where a guy killed the sleeper before he woke up. That’s it. He was trapped inside of a nightmare. Where was the guy with the long nails to cut into him? Maybe he should lie down and wait. He looked down at the grimy street and decided against that. He was dirty enough.

“Get away from him,” Gunner ordered.

Shea wanted to scream, but all he could do was stare at the dark-haired hunter. Why was his other mate standing at the end of the street looking pissed off and ready to murder Viktor? Did the universe hate him? Shea turned to Viktor, but the half-demon never noticed. He was too busy glaring at Gunner. Shea was reminded of an old west showdown and these two men were about to shoot it out. All they need was the noon sky or the sun setting in the background. Okay, he watched too many movies. Was he cast in a melodrama and didn’t realize it? Probably not. So that meant his two mates were really going to kill each.




Shea shook his head. He bent his knees and pressed his head against his legs. His cock now throbbed. Control was slipping. The wolf howled inside. He needed to be touched. No, that wasn’t going to happen.

“Get away,” he cried out. His eyes started to change as fangs started to grow. Viktor stepped closer to study him.

Then all reason left him. He pushed Gunner down and straddled the hunter’s waist. He started to hump him like an animal in heat. It wasn’t enough. Tears of frustration formed.

“Shit,” Viktor said. He reached down grabbed Shea’s shoulders and held him in place.

Shea looked at the half-demon and licked his lips. One man wasn’t enough. He wanted to taste both of them. He let out a frustrated cry as he continued to hump Gunner’s body.

Viktor let go of Shea’s shoulders and gripped the back of his head by the hair. He pulled back Shea’s head and kissed him. His tongue slid inside and ravaged the shifter’s mouth. Shea pushed the blanket away and exposed his rock-hard cock. Viktor sucked on his lower lip before pulling away. He whimpered. Then Viktor pinned him to the bed. He grabbed Shea’s arms and held them above his head. He tried to reach down and touch his cock, but Viktor wouldn’t let him move. He growled and bucked his hips.

“Calm down,” Viktor ordered. “Look into my eyes.”

Shea did as he was told, but it didn’t help. He bit down and cut into his lip. He was trapped between heaven and hell.

“What’s wrong with him?” Gunner asked.

“Our little wolf is in heat. He’s desperate for our cocks to plunge into him.”

“Fuck you,” Shea said, but he couldn’t deny the truth. He moved his hips in a seductive manor.

“Oh no, little wolf. Fuck you.”

He nodded his head. That’s what he needed. The wolf agreed. He pulled one hand free and reached down to rub his cock, but it wasn’t enough. His hand did nothing to offer release. He grabbed onto his hair and started to pull it in frustration.

Gunner grabbed his hand. “Come here, Shea.” The hunter pulled him onto his lap and forced his legs open. Viktor moved in between his parted thighs and sucked on the tip of his cock. Gunner leaned into his neck and kissed up and down it, leaving a trail of marks and bruises.

Shea moved both hands to Viktor’s head. He laced his hands through his soft hair and tried to push him down. Shea wanted to ride it out, but there was no release. He wasn’t even close, touching wasn’t working. The wolf snarled and he knew what they both wanted.

“Please, fuck me. Don’t wait. Just do it.” He spread his legs wider, inviting Viktor inside.

Viktor cupped his cheek. “You’re too far gone. I won’t take you dry. I need to get up and grab the lube.” Shea didn’t want him to leave. “When I come back, I’ll give you what you need. First, I’ll take you while you’re nestled in Gunner’s arms. Then after I fill you, Gunner will fuck you while you’re on hands and knees with my come dripping out of your ass.”

Shea watched Viktor’s ass as his mate walked to the dresser. Gunner rubbed his cock and played with the nest of hair. Gunner’s cock pushed into his back. He wanted it so bad.

“Gunner, fuck me,” he begged. “I can’t wait.”

Gunner leaned closer to whisper into his ear. “Don’t worry. It’s coming.”

Viktor spread the lube over his cock and fingers before tossing the bottle onto the bed. Shea braced himself, but instead of the hard cock, a finger started to stretch him. He writhed against Gunner, who kissed and sucked on his neck. He bit his lip to keep from moaning. Viktor grabbed his chin.

“Open your mouth,” he ordered and Shea obeyed.

When Viktor pulled his hand away, there was blood on his fingers. “Shea, look at me.”

He obeyed.

“You’re biting too hard and cutting your lip.”

“Don’t care.” He was a shifter. Shifters healed. That pain kept him from insanity.

“No more pain,” Gunner said. He gently rubbed Shea’s bruised lips. While Shea focused on the gentle touch, Viktor kissed down his chest. A hand reached underneath and pushed inside. While fingers worked at his back entrance, Gunner stuck his fingers inside of Shea’s mouth.

“Suck them, Shea.”

He did. Viktor’s kisses moved across his belly and down to his groin. He wanted to bite down. While he would draw his blood, he wouldn’t make Gunner bleed. Viktor sucked on his cock as Gunner sucked his neck. The hunter’s other hand pinched his nipples. The hard nubs stood to attention. Another finger slid inside. His toes pointed out so hard that he felt his muscle’s strain.

“Ready?” Viktor asked.

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