[Ménage and More: Erotic Futuristic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, flogging, sex toys, HFN]
Joel Cast has returned to Emerald Slade's life, but things are not going as she hoped. Joel is a lost soul and Em is dealing with Sylvester "Salt" Angelicas Lancaster Trantono who she was forced to turn into a vampire.
New humans have been taken in the by fortress, and one of the new arrivals is a shifter named Russell Cane. Russell tells the vampires of a group of people who are out to rid the new world of anything that isn’t human. The purists have killed two of his mates and his remaining mate is clinically depressed. He has also taken a liking to Em.
Joel and Gaelic Cast’s maker is murdered by a vampire that she created. Gaelic is now free to leave the governors caves to return to Em and his brother.
The purists take down the fortress in New York and are heading towards Em’s fortress. Em’s vampires take up arms against them, discovering two werewolves and three more vampires in the process.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Perfect Combination (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Salt opened his eyes and shivered. He could still feel the agony of the torn muscles in his throat. He could taste his own bitter blood, gagging him, pooling in his lungs and stopping him from taking a breath. “Em!”

She opened her eyes, smiling at him as she sat back slightly. “Good evening.”

He chuckled. “Spare me the creepy vampire voice. I’m still alive, huh?”

“No. You’re dead like me and Rory.”

“You have an amazingly warped sense of humor. I’m so fucking hungry.”

“I figured that. It is why I’m lying on top of you. I didn’t want you to get up and accidentally drain one of our precious humans. They saved my life last night and I kind of owe them.”

“How did they save your life?”

“You took almost all of my life fluid. I was short on blood to begin with and lost some from you and Rory whipping me. Then you took more. I passed out. Of course Rory, in his quest to kill Joel, left the door open. I opened my eyes to a room full of stunned humans. They all thought I was dead. Surprise, I wasn’t. Actually, I almost was, but Rory came back and got them to give me blood. Like my hair?” she asked with a shake of her head.

Salt focused on her head. He wedged his arm out from beneath her and ran it through the long, brown strands. “It grew back?”

“Yes. The influx of fresh blood made it sprout from my scalp like a super charged fertilizer. It was infuriating because I was trying to explain to the humans what had happened, and my head was itchy as hell. It could probably use to be trimmed. It grew back in lighter like when I was a child. I always hated the fact that my hair got darker as I aged. Hopefully it will stay this color.”

He liked the color. It looked good against her chalky complexion. “It’s nice. Could you wake Rory up and ask him to give me blood? I’m so hungry and I’m fighting an urge to flip you off and go feed. It is so bad. It feels like I just woke up with a massive hangover after being in a fatal car accident. Does it always hurt like this?”

Em nodded. “In the beginning it did. You can’t go outside. The sun is still up.”

“I can’t tell. How do you know?”

“I can feel it. It makes my skin tingle like I have just climbed out of a swimming pool on a sunny day. I can feel the heat radiating on my skin. You will feel it when the sun goes down. Our bodies warn us as self-preservation.”

She shook Rory who was lying beside them. “Babe. Wake up. Salt is awake.”

Rory opened one eye and grumbled at her. “Your point?”

“He’s starving.”

“And I am supposed to do what about that?”

“You are supposed to give him your blood.”

“No can do. He has to feed first. He needs fresh blood in his body or my blood might kill him. Go see if Dennis will do it or have him go ask one of the humans. I’m sure Kay would be eager to help.”

Salt chuckled, and Em slapped him on the chest. She obviously didn’t like the way that Kay looked at or acted around him. Kay was cute, but she had nothing on Em. He brushed her cheek with his palm. “I love you. Don’t be jealous of Kay.”

Em rolled her eyes, an impish grin on her lips. “I guess that I had better get my ass up and go see if Dennis is down here somewhere?”

“I would really appreciate it.”

Em gave him a long and sultry kiss, his body reacting in full force to the embrace. The moment she rolled from his chest, Salt glanced down at his dick. It looked the same, but felt different. It was also as hard as rock. “Rory. What the fuck is wrong with my cock?”

“How the hell am I supposed to know? Can you clarify a bit?”

“Em just kissed me and it’s as straight and hard as stone. It’s not gonna stay this way, is it?”

Rory rolled to his side, glaring at him with one eye cocked. “Are you serious? Does my dick stay hard after we have sex?”


“You need to get laid, buddy boy. Then your dick will return to normal.”

Salt felt kind of stupid. The mechanics of sex were the same as with humans, although he had been told that sex was more intense for vampires. He couldn’t even imagine having sex with Em, the pain in his body unbearable.




He pulled away and then staggered toward the sofa. Salt dropped over the back, disappearing onto the cushions.

“Lightweight,” muttered Rory as he slid out from under her. In a flash, he released her ankles and then her hands. Rory grabbed her by the waist, sitting on the footstool and drawing her over his legs. Her pussy sank over the filling girth of his cock, and Rory urged her legs up around his back.

Em smiled and leaned forward to give him a kiss. The nipple bulbs were crushed against his chest. Although the feel of them was intoxicating, Em leaned back and removed them. If Rory wanted to play with her breasts, he could use his mouth. She returned to the kiss, licking his lips with the tip of her tongue. It was a soft gesture, her eyes open as she gazed at him. Instead of moving closer, she leaned back. “I look at you on occasion and I am really struck with how gorgeous you are.”

“Why am I gorgeous?”

“Everything. Your hair is the most amazing shade of black. In the right light it has blue highlights that accent your sky-blue eyes. Your jawline is all male, your nose thin with just the right roundness to the tip. Everything about you face is perfectly proportioned. I think if you had lived in a different time, you would have been a movie star.”

“So I have been told over the years. I did some modeling, but it was only night shoots and inside stuff.”

Salt sat up, leaning over the back of the sofa.

“You were?”

“Yeah. In the eighties. It was before your time. I was really popular for two years, but it got to be too much. It is hard to be a vampire when you have no privacy. I had to disappear.”

“Do you have a portfolio?”

He chuckled, his dick twitching softly inside her. “Yes. Remind me and I’ll show it to you.”

“I will. I want to see it.”

His hand went to her cheek, softly stroking her skin. Rory tilted his head, sliding his fingers into her hair. “I’m glad your hair is back. I love to play with your hair.” He twisted his fist in the strands and pulled her head back, licking her throat.

Salt got up and walked over. He leaned and whispered in Rory’s ear. A second later, they were sprawled on the bed, Rory lying lengthwise across the quilt. Salt climbed over his legs, kissing Em’s shoulders as Rory drew her to his mouth. His lips caressed hers, his tongue a soft presence. Salt slid downward, his tongue following the line of her spine as his palms coursed over her sides. Rory had her cheeks, holding them, stroking them, slipping back into her hair again. They separated and then returned to the kiss, the embrace becoming ever more passionate.

Em heard the bedside drawer creak open and was reminded that someone really needed to fix the track. It was but a momentary distraction before Salt drizzled oil down the crease of her ass. Rory wiggled his hips, a silent request for her to move. Em had been enjoying the simple feel of his cock in her pussy, but she began to rock her hips. Salt parted her anus with his slippery fingers, softening her tightness with the caress of his hand. He filled her, his dick feeling swollen and hard. She was again hit with the noticeable difference in the girth of his cock. She supposed that Rory had been the same way, but she hadn’t known him when he was human.

The feel of them was intoxicating, Rory was taking things slow and easy, sliding in and out of her wetness with the flex of his hips. Salt was doing the same, the impatience having left his movements. She arched her back, leaning her head to his shoulder. “Is it better?”

“Yeah,” he replied in a sultry, satisfied tone.

“I think that I could go on all night. My dick doesn’t get soft like it did as a human. Of course just the idea of doing it again made it hard. Why does your cunt get so warm? The rest of your body doesn’t.”

“I don’t know.” She gazed back at Rory. “Why does my cunt get so warm? Doesn’t friction do that to every vampire?”

Rory chuckled. “It takes four years for this to come up?” Em shrugged and he shook his head. “No. The other female vampires I have fucked don’t get hot from friction. You are an anomaly. A good one, but an anomaly. I’m thinking that it may be related to the coalesce.”

Em frowned. “I don’t think so. I think it used to get hot before you gave me your blood.”

She closed her eyes, concentrating on Joel. “I need to know if my pussy remained hot during sex after you turned me.”

She could feel him, but felt only regret. “Knock it off, Joel. I was gonna turn Salt anyway. I’m pissed at you, but I’ve got better things to do with my emotions than be mad at you.” Em let the mental touch fade.

Rory was glaring at her. “You with us?”

She nodded, leaning forward and kissing him lustily. The timing of her question had been inappropriate. Rory’s hands slid down her back. Salt grabbed her ass to control the shift of her body. They filled her throbbing pussy with the cross friction of their cocks, moving in sync with a perfection that could only be achieved by two vampires. Their thrusts were matched, stroke for stroke, filling her completely and then drawing back, her inner muscles tightening only to be breached again. It was euphoria, Salt’s palms kneading the sides of her ass, Rory’s fingers floating over her shoulders and back.

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