[Ménage and More: Erotic Futuristic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, sensation play, HFN]
The year is 2027. After a sonic bomb destroys most of Earth’s inhabitants, vampire food becomes a precious commodity.
Emerald Slade is a survivor who is drawn into the world of Joel and Gaelic Cast. The two vampires are her keepers, her lovers, and “Em,” as they call her, becomes the spokeswoman between the vampires and the humans they have gathered. Despite the fact that her entire life has now ended, Em is enveloped by their overwhelming love. Yet the question nags at her mind, is she vampire food, or something more?   
As the days pass, it seems that her future holds real promise. Em’s emotions grow stronger for her men, and she becomes friends with the humans. Yet, things are not always what they seem. Betrayal is brewing in the background, another vampire’s day watcher lusting after Gaelic. Will Em survive long enough to see the vision that will be earth’s future?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Queen Emerald (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Good luck with that. Sorry we can’t hang around and help, but Francine and I are under strict orders to return to our rooms until lunch. Thanks to Base and Mandy we are under restriction until further notice. Have a nice day.” The two women strolled from the kitchen, leaving her with her plate of cold pancakes and warm coffee.

Em sat by herself at the butcher block and nibbled at her food. The room was sealed off from the main area and it was very quiet. It was interesting that the two women were under restriction and she wasn’t. Did it indicate that Joel and Gaelic trusted her, or just that they knew that nothing would happen because she was the only one who was free? With that thought in mind, she finished off her food, and headed out into the main room.

Em looked around, considering who she wanted to talk to first. In the fifth cubicle on the left was a young woman named Ariel. She had a bunch of symbolic tattoos and seemed like the type would be most open to the mystical. Em thought she was the best one to start with. She strode to the cubical and knocked.

“You might as well come in. You’re going to anyway.”

Em pushed the door open, a deep frown on her face. “I wouldn’t have if you said no.”

Ariel seemed to visibly relax. “Emerald!” A bright smile flashed on her face. “I figured it was one of the other assholes. I can’t give you a name because they haven’t bothered to introduce themselves. They simply walk in, drop a tray of food on the table, and walk out.”

Em shut the door and sat in the chair. “I will have a chat with them about that.” She pulled the chair closer to the bed. “I wanted to talk to you. I need to tell you something and I think you will be the most receptive.”

Ariel shrugged. “Okay.”

“Let me ask you something first. Why do you think that you’re here?”

“I don’t know. I have been pondering that since I opened my eyes. I know whoever brought me here probably saved my life. I was walking on the public trail when the trees around me all started to fall. I leapt toward a bolder on the side of the trail and curled into a ball as small as I could. I think that I was struck by a tree when it fell, but when I woke up, I wasn’t injured. From what I have heard, others have similar tales and we are all physically fine. The question is why would they save our lives and then keep us caged up like animals?”

“I was injured also. The only difference is that I was still conscious when they arrived. They healed me and then I woke up here.”

“So why are you free to walk around and the rest of us aren’t?”

It was a question that she had expected, but still wasn’t sure how to answer. “I made an impression on two of our captors and they have taken me under their wings.”

“Our captors have wings or you are being metaphorical?”

Neither man had mentioned shifting into a bat or anything, but it might be possible. “I was being metaphorical.”

“So you are fucking them?”

Okay the woman is blunt. “If you want the honest truth, yes. It is by my choice. I wouldn’t be if they hadn’t been kind and gentle toward me. I have actually fallen in love with them over the last five days, and if we had met under different circumstances I firmly believe the result would have been the same. That of course is not the point.”

“So what is the point?”

Em was trying to judge if the woman was angry or just impatient. If Ariel wanted blunt then Em figured it was the best course of action. “The point is that our captors would like to give you all freedom within this enclosure. It isn’t safe to go outside yet, and their goal is to protect us. The problem is that they are vampires, and they fear the humans will try to kill them.”

“We are being kept for food?”

“Yes, but not like you think. They are all older vampires who don’t require much to stay alive. They don’t want to kill us. They want to keep us healthy and happy. At the same time, due to the bad rep that vampires have gotten because of movies, they are leery of humans.”

Ariel leaned back, tucking her elbows behind her back. “Are you serious?”


Ariel’s lips twisted into an intrigued grin. “Vampires, huh? Are they sexy or creepy?”

“I haven’t met them all, but the ones I have met are sexy. The two I’m with are brothers and are very sexy.”

“Brothers, huh? Are any of them single?”

“Not the ones I know. Why?”

“I would love to get fucked by a vampire. That has always sounded so intense.”

Em chuckled at her chagrinned expression. “I can pass the word if you want me to.”

“Please do.” Her smile faded to seriousness. “How long are they going to keep us alive for?”

“Actually the hope is that when the air outside clears a bit, they can use their subhuman strength to help rebuild a human community. If they can trust you, and the humans don’t mind the occasional painless bite, we can live together well. The humans here would have protection from other vampires at night, and during the day we would be free to live our lives.”

“There are other groups of vampires?”

“From what I have heard, yes. Groups and single entities. I gather that younger vampires can be quite dangerous and ravenous. If they are near, they are starving. Inside we are safe, outside, we wouldn’t be.”

Ariel nodded thoughtfully. “That makes sense. How many others have you told?”

“You are the first one.”

“Oh. So what’s the deal? We hang around inside and are treated like cattle?”

“I guess that depends on how you want to look at it. If you want my ultimate goal, it would be for all of you to live as a community.




Gaelic slapped the cheek of her ass, making the skin sting. “Ow.”

He leaned and bit the other cheek. The pain was less sharp, and almost instantly faded.

“Damn, you taste good.”

She giggled at his literal comment. “Thank you.” She softened her smile for Joel. “Are you going to taste me also?”

“Not at the moment. I would honestly rather that you shift those cute little hips downward and taste my dick.”

“I can do that.” Emerald slid downward as Joel shifted higher on the bed. Gaelic however wasn’t moving which forced her to arch her back and stick her ass up in the air.

“Downward facing dog,” commented Gaelic.

“Sort of, but I’m not standing as I should be.”

“Then stand.”

The challenge in his voice was obvious. Emerald grunted at his taunt, and then pushed herself into the position. She kept her legs spread out more than usual, so she could drop the front of her body down onto her elbows. She was a bit stiff from taking it easy due to her neck, but the slightly tight feel in her legs and back faded quickly. Emerald wrapped Joel’s dick with her palm and licked the head with her tongue. Gaelic slid his hand up the inner part of her thigh, purring softly. When he touched his oily finger to her clit, Emerald almost bit Joel. The slippery feel of his caress was far more arousing than usual. Her pussy slammed tight against air, the intensity of the reaction stunning. She closed her eyes, leaning back her head and releasing a breathy gasp of air.

Joel chuckled, but when she glanced at him, he was looking past her to Gaelic. “Not nice, Brother.”

Gaelic released a dark, almost evil chuckle. “Feel good, Em?”

It suddenly occurred to her that maybe he wasn’t using oil. “What the hell is on your finger?”

“It is almond oil that has been infused with my blood. It creates quite a reaction, doesn’t it?”

It sure as hell did. “Shit, Gaelic. I almost bit Joel.”

He rolled his finger between her pussy lips, heading north to her ass. The idea that he was going to use the same oil in her anus was slightly disturbing. “I don’t know exactly what that does, but if it brought me from slightly aroused to near climax in two seconds flat, are you really sure it’s a good idea to coat the inside of my ass with it?”

“No worries, Em. Relax and enjoy. The night is young.” He dripped more oil on her skin, as Joel grabbed her hair and steered her back to his dick. “Please don’t bite me.”

She giggled. “Ain’t that a hoot. The vampire asks me not to bite him.”

Joel shook his head and burst into laughter. “Good point.”

It was amazing to hear him laugh. She had never had the pleasure before, and to see Joel’s serious face light up with humor was heartwarming. Emerald returned her attention to his cock, licking the tip as she slowly encased him with her mouth. He made no attempt to control her actions as she bobbed her head, kneading his balls gently with her fingers.

Gaelic was taking his sweet time, his finger stroking the outer portion of her anus as he saturated her skin with the oil. The sensation wasn’t as strong as when he rubbed it on her clit, but her skin was tingling slightly like it had done when she used essential oil peppermint bath soap. He slowly inserted his finger into her flesh, her anus stretching slightly with the intrusion of his chubby digit. She rolled her tongue up Joel’s cock, encircling his dick, as she rolled her head from side to side to spiral her mouth.

Joel groaned in satisfaction, obviously enjoying the motion. She gazed up at him through her bangs, seeing that he was looking down at her. Joel had grabbed a pillow and propped his head up with it to get a better view. He sat up slightly, pushing her hair to the side. His dark hazel eyes were enthralling, a slight smile creasing the corners of his darkly shaded lips. His mouth was all the more intriguing because his skin was so light.

Gaelic twisted another finger into her anus, softly stroking the inner flesh to relax her muscles. Emerald helped him by calming her mind to loosen her body. The inner muscles softened, the gentle movement of his fingers feeling unbelievable good. Her pussy was reacting to the touch, spasms of orgasm flaring hotter and building quickly. She turned her attention back to Joel, sucking hard on his dick as she picked up the bob of her head.

Gaelic pulled his fingers from her body and a moment later replaced them with his dick. His entry was slow and steady. Emerald leaned back, her head arching in reaction to the filling sensation of his cock. Gaelic began to move slowly, withdrawing until her anus began to tighten and then pushing it back open. The inner caress was enthralling, her pussy grasping at the emptiness within. She wanted Joel inside her and she gazed at him, begging with her eyes. He slowly shook his head. “Suck, Em.”

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