[Siren LoveXtreme Special Edition: Erotic Futuristic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, bondage, spanking, whipping, piercing play, blood play, sex toys, HEA for M/F/M/M]
Emerald Slade is truly happy with her mates, Rory Laroche, Sylvester "Salt" Angelicas Lancaster Trantono, and Russell Cane. They have made an eternal commitment to one another. But when an invitation arrives for them to go up to New York to finalize the plans for an attack on the high vampire governors, Em is tempted. She makes a deal that leads her to the realization that she may have no future with her makers, Joel and Gaelic Cast. It is a shocking blow, but Rory again becomes her savior.
Vidar comes to claim Em. She has a mission in the governors' caves to pass notes to ten likely heirs to the new chain of command. Vidar, however, is keeping her locked in his chamber.
The troops gather and the attack goes on as planned. There is only one glitch. The governors have been notified of their intent. The vampires and shifters find themselves in the midst of an ambush, where the outcome is uncertain. When the carnage is over, it is Em who is left to face the ultimate betrayal.
Note: This book contains graphic violence.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Love Betrayed (LoveXtreme)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Em opened her eyes, looking around the large chamber. It had been two weeks since Vidar had brought her back to the governors’ caves. She had been resisting his advances as she kept her promise and continued to stuff herself by feeding off the humans every night.

As had happened during her first visit, the humans had engaged in rampant, amorous sex after she had taken her fill. Vidar had not forced her to watch as he had the first time. Since her earlier visit, he had become more solemn and less playful. He had not attempted to come into her dreams. He did not attempt to seduce her or even brush her hair as he had done before. On more than one night, Em had found herself locked into his chambers for a night alone. She wondered if maybe Vidar had seen something of the rebellion in her dreams, but she didn’t think so. He was planning something else and she had no idea what it was.

If she could hold him off for another week and a half, then the rebellion would be upon them. Of course if he kept her locked in his chambers during that time, then Em would have no way to contact the other vampires. Joel had sent her a list of possible leaders and she had memorized their names. So far, Em had not had a chance to find a single one of them.

Vidar stood looking down at her. He was a massive figure from her distorted angle and she sat up, giving him a smile. “Good evening.”

“Evening. I have good news for you.”

“What’s that?”

“The woman who you first fed from has missed her cycle. We tested her for pregnancy and it is positive. It appears as if your idea was valid.”

“I’m very glad to hear that.” Em wasn’t glad. It was a travesty to breed humans so the governors could feed off the energetic blood of small children. Those children would grow up as blood slaves and would be lucky to make it to adulthood.

“So what now? Do you have another couple for me? I would really like to get out and go for a walk. To see the gardens again would be magnificent.”

“So many favors, but nothing to earn them. I have heard a very disturbing rumor. Have you bonded to Salt, Rory, and Russell? Don’t bother to lie to me, Emerald. I will know.”

The question caught her by surprise. Had Sawyer betrayed them after all? “Yes, I did. I mentioned getting married a while back. As it turns out, they missed me so much the last time that I was gone, they suggested it upon my return. I said yes. I already told you that I love the three of them. Is it a problem?” Em was playing stupid. She already knew that it was a very big problem. She also wanted to assuage Vidar’s anger.

“I don’t know. Is it a problem, Queen Emerald? How are you going to bear to be away from them with the bond you have now created?”

“I’m hoping that I can tolerate it for a bit longer. What was the deal? Three couples have to become with child?”

He chuckled, the sound dark and relaying no humor. “I believe the original number was ten. That was voided when you returned home the first time. There is no number now. You will continue to feed on them until all the couples have conceived. Then you will begin with the rest of the humans.”

All former bets were off. “So are you going to keep me locked in here for all eternity? I suppose it doesn’t matter to you if I lose my mind from boredom.” She was being sarcastic and it was a really bad idea with Vidar.

He replied with his open palm across her face. Em’s head was whipped to the side, her neck flaring with hot, agonizing pain. She pushed her chin back into center, screaming as the bones in her vertebra popped back into place. Em was shaking as she waited out the rejuvenation that was happening far too slowly for her liking. Are you going to try and paralyze me so you can numb fuck my body? Em captured the words behind her lips, knowing what would happen if she spoke them.

Vidar was staring at her in silence, evaluating her pain levels. Em had a feeling that he was also calculating how long it took her to heal. Someone had been seriously running their mouth to him about Em. She forced tears to well in her eyes even as the pain was fading. Em also continued to shake, the uncontrollable quivering becoming the intention to make him think that she was still in agony. Closing her eyes, she focused on what her body was outwardly doing. She imagined the faces of her men, concentrating on how much she missed them. Her tears became real, the shuddering in her flesh a direct result of her anguish. Em wanted to be home. Vidar had sent two men to drag her from her bed in the middle of the sun. They had wrapped her in some kind of cloth that had rendered her helpless. When she had opened her eyes again, she was in Vidar’s chamber. It had been a really crappy thing to do to her. She hadn’t been given a chance to say goodbye. History had tragically repeated itself.




“I think that looks absolutely charming. Do you want to look in a mirror or wait until I do the other one?”

“Can we skip on the other one?”

“Absolutely not. Why, did that hurt?”

She nodded and he leaned forward, his tongue coated in soothing blood as he sucked the stud into his mouth. The sensation was unexpected, the healing wound and the suction of his mouth on the gold bar sending zingers down into her cunt. He tugged on the chain, looping the tip of his tongue through it. Em had experienced clips and weights on her nipples, but this was different. The sensation was coming from the inside rather than the outside. It was overwhelming. She moaned softly and Rory leaned back. “Feel better?”

“Wow that was nice.”

“Still want me to skip the other one?”

“Absolutely not.”

He cocked his head, raising one eyebrow in reprimand. “Smart-mouthed brat. You know that I’m not going to heal the other one now.”

What had she said? Shit, she had repeated Rory’s comment and it had sounded very cocky. It wouldn’t matter much. Her body would heal the injury in a relatively quick fashion. It would just be very sore if he brushed it. “I didn’t say that on purpose to harass you. I wasn’t even thinking about it.”

“Too late.” He put the skewer to her other nipple and Em grimaced. It was just as painful as the first one, the flesh seeming to pulse as he inserted the bar and put the ball on the end. As promised, Rory didn’t heal it. He grabbed the glass and the barbeque brush and began to paint the blood over her aching nipple. It was healing, but far too slowly for Em’s liking. This was a weird, intense kind of pain and the brush shifting the metal within her flesh was making it worse. She grunted softly, jumping as little spasms of irritation flared into her brain. Rory swept the rather course brush over her skin to the other breast. This one was a different story. The movement of her nipple seemed amplified, her body responding with lightning bolts flaring down into her pussy.

“I have to think that the one I healed feels nice, whereas the other one is still causing you pain. What an amazing shift in your expression.” The brush trailed down the center of her rib cage. Rory swished it back and forth as the crease of her mound and then stood up. With an oddly amused look on his beautiful face, he walked around to the bottom of the bed. “I’m going to paint your pussy until it has a regal blush. Then I’m going to lick it clean.”

His words were like an internal aphrodisiac, firing up her body even though he wasn’t touching her. The pain in her nipple was fading, but her cunt felt as if it hadn’t been touched in months. He knelt down on the bottom of the bed, leaning forward to pull the lips of her pussy open. She figured he was going to have a problem holding the glass, but he set the cool container against the crease of her ass.

The blood on her nipples was drying in a rather uncomfortable fashion. It was puckering her skin and making an odd crackling sensation as it pulled apart. He dabbed the brush dramatically into the glass, making it shift and grind against her lower pussy. The action served to further inflame her and when he put the brush to her exposed clit, Em mewled with pleasure. The pulse in her cunt was strong and demanding. As he brushed her clit and outer lips, Em had to remind herself that she really didn’t want blood spilled all over the sheets.

In a single movement, Rory moved the glass to the floor and lifted her legs by her ankles. He flipped the brush and cracked her across the ass with it. The thick wood stung, leaving a viable throbbing mark in its wake. Rory hit her again and then a third time in a different area. Em felt as if she had three distinct welts forming on the cheeks of her ass.

Rory set her down and crawled up between her legs. “Come for me, sweets. I want to feel your pussy around my tongue.” He rolled his tongue and drove it into her, his fingers sliding over her clit. Em rocked her hips into his face, each thrust of his chilled tongue caused a new wave of throbbing nerves within her pussy. She was insanely close and Rory stoked the fire, pushing it into a raging blaze. Em howled, her cunt grasping and throbbing around his tongue.

Rory leaned back, a grin on his blood-smeared face. He licked his lips. “Yummy. But I haven’t given you your third request, now have I?”

No, he hadn’t. Em knew it was a rhetorical question and simply smiled. The aftermath of her climax was still glowing brightly and she was still reeling from it. Rory slithered up her body, licking her skin until he was again sucking on her breast. Rory was obviously having fun playing with the small bolts going through her nipple. He tugged on the chain, shifting it back and forth over the top of her nipple to roll the bar within her skin. It was having a very arousing effect.

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