[Ménage and More: Erotic Futuristic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, vampires, light bondage, sex toys, HFN for M/F]
Emerald Slade became a vampire after she is murdered. She is now starving for blood in her newly formed body, but she is hesitant to harm any of the few remaining humans left on Earth. Her mates Joel and Gaelic Cast sympathize. When Rory Laroche offers a solution, they are reluctant to accept because Em will be left with an eternal emotional connection to Rory.
Then their fortress is raided by a band of rogue vampires, and most of the humans are taken. Those who are left team up with the remaining vampires to go get their friends and neighbors back. Things do not go as planned. When the outcome is discovered, the fortress and the vampires within come under the scrutiny of the vampire governors.
The revelation that Joel and Gaelic’s maker is still alive and part of the governors comes as a complete shock, but the actions that follow this discovery threaten to break Em’s heart.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Rory's Gift (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Joel draped his arm over her shoulder. “Rory is pushing for me to sanction you to coalesce. I don’t want that for you.”

“What is that?”

“It is where a young vampire drinks the blood of two different vampires. It’s too risky.”

“Why does Rory want that? Is it because he has the hots for me and wants the connection to be stronger?”

Joel chuckled. He hopped up onto a pile of debris that had been neatly stacked and sat down, patting the pile beside him. Em joined him. “We have in our possession a very old book that speaks of different beliefs. There is a passage regarding young vampires, specifically ones who have been turned less than one year. It says that in times of famine, the way to curb the vampire’s appetite is to have them serve two blood mates. Rory insists that it means you can drink the blood of another vampire and it will curb your hunger. There are considerations to this.”

“What considerations?”

“The vampire you drink from should be as old as possible. It says that weak blood will not help. You may get very ill from this and there is also a chance it will kill you. If it doesn’t, your desire for blood will disappear and you will need less blood than even me or Gaelic. It also means that you will develop a blood bond with Rory. He is the oldest behind me and my brother.”

“How old is Rory?”

“A hundred and fifty-four, but he was older than us when he was changed. I was eighteen and was changed a hundred and seventy-two years ago. In real years, that makes me a hundred and ninety. Gaelic is, of course, two years younger than me. Rory was twenty-nine when he was changed, so he is a hundred and eighty-three.”

Em almost asked if their sister, Rose, was older in vampire years, but curbed the question. She did the math in her head. Rose was turned nineteen years after her brothers, which made her one year younger than Rory. Rose had taken off the night that Em was changed and hadn’t come back. Em knew that it was a sore subject with both Joel and Gaelic. She wasn’t sure if it was because in a roundabout way she was responsible, or if they just missed her. She could only imagine what Rose had thought when she saw her day watcher, Oscar, lying on the floor with his throat ripped out. Em herself was dead in the bed and from what she had been told, Gaelic was writhing on the floor with a wood- and silver-laced bullet in his chest. Even with the quick glance Rose had gotten, there was little disputing the facts. Oscar had killed Em, and then shot Gaelic before Gaelic killed Oscar. Joel had saved them both, but Rose had never come back to see that. “It would take away this hunger?”

“From what I read, yes.”

“I don’t have to fuck Rory because I have a blood connection to him.”

“No, you don’t. Have you ever noticed that when you are hungry and you deny yourself, the sound of the human heartbeat gets louder?”


“The same thing will happen with Rory. If you have a blood connection and deny yourself true contact with him, you will crave him. It will get stronger until you give in.”

Em rolled her eyes, shaking her head in frustration. “Then forget it. I will live with the hunger.”

Gaelic leapt up to sit beside her. “Do I get the verdict?”

“The verdict is no fucking way.”

“Em. You can’t keep doing this. I hate seeing you hungry.”

“So you would rather see me fuck Rory?”

“Honestly. Yes. You have no problem with the two of us. What’s the big deal about adding one more?”

Her eyes narrowed as she glared at him. “Are you serious?”


“What makes you think I want two bulls in my bed?”

He frowned. “What?”

“Joel is a watchful, protective bull and Rory is a cocky one. Our bed would be a competition to see who can make me scream louder. I scream loud enough.”

She heard Joel laughing and turned back to him. “What? Am I wrong?”

Joel shook his head. “Not at all. I just didn’t expect you to express it like that.”

“Then there is no issue. My final word is no!” Em hopped down, striding back to the construction. She grabbed a handful of nails and her hammer and went back to work.




“Ever gotten a blowjob while you were driving?”

“I can’t say that I have.”

Em unzipped his jeans. “Then let me be the first.” She slithered around in the seat, folding her knees up onto Gaelic’s legs. Gaelic chuckled and smacked her across the ass, making her jump. She turned a mock irritated gaze on him, and then retuned her attention to Joel. Slowly drawing his cock from the fabric she licked the tip softly. Joel moaned, stroking her hair with his hand. Em had discovered that the sexual act was far easier when the giver no longer needed to breathe. She sucked his quickly hardening dick into her mouth, arching her head up and down over his flesh. Joel pushed himself back into the seat to give her more space, and Em took full advantage of it. She twisted her palm around his cock, as her mouth bobbed, her tongue creating extra friction upon his silky skin. Gaelic lifted her by her stomach, tugging her leggings from her body. She hadn’t bothered to put anything underneath, and when he began to stroke her pussy, Em purred in enjoyment. She let the vibration of the sound flow through her mouth knowing that it sent a deep quivering flow of sensation into Joel’s dick. His fingers were scraping against her scalp, the subtle rock of his hips letting her know that what she was doing was perfect.

Gaelic was tormenting her cunt, his fingers flowing over her pussy mouth, back and forth over her sensitive clit. Em had discovered that her body was more responsive to touch. The fluid that now kept her alive flowed vibrantly with any sexual sensation. Gaelic’s touch was like electricity, the current around his fingers making her skin tingle. Her eyes fluttered between open and closed as she turned her growing arousal on Joel. She quickened the thrust of her lips, building suction to tug on his skin and let him know that she was enjoying what she was doing. If she was going to give him head. She always wanted it to be memorable. With her fingers, she softly stroked his balls, her touch feathery. Then in direct contrast, she grasped them at the base cupping the outer flesh with her palm, and pulling it gently away from his body. Joel always enjoyed that particular touch. He held his palm against her head as he began to control her movements. Em let him take over, his fingers entwined in her hair as he shifted her head up and down.

Gaelic moved from beneath her, forcing her to arch her back as he pushed her knees apart. A moment later, he was inside her although she couldn’t imagine how he was positioned in the truck. His dick rubbed the inside of her cunt, the rounded head putting pressure deep within her pussy. Em moaned, allowing herself to be completely controlled by the two men. Gaelic held her sides, keeping her still as he rocked his hips. His dick was a rod, pivoting in and out like a piston in a car motor. Joel held her head down, submerging his dick deep into her throat. Em had no gag reflex left, and without the need to take in air, the deep penetration was simple. Her pussy was on fire, Gaelic’s thrusts quickening. Joel growled, shoving his body back into the seat as his dick pulsed in her mouth. It was pure sensation, no fluid ejected to match the movements, but he went slack just the same. “Damn, Em. You are so good at that.”

The moment that Joel climaxed, Gaelic slid his palms up her sides, drawing her upper body into his chest. She was forced to tilt her head so as not to have it hit the ceiling, but it felt wonderful to have Gaelic cupping her breasts with his hands. His thrusts were hard and fast, her cunt pulsing ever more rapidly until she exploded around him. A cry escaped her open mouth as with each consecutive rock of Gaelic’s hips he pushed her deeper into climax.

Joel slammed on the brakes, swerving to the left. Em saw the telephone pole in her side vision, but Joel veered away from it at the last second, skidding to a jarring stop. “Damn it. We just ran out of road.”

“I guess so. That sucks.” Em glanced around. They were on the main road in Bethany and still had a good hike ahead of them. “I guess we walk.”

“I guess we run,” said Gaelic as he guided her back to the seat and got out. Em shifted around and slid her pants and boots back on.

Joel leaned over and gave her a lusty kiss. “Thank you for the first time experience.”

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