[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Declan Tulsen is content with his life, working on the family ranch and his yearlong romance with his mate, Alec. There was nothing Declan wanted for in his life, except for maybe a commitment from the man he loved.
Alec Marx is grateful for the companionship and devotion he’s found with Declan. Though their relationship can be complicated at times, there isn’t a day that goes by he is not grateful that Declan had chosen him.
With the once dormant Ericius Virus tearing through Zarantaria for the first time in over two hundred years, the members of the Z Pac are on high alert to protect their own as more and more become infected with the deadly illness.
Will the Z Pac find a cure to save their own? Or will they lose everything just like their ancestors did over two hundred years before?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Taylor Brooks is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Alpha's Cure (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
You can never go wrong with a book from Taylor Brooks. You will be drawn into the story and not want to put it down until you are done.




“Hey!” Declan called out when he saw Alec standing on the shore.

“Ahh. You caught me,” Alec answered.

Declan swam closer to the shore and stepped on the shallow sands of the bottom of Lake Paskee. The high elevation teased Alec with the tormenting sight of the v below his hips. Alec licked his lips, wishing the lake had a tide to pull the water out and give him full view of that which he craved so badly.

“Damn, babe. Keep looking at me like that and there’s no telling what I’ll do.”

“Yeah? What might you do?” Alec asked with a mischievous grin.

“Why don’t you come here and I’ll show you.” Declan winked.

An abrupt noise in the brush immediately behind Alec caused them both to still. Declan stared at Alec with wide eyes as Alec’s body tensed and he stilled his movements. Motioning toward Declan, Alec had held his finger to his lips, demanding silence.

A small noise came from the surrounding forest. The sound itself was indiscernible, but it wasn’t one of their kind. That much Alec knew. Whatever was out there lurking had to be an animal. The sounds of heavy breathing and the occasional grunt told them that.

As Declan remained still in the water, Alec was struck with a jolt of fear. The health warnings of the past several days had made most species on the island take extra precautions, but since no one had actually seen one of the Purple-Tipped Porcupines reportedly responsible for the Ericius Virus returning, Alec had questioned their actual existence.

Until now.

Alec stood only ten feet away from Declan, yet he might as well have been a million miles away. He felt helpless as he stood there, unable to move or make their presence known to whatever predator might be lurking in the forest.

His immediate concern was for Declan. He’d become Alec’s whole world for the past year. He’d been his lover, his friend, stood by him when his father passed away, and held him tight whenever he needed it the most. If anything ever happened to Declan, Alec wasn’t sure what he’d do. Losing his father was one thing, but Declan was his mate for life. It wasn’t a title they’d officially discussed or even talked about, but Alec knew it was true and he refused to let anything, even a Purple-Tipped Porcupine, stand in the way of his happiness.

Alec’s heart pounded as he stood frozen, waiting for an indication of where the predator had moved to. His extra sensitivity to threats and his uncanny ability to tell when there was danger was sending him conflicting emotions.

With the threat of the virus knocking on everyone’s door, Alec knew he should be worried and even afraid. For some reason though, one he couldn’t quite understand, he didn’t feel the threat.

He looked over at Alec who mouthed the word “shift” to him, and Alec nodded. He had been so fixated on trying to listen for a sound he hadn’t even considered doing the one thing that would give him the upper hand if it was one of the porcupines that the oath keepers suspected were back roaming Zarantaria.

Regardless of the mixed signals his intuition was sending, he needed to protect himself and Declan. Alec looked into Declan’s blue eyes, wishing he was inches away from them rather than further than arm’s length. He wanted desperately to hold and kiss him, but first thing was first. He needed to ensure their safety.

Alec closed his eyes, took a deep breath and concentrated. When he felt his blood vessels begin to burst beneath his skin he began undressing.

Kicking off his shoes, Alec quickly removed his T-shirt before bringing his hands to the waistband of his shorts, pulling them down his thighs just as his skin began to tickle with the prickly sensation of hair thickening on his body.

His bones stung with the piercing fire of a thousand flames as they morphed, changing their shape. Alec’s body leaned forward as he fell to the ground. He worked his head around in a circle. Stretching his neck, he reacquainted himself with his fur coat as his nails stretched out from the round pads of his paws and dug into the soft sand beneath his claws.

Alec shook his body as his tail began growing from out his back side. That had always been the one thing that hit his funny bone. As it extended out, it offered an itch that couldn’t be scratched.

His spine tickled as he arched his back and waited for the final steps of shifting to take form. Finally his whiskers came through his face, extending outward.

Now fully shifted, Alec stretched his morphed body and turned his head toward the area where the initial sound had come from.

He kicked his predatory alpha senses into high gear and walked toward the tree line that littered the surrounding area of Lake Paskee.

“Be careful,” Declan whispered from behind him.

His heart was beating so fast that he almost hadn’t heard him. In any other situation he’d probably find his fear laughable. Here he was, a Spartician, one of the fiercest, most dominant species of Zarantaria, and yet he was afraid of a small porcupine. He quickly reminded himself that these porcupines, no matter their size, were capable of delivering a toxic venom to whoever crossed their path.




Declan opened his nostrils and breathed in more of Alec’s scent. It was a smell he never tired of and it always drove him mad with lust.

“Fuck, baby.” Alec thrust his hips forward. “Your mouth…it feels so damn good.”

Declan loved when Alec reached this point. He could literally sit frozen with his mouth open and Alec would just keep moving, too turned on to stop as he fucked Declan’s face.

Declan braced his hands on the sides of the rock for stability, the increasing frequency and power of Alec’s thrusts forcing him to. If he didn’t hold on in some way he was liable to fall off into the water.

Alec’s heavy breathing and groans of satisfaction were getting louder in the night air.

“Fuck yes!” Alec shouted into the forest, quieting the insects and ecosystem around them.

Alec moved his hands and placed them firmly on the back of Declan’s head. This was what Declan loved. The power he felt from Alec whenever he gave himself to him. It turned him on in a way that he could never quite describe. Allowing Alec to take the lead, control every part of him, it was like the strongest and sexiest kind of bliss.

They had only been a couple of minutes into it when Declan felt his body tense and jerk beneath him. Then suddenly, Alec pulled away.

Breathing heavily, he tried to talk. Declan thought it was adorable how flush his face was. The sweat that permeated out of his skin only made him all the sexier to Declan.

“I’m so close.” Alec managed to get out.

“Isn’t that kind of the point?” Declan teased, reaching for Alec’s cock.

“I don’t want to come…not yet. I want to fuck your ass.”

“Mmm, you do, huh?”

Alec nodded and ran his fingertips along the underside of Declan’s hardened shaft. “More than you know, babe.”

Declan smiled and watched Alec with delight. He always loved the hungry look of desperation which radiated back at him through Alec’s deep green eyes. He was in awe that Alec could want him even a fraction of the amount that he wanted Alec. Sometimes his craving for Alec seemed all consuming, while other times it gave him a sort of eternal youth, promising that as long as he was with Alec, he’d never grow old. Tired maybe, but never old.

Alec sat up on the rock and gently pushed Declan to lie down against the curve of the nature-made lounge chair. He then scooted closer, bringing his body between Declan’s thighs and within inches of his creamy white ass. He then wet his fingers in his mouth.

Declan knew how bad this was going to hurt. Being fucked raw, with little to no lubrication of any kind, always burnt at his tiny hole whenever Alec took him that way, but he also knew how good it felt once his body accepted Alec.

The pleasure was definitely worth the pain.

With his fingers full of his saliva, Alec dipped his three middle fingers just barely inside the entrance of Declan’s ass. Instantly Declan could feel the tiny muscles protest from the abrupt intrusion. No matter how much his body resisted, Declan didn’t care. He had every intention of accepting Alec right here and now. Lubrication be damned.

Slowly Alec continued to work Declan’s ass, toying with it, playing with it, stretching it and teasing it all the while Declan waited for what he wanted the most. Alec’s cock.

Alec’s gentle ministrations were beginning to work and his body no longer screamed at him to pull away. Instead he was beginning to move with those long fingers as they fucked his asshole.

“Are you ready, babe? Please say you are. I’m dying here. I’m leaking so bad for you,” Alec said.

Declan’s body instantly lit on fire. The flames licked at him from the inside out. It was one thing to want Alec as much as he did, but to have Alec want him with the same urgency and desperation was another thing entirely. If Alec wasn’t begging, Declan sure as hell would.

“I’m ready. God, am I ready.”

Alec was always the one in control. Declan liked it that way. There was always a time for him to take the reins after he’d had some liquid courage to guide him along. With Alec, though, it came natural. He was as strong and powerful in the bedroom as he was in everyday life.

Declan closed his eyes and arched his body back, preparing for the inevitable jolt of pain that would course through his body. This would hurt so good.

Alec pressed his cock against Declan’s entrance. The droplets of pre cum washed across the head of his dick, providing a slick entrance in their otherwise lubrication-free current existence.

He pushed forward slightly, forcing only his thick head inside Declan’s ass. Both of them made sounds which could only be described as animalistic.

Declan opened his eyes, not even realizing that he’d closed them. Alec was staring at him, looming over him as his beautiful jade eyes remained focus on him in an almost primal show of possession.

Alec’s stare did so many things to Declan, but this was one that seemed to mean so much more. With no words being spoken, Declan returned his gaze, agreeing to something, he just wasn’t sure what it was. He didn’t much care. There truly wasn’t a thing that he wouldn’t do for Alec.

Giving pleasure to him, whether with his body, his words, or his very soul, it was something that had come to mean everything to Declan.

He may not say the words aloud, or even think them very often, but Declan loved Alec Marx.

Maybe, just maybe, one day he’ll even tell him.

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